• Tinman

    Team 3

  • sleepz

    I like Team 3.

    Durant is a a top 3 fantasy player and you get high shooting percentages. Brand is an underrated fantasy player thats a great 7th round pick.

    Harden, Demar, and Conley all give you break out potential and Bogut was the leading shot blocker last year.

    Horford and Randolph give you consistents and Jennings give you assists (not sure if how to’s are weighted in this league).

    Solid squad

    • anti-sleepz

      You know what, sometimes I wonder if are you committed to coming up with better analyses. Something a littlebit more, thought provoking. A little bit more…thorough. Your sleepin’ on this commentary sleepz!…If i could delete your post I would… It’s a darn shame.

      • sleepz

        lol. I know who this is. lol

        U need to come up with a better tag name. lol

  • ad

    Pretty close between team 1 and team 3. Team 2 lacks rebounding

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    Finally, Chris Bosh is a Top Ten Player !

    1. Kris Humphries (50 percent dislike)
    2. LeBron James (48 percent)
    3. Kobe Bryant (45 percent)
    4. Tony Parker (37 percent)
    5. Metta World Peace (36 percent)
    6. Chris Bosh (34 percent)
    7. Carmelo Anthony (27 percent)
    8. Paul Pierce (25 percent)
    9. Dwyane Wade (23 percent)
    10. Lamar Odom (21 percent)

    Most Hated NBA Players (forbes.com)

    • sitnonDfence

      Why the hate for D-Wade?  I cant believe Garnett and Matt Barnes arent up on that list…of course it is a dislike list… not douche of the century awards.

  • JezusP

    Why the Hate for Kris Humphries!!!!!! Props to him for hittin’ that!

    • Thornbury

      BECAUSE “he hit that” is why. I know I wouldn’t mind.

  • c_bcm

    Team 3 by a mile. And not just this season. For may seasons to come.

  • Theswirsky

    if its head to head I’d say team 2.  Its a better ‘built’ team (can punt fg% and rebounds).  Ofcourse with Lopez likely missing the season thats a huge hit and will likely ruin the team.

    • Sae

      The whole season? He’s out for 6-8 weeks.

  • Nilanka15

    Team 1 definitely went with the youth movement.  That team can be dangerous if the stars align perfectly.  But as of right now, there are a lot of unknowns with Rubio, Monroe, Davis, Walker and Favours.

  • 511

    I’ll play the ‘B’ game: 

    Team 1 — Sam 

    Team 2 — AltRaps 

    Team 3 — Arsenalist 

  • FAQ

    REGARDLESS…. the quality of basketball will suffer immensely because of the tightly condensed 66 games schedule, with teams playing 3 nights in a row and many back-to-back games.  It will be a shit season.

    Clubs will have to go deep into their benches to survive the grueling schedule, and there will be more injuries and no time to recover adequately.

    Now that Bargnani is expected to play more defense plus rebounding, his offense may suffer and he will be more vulnerable to crippling injury.  Of course, DD doesn’t have to play hard defensively… he’s a homie prince in Toronto.

    Just watch as you fantasize…..

    • FAQ SUQS

      Nice reply.  Have you ever had anything relevant to the original post to say?  

      • FAQ

        Hey,  SUQS … since Toronto doesn’t have a legit NBA team might as well fantasize… kiddie-style.

    • 511

      Thing is, you’re not wrong on the quality of basketball likely suffering because of the condensed schedule. And also regarding the greater chance of injury (throughout the league) because of it, although … I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we don’t see it happening as much as it might. 

      With all that’s gone on, it seems an absolute shame that David Stern is still in charge of things. This league could be run a whole lot better than it is, imo.  

  • Dfsdfsdfsd

    The third one sucks cuz Andrea’s on it.

    • Ryan

      Andrea’s on the second one…

  • Dannyboy2008

    team 3

  • c_bcm

    Was this a “build the best team within the salary cap” exercise/contest, using existing contracts?

  • Deadallus

    Toss up between 1 and 3.

  • drizz

    none of them are, because you’re not in the rr fantasy league arse.
    shame on you.

  • KJ-B

    TEAM 3.

  • Kevin

    Who ever has Brook Lopez must be pissed cause I have him and im pretty angry

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    DCasey ” DD and AB are the most talented players ” . Make peace with yourself and support them till they are Toronto Raptors Players. Merry Christmas