The “coming home to face your demons” edition:

Barbosa: he cares, he shows passion for the game, but I’m beginning to think the Blur nickname has passed him by. Maybe the Brazilian Barely Buzzing is more apt.

Bargnani: might as well start calling him the puppet master. As Andrea goes, so do the Raptors so far this year. This was his best game but late 4th you could see him tire. He was still attacking the rim (!) but coming up short. The back to back Sunday/Monday should prove interesting, but Andrea seems to shine in NYC.

Bayless: down early due to a strained ankle. About as disappointing to most as it would be to find out a cheerleader had a crush on you.

Butler: Mr. Consistency showed us why he should be kept around to fill an important role: nothing.

Calderon: the Spanish Sputterer looked confused and lost most of the game. You’d think if Andrea drops 30 you’d see your PG who played 30+ minutes stockpile some nice assist numbers and look, you know, active. On the contrary, at times Jose looked like he was wondering how he could get his name on the guestlist at the hottest club in Orlando for NYE. That semi-dive where he looked like somebody hit him with a poison dart was impressive, though.

Carter: first action of the year and the first time since Hoffa where we have seen someone do a shout out to The Rock in the tattoo department. He gave us what we have come to expect from our backup PGs which is the equivalent of the effort of a waiter at the 3am rush in Sudbury during a snowstorm. None.

Davis: the effort seems to be there, but the results are somewhat shocking. Don’t know if it’s trying to grasp a new defensive system or the fact that the offense has taken a back seat, but Ed still hasn’t prompted any desire to move him up the rotation. He actually seems to be in the right spot…which is surprising for someone we all think is a double-double machine.

DeRozan: that clear path dunk was pretty, huh? Pretty enough to forget his poor shooting and inability to create opportunities or get to the line? I want so badly for this guy to be a solid #2 to AB, but I see nothing to say he will be.

Forbes: used to kill some minutes, but unlike the other night he actually provided an impression. He was a little Amir out there in a short appearance.

A. Johnson: Triano must be watching these games and wondering where he went wrong. Amir just seems to naturally be the guy that many touted him to be last season. Setting hard screens, driving the lane to slam in a follow up, calling huddles, listening to his coach. He is quickly making believers out of doubters and will soon have the following Reggie had here if he keeps it up.

J.Johnson: yikes. He definitely showed his on-court age tonight and it wasn’t pretty. 15min no points, 2 turnovers, and the look of an 11 year old that is having a tough time with his homework and his parents have told him he’s on his own. I actually think I heard him whimper at one point. All players have games like this and no shame in having it happen against the champs, but if you played even half as well as you played in game 1, the Raptors could have stolen this.

Magloire: shocking that he basically fouled out just by standing up. 6 minutes, 5 fouls. Big Cat is more like Big Detriment when on the court. Hey, I can see him being a motivational tool for the young guys, but so is providing bottles of Patron for the flight home if you play your ass off. Hmmm…guy from Scarborough who is meaningless to most players or free booze?

Driving the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under the bus: James Johnson


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  • Erin

    james johnson this season= disappointment

    • FAQ

      JJ has no jump shot… he’s not a NBA caliber player… so obvious.

      He had all summer plus more to develop a half decent jump shot.  What did he do other than jump poon??!!!

      • rapsallsay

        He is NBA Calibre… His shooting is just not his strength… Maybe it can improve, or maybe not. He still brings so much more to the team…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      James Johnson or Norris Cole?

      • Bearvon

        james johnson running the floor with lebron and wade.

        i cant believe i just fed this troll.

      • Eatadic

        norris cole all day and all night.

    • rapsallsay

      ummmm… after 3 games…. already a dissapointment?……

  • Truthkiller

    Brutal game, but I think the turning point was when the game was 68-66 Raptors, VC drives and stupidly Jose leaves J-Kidd, a 3point shooter wide open to take the lead.

    Other than that #7 AB was the lone light shining in Texas tonight.

    • Jake S

      I think Leandro also did a decent job tonight. 8 for 15, but 2 of the misses had nice put backs by AJ and ED. Watch how many times he moved to get the ball and created a lot of space.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Raptors (1) – Haters (2). My eyes are at 68-61 Raptors in the 3rd. Then J.Terry  took over. With JV in we are 1 superstar + 1 elite player from be a contender. (Deron Williams/R.Rondo + J.Terry).  

      • rapsallsay

        EXACTLY!!!!! Totally agree….

  • Daniel

    Altraps, you never fail to surprise me with your idiotic comments. Please take the blinders off and see the game as it happens and not based on your agenda. Jose was +2 and Amir was +5 on the night: they didn’t hurt the team, to say the least.
    On the other hand, it is sad to see to see the young players showing no progress from one season to the next. Derozan, James Johnson, Bayless, Davis are the same players as last year. We have only 3 NBA players – Andrea, Jose and Amir – and the rest are scrubs. Leandro is the definition of a has-been. I really like Casey and I hope this year will be crucial in evaluating the roster in going forward. 

    • Creebrave

      Must learn to read before posting idiotic replies… He was praising Amir genius…

    • FAQ

      Looks like Derozan has deteriorated from last season.  You would have thought he would have worked hard on his body and game to become an impact player… after all he’s been given every opportunity for the last 2 seasons … and now he looks like a dud.

      Vince was 10 times da man than is Derozan…. so obvious.


        Seems like Demar is missing his buddy Sonny…obviously BC will have to sign Sonny long term next season for the Raptors to be successful.

      • Sam Holako

        Calling DeRozan a dud at this point is a bit much, dude. He’s definitely not producing like he should, but yea, not a dud.

        • rapsallsay

          Thank you….

      • KJ-B

        Vince was also a rookie with 3 years outta Carolina at age 21…

      • rapsallsay

        Who cares if he’s 10 times the player. Vince is Vince… Demar is Demar. How can you call him a dud after 3 games? Are you kidding me?

    • rapsallsay

      How can they show progress in 3 games? A lockout? and a Preseason that was only to games long? Please take the time and respond and explain how this is enough to evaluate and consider this enough to meausre where the raptors are…

  • Hound

    Where are all the “trade bargs for anything whiners? Can we please agree once and for all that Bargs is a decent, if not a top shelf NBA player. God help us if we didn’t have him. I’ll agree that last year he lopped around and stunk defensively, but he his working his ass off, scoring, defending, running the floor, drawing fouls, grabbing a few boards and is our only true scoring option. If we trade anyone, it has to be Bayless and Barbosa if we can get anything decent. Please stop the BS that Bargs is stunting ED’s growth and development by stealing his minutes. This is the NBA, you earn your minutes. Everyone seems to like Casey, as do I, so where is the complaint of him playing #7 for 42 minutes. For all the haters, he didn’t do this because BC told him too, he did it because Bargs is our BEST PLAYER!!! And like every coach, he plays the people that gives him the best chance to win. Let’s stay positive, hope the young guys improve and hope to hell BC doesn’t do something stupid like trade Bargs or Calderon. They are NBA players and NBA players are what this team needs. 

    Demar, please do whatever is necessary to get your head out of your ASS. It would be appreciated.

    • Truthkiller

      Clearly your a Bargnani fanboy and I love it when you all come out after a pretty good game from him.

      Nobody will deny Bargnani is the best OFFENSIVE player on the team, but to call him the best player that would mean that he actually is the best defensive player as well. You and I both know that’s not the case.
      You talk about earning minutes it’s funny because I remember not too long ago Sam Mitchell being fired for benching Bargnani. In my eyes BC is handing minutes to Bargs on a silver platter, and for 5 years he hasn’t made the most of those minutes.

      • Eatadic

        did you even watch the game tonight video game bitch…anyone who compliments bargs and states the obvious that hes our best baller is a bargs fanboy eh?….hows your thumb bitch?

        • rapsallsay

          I’ll take the rap for Bargs… He is our best baller….how is he not. And try to reply in a respectable non demeaning way if it’s possible please…

      • mountio

        You have no clue. “Handing Bargs minutes?” He was the only guy who deserved minutes last night and without him we get blown out in that game ..

        • Truthkiller

          Are you all dumbasses, take your head out your ass.

          Bargnani was handed minutes you know it and I know it. 1 game doesn’t change 5 years his ass still should get TRADED.

          • mountio

            I think you need to take your head out of your ass. I get that you are frustrated over the past 5 years of the raps (so am I). I get that you need a scapegoat ..
            But, dont blame it on the guy who is producing the most for the Raps (and so far this year you can even say on both ends of the court) right now …

            • j bean

              You think he is the best defensive player on the team so far this year? 

              • mountio

                no. I think he is the best combination of offense + defense. By far

                • j bean

                  You said he is producing the most for the team on both ends of the court. Now you say he isn’t producing the most on the defensive end but as a combination he has played the best. Those are very different statements. Just wanted to see you clarify.

                • mountio

                  fair enough – the comment in brackets was meant to refer to the fact that he is producing on both ends this year – your clarification is valid.
                  I would contrast that to last year – where you could still argue for his value to the team .. but it was more about his good offense cancelling his bad defense out.
                  So far (its early, I know) his defense is holding its own for sure…

              • rapsallsay

                No, but one of them…

            • rapsallsay

              Right… He doesn’t need to make up the last five years…

          • rapsallsay

            It doesn’t have to change after 5 years. It just has to change now…..

        • rapsallsay

          Right! These people can’t see the light!

      • rapsallsay

        Offensively he has made the most…

    • Brian B

      He should be traded because he is the Raps best player, but is not good enough to be the best player on a good team. He IS the most tradeable asset, and could bring value in terms of draft picks and/or serviceable players at positions where there are not two younger players to develop. It is simply impossible for all of AB, AJ and ED to be part of the future “core”. This is not whining, it is reality. They all are best at the same position.

      “This is the NBA, you earn your minutes”…not always –  on a ‘building’ team, players also play to develop, and of course there are also players used for reasons of reputation, to justify contracts, to be showcased for trades, or for lack of alternatives.


      MAN shut your A$$ up about liking one player and hating a next.  Raptors are $hit that’s all there is to it.  Keep rebuilding or building or what ever this is the Raptors welcome to the level of Cleveland and Minnesota, even though Minnesota is a lot better.

      • rapsallsay

        Oh really…. And what is your projected win total for this season’?

  • FAQ

    Bargs is making the max effort for a stellar season because he expects to be traded for building block players.  Once he is on a decent team he will shine because on the Raptors he is held back, just like Bosh was.

    • Hadi

      Most likely he’s playing hard so he could stay here in North America longer. I remember that he wants to be a Canadian citizen. Probably doesn’t wanna go back to that sinking Italy.

      • cesco

        Unfortunately , you are to stupid to know that if Italy sink , the Euro zone sink , then all of Europe , then the US who already are on the verge of sinking  , then Canada of course . Then tell me where the Chinese are going to ship their goods ?? . So pray to whatever deity you want to pray to that Italy doesn’t sink . I am serious , a world wide depression is still a possibility .

  • Shoiphone

    How come no one is mentioning how bargs totally outplayed disco?!

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Because it’s a team game and the Mavs won.

      • Shoiphone

        But when the raps lose, you have no issues with rippin on bargs…

      • Eatadic

        no…its because your a dumb faggot…we lose and bargs plays shit and your lil cunt starts dripping.

        • rapsallsay

          Wooooooooow…..No class…..

      • mountio

        Give him some due. Dirk is clearly a way better player with AB . but tonight, on both ends of the floor, in a game where they went mano a mano for most of the night .. AB clearly outplayed him on both ends

      • p00ka

        Love how dumb you are to give us all we need to demonstrate just what a lame loudmouth you are. Quote from yesterday prior to the game:
        “I call Dirk with a double double (29 pts & 10 rebs) while AB takes 20 shots and grabs 5 rebounds tonite while fading in the 2nd half & 4th quarter.”
        Results of the game: Dirk 18/4 while defended by AB, AB 30/7 defended by Dirk.
        Now all you can say is it’s a team game and which team won. Pathetic loudmouth.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Look it’s BC’s right nut again…..

          I’m not infallible kiddo. lmfao

          • p00ka

            Now you laugh your fn azz off at your own lame totally non-humourous line and pathetic name calling. Impressive!

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              Does your mom love you? Go get a hug or something- quick.

      • Deck

        Lol, the greatest guru of hindsight on RR. Remember this bold prediction you made yesterday:

        “I call Dirk with a double double (29 pts & 10 rebs) while AB takes 20 shots and grabs 5 rebounds tonite while fading in the 2nd half & 4th quarter”

        • Deck

          Edit: Oops already mentioned below lol, funny.

    • ital

      who won the game?

  • Malefax

    A fun game to watch, Andrea and Amir were impressive. I really don’t like Rasual Butler: he is what he is, but I can’t wait for Kleiza to get back so we can sit his ass down on the bench like he deserves.

  • Valit

    Reading the Roll and some of the comments here, I definitely think that some people have different agendas rather than participate in an objective assessment of the team and….. it’s a shame. Having said that, I totally agree with daniel; we have 3-4 NBA players and the rest is….As a fan, I have 2 major concerns..
    One is that BC didnt address this summer the number 3 position which is glaringly missing. With a  3 that could score constantly 10p, we would talk a different language.
    Two the lack of development of some players like Bayless, DD and Davis.
    At least as I can see so far, AB , Calderon are trying to adapt to a different style…and even though there are mistakes you can see some progress. The same thing cant be said about the young guns whose basketball IQ seems to not improve at all.

    • p00ka

      A wholehearted +1 except for addressing the SF comment. I don’t know that there was much available to significantly address the obvious weakness. A big part of this year is to have a new coach evaluate what we have and how they fit moving forward. Based on effort shown last year, JJ deserved a shot at showing he’d worked on improving his offense, and Kleiza certainly deserves a legit shot at proving what he has to offer. Again, it was stated quite clearly that this year was all about evaluating what we have, and having all kinds of flexibility to make moves next summer.

  • ad

    Its so depressing to go into the same fucking buildings yr after yr and still get beat. I know they won in dallas last yr but in general. 11 of 12  meetings dallas has won. I wonder how many “rebuilds” the raptors went through in those 12 years. I bet atleast 6. Yet, Dallas is still a good team every year and theyre going to reload over the summer and not “rebuild”. Amazing what teams with good ownership and management can do.

    • Nilanka15

      Actually, this is our first rebuilding effort in 16 years, where we’re collecting young assets and freeing up cap space.

      Don’t confuse losing with rebuilding…they’re not synonymous.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I though the new BC kool aid media spin was building not rebuilding?

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


          • Lee

            I thought you were going to boycott the NBA, and not follow a single game of basketball? What happened hypocrite?

  • James

    You have to feel bad for the AB bashers like Tim W. who spent the last 5 years attacking this guy and … Well, this season so far, he has shown you were wrong and no nothing about Basketball. Life must suck for you these days.

    • Eatadic

      lol….i forgot about timmy that lil bitch?

    • Hadi

      But you are one of The Picket Fence readers! lol

      • Matt

        LOL, The way AB proved him wrong, Tim should stop writing about basketball and make the Picket Fence Blog about Curling 🙂 

    • KJ-B

      Wait a couple of weeks when everyone’s in game shape, a people have a chance to scout the raps–it won’t be looking too good for #7 then… Actually just wait till Sunday in Orlando, when D12 leans on him…

      • p00ka

        just wait, just wait………….. pathetic. You mean when the scouting points out that there isn’t another offensive threat on the team and they can triple team him? Yeah, just wait. pfffffffffffffft You must be part of the pack mentality, sandbox bitch fest I see on the game chats

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      After 3 games you can conclude all that with AB inconsistent history?lol

      AB will play well then fade, play well then fade just like the past 5 seasons he is what he is a talented offensive player that struggles with the rest of his game.

      AB is leading the Rap’s just where? To the playoffs or lottery?

  • Hadi

    Like I said before, we should’ve drafted Brandon Jennings. DeMar is not a decent player. People here on RR slammed me with personal attacks when I rant about drafting DeMar was a huge mistake! 

    So now after seeing DeMar aka No Props Needed played like a D-league player, are you all still proud being a Raptor fan? Shaaaaaamee on you all!!!!!!!!!!!! B!tch3s!!!!!


    Amazing how everyone says DeRozan has regressed, even though they were loving him last game. He has worked hard on his game and it shows. His jumper looked much better against Indy and tonight he showed a few new moves on post ups, unfortunately his shot wasn’t falling, but it will. Get a grip

  • Phat AlberG

    This why I get frustrated with Raptors.  The only players they have is Barg’s & Derozan.  So the kid is 11/13 with 29 points, anyone who was watching the game know what I’m talking about.  Then they don’t give the ball till the last 3 minutes of the game when the Kid is cold.  I don’t evening know what to say.  

    All I know our GM is not good at all and I feel he shouldn’t be running basketball operations.  Look a GM has to have a vision for his team and sell it to fans.  Look this team has way too many holes and to draft another big was not smart.  Look we are not going win anything till we get a proper pg who knows how to play the game and get to the lane at will.   

    There were so many players this free agency market Rip,Caron, Jamal Crawford and Barrea and we didn’t make 1 offer to them.  Who did we end up with James Johnson and Rasul Butler.  And I don’t blame James Johnson because in college he was 4 and they expect him to be something he’s not.  This guys in charge running this franchise is not smart at all.  Just play the guy at his natural position. It took Dwayne Casey to play Bargnani at 4 spot.   

    Then I got excited because I thought raptors for sure was going waive Jose Calderon.  But never happen, so yet again I got to watch a player stink up joint again.  And most frustrating part we as Raptors fans these guys trying to force us, and sell us on hope and dreams on a team were a point guard hasn’t drove in the lane since Bush was president.  Look get some ballers here honestly I’m tired watching these guys who don’t put there body on line game in game out.    

  • sometimes it’s cloudy

    new coach/new system/new lot-of-things, early days in a weird season. ed is having a lost moment or two the last couple games (it happens), ditto-for-demar except for some later portions of the first two games … and (btw) a part of his funk can be seen by the way he hot-dogs some of his shots last night in particular (notice how when he loads up to shoot last night, he’s doing that bring-it-back-almost-up-over-his-head kinda thing with his wrist all bent and the shot goes nowhere; one of the coaches will notice and straighten that shite out … soon we hope – let him watch maybe how jason terry loads up [thing of beauty]). and bayless … well, arse sometimes mentions something about bayless looking wild and out-of-control when he drives to the basket, so … can’t be too too surprised that he messed himself up like that last night. too-bad-so-sad, but really, he wasn’t helping us much, anyway. meanwhile, bargnani is so far and away our best player — and note: * it’s not his fucking fault he’s our best player * (before the anti-fanboys congregate and threaten to riot or blow the joint up) — and he so brought the gas last night that it almost wasn’t surprising when he ran out of it during those last minutes. I know, I know, we’ll have to see if it continues … blah-blah-yada-yada … but, I mean, ffs. he’s a raptor, he’s our best player, give the man some props when he deserves it. next stop orlando, then the knicks. should be fun. go raps. 

  • Japetas

    I thingk DeMar spent too much time for lifting weights on summer. He looks much slower and heavier than he was last year…

    • Eatadic

      demar is the most overated piece of shit to ever don the raptor uniform….weems is his equal.

  • VicMb

    this match shows what we already knew: no talents around but Andrea. Let’s build around him.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Power Forward
      Nowitzki > Bargnani. Bargs is making strides, nice ones, but there’s nothing else to talk about here.
      Edge: Mavericks
      by Sam Holako

      Yes Sir You were right, that’s why I would love you to say ” I WAS F***ING WRONG ! “

      • cesco

        I think Dirk , who has high regards for Andrea skills , will petition to have him in the all-star game .

      • Nilanka15

        Love it when fanboys rely on 1 game to “prove” their point. The Mavs would have the edge at power forward 9 times out of 10.

        • KJ-B

          Mavs aren’t even a playoff team in the West and are softer than paper–I can’t call #7 a star after his 1/2 typical ‘good’ games a season that has ppl thinkin’ ‘he’s ready to break out’…

        • Hound

          absolutely agree. AB is not close to Dirk and probably will never be. That said, he is our best player. Quite a few of you mention that he should be traded. Who trades their best player unless the guy won’t re-sign? Nobody. But if BC is showing him to trade him, what exactly are we going to get for him, and from which team? Where does it make sense? If Bargs was 30 or more, I would be all for it, but he could be a valuable part of this team for 10 more years. 

          People, please don’t insult Coach Casey by insinuating that BC is calling the minutes. That may have happened with Smitch, but not now.

    • voy

      just because someone is your best player doesn’t mean you need to “build around him”.  Lets continue to collect pieces at different positions and we see how the team shapes up within the next few seasons.  No one is untouchable on this team.

  • K.J.P

    So much hate for each other after reading all those posts. I enjoy watching basketball. It seems like most of you don’t. If something made me this mad i wouldn’t put so much effort towards it, lol. 

    Go Raps Go! 

    • Smoke the rock

      it’s all coming from the fanboys their fav player got a 30 and 7 game and they all jump into their TRAN-AM and head out to ST.CLAIR  tooting their horns and waving flags and no it wasn’t the raptors flag

      • hating bigots today

        I think you’ve got that backwards, Smoke the rock. It’s the anti-fanboys – and they know who they are – who get themselves all riled-up-and-ready to jump all over any bit of excitement an everyday Raptors fan might want to share about our best player for a moment. And funnily enough, you’ll find them in all shapes, sizes, creeds and colours. You and Eatadic (nice to know what his hobby is) ought to get together and trade tidbits on shining up your stomping boots and how to spot Raptors fans who … don’t quite fit your favored racial profile. Keep on smokin that … whatever it is you’re smokin. (It ain’t rock, is it? But I’d bet it rhymes, doesn’t it?)

      • joker

        That would be better then all you Jamaicans celebrating on Eglinton with a minimum f the people being shot…..actually that sounds oddly familliar to another cultural celebration that happens every year…..where someone is always shit….what is it again?

      • Lotoya

        dumb nigger

  • cesco

    I loved the way Andrea and Amir played this game , everyone else tried their best also but were not as successful . This is a reminder to racists on this page that you would enjoy the game much more if you look at each player performance independently of  the color of their skin or the country of origin . They could have won this game and the previous one , THAT is the important thing that stand out , wins will come but not many of them .

  • mountio

    Tough loss – but when Dallas plays well (which they did .. particularily down the stretch) .. they are going to beat a team with our talent level.
    Anyone who watched this game and still doesnt think that AB is our best player (that means best .. not best at offense or best shooter .. best period) is either being blind (perhaps due to past frustrations) or doesnt know anything about basketball.
    Im still very encouraged by this season .. another competitive game against a good team. We ran out of gas in the 4th and they hit shots .. this shit happens with our type of team ..

    • ital

      we were on a back to back and the king ran ot of gas he did every thing he could to get us the win but he has no talent around him he’s our best alround player the one we are building around and the next team we face the king is going to destroy them i’ve got my flag ready and it’s not a raptors flag

    • voy

      Dallas is a pro’s team.  They took advantage of alot of our mistakes.  The freethrow disparity was ridiculous and a little uncalled for, I think.  But either way, Dallas managed a victory.  They had the horses to play hard and smart for the entire 2nd half.  Once we finished our run to build a 7 point lead we were tapped out with more than 16(?) minutes to play.  Our team is nowhere near good enough to win with only one or two guys playing well.

      3 things of note:
      (1) Demar’s gotta learn to lay the lumber when under our basket and not give up easy 3 point plays
      (2) you knew we were done for when A.Carter, brought to Toronto for his leadership, jacks up a 33 footer within 5 seconds of him touching the ball
      (3) J.Terry was a beast last night.

  • Hadi

    So Mahinmi got 19pts last night. WTF!! Oh yeah we got an “defensive minded” coach but how come an opponent’s scrub scored a double digit. GTFO Casey! GTFO Colangelo! 

    • p00ka

      So you’re best option is to come back and troll under a different handle. Slick.

  • Ppellico

    was called a nasty name and told to stop posting here by an idiot preschooler yesterday.

    I will not.

    I will say what I think…

    I think we are losing the boards game.
    OK…So out star PF/C is awesome at ascoring. But in 4o PLUS minutes had only seven rebounds.
    OK…we can live with that IF we get them another way.
    Their center had 5 OFFENSIVE rebounds alone!
    We are LOSING the game under the basket. We are being forced into the outside jumo shot game and we just ain’t the dead eyes to do this.
    In fact. Dallas lost a lead because they decised to take 3 to 4 3 pointers close to the end of the second.
    Because they know that most times they can do this.
    We couldn’t in our dreams.

    Again I say build up inside. Get control of the center and we have a fighting chance.

    And again, not to pick onBagnani because I like his fearless game…BUT his lack of fouls means to me he doesn’t want any part of defense. He is playing pretty boy offensive ball and leaving the dirty work to others…who we do not have.
    NOBODY plays tough hard defense without ending up without 3 or 4 fouls every night.

    Get real.

    • mountio

      I dont disagree with most of what you are saying .. but the question is, what would you suggest we do? I look at our team and say its clear that our frontcourt is already better than our backcourt. Throw in JV next year and that disparity will be even larger. (and – btw, I think that JV will certainly help with the banging / rebounding issues that you talk about)

      • Ppellico

        well…perhaps demand more inside out ball.

        demand they throw inside and if nothing there…the damn big man has to simply learn where his options are.
        There were NO assist by our big men.
        To me…this means they are not getting the ball and if they are and cannot get a shot, then they are not finding the open player to throw to.

        This simply has got to become the plan.

        • mountio

          I support more inside out ball. AB should post up more and Ed should as well.
          Amir doesnt have any post moves .. so inside out ball wont work with him because hes not a credible threat.
          DD maybe with the right match up can post up also.
          Hopefully this is something Casey will add into the mix more as the season goes along ..

    • cesco

      It should be pretty clear by now that Casey has Dirk 2.0 on his team and he is not going to be the guy doing the banging . Which acquisition by the Mavs allowed them to be champs ?? JV come over quick , you will have Amir to help you out for 2 more years along the road to a championship .

  • Aaron

    Wow alot of people have way too high of expectations.  Were playing the defending champions and had a real bad shooting night except for Andrea.  The refing was horrible and really screwed the raps over.  Saw about 7-9 calls that were absolutely terrible.  The foul on Mahinni by magloire where Mahinni took 5 steps without dribbling and then they call the foul on Magloire.  Many bad calls that went in Mavs favour.
             This is a rebuilding year and the raps need to evaluate who should stay or go.  WIthout a shot James Johnson is going to have a hard time against good teams.  Bayless needs to understand when to pass, whats a good shot, who to pass too and that he isn’t the first option.  If Bayless  could stick to running the team and not trying to be a chucker he might be a decent back up point guard.  Because of the lack of outside shooting the teams can cheat on our best players andrea, amir, davis and derozan.  Lots to work on this team but at least there competing.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC said it was a building year- new kool aid to drink..

  • arsenalist

    Cleaning up the comments took a while.  Eatadic is banned because he’s obviously a racist piece of shit.

    Good game, BTW.  Stuck around longer than we thought.  Mahinmi of all the people killed us, continuing a long line of tradition where unknown scrubs have career games against the Raps. 

    • Akash_singh

      thanks arse, the offensive/derogatory comments from both sides are simply unacceptable.  

      you know whats funny, Im sure if you met the people posting on the site in real life they’d probably be normal guys……either that or lonely teenagers. 

      A suggestion: Have people post comments to the site via facebook/twitter, that would weed out the fake thug internet pussies (pardon my language), and make your job of moderating a lot easier. Really does depend on what the majority of the  fanbase is comfortable with, I don’t mind posting using my facebook.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Despite all our different point of view, I really can’t understand why insulting others has become the main theme in this blog

    • akmed

      stfu terrorist

  • Blind Man

    Between having to navigate 
    BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!! and the various vulgar and racist comments, this forum is now too much work. If you can’t or won’t ban certain people, it’s gonna become a forum for idiots to discuss basketball. I would have imagined that ESPN had some rules for what is acceptable to have on one of their affiliate web sites. I think I will write to Mr. True Hoop and see.

    • Pizzaman

      Blind Man you are exactly correct. It used to be a cool place for Raptors fans who were hungry for more basketball talk to come and read others comments, maybe post something, but it has over the past year deteriorated into a site where the comments are pretty much hijacked by complete morons.
      My kudos though to Arsenalist, Altraps, Liston, Sam Holako for always providing interesting insights, comments, recaps and other great Raptors basketball fan favorites. Unfortunately it is hard not to read the comments and then find 30 to 40% of them from racist, trash talking children. I’m hoping the guys mentioned above can fix this and get it back on track someday soon.

      • Dodos

        Yeah, this site has gotten horrific. You can’t discuss basketball on any sort of level – all you get is hate, hate, hate and hate. I would suggest looking at a site called Beerleaguer – it is a Phillies baseball site, but the dialogue is respectful and constructive and the comment threads end up in the 500-600 sometimes. Not sure why it’s so hard to have a good Raptors site, but it is.

  • Rpsfan95

    despite all the frustration over the years, Bargs is putting together a complete game and really needs some help out there

  • Balls of Steel

    This is a head scratcher – Ed Davis barely involved, James Johnson being thrusted with dribbling, posting and trying to score. Ball movement was nonexistent but Ed not having more of a role last night was a scratcher.

    • p00ka

      Maybe because the NBA game is still too fast for him and his value outside of 3 feet from the basket is almost non existent on either end of the floor? Just like DD and JJ and JB, it seems he did nothing over the long off season to improve his game. AB very obviously worked on improving his weaknesses, he’s clearly our best player, but all the bitches just cry about how he’s taking minutes away from a guy who it seems did nothing to get better.

      • pran

        Ed davis was asked to bulk up this offseason so he doesn’t get outmuscled in the post, which based on his physique he clearly did, don’t be so blinded by your hate.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          You’re talking to an AB fanboy……

          Ed put in work this off season as you can visibly see in his arms & shoulders.

        • p00ka

          No hate at all. I see potential, but I also see that the game is too fast for him and neither his offensive or defensive skills have improved yet. Both you and the quickly becoming desperate BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!! idiot want to point to bigger arms and shoulders instead? Really? Wow! A new low in desperate.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Ed should be getting 30 minutes a game in this bullchit shortened season in order to develop as a PF but yet Jose & AB-the 2 longest tenured Raptors under BC, are still leading the way as we so call ‘build’ for the future. 

      • what the

        i hope BC gives ED,DD and our 2012 draft pick at lease 5 years to develop

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Really, before potentially trading them away in order to put other players around AB…. 

  • sangaman

    I have made this comment before and would like to know what others think. At least 10 points were lost in this game (margin of victory) when bargs jumped out to trap a guard and his man was left wide open (Nowitski) … THIS PLAY IS USELESS!!!!  Bargs is tired in the fourth quarter because he not only has to score but play perimeter defense as well. Someone point this out to Casey please,.

    • mountio

      Couldnt agree more. Its great to hedge .. and I like the effort being shown by AB .. but hes so out of position after he does this (not only to get back on his man .. but perhaps more importantly for the rebound post the shot (whether its taken by his man or swung to the other side).
      I agree .. hopefully Casey will see this .. its painfully obvious to me ..
      something like a half hedge where AB steps out enough to disrupt the guard’s rythmn a little .. but not so much that he ends up 4 feet above the 3 pt line ..

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB should be able to make that hedge move (if not pgs get wide open j’s or lanes to penetrate) as most PFs in the NBA hedge & recover- in fact Dirk made a couple of steals/deflections hedging against our pg on screens for the Mavs.

      AB should be in better shape but with no real training camp this year the 1st month of the season will be a training camp for most NBA teams plus he’s allegedly being required to play with effort, accountability on defense in this his 6th NBA season something that he hasn’t been required to do in the past post Sam.

      • p00ka

        You’re becoming a more pathetic troll every post. As much as I’ve hated having to wade through your constant little biatch posting, it’s now becoming laughable to see you so desperate to grasp on to anything to support your loudmouth antics.

      • what the

        it looks like #7 has been developing for quite some time is he ready yet? or do we need another year or two

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I think BC will continue to give the ‘enigma of enigmas’ all the time, excuses, pr spins that he needs even to the detriment of the Raptors team/franchise future PF Ed Davis.

          Truth is Bargnani is as good as he is going to be in the NBA his ceiling has been reached as a versatile offensive 1st player that is not consistent over an 82 game schedule- a player that visibly quit on the Rap’s post London last season- that doesn’t rebound or defend at a high level.

    • minks77

      Ever stop to think Casey knows more about defense than all of us combined?

      It’s basic basketball. Teams switch constantly trying to create mismatches and your bigs can’t just sit back. Andrea would be playing perimetre D all night on Dirk anyway. He’s just not in great shape yet. He’s not used to playing all out every minute he’s out there because Smitch and Jay let him loaf, he smokes and he has never looked like a cardio fiend.

      The D was fine, we were just beat by a (much) better, deeper, more experienced team on their home floor hungry for their first win. Even the players admitted they let their foot off the gas once they got up 8 and it was JET going nuts on us that changed the game.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        AB smokes cigarettes- fact?

      • smoke the rock

        he smokes? what crack that news to me

  • Mediumcore

    Would adding JV, a top 5 draft pick and a free agent added to our roster for next season make us a better team than the Mav’s?

  • James

    I am really surprised about Davis !!! I got him for my fantasy league and paid a hefty price as well thinking he will be  a double double machine this year and so far he has let me down!!! How can a guy who was so good last year become zoo bad this year ??

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      It’s only 3 games into this bullchit season this is still training camp let’s see how Ed is playing in a month when all NBA players should have their game legs in shape.

      Also, Ed needs minutes, give him 30 minutes a game and double doubles & blocks will follow.

  • The Fox

    Watched the game and really it was what it was.  Dallas wasn’t going to lose forever and the youth on our team showed.  Most dissappointing for me was Davis and JJ.  See how fast Dallas got back in the game after down 8?  They are the defending champs lest we forget….

  • Anthony Feher

    What’s up with the Refs???  Are the raptors the dirtiest team in the NBA?  Three games and the Fouls have been 23-13, 22-16 & 25-16 for the opposition.  Free throws 28-18, 22-13 & 38-18…..  And we are commenting about offensive rebounds and it has not been that bad.

    The disparity is glaring and needs to be reviewed at the league office.    

    • sangaman

      Couldnt agree more.  Basketball as a sport is seriously flawed because too often  refs and not players are deciding outcomes. The raps have been labeled as a losing team and without a foul protected “superstar” are doomed to lose at least 10 more games than they should. Solution. Revise the rules to allow more contact.      

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Isn’t basketball defined as a no contact sport?

        Refs have been & will continue to manipulate NBA games right in front of our eyes.

        I say give the players 8 to 10 fouls before they foul out of a game in order to protect them from ref abuse.

        • sangaman

          I played ball for 33 years at various levels until my knees gave out and I can assure you it is a contact sport. Euro ball has much more contact than the american game and in that respect is better. In this way more no calls will help to assure that superstars dont get an automatic ride to the foul line.  

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            I played D1 basketball so I know it’s a contact sport but it is defined as a ‘non contact’ sport.

            The way the league is reffed today ie no hand checking, would let guys like MJ average 40 ppg in their prime.

            US Basketball >>> Euro style basketball in every respect.

            Superstar calls/non calls are the way of the NBA you can’t change that aspect of their business model as they are making major money promoting the stars that the fans come out to watch play, not foul out- whether I agree with it or not.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Why act all surprised as everyone expects the Raptors to be bad it’s all part of the NBA storyline plot as directed by Stern?

      Superstar calls/non calls anyone?

      Rap’s have no superstar player since CB4 left.

      Mafia referees?

      The NBA is a business that takes care of its stars both on & off of the court.

      It’s almost as if some games are manipulated as the refs see fit- reality tv.

      Also, only 9 teams (Hou, LAL, Phi, Bos, SA, Det, Mia, Dal, Chi) have won a NBA title since he took over as NBA Commissioner in 1984.

  • minks77

    Just wanted to show my face as an avid AB hater.

    Through 3 games I’ve seen much more improvement on Defence and energy output. Dude is trying  his hardest for the first time and I appreciate it. To his supporters calling out the haters: you need to relax. We’re 3 games into a season that didn’t have any real preseason and an abridged training camp. Let’s talk about progress in late January at the earliest.

    Look at Dwill. His game has been awful, does that mean he’s suddenly not a top tier talent? of course not. 

    As for those saying Demar hasn’t made any progress you are tripping. His stroke looks much smoother and his range has increased a ton. He really needs to tighten up the handles  and learn to use that hang time he’s got but otherwise even his D is looking a lot better already. Like I said about Bargs it’s too early to tell but overall this team as a whole looks to be improving as a whole and I credit the players for working hard in the offseason and Dwayne Casey for being our first truly excellent coach. I’m happy with the way things are going and excited about the future. Can’t understand all the hand wringing around here. This is chess, not checkers. Patience and foresight are required keys for success.

  • masonjar

    bargnani goes off for 30/7 against the world champs and idiots in here are still knocking his game…those arent raptor fans. they are trolls who hate bargs because hes white…..this site is full of retards.

  • Michel G

    This is what Rob Mahoney posted about Calderon on the Dallas Mavs blog “Two Man Game” after the game. A counterbalance to the negative comment posted in the roll call: “Jose Calderon (11 points, 4-8 FG, seven assists, two turnovers) won’t
    grab a lot of attention with his play, but I’m always impressed with the
    stability he provides an offense. He doesn’t actively make his
    teammates all that much better, but Calderon certainly has a calming
    effect on a disjointed roster, and manages to make plays out of what —
    at times — seems like chaos.”

  • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    I liked the double screen set by DCasey at the top by 2 bigs. I personally liked last year offensive systems and considering the core is the same I will be happy to see some of them:
    1)AB was more in the post early at the beginning of matches (as a offensive 5)
    2)DD was attacking the rim, playing behind a set AB at the top