Rapcast #117: Schedule, Free-Agency, Cap, Amnesty

‘Tis the season to analyze the schedule.

The schedule came out yesterday. Had a chance to digest it and spit out the remnants in the Rapcast. Arsenalist joins the conversation, but he’s only there so I don’t feel lonely talking into a mic.

Just some of the talking topics:

  • Schedule – easy, hard or just the same as before?
  • Is the prediction of 17 wins affected by the schedule?
  • Free-agency – Can leadership be imported?
  • Jalen Rose talking about Raptors taking a run at Nene
  • If money is to be spent, spend it on veteran leadership or young potential?
  • What’s there to be had on the amnesty wire?
  • The major difference between this development season and the last two
  • Raptors to clear PF log-jam by start of season? Don’t bet on it
  • Raptors assets being fillers, so we got to wait before major moves like Paul, Howard are made
  • It makes no sense to amnesty a guy who has one year left, so use amnesty now if you have to
  • Hey Jay, thanks a lot!
  • The one advantage the Raptors have this year that they haven’t had in the last three – lack of turnover
  • Which players does culture change start with?
  • “Colangelo, do nothing!”

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (25:37, 9.46MB). Or just listen below:

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