The schedule came out yesterday. Had a chance to digest it and spit out the remnants in the Rapcast. Arsenalist joins the conversation, but he’s only there so I don’t feel lonely talking into a mic.

Just some of the talking topics:

  • Schedule – easy, hard or just the same as before?
  • Is the prediction of 17 wins affected by the schedule?
  • Free-agency – Can leadership be imported?
  • Jalen Rose talking about Raptors taking a run at Nene
  • If money is to be spent, spend it on veteran leadership or young potential?
  • What’s there to be had on the amnesty wire?
  • The major difference between this development season and the last two
  • Raptors to clear PF log-jam by start of season? Don’t bet on it
  • Raptors assets being fillers, so we got to wait before major moves like Paul, Howard are made
  • It makes no sense to amnesty a guy who has one year left, so use amnesty now if you have to
  • Hey Jay, thanks a lot!
  • The one advantage the Raptors have this year that they haven’t had in the last three – lack of turnover
  • Which players does culture change start with?
  • “Colangelo, do nothing!”

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (25:37, 9.46MB). Or just listen below:

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32 Responses to “Rapcast #117: Schedule, Free-Agency, Cap, Amnesty”

  1. 2damkule

    the roster can’t stay the same, they need to add a few bodies just to get to the minimum roster requirements (currently only have 10 under contract).  even if the guys they sign/acquire are scrubs, it still changes the dynamic of the team.

    that being said – i doubt they’ll be making a big splash signing/acquisition…and given the fact that most of the other teams in the L have improved (even if only marginally), the raptors are relying solely on seeing improvements from key players (namely, bayless, davis & derozan) if they want to actually improve upon their winning % from last year.  18 wins puts them at the same % as last year, and that’s pretty much where i’ve thought they’d wind up (though i’d likely go with the under…i’m a pessimist).

    • cesco

      Improving team defense will be the key to moving forward this season . Taking into consideration that other teams may improve via acquisitions and the lack of practice time , there has to be strong signs near the end of the season that defense is improving . I am sure that the players will listen seriously to what Casey has to say . It will be up to each of them to show some improvement or he will be benched ( the haters will have a heart attack from sheer excitement if you know who is benched ) .

      • news flash

        you can’t bench DIRK 2.O our star player that would be madness where would we get our scoring from. ah the face of this franchise you got to love it #7

  2. 2damkule

    steve – an amnestied player isn’t ‘saving’ the team money…he’s still going to get paid the full amount.  does that sound like something MLSE is overly keen on doing?  i agree that it doesn’t make sense to amnesty a player with an expiring contract, but hey, it’s MLSE.

    still think linus is the only reasonable amnesty candidate…but the reality is, unless a team is saving tax dollars by amnestying a player, it doesn’t make much sense.

    • raptors phdsteve

      you can guarantee it.  The profanity and the nonsense will be removed from all comments for my weekly podcasts and only real basketball talk will remain.

      • 2damkule

        go further…immediate banning (not sure how far your software can go – banning just user IDs or IP addresses, etc.).  no warnings, no suspensions, gone for good.  someone who’ll post the kind of RAYCESS comments that we’ve seen lately – even if they’re ‘joking’ – just doesn’t get it, and no amount of warning will help them understand. 

  3. news flash

    this franchise is going no where in the next 6 to 7 years and i’ll tell you why look at who our vets are then you have a center coming next year and some feel he will be the starter then you have BC saying it will take 4 years for him to develop and with #7 and #8 showing him the ropes it could be 10 years and by then DD,ED,AMIR would have moved on … save the money because alot of FAs will be rushing to sign with us next year,right !

  4. news flash

    why would any US FAs want to sign with a canadian outpost nba euro team when they can sign with a US euro team in there own country NJ NETS with all the after parties(JAY Z) and D Will leading the way and a owner that is willing to spend ,I think the raptors can sign CHANDLER and still get a good pick in the draft while making the fans happy playing hard for maybe 46 mins/lose by 4 to 6 points(losing with a purpose) and other team player don’t come in here thinking ESPN HIGHLIGHTS. we need the foundation and TYSON can be your foundation/change the face of your club make fans watch games this season ,feel good when going up against LEBRON,BOSH,STATS,HOWARD,MELLO because we have two people on our team with a ring what other FA out there brings this,this would even make our young ones walk tall on the court knowing that TYSON is not going to back down. 

  5. sek99

    Evans isn’t a scrub. We were 7- 11 with Reggie, exact same record as with Bosh. Reggie also helped with his leadership, which was visibly spread throughout the entire team. The entire team, especially the young guys, seemed to appreciate his hustle. Did it wear off on any of them? No, but I find it a little harsh calling him a scrub player.

    This isn’t really related to the Raptors, but I hate when people put Kobe in the same category as Jordan. Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his team for his first three rings, and has always had one of the best centres in the league both times he’s won, not to mention a trio of potential all-stars (if they had the minutes) as his big man rotation with Odom, Bynum and Gasol. He’s a great player and competitor, but hes not better than Lebron. I’d even say, in terms of balance, the Lakers are an equally staked team as the Heat with all their depth and size. 

    • Bendit

      No doubt about LBJ’s talent but until he shows otherwise, as a sf or sg Kobe has a mid range to long jump shot (especially under pressure) I will take over Lebron’s any day. The main reason LJ did not perform well in the finals is that Chandler took away the paint and he lost confidence in his jump shot. Kobe does both very well.

    • Sprechen

      You mean LeBum? He’s a more impressive physical specimen but Kobe has the killer instinct and mental toughness to strike at will. I’d still take the Black Mamba over Lebron for the next 2-3 years. I’d also take DWade over LeBrick, or Dwight Howard.

  6. news flash

    is that what happen to one of the best player in the game last year TYSON CHANDLER had something to do with it “taking away the paint” from king james and now we have money and a chance to sign him but nooo “he’ll cost too much” or “he’ll be 35 on the last year of his contract” lets save the money for next year because players will be driving across the border like jerome williams to come sign with the RAPTORS. yeh right

    • Nilanka15

      lol, but he does cost too much.  What good is a paint-protecting center when we’ve used all our cap space to sign him?

      Chandler alone isn’t good enough to turn this team into a contender (just ask the Bulls, Hornets and Bobcats). 

  7. Mediumcore

    It sounds like most people are advocating for going the same route as the Indiana Pacers and just get as far under the salary cap as possible while competing as best they can without additional talent. And Indiana is in a good position to go after free agents this year and the next.

    There is also the option of going the Timberwolves route of just tanking year after year in hopes of hitting the jack pot in the lottery which the Pacers never really did because they always compiled a win total that kept them out of the top 5 to 7 picks or so.

    It shoud be interesting to see which team reaches respectability the first. Atleast on paper the Timberwolves seem to have the better team right now.

  8. Daniel

    I’m surprised that when Babcock used the word “re-build” he was torched by fans and media whereas when Colangelo does it (even playing with the word) nothing happens. After 3 years in the lottery how can anyobe seriously contemplate rebuilding and still be given a chance? I don’t understand how MLSE accepts this crap. Maybe Colangelo is just downplaying the expectations so he doesn’t put more pressure on a young team. What’s the point of professional sports if not to play to win and to expect to win? We are not even bad enough to get nr. 1 or 2 pick. During Colangelo’s tenure though we picked nr. 1, nr. 9, nr. 13 and nr. 5 with dubious results.

    • Albertan10

      first off, Babcock was an idiot.  he forced himself into a rebuild rather than voluntarily going into one.  drafting araujo and then trading vince for peanuts were horrible moves and the team should have never had to rebuild.  Colangelo worked to appease bosh, and when that failed, he stripped things down to have a fresh start

  9. news flash

    i just found out that TYSON is not coming so i’m a little down but i’m looking forward to ANDREA #7 winning the scoring title this season

  10. Guest

    even though the quality will suffer, its going to be good to have games almost every night, we might get some use out of our ten power forwards


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