The “coming home to face your demons” edition:

Barbosa: he cares, he shows passion for the game, but I’m beginning to think the Blur nickname has passed him by.  Maybe the Brazilian Barely Buzzing is more apt.

Bargnani: might as well start calling him the puppet master. As Andrea goes, so do the Raptors so far this year. This was his best game but late 4th you could see him tire. He was still attacking the rim (!) but coming up short. The back to back Sunday/Monday should prove interesting, but Andrea seems to shine in NYC.

Bayless: down early due to a strained ankle. About as disappointing to most as it would be to find out a cheerleader had a crush on you.

Butler: Mr. Consistency showed us why he should be kept around to fill an important role:  nothing.

Calderon: the Spanish Sputterer looked confused and lost most of the game. You’d think if Andrea drops 30 you’d see your PG who played 30+ minutes stockpile some nice assist numbers and look, you know, active. On the contrary, at times Jose looked like he was wondering how he could get his name on the guestlist at the hottest club in Orlando for NYE.  That semi-dive where he looked like somebody hit him with a poison dart was impressive, though.

Carter: first action of the year and the first time since Hoffa where we have seen someone do a shout out to The Rock in the tattoo department. He gave us what we have come to expect from our backup PGs which is the equivalent of the effort of a waiter at the 3am rush in Sudbury during a snowstorm. None.

Davis: the effort seems to be there, but the results are somewhat shocking. Don’t know if it’s trying to grasp a new defensive system or the fact that the offense has taken a back seat, but Ed still hasn’t prompted any desire to move him up the rotation. He actually seems to be in the right spot…which is surprising for someone we all think is a double-double machine.

DeRozan: that clear path dunk was pretty, huh? Pretty enough to forget his poor shooting and inability to create opportunities or get to the line? I want so badly for this guy to be a solid #2 to AB, but I see nothing to say he will be.

Forbes: used to kill some minutes, but unlike the other night he actually provided an impression. He was a little Amir out there in a short appearance.

A. Johnson: Triano must be watching these games and wondering where he went wrong. Amir just seems to naturally be the guy that many touted him to be last season. Setting hard screens, driving the lane to slam in a follow up, calling huddles, listening to his coach. He is quickly making believers out of doubters and will soon have the following Reggie had here if he keeps it up.

J.Johnson: yikes. He definitely showed his on-court age tonight and it wasn’t pretty. 15min no points, 2 turnovers, and the look of an 11 year old that is having a tough time with his homework and his parents have told him he’s on his own. I actually think I heard him whimper at one point.  All players have games like this and no shame in having it happen against the champs, but if you played even half as well as you played in game 1, the Raptors could have stolen this.

Magloire: shocking that he basically fouled out just by standing up. 6 minutes, 5 fouls.  Big Cat is more like Big Detriment when on the court. Hey, I can see him being a motivational tool for the young guys, but so is providing bottles of Patron for the flight home if you play your ass off.  Hmmm…guy from Scarborough who is meaningless to most players or free booze?

Driving the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under the bus: James Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • Tinman

    Bargnani was 2 or 3 wide open misses away from a real good game

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Bargnani was 6 rebounds away from a double double….

      • mountio

        the most overvalued stat in basketball .. but yup, just 6 rebounds away ..
        Hibbert had a double double and was pretty much a non factor tonight ..  

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          So says

          I watched the game & Hibbert was a non factor alright- not.

          • Thrillho

            i think we all watched the game, and Hibbert was ineffectual in the grand scheme. Dude you are one cynical gentleman.

            • Douchenozzle

              no…hes a dumb fucking troll.

        • points

          his team won

          • draftedraptor

            Hibbert had a tremendous game. He did what big men do – grab rebounds at both ends, contend every easy basket and make them shoot FTs, get some vital boards when your perimeter shooting is poor. When you a big man like that everything else falls in place. Same goes for Tyler Hansborough. Ed Davis  and Amir were playing mismatches throughout the game. A crockedup David West coming back after knee surgery is not much of a challenge for a 7foot center with a 3point range. Mind you, I thought Andrea had a good game. He played to his strengths. The problem is it is hurting the team right now. Maybe next year with Jonas as our starting C and Andrea as a sixth man we will be in playoffs again.  

            • voy

              I actually think Andrea matches up much better against Hibbert than he does against D.West.  I dont think coach makes this mistake again.

              Amir and Andrea picked up 2 quick fouls each that put us in a hole early.  Andrea got us back in the game and DD, in the 4th, nearly put us over the top. I think we still need a legit sf who can create for himself, but there is no rush.  Impossible not to see the improvements the team has made from last year.   

              This draft is gonna be interesting if the best player available to us is gonna be either Drummond or Davis.  We’ll be stacked at pf/c with:
              1) JV
              2) Bargs
              3) ED
              4) Amir
              5) Drummond/Davis

  • ad

    Such a lack of talent on this team. Its painful to watch.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      You can thank BC for that this is his Raptors basketball vision in action from Division Champs unto Conference Chumps all under his watch as Raptors President & GM.

      Kemba Walker…….is a baller I don’t care if Val is taller!!!

      BC: I don’t think there will be anyone available at 28 that would effect our roster…….Norris Cole anyone…….

      • Milesboyer

        Your worse than Leo Rautins with your hindsight, armchair quarterback comments.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Worse than Leo- thank you.

          Let’s just follow BC with blinders on as he is the master of Raptors basketball as only he knows best……lmfao

      • Steve

        I would take James Johnson over Norris Cole any day. Anyone can score 20, hell Luke Jackson scored 30 once. JJ can be the Shane Battier type player every team needs.

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Very happy with the defensive effort. Bargnani was driving to the hole and fighting for the ball, could not believe my eyes.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      This is his 6th season in the NBA not his 1st or 2nd we should be expecting more out of him by now instead of salvating when he takes another baby step…smdh

      • RenaldoSugarbush

        When you are a Raptor’s fan you take what you can get. He was wasted under Triano who did not know how to coach defense.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          He was coddled under Jay as per BC’s orders- see PJ Carlesimo.

          I’d take a Bargnani trade asap and let Ed Davis man the 4 spot as the Rap’s build the team up from BC’s bullchit…..

          Bargnani quit on the Rap’s post London last season and BC is still tryin gto build around him- the enigma of enigma’s.smdh

          • notafag

            nobody likes u. leave

            • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

              and 1 !

          • Gman

            How exactly do you know what happened in that locker room all the way from your Mommy’s basement?  Webcam?  

  • mountio

    Thank you. Just got back from the game .. and yup .. overall it was pretty ugly. A couple of thoughts
    1) I legitimately think Casey’s focus on D / rebounding kept us in this game. We would not have stayed in this type of game last year (JJ was a beast on the boards)
    2) Our offense is horrible. Once AB got 2 fouls .. it was painful to watch for a quarter and change (well, extra painful . because the whole game was painful).
    3) Not sure why DD doesnt get more involved early on offense? Is this his agressiveness or the play calling or both? In the 2nd half, we ran some nice mid post feeds to him and he scored easily .. one way or the other, he needs to get more involved early
    4) AB is still our best player – whether people like it or not. By a margin. If you watched this game and dont come away with that conclusion, Im not sure what you are watching. Sure, he didnt get his 8 rebounds (the new magic number because of the Casey quote) .. but he was agressive on D and the boards and is clearly needed on offense

    All in all .. just what I like. Competitive and entertaining .. but in the end losing .. thus getting us more ping pong balls ..

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      And what happened last season as the Rap’s fell from 3rd to 5th.smdh

      Just who do you want to draft with those ping pong balls that will immediately turn this franchise around?

      AB aka 1 Rebound Per Quarter, isn’t even a complete basketball player he may be the Rap’s most talented offensive player….but the rest of his game is lacking like asian men packing…

      This draft is looking pretty deep but I don’t see any Shaq’s in this draft.
      People who support losing are pathetic…..

      • Ryan

        As a person of Asian descent, I must say that while I don’t care enough to be actually offended, I was unpleasantly surprised that kind of crap was said – RR is usually a lot better than that.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          It’s the truth my Asian brother- scientifically researched, google it up or look in your own

          I doubt that since I see the n word all up in these forums.

          • Ryan

            So just like you’re making use of your rights to not explain anything you choose not to and post whatever the hell you want to (from your other posts), I assume you’re exercising your right to ignore common courtesy and disregard manners?

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              When you Assume you make an Ass out of U & Me.

              • Ryan

                Oh, you make an ass out of yourself fine, sir. No need for help from me.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Alrighty then my short dick

                • Marc

                  Where’s the banhammer when you need it?

                • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

                  Man, I think you need to shut up for a while

                • BCSCG2G is an arsehole

                  The guy has issues that we’d all run a mile in the other direction to not hear the details of. Yes, a bit sad but … what to do? Best pay him as little heed as possible.  

      • David

        Why do you follow a Raptors fan site if you clearly dislike the direction of the organization. You seem to highlight the deficiencies of the players, coaches, management and, in some cases, fellow Raptors Republicans. While I don’t agree with everything the Raptors do, I fail to see how criticizing everything related to the organization. Replying to people like you only fuels your fire, so in a way I’m to blame, but I find it really reprehensible that pathetic people like you exist.   

        • Brian B

          Raptors fan site? I thought that as part of the ESPN Truehoop network, this site aspires to standards of journalism- and thus, some degree of objectivity. Or at least realistic appraisal of the performances, talent, and team.

          It is possible to be a fan, but still dislike the direction of the team. BC should have been fired long ago. Three of the team’s best four players are power forwards, yet they have no decent center, a lack of wings, and a “controversy” involving two mediocre PG. Despite this, not a trade in sight. Why not pick up mo williams? Or a wing player from Minnesota? would Portland trade Nick Batum for AB?  The obvious tanking is tedious enough, but even in tanking, there should be more thoughtful building for the future. The management of this team is an insult to fans.

          • p00ka

            If that clown was even the least bit objective, it wouldn’t be hard to swallow a difference of opinion. The same diarrhea day after day, multiple times a day, even when it’s totally off topic is pathetic at best.
            Managing an NBA team is a little more complex than saying “let’s go get this guy”. Since you seem to know what players BC could have got, perhaps you can share what deals were available that BC failed to act on.

            • points

              it’s the RAPTORS UPRISING we know we are going to get shot at (called names) by the bargnani fanboys but we have to carry on and not drink the BC coolaid /O’HENRY  

              • p00ka

                Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Exactly, but some people seemingly like BC pissing on them and calling it rainwater, shitting on them and calling it Kobe steak….ie AB is a PF not a center…..smdh

            And if you disagree or question BC’s ways you are labeled a hater and not a Raptors fan/follower by the mindless supporters- such is a kindergarten mentality.

            If fans want the sugar coated version of Raptors basketball go listen to Jack, Sherm, Matt & the rest of BC talking media heads in and around the TDot lay on the bullchit in relation thereof.

  • kobe 2.0 aka demar derozan

    it was good but if demar can get it going early and continue throughout the game it’ll be better. I expect us to win again the old man mavericks. But the turnovers needs to be addressed cause it is really pissing me off. 

    • Waiting for Jonas

      For some of us who were at the game, we all saw that DD had no chance tonight against a 6’10” shooting guard in Paul George who used him and abused him relentlessly.  Why can’t the Raps find guys like George – drafted #10 last year no less!!!

      • Dassler

        Perry Jones, 2012 draft. 

  • LeeZ

    I dunno who this AltRaps guy is, but is he on crack or what? Magloire is under the bus? Everyone knows his limitations, fair enough. But the guy set some HUMONGOUS screens, he blocked a shot, clogged the lane, rebounded well and pushed people around, generally making the paint an inhospitable place for the Pacers. Dove for some loose balls, gave it his all. As for Bayless, and again, I have to wonder which game AltRaps was watching, it was just the opposite: stunk at first when he tried to, well, you know, be a point guard, and then his play picked up markedly when he took on the Microwave role (look it up, young’uns) and just tried to play a one- or two-man game. Bayless should just embrace his inner chucker and do what he does best: dribble penetrate and then hit the layup, pullup or dish for a dunk. Rince and repeat. He will NEVER be a prototypical pg in this league. AltRaps didn’t mention the five rebounds that slipped through Bargnagni’s fingers like so many greased peanuts through the buttery digits of an orangatang (hey, nice metaphor, eh?). I guess the good news is he fought for rebounding position, boxed out, and if not for aforementioned butterfingers, would have had double digit boards. Instead of making some hackneyed remark about letting the game come to JJ (who didn’t force anything on offence tonight, save one ill-advised jumper (btw, “ill-advised jumper” and “James Johnson” is a bit redundant, I grant you; gee, you’d think he would have used the off-season and lockout to, oh I dunno, maybe hire a shooting coach so his shooting mechanics would be better than my Grandma Mollie’s, who, it must be said, has been dead now for 20 years…), where was I…oh yeah, AltRaps neglected to mention how JJ is really, really playing with fire with his weakside help thing. Yes, he’s getting tons of blocks and steals that way, but he’s going to get burned more and more as the season wears on. Case in point? That huge, nail-in-coffin three by Granger at the end. As usual, JJ took not ony his eye, but his whole face off Granger, trying to see if he could sneak over to the ball side. As a result, he was a country mile away from Granger. Game over. Notice that Casey yanked him right after that? He has to be more judicious about keeping track of his own man, knowing when to cheat and when not to. He completely lost his man a half-dozen times in the first game, but got lucky. His luck is running out. And AltRaps could have mentioned the four or five times that Amir also had butterfingers tonight, resulting in at least four foregone buckets. Anyway, I would say Bargnagni driving the bus, AltRaps under the bus.

    • BrainColangelo

      James Johnson played a very solid game. His defence was a difference-maker. He was beaten 3 times on ball (granger drive, jones drive and dunk that was really the fault of interior d that failed to recognIze and help and on the game winning 3) but overall played well on d, rebounded the ball and energized the team.

      Bargnani crashed the boards but couldn’t secure them. That and Amir’s butterfingers under the offensive basket was the game, but Bargs’s effort and defensive positioning was much better than last year.

      • why

        unlike many others I have always liked bargnani (though I unserstand the criticism) however I wonder if he can ever have decent rebounding totals as it seems like he loses at least 2 or 3 rebounds per game because he can’t secure the ball (good hands on offense, bad hands for rebounding).

        I would have put Jose under the bus – the raptors got in a hole they never really got out of in the 3q which centered around numerous missed wide open shots by calderon, a bad pass to amir when he had a wide open layup that lead to a transition basket by Indiana, and made too early on a 2 on one which allowed a layup too be blocked.

  • marz

    What’s with the James Johnson hate? I mean, he blew the defensive assignment on Granger and got benched, but really he had a solid game. Yes, there were also 2 bad shots, but hardly that big of a deal. He made his presence known defensively.

  • Adriiian

    Felt bad for Calderon, the shots weren’t falling tonight. Why is Bayless so crap? On a break away 2 on 1 he won’t pass the ball, he’ll take the contested layup and miss. He’s becoming my least favourite raptor very quickly.
    Bargnani is playing well, PRIMO pasta baby!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Jose is not a consistent offensive threat- point blank.

      AB had 4 rebounds…….lol

      • Mack North

        Lol, dude you used to have Triano in ur moniker there. Do you like anyone on the team?

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I like everyone but Jose, Kleiza & AB on the roster.

          Casey was kool until he started talking that Andrea is Dirk like bullchit that BC has regurgitated over & over to the fan base like he lost his mind- let’s see what Casey thinks about AB after 50 games.

          • Ryan

            You like Bayless? Gotta explain that one to me.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              The truth is that I don’t have to explain anything that I choose not to- to you, buddy.

              • Ryan

                Are you being confrontational on purpose?

                • Gman

                  Ryan, you know that guy on the subway who stinks, not because he’s poor but because he just doesn’t give a sh*t.  He’s louder than everybody else.  He’s staring young women up and down and making them uncomfortable.  He keeps trying to engage people close to him by saying ridiculously provocative things…

                  Would you talk to that guy on the subway?

                  Then don’t talk to him on this forum.  He’s a grown man who obviously needs attention the way a two year old does.  It’s sad and it’s a little sick but don’t be the one who gives it to him.

                • points

                  BOUUY KOT (GES TAP O TA TICS) COMMI

          • Mack North

            I really don’t see the point in rooting for a team if you’re just going to criticize all the time. Is it kinda weird that you don’t seem to like 3 of the 4 “white” guys on the team? Or did you forget about Gray? Come on man, give Casey and his system some time before you say he “gots2go”. One comment can’t turn you on a guy just like that, can it?

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              I see you are reaching as insinuation is like masturbation it only gets you off kiddo……lmfao

              Gray is a solid 3rd big man who knows his role- bang & defend.

              Casey is another BC puppet coach…..

              • p00ka

                pathetic troll

    • Scottbbaird

      agree that bayless is another bad game away from least favorite.

  • Adriiian

    Well said LeeZ. Bayless or JJ should be under the bus.

  • Akash_singh

    funny how “BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!” has very little basketball knowledge/understanding how an nba team is run, yet has the most to say. Here’s a thought, make a proper argument for once, or don’t say anything at all.

    • Douchenozzle

      im not sure how this idiot hasnt been banned.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Who are you to tell one what to or not to post- gtfoh?lmfao

  • wienermobile

    I’m not usually this dude, but did anyone else feel that Indy was getting all the calls tonight?  (aside from the generous blocking foul on Bargs’ late And-1)  I was getting sort of worked up watching the game but I’ll need some affirmation from my fellow Raps fans before I cry foul.

    Other than that: God I love James Johnson – still limited and somewhat error prone, but so energetic and so fun to watch.  God I hate Jerryd Bayless – dude plays like a runaway mule with blinders on.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


      That’s a strong word- take a chill pill buddy, fanatics.smdh

      • Tre

        You hate BC, so look who’s talking lol.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I never said that I ‘hate’ BC- try again friend.smh

          I am very tired of his lying ass double talking ways as Raptors President and formerly GM- point blank, his shit does stank!

      • wienermobile

        Sports hate, bro. 

        Also, condescension about being too emotional from a dude with your name who makes the posts you do? “smdh”

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Sports hate?

          Now I have heard some bullchit before but that’s some real stank bullchit right there buddy-ro.lmfao

          • wienermobile

            Seriously?  I have to explain the difference between actually hating someone and “hating” a dude who appears in a box in my house every so often to distract me for a couple of hours?

    • hateslosing

      I thought the reffing was pretty bad too. One of the blocks Calderon was called for was a clear charge. 

      • mountio

        I had forgot to mention this earlier .. but ya .. the calls at the start of the game were pretty baffling. At least half a dozen mysterious illegal screens or other offensive fouls in the first 6 mins of the game. We got a couple back on what seemed to be make up calls for three in the key .. but overall some odd reffing and made a game with no rythmn already even worse ..


      The calls were so messed.  I was at the game and Indy got a lot of calls to get them on a run.  There was a point in the 2nd quarter where TO came away with 4 or 5 consecutive stops and couldn’t score.  There were off the ball fouls that were clearly visible, the box score says 25-16 in favour of IND, there were a lot more fouls on IND that should of been called.
      Anyone else go to a live game and get close to enough to see the players?  Travelling was abundant in this game by both teams and I don’t believe any were called!!  At least show that your paying attention refs!!!!!

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Jarrett Jack was balling tonite…………..

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Brandon Knight was ballin’ tonite!

    • Shadybiz

      I guess there has to be one comic book guy…smh

      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        and 1 !

    • Truthkiller

      I don’t get the whole love affair with Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight.

    • Lee

      Isn’t hard to be balling against the Cavs, where was he the other night vs Indiana? 9 pts, 0 assists. Not writing him off, but you shouldn’t try to over-hype one of his good nights and rub it in here just so you can say BC made a bad pick, which is clearly what your agenda is.

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    Just watched the game on league pass. DCasey is making TO defending ! Wow. Liked the effort, everyone on the same page, JJ super athlete. Give this team 2 month to fully understand DCasey system. Im sure ED will fire back, his legs where not there tonight, happens.BC has my full support on bringing in our coach (all my respect to Jay Triano)

    • Mack North

      In all fairness to the haters, Triano didn’t do squat here. Seems like a great guy, not Head Coaching material for the NBA. Not sure if he’ll be back on Coach K’s squad at the Olympics next year, but good luck to him. He needs to toughen up.

  • Buschfire

    Bayless needs to shape up or get shipped out… he has potential but from what i’ve seen so far he has no courtvision, and is only good at creating for himself which i feel is  a 50/50 chance each time he takes it.

  • Edgar

    Jamaal Magloire is the new Charles Oakley minus a jumper.  He is making this team better than the sum of it’s parts because of the willingness to do everything most players are seemingly above.  Heard he got in a scuffle with Hibbert after the game too…

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      He’s “pounding the Rock”

      • points

        … And after he’s done please give some to #7 to smoke

        • James_teddi

          after your mom gets through with it there will be none left.