The “we are a juggernaut”edition:

Barbosa: he hit one shot all night and it was one that went so high that God caught the ball, wiped it off with a towel, spun it on his finger, all while whistling Sweet Georgia Brown. Then Chuck Daly told him he had to give it back, which he did by letting it fall through the hoop without touching rim.  God celebrated and so did about 7000 at the ACC tonight.

Bargnani: okay, this is getting out of control. He smiled tonight. No, really. A smile and a laugh. On the court. At ACC. Ready for more?? It seemed genuine. This really could be the end of the world. Life insurance offices will be overrun tomorrow.  31 and 7 and it seemed effortless.

Butler: someone BBM’d me tonight asking if I felt the tremor. I merely responded that I was at the Raptors game and it was no earthquake, it was just Rasual crashing back down to earth. Didn’t hit a shot all night and kept trying from downtown even though it was apparent to everybody that Monday’s game was a flash in the pan. Nice to have Kapono back.

Calderon: Kyrie Kryptonite. Irving made it to the line and sunk his shots, but from the field he was held down like a 10 year old on his birthday getting the paddywhacks.  Another double double for Spanish Fly with 13pts and 11 assists. Not to be lost in all this: the evident disappearance of the handclap defense.

Carter: the one downside of Jose playing so well is less floor time for AC. I know he doesn’t have a ton of fans here, but I still think it’s important to get him out there to have him get familiar with the squad. This month’s schedule with Bayless out for a bit will require some time from the deep bench and someone with his pedigree is important to keep fresh.

Davis: good work, young fella. Sure it came against a team that we should beat on the second night of a back to back that looked disinterested from the start, but hopefully it’s a seed planted. Early on it looked like a repeat of every other game, but he stepped it up in the second half and made a team on their heels pay for their disinterest.

DeRozan: lawdy lawdy lawdy, TMZ has been reborn and he is proving that he can be a great piece to this team. He was feeling it from deep and he kept reloading and ended up taking 8 shots from downtown, hitting 5.  It was ideal DeMar: have fun, play hard, hit shots, defend well, smile.  Question for you, though: if it was an opposing player that pseudo-celebrated in front of the Raptors bench the way he did in front of the Cavs, would you be calling for his head?

G. Forbes: you are put in with 2 minutes left, you come in, hit a nice shot then come back down on the next possession, don’t pass the ball and put one up that probably cost you more bench time. Not a wise move. At all.

A. Johnson: not a lot on the stat sheet for him to be proud of, but he was laying lumber almost every minute he was on the floor. I don’t think there was one Cavs player that saw action that didn’t get some Amir sweat on him. He’s the kind of guy that can be used to deflate a tired opponent and he did exactly that tonight.

J.Johnson: ever since he ditched the hair and the headband he has played like he actually cares. He was jumping around like he heard there were pieces of gold on the rim all night, just too bad he felt he would double up if he took silly shots. Still, for a team like this, we need to learn to accept 50% effort as a B+ effort. Tonight he earned a solid B+.

Magloire: wasn’t a spectacular night for anybody from Toronto. Jamaal put in an effort that Hedo would be proud of. Inconsequential against a team that he should have had a great night going up against.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Jamaal Magloire

Theme of the Game:

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  • Me

    lol how is DD driving the bus and not AB? if anything..should be both! Just sayin…

    • Tinman

      Any of DD, Bargnani or Jose – wish we could play the Cavs 10 times this year.

    • cesco

      Andrea was in the back of the bus with Jose talking about paella and pasta dishes .

  • Rapture

    Dangit, I wished I had watched it.

    • Tinman

      Funny – really was a dog of a game.

  • Hound

    Yippee for Demar! Bargs, just another ho-hum 31 and 7 boards. Zorro a double double! 

    I will quit watching this team if any of these core guys are traded or amnestied. Calderon can be a piece of this puzzle for 5 more years and DD/AB are still entering their prime. I mean Calderon has 60 assists to 10 TO’s. This is topshelf stuff.

    Hat’s off to all involved in the win!!

    • Frynoodle

      why not? if AB for Kevin Durant.

      • Hound

        Ok, you got me. Thanks for being a killjoy. I was trying to enjoy the win.

  • UrMama

    Life must just Suck for AB haters. Tim W, Swirsky, Nilk, sleeps and … Damn, you boys have been bamboozled by the Italian Stallion.

    • hotfuzz

      Can you give it a rest, it’s only been 6 games. 
      And he’s not exactly playing like kobe.

      • Hound

        Actually, he is playing as good or better than Kobe. Stats:
                     PPG    FG% 3pt.% RB  Assists  TO  
        Kobe       25.9   .417  .212  6.3   6        4.29
        Bargs      24.0   .546  .364   6.0  2.5      2.33

        You are right, it is only 6 games, we all have to agree that Kobe has more to work with around him.  

        • hotfuzz

          First of all, i meant kobe of past and not this season.
          and second of all, kobe is a guard and obviously has worse percentages.

          • Hound

            Actually Jose is 54% FG and 45% from the 3 and he is a guard. Point taken about Kobe of the past. However, let’s agree that AB is playing like an allstar and we should be happy he is on the Raptors and happy to be a Raptor.

      • John

        LOL, Is this you TimW ??? Come on Pal, They have been bashing this guy for 5 years and now, he has come out and putting ALL STAR numbers across the board.

        • hotfuzz

          No, all i am saying let’s just wait till 20-25 games to evaluate his performance. He has had stretches of 8-10 games with solid performances before only to fade out.

          • p00ka

            We’re seeing a different player, which should be obvious to anybody who isn’t blinded. Why should anybody let up? The incessant whiners never let up for a single day, some not for a single post, and AB is destroying all the “will never change’ blarney.

            • Marlon

              Completely agree, some people can just be annoying… just ask that “GotsToGo!!!” guy

            • Mark Nisbet

              Again, he’s shooting 56% on the year.  Completely unsustainable.  Not saying he hasn’t improved but once his FG% comes down to earth we’ll see what you think then…

              • p00ka

                This just wait, just wait stuff is pathetic. I know the pitchforks will come out the first bad game he has. No NBA player can sustain this all the time, and ppl like you are frothing at the mouth waiting for it.

                • Nilanka15

                  It’s not about hating on a guy.  It’s about managing expectations based on past performances.

                  Whether it’s Bargnani, or any other player, the larger the sample size, the better.

                  We all know we can’t draw conclusions from 6 games.  Other wise, we’d conclude that Calderon is a better PG than Chris Paul because he’s averaging more assists through 6 games.  Eventually, inflated numbers will even out to more closely resemble career aveerages.

            • p00ka

              Nilanka, Of course I know he won’t be able to sustain the numbers as this compressed season wears on and teams start focusing more and more of their defense on him. I also know that both his game and his attitude are light years above his previous years, so that though the numbers will settle down some, I doubt it drops as far as previous career averages, besides the point that numbers don’t tell the whole story. My point was that so much of what I’ve seen on here tells me some will come out with the pitchforks the second he has a bad game, and the “just wait” stuff is prepping for that as an ‘I told you so”.

              • Nilanka15

                Unfortunately, that sort of thing is inevitable on fan forums.  It’s no different from all the “fanboys” giving us the “I told you so” messages today.

          • Mark Nisbet

            I completely agree.  There are reasons (Casey) to think things may be different but I always look at 1 stat when AB is playing well to see if he’s playing better or just hot and that’s FG%.  He is shooting 56% so far.  That is not sustainable.  When he goes down to a more realistic 45-47% will he still be effective?

            Changing or improving is different than being hot.  he’s still averaging 6 RPG and under a block.  We know he can shoot!  Can he do more than that?  Thats what All Star do.  We will see but I’m cheering for him!

            • p00ka

              You know how to read stats, but don’t know the game at all if you think he’s doing no more than scoring.

    • ABHater

      It does, as soon as I read the post-game box score and saw the great numbers that Bargnani put up, I immediately laid down in the fetal position under my desk and cried myself to sleep.

      • Statement


        This AB hater is happy with the way Bargs is playing now.

        I’m almost an official AB liker!

    • sleepz

      Haters? Don’t call out my name boy. You don’t know me or anything about me and if you think that 6 games into the year that anything is etched in stone you haven’t been watching basketball long enough fella.

      I’m a fan of the Raptors and have been since ’95. If you take glee in performances by individual players and not team success going into the future be my guest. 

      • cesco

        Talking about team success , they could have been 6 -0 instead of 3-3 . You will agree that there is a TREND there that did not exist in previous years . After all they barely lost to playoffs bound teams and if those teams were not in mid-season form , the  Raps are still in pre-season form , still learning from the mistakes they make defensively and offensively .

  • RGzzy

    Awsome win! AB killed it. DD was hittin from downtown although I wonder why there are no iso’s for him. Without Jose, this team would be clueless on how to score. I’d love for Ed to get more touches in the last 2 min but Forbes had to be a ball hog.

  • mountio

    Great game all around. I realize the opponent sucks (even though they had a winning record) .. but thats as good as I have seen this team look in years. Literaly years.
    DD stroking (even if its not consistent .. you have to realize we are comparing to last year, when he could have taken 100 straight threes and I wouldnt have bet that any would go in) is an amazing sight. If he can get any respect, could open up the rest of his game and make up for handles / lack of great first step.

    Defensive rebounding was still weak (esp in first half) .. but all in all, a great game

  • c_bcm

    I understand the need to keep the formula. But I find it hard to fault too many players in this game. Forbes and Butler are the only 2 I call out in this game. Not Magloire, and definitely not JJ.

  • voy

    after the initial euphoria of the win wore off I became worried we may not finish low enough in the standings to get a top 4 pick…then I remember rasual butler is our starting 3 and no one off our bench can create their own shot within a team concept and I immediately start to feel better.

    • Arsenalist

      Fuck the pick. Let’s win some games.

      • Hound

        I couldn’t of said it better. 

        • PHDMAC

          ya you could. Because the better way is I couldn’t have said it better! :)

      • nate

        THANK YOU

      • voy

        lol. the season will unfold as the season will unfold.  its not like we have to try and throw games, right?  regardless of tonights win, we’re still  paper thin. 

        this being said, if the stars align and we make the playoffs, exit first round, then draft the michael bradley of this year’s draft with the 15th pick, then watch Drummond, Davis, Jones, Lamb, Gilchrist-Kidd etc etc all develop into decent pieces, while Butler keeps chucking 3s for the Raps, I may shoot myself in the face.

        I understand your point though.  Its much more fun to watch your team win than lose.  Plus, its good for the boys to nail down some wins and get some positive results to show for their efforts.

        • cesco

          Dallas won the championship with two all-stars and other valuable pieces . DD and Andrea should be all-stars in the near future , then possibly JV down the road . The pick may also be a good one and a quality free agent can be found also . Next year the run to the championship begin .

          • jlongs

            the jordan-led bulls also won with 2 ‘all-stars’ and a bunch of pieces. so did kobe-shaq, wade-shaq, kobe-gasol.

            lets not get ahead of ourselves. ‘all star’ is not a word i’d use to describe these players. ‘superstars’ or ‘future hall of famers’ is more apt. raptors have neither. not yet at least.

            • cesco

              Detroit also won one without superstars , got you .

        • Bendit

          I feel your angst. But it is what it is…a tremendous leap in coaching for the most part. Its still a long trot.

        • sleepz

          There’s the crux of the matter. The team is winning which is good however they need more talent.

          Post game on the Fan Smith and Jones are carrying on about the ‘core’ and how they can add talent via free agency (hasn’t worked for us yet) but when you look up and down the roster, even with the players that are currently playing well and it’s evident that they need more talent to achieve long term success which to me is trying to win a championship year in year out.

      • Dean


      • Statement


        That’s what the Leafs and Bryan Colangelo have done year-in and year-out and the results have been absolute shit.

        Let’s be smart about this.

        One player can change the fortunes of a franchise and this draft is supposed to be loaded.

        Colangelo even signed one-year contract players who suck so as not to mess with the potential of getting another high pick.

        We need Bayless back to split minutes with Jose and ensure that we lose.

        Arse, I think it’s fair to concede that the Heat and a few more teams have shit locked down for at least the next 3 years or so.  I don’t like it but that is the reality.

        We won’t be able to seriously compete for a championship for the forseeable future.  As such, lets stock up with young talent and wait for Lebron to age or get injured.

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed.  “Fuck the picK” has basically been this team’s motto for 16 years, and look where it’s got us so far.

      • tonious35

        The lower the pick, the more work for our scouting department to unearth a good 10 – 16th overall pick and some second round gems.  Get your     f$%& shit together Jim Kelly and Maurizio!  

  • Red Baron

    Who are these guys? Do you think Triano is feeling a bit awkward at the Monday morning management meetings seeing how Casey has made such an instant change to the way Raps play D and compete??

    • Nilanka15

      Triano was such a joke of a coach.  Even Casey’s proper use of timeouts is a masterpiece compared to anything Triano did.

  • Tinman

    Cleveland are a definate low lottery pick. Adding another stud in next years draft, to grow with Irving and Thompson, this team will have three good pieces. Lebron is almost irreplacable, but Cleveland can win again soon.

  • jlongs

    driving: bargnani, demar, jose.

    under: butler or barbosa. we expected more out of them and they didn’t deliver. maglore was mismatched against more agile cavs bigs, but he did nothing to deserve being under the bus. butler took 6 mostly wide open threes and couldn’t even hit one. st least leandro hit a hail mary, but sucked otherwise.

  • Scottbbaird

    Magloire isn’t under the bus.  Butler is under the bus.

    Actually, there’s two buses.  AB at one wheel and Demar on the other, with Forbes and Butler under each (you can pick who drives over who)

    • leftovercrack

      Yeah, this throwing Magloire under the bus after each game is getting old

  • knickz

    what do we really want. playoffs or type 5 pick?

    • Lisa

      we should do playoffs…time for rebuilding is over

      • cesco

        Welcome Lisa .

    • mountio

      top 5 pick. And .. we will get there. Wont worry .. Jose WILL break down. AB looking good, but will cool off. JB will singlehandedly cost us games.
      But .. games like tonight give us optimism that with a draft pick and JV, we might actually have the pieces to be really good (and maybe even attract a real free agent down the road).. so I enjoy that.

      • voy

        subjectively you can cheer for a playoff run and I guess as Raptors fans there is a part of our brain that wants this team to make the playoffs this year.  However, objectively its a no brainer, the team has a much better chance to become much better by drafting a top 5 pick in the draft.  They dont have anywhere near the horses to be a contender.  95% of their success this year has been on the backs of Jose, DD and Andrea.  Thats not a good recipe for success.  We need more pieces.  We need more guys to contribute.

        • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

          ya but … what are ya gonna do in the meantime? Doesn’t make much sense to wring our hands in despair because we’re winning, should we happen to win more games than we thought we might. To worry that we MIGHT win more games than we thought is probably even sillier. When you think about it, what you or I might prefer won’t make a lick of difference to the team and what they want and how they go about getting it, so … if they win a few unexpectedly, might as well enjoy it. 

          • voy

            oh, I know. I’ll never WANT the team to lose.  When I first started this “current success will screw up our draft pick…” thread I was only being half-serious. It was more a comment on how well Bargs, Calderon, and DD (to an extent) are playing.  The Raps competing every game, with so many missing pieces, is a testament to how well those 3 are playing.  Watching the Raps win is the perfect end to my day.

            However, thinking that the team  is going to contend or play any better simply because a bunch of guys on a basketball messageboard say “forget the draft, lets push for the playoffs” isn’t gonna make the team play any harder, or the coach work longer.  The season will playout regardless of what we want or say on RR.

            Whatever happens this season happens. What I dont want to see is BC start trading some young pieces to get some veterans, on the downside of their career, for a push for the 6th, 7th or 8th seed.  I think BC is smarter than that though.

    • Hound

      Go for the playoffs, create a winning attitude. With the 15th pick we could still get a Terrance Jones, Myck Kabongo or a Kris Joseph from Syracuse. This is a deep draft and we should get a good player even if we make the playoffs.

    • Stikz

      Unless we have another 35 games against the Cavs, i don’t think that’s a choice anyone has to make. Good to see another solid effort by the Raps. Good to see Derozan shooting with such confidence.

    • p00ka

      The boys to learn to play the game right, and let the draft pan out as it does.

      • p00ka_is_a_fish

        Shutup Bargnani Fanboy. I want to see a tank job. I want a top 5 draft pick, I want a superstar to next to our building block Jonas V trade Ed Davis, Bargs, DD for more draft picks. 

        • cesco

          You are an idiot , get off this board .

          • p00ka_is_a_fish

            Bite me cesco.

    • Statement

      Top 5 pick

    • Statement

      I would like the Raps to be able to compete for a championship. 

      The best way for them to secure elite talent is through the draft.  In fact, their historical best players have been secured via the draft (Bosh, VC)

      Lets get an elite SF and have a true OKC team.

      Bring on the tanking.

      • tonious35

        the difference and the ball-breaker of the 2007 Draft, we had no picks…so tanking the Durant and Oden draft would of gotten us NOTHING anyways.  At least if we over-achieved to a guaranteed 12th pick, our management is under due diligence to pick us a player that can contribute to the team.  I will stop watching this team if they trade this pick away.

  • Dkrizman

    So much for tank nation. This team may not be the most talented but they have a very good coach who makes this team compete and actually play defence. I’m convinced this team won’t be one of the worst this year. I think if BC wants to ensure this team tanks he’ll have to trade high on Calderon since the offense is bound to struggle immenslely without him.

  • Trololol


    • leftovercrack

      The Raptors were picked by many experts to be the worst team in the NBA this year. It’s just good to see them play some decent basketball and hopefully make some of those smug SOBs eat crow. I don’t think anyone thinks they are ready to beat Miami or OKC

      • tonious35

        Wierd thing last season was that we beat OKC at their home-court with the almost same sh!tty team with a totally worse coach.

    • cesco

      The 3 losses were against playoffs bound teams and we could have won all three of these games had we been playing longer with the new system .

  • Adriiian

    What’s with the hate on Magloire, as countless have said before me, LOL at  
     Rasual, who couldn’t make a shot out there. If DD and AB and JC play this good, we’re not gonna be half bad, need a PG and 3 and we might just be getting somewhere!

    Let’s go RAPS!
    Let’s go CASEY! What a coach!

  • Truthkiller

    HAHA told ya suckers. This team is playoff-bound.

  • Pizzaman

    was at the game and not sure why so much hate for Magliore…I like what he’s brought to the Raptors. IMO he’s the best backup big we’ve had for quite awhile and he does what he’s supposed to, plus I think he’s good for Andrea, Demar, Ed, Amir.
    Now under the bus is definitely Butler who was stone cold awful and contributed absolutely nothing.
    Ed played somewhat better today which was nice to see.
    Johnson plays great defense and works hard on the glass but his offence is real bad.

  • AlonzoP

    Bargnani was amazing, DeRozan was doing Ray Allen impressions, the defense looked a gang-tackling army storming across enemy borders and …..Nilanka was sitting pensively, trying to figure out how he could write one more “thoughtful” post that would again end up suggesting that Bargnani should really be traded now while his value was high. 

    That might be a tough sell tomorrow.  

    • Minks77

      Bargs keeps this up maybe get a decent piece and a second high draft pick. Would be least fun option but sometimes in life yOu need to double down and go for the big win.

      It is only a .500 record, 6 games into the season, everything’s screwy due to the lockout and suddenly he’s untouchable? After 5 previous seasons of blown assignments, lazy stretches of play, indifferent defense and aversion to rebounding we’re supposed to kneel down to the il mago? Hell no. I love how hes playing so far this year, he’s killin it and working hard on d and gettin after the glass work better than ever but he’s got a lot to prove so don’t blow your little fan boy wads just yet.

      • p00ka

        The little weasel shows up under one of his 10 aliases.

        • Minks77

          No fan boys, I use only one alias, minks77. Been using it longer than you’ve known how to read apparently. 

          You need to relax because your over the top reaction to this tiny sample size is as premature as the nut you’re daddy busted in your mothers front butt to make you.

          • cesco

            Your second paragraph shows that the cage door was left open by mistake .

        • Nilanka15

          I can vouch that Minks77 has been around these parts for a while.

          • Minks77


      • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

        bla.bla,bla  DCasey “AB7 is playing line an ALL STAR”.End of story.Finish.FInito.Silence please

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Oh man, That’s The Rap of the Day !

  • cesco

    Where are Nilanka and Gottogo to-night ? .

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      They are waiting the first Primo Pasta bad game..

    • Statement


      I think that you would class me as an AB “Hater”, but if AB keeps this up, I’m changing my tune.

    • Statement


      Don’t be a troll.

      You know as well as I that Bargs play left a lot to be desired for the past 5 years. 

      Andrea Bargnani WS/48 (average is .100)

      2006-2007 = .057
      2007-2008 = 0.036
      2008-2009 = 0.076
      2009-2010 = 0.072
      2010-2011 = 0.053

      This year
      WS/48 = .133

      Career Average = 0.062

      This is courtesy of

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy that Bargs is playing like this and would be pleased if he could keep it up.  I’m hoping that he does and that he can be a contributer to a championship team.  However, it’s just insulting to pretend like the past five years didn’t happen.

      • cesco

        I told you once , once a hater always a hater .

        • cesco

          Oh ! I forgot that I had to watch Mr. hold-the-ball-10seconds for 4 of those years , a much worse fate than yours . One month watching Andrea play is worth 4 years of torture watching Mr. MVP .

          • p00ka_is_a_fish

            Already calling him an MVP candidate are you fanboy. What to do you call these other 6 guys on contender teams that are averaging more points and rebounds than “Mr.mvp”.

            – LeBron James
            – Carmelo Anthony
            – Kevin Durant
            – Kobe Bryant
            – Kevin Love
            – Blake Griffin

            • cesco

              Lol , Mr MVP is CB4 in my comment , read more carefully next time .

              • p00ka_is_a_fish

                Alright I will. Thanks 😀

        • Statement


          Excellent rebuttal to my intelligent argument.

          Why do I even try?

        • Statement


          I’m just skipping your posts from now on, lest I lose even more faith in humanity.

          • cesco

            If those advance stats  means anything then Love should have led Minny to 61 wins ( like LBJ ) instead of 19 and last place .

    • Nilanka15

      Sorry, I’m late to the party dumbass.  RR is my entertainment during the work day.  When I’m at home enjoying my team, the last thing on my mind is jumping online and arguing with trolls.

      Having said that, Bargnani was a beast last night, and basically has been all season so far.  Whether he’s here to stay or not, this can only mean good things for the Raptors, and for that reason alone, I’m happy.

      • cesco

        If you are happy , I am ecstatic because the diamond in the rough is now sparkling in all its splendor . I have heard of Payton and Kemp by the way , two greats from the past if I am not mistaken .

  • Abovedaclouds

    Great win! And all this talk about playoffs or a top pick, I mean how is this even a debate. Do you guys seriously think this is a playoff team!?

    • p00ka

      Agreed. As much as they’re looking nowhere near a 27-30th team, I don’t see them in the playoffs either. I just want to see them do their best every day, continue to develop that winning attitude, and if they end up with a 10th pick instead of the top 5 so many were convinced of, and hoping for, so be it. With the exception of only a few players, it’s all a crapshoot and we could still end up with a great young player anyway. We had 5th in last years draft, and if JV pans out as many predict he’ll be the best of that draft.
      GO HARD, and let the draft be as it may.
      GO RAPS!!!

  • hateslosing

    I gotta say, Magloire may have had a shitty game statistically but he gave some nice hard fouls while he was out there. Barbosa or Butler under the bus in my book. I’d also have Andrea driving, guy was a murderer tonight.  

    • knickz

      magloire seems like he’s trying to take guys heads off out there lol.. my 2 year old still has more hops than him tho lol

    • Brian B

      I agree- did not understand the negative roll Call re Jamal- Cleveland , ,lacking a true center is not a matchup that showcases him well, but I thought he did what he does best- banging- with good effect.

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Is Magloire the new person for Raptor fans to hate on now that Bargnani is playing like a first overall pick?
    He was brought in to play 10-15mins, rebound, throw elbows and set some hard picks. Which is exactly what he does every night.

  • knickz

    it just feels good to be a claderon slurper right now lol… if the calderon shot more and played rondo minutes he would be an all star. I know raptor fans hate caldron becasue he’s not flashy, but he is a damn good pg

    • RobertArchibald

      Have no idea what your post was about. Could only focus on the 3 different spellings of c-a-l-d-e-r-o-n.

    • Nilanka15

      Nobody hates Calderon because he’s not flashy.  His problem has always been that he hasn’t been reliable enough to play a full season, in addition to his inability to stop penetration.  Nothing’s changed in those 2 regards (yet).

    • Blind Man

      The crap Calderon gets on fansites has always bugged me. It’s like mass hysteria where for some Gladwellian reason, people start grabbing their clubs, joining the mob and muttering “empty assists”. 
      Last night he made two passes to DD in a short period. 1) DD cut to the basket and Jose set him up for an easy one, 2) a pass to DD in the right corner for a three-pointer. The first involved Jose disrupting the defense just by dribbling into the teeth of it so they had to turn around. The second involved Jose dribbling down the left side towards the left corner and away from DD, then at just the right moment, flashing the ball to DD in the corner.In both cases, Jose first manipulated the defense and then showed good court vision. And in both cases, Jose made good passes, which is something I think most people don’t understand. His passes are well-weighted and in just the right spot so that shooters waste little motion and therefore have a better chance to score. Anyone who has played the game knows the frustration of getting passes too high, too low, too left, too right, too far in front or too behind.The passes he makes are not flashy, they’re just effective. He has a high assist rate per game and has consistently been a low turnover player. If this is so easy to do, as many fans now repeat like a mantra, why don’t they go down to the ACC and lace up their sneakers and get a free agent contract! Easy money and you get great seats for every game.

  • Bill

    Forget the 31 points, which we’ve come to expect, but did anyone else notice that he held Jameison to 2 points in the second half? Amazing display of offense and defence by the team

    • p00ka

      And in the post game interview with Leo, with Leo asking him why he seems to be having fun, that 2nd half defense is what he spoke of.

  • Marlon

    I know it feels good to win now, but when you think about it… it’s a shortened season… and we definitely will not go past the first round this season (if we make the playoffs which is possible), so for the good of the team’s future, doing awful this season is something we should all want, because ultimately it will make us a playoff team next year which i can’t wait for, and maybe even a contender seeing how it goes.

    And yea, my grammar is awful

    • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

      but again (see somewhere above) … it’s not like our collective desires or wills are going to affect what happens in Raptors management meetings or in the locker room or anywhere else it would make a difference. So, you and others can WANT to lose every  game this year and be miserable and sour about it (cuz I know I would) (and I do understand that you believe it’d be for the good of the team, long-range, and for all I know you could be right), but … if the team doesn’t WANT to lose every game that you want them to, there’s next to nada … no, make that absolutely NADA you or I can do about it. So, unless you decide to choose to not be a fan, because they’re not allowing themselves to lose as much as you might want them to … you might as well not fret and worry yourself to bits and just watch some basketball … and when your favorite team wins (hopefully the Raps) enjoy it and chalk it up to somebody else – the guys who ARE in charge – going about building a winner in a whole different way than you would. And who knows? Maybe it’ll even work. 

      • cesco

        +1 .

      • Nilanka15

        You can say the same about every Raptor-related topic.  We can talk/discuss/wish/hope for any number of things, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen unless Management thinks the same way, whether it’s trades, allocation of minutes, usage of players, Xs and Os, etc.

        Should that stop us from talking about it in fan forums like this one?  I don’t think so.

        • Cloudy with a chance of Bargs

          Fair enough.

  • Lou

    It’s not all about a top 5 pick anymore, maybe the renaissance of Bargnani and the improved DeRozan is the combination we have been looking for, you then throw in a rim-protector like Valanciunas at the centre spot and you have some great pieces there. Sure a top 5 pick would be awesome, but if these guys play like this for the rest of the season we might have something here. We’ll see.

  • Phat AlberG

    Sam Mitchell & Trinao Should never ever go near a basketall court ever again.  Worst Coaches ever!!!!!!!!! Casey Keep doing what you doing.  Where are the Bargnani haters!!!! Where are you guys!!! Lmao Chris Bosh is amazing hahahaha IL Mago is the best.  

    • Nilanka15

      Sam Mitchell was a decent coach, and probably got fired too early.  But agree on Triano.  The man did nothing well.

      • Phat AlberG

        Sam Mitchell was a terrible coach because he was coaching Barg’s he was regressing under his coaching.  Sorry I disagree, that guy why was an idiot.

        • Nilanka15

          So the only reason he was a bad coach in your eyes is because of how he affected one player? 

          The fact that he guided a team of unknowns to the playoffs doesn’t deserve any credit?

          I didn’t realize they awarded Coach of the Year trophies to “terrible coaches”.

  • j bean

    The tempo around here is pretty upbeat and for good reason. This is a fun team to watch. Casey is getting a lot of credit for the big improvement so in turn I suppose Colangelo’s decisions on personnel haven’t been too shabby either.  

  • olapaloma

    Great win. Ok ok it was only CLE but  i liked how they played. Honestly only AB, Jose and DD are NBA player..
    AB should have 6-8 assist, but everytime he did one the teammate missed the shot. 

  • Nilanka15

    Driving the Bus: It’s gotta be Bargnani.

    Under the Bus: It’s gotta be Butler.

    It’s funny how there was all this talk about Butler being a 3 point specialist.  Even ignoring this season so far, he’s a career 36% shooter from deep.  In whose eyes is this considered special???

  • DryDry

    Yeah was that Forbes who looked off a wide open all alone Bargnani on the 3 point line so he could get his near the end of the game? 

    Bargnani hits that shot, team feels even better about the team. Forbes hits that shot, nobody gives a shit.  

    And of course, he doesn’t hit it. Clown.