The “Alabi’s Revenge”edition:

Barbosa: so is buddy auditioning to be a Sleep-eze spokesman or what? It’s like his pregame meal now is turkey and milk. No spark, no excitement, no point being on the floor.

Bargnani: still not as active on the boards as Casey had hoped but for a guy who used to take 3 pointers about as often as a 15 year old looks at porn on the internet (or RapsFan, lets be honest) he continues to put it away and zip it up when it comes from launching the long ball. Only 1 attempt tonight in a game that last year would have seen him take no less that…hmmm….42.

Butler: another night where my television can breathe easy and not feel the wrath of my collection of Scotch bottles. The human groan was one of only 4 Raptors to score in double digits, he dug his heels in defensively, and he didn’t feel the yank of Casey’s cane. Pop some bottles.

Calderon: one has to question why Jose takes the most shots on the floor during any game, but the answer is easily found by looking at the final score…and the stat line of the man he covers. Williams came back to the floor tonight and wiped it with Jose’s jersey that he ripped from him as he spun him around like a dradle.  In fairness, Jose did his best to keep up and match him, but that’s like saying Kris Humphries was suitable competition for Reggie Bush in the bed of Kim.

Carter: speaking of Hump, Anthony almost found himself as a tattoo on Kris’ elbow at one point and had Magloire come to his aid. Still don’t mind this guy. Love how he spreads the floor and runs plays as opposed to flashing signs for a Burkie Dog and a soda like Jose does. 4 points, 4 boards, 3 assists in 12 minutes.

Davis: I’m gonna have Liston run the numbers, but I’m sure Eddy has the lowest shooting percentage from within 1.5 feet of the hoop.  On a shot chart that is to scale, you can’t see his misses because the dots are covered by the damn hoop. It’s a shame too, because you could basically see the confidence coming back tonight. He did everything except let out a roar that shook Brampton. 11pts, 8 rebs and finally a night he can call home and not feel like he needs a hug.

DeRozan: his game tonight reminded me of the time where it took me 90 minutes to go from Yonge and Sheppard to Union Station on public transit. You swipe your metropass, you get on the subway, you are happy after downing a few pints and wings with your buddies, then the great spirit above decides that another game of Grand Theft Auto just isn’t fun, so he decides to reach down and mess with your aura.  If the Raptor mascot was standing on a ladder above the rim waiting to guide the ball in, DeMar would have hit the shot clock tonight. Just an off night for TMZ.

G. Forbes: I feel for Casey. Forbes is far enough down the bench that you look at him and you second guess yourself. Example: you had a lovely evening with your lover. You both get a few hours sleep, but you wake up and you feel some…stirring.  Your lover wakes and it’s on. Then it hits you. You only had one condom and it’s lying on the floor next to the bed, used in your jump off earlier. Do you reach down and cover your Gary with the Forbes or……??

A. Johnson: I’m a believer. He has completely changed my opinion of him in a short period of time. That block in the first half, his hustle all night, his continuing ability to keep his fouls in check, all impressive to his ultimate doubter. I think the faith that he has been shown by the coaching staff this year has gone a long way to improve his game and bring him to the floor as a professional as opposed to a wannabe twitter celebrity. Kudos.

J.Johnson: another enjoyable game. He was finding teammates with crisp passes, he was in the ears of the Nets, he was seen salting popcorn at halftime.As much as Rasual is as worthy as being in the starting five as much as I’m worthy of being featured in a swimsuit calendar, I’ve come to enjoy watching James come out as the leader of the second unit.

Magloire: he picked up 2 fouls so quickly I automatically blurted out “WTF PRIMOZ????”.  When my acid reflux settled down (great commercial space timing, using that product as a sponsor for Raptors games) I comforted myself by realizing I wouldn’t have to see Big Mouse for most of the game tonight. I do applaud him for backing up AC, though. That was some true gangsta stuff right thurr.

Driving the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under the bus: Leandro Barbosa

Theme of the Game:

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  • Tinman

    Curious to see how we bounce back against a decent Philly squad.

    Lets not sweat this one at all !

  • knickz

    very painful game to watch

  • DoubleDown

    The Raptors are who we thought they were! *Dennis Green voice*

    • Tinman

      Reminded me of last season

  • John

    AB was on fire in the 1st quarter and then Jose just stopped looking for him. Jose should stop trying to hook up Amir and DD and feed AB when he is HOT !!! I was so surprise how our team looked away from the AB in this game !!!

  • hateslosing

    Bad game. Just goes to show though: we need DD to play well. If Bargs is the only threat we will lose. We also need a lot more effort on the glass from everyone. Tomorrow’s game will be very telling, we need to have a good bounce back from games like this. 

  • Red and White

    I think this game was good for the Raps. After the Knicks game, I felt we were shooting a little to much, and our shot selection had been poor, but because some fell, and we won easily, we came into this game brewing with confidence that should not have been there, and got to our heads.

    We let the Knicks take 35 threes, but won the game (having the Knicks only shooting 28% from 3).  The Nets were scorching, and shot the lights out.  48% on 15 made threes is ridiculous.  Are there problems brewing with the perimeter defense of the raps?

    Having opponents take a high volume of shots from three could be a problem seeing as so many teams have guys that can hit those shots.

  • Lisa

    shouldve kept bargnani hot….giving non key players shots instead of bargs i like shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Lisa


  • Adriiian

    Not expecting the L, but it is what it is, Barbosa has been terrible these last few games, just keeps forcing it too much. DeRozan thinks he’s Kobe, shaking and baking and missing Js, come on DeMar, drive that ball. 

    Oh, and Amir, pass the ball to Bargnani when you’re near the three point line, so he can take the shot, thanks.
    Good game from JJ tonight!

    • Nilanka15

      I think Barbosa is better suited in a more up tempo style offense. He’s an open floor, fast break type of guy who creates his shots on the fly.

      But in Casey’s slow, walk it up, methodical, half court sets, Barbosa forces the issue using his fast break tricks against a set defense. He essentially goes 1-on-5, which usually results in an offensive foul cuz all 5 defenders can see the play developing miles ahead. I bet barbosa leads the team in offensive fouls.

  • Daniel

    Jose did match Deron’s production. While he defended Deron in the first half he was 1-6 and had an average game. The Nets made an interesting decision in this compressed season to rest Deron and Humphries who beasted tonight, especially in the 2nd half when the players are tired. In the same vein 3-point percentage will be down this season anyway so it may not be a bad idea to to focus on the interior defence.
    Despite some streaky shooting I still don’t see any improvements from DeRozan in fundamentall skills: shooting, dribbling, defence. Davis is a non-factor offensively, the same as JJ. Andrea’s poor rebounding cost us big in this game. Amir is unusually slow and he labours a lot during games.
    The veterans, with the notable exception of Jose, don’t bring much to the table. Barbosa is completely finished. Butler can’t shoot and AC can’t lead the offence.
    I’m curious about the team’s reaction tomorrow.

  • Sizzlack

    Fuck the wins, let’s get a high pick.

    • terry

      i think i was the only one in the house that yelled “YES!” when the game ended

  • Valit

    First stinker of the season ( probably not the last). It will be interesting to see how Raps will adapt their offence now that the opponents saw the way AB can play. People say that Jose stopped looking for reality Nets defense took that option away most of the times and the Raps had no alternate answer. It shows you how important is for DD to play at max or other people like Amir, ED, Butler or Barbosa to make some buckets. DWill played very well ( but I dont think he will ever sign in Toronto) and it did not matter who guarded him; maybe it would have been a good idea to focus on other people like Morrow and Farmar and let Williams to have more points. All in all it shows that specially this season anything can happen and fatigue will be a huge factor down the road. The teams with less talent will struggle the most. BTw, it is always a pleasure to listen to Jack rather than Leo.

    • John

      I don’t know dude, AB was wide open many times and Jose did not pass the ball. I was shocked when I was watching it.

      • 2damkule

        first off…AB can’t get the ball every time down the floor, as much as some would like that.  secondly…he has to WORK for the ball/positioning.  it doesn’t make any sense that jose just refuses to pass it to him, since AB is essentially jose’s meal-ticket at this point (i.e. easy assists), but jose isn’t going to give it to him if he’s just standing 20-ft from the hoop with his man in his pocket.

  • ad

    Hopefully this loss will silence the delusional fans who think this team team has what it takes to make the playoffs. Fact is, its much better for the team in the long run to suck really bad this season and get a high draft pick. As you can see, they’re missing a LOT of talent

    • Nilanka15

      Sad reality, but very true. This team has lacked elite talent since the Carter/TMac days. The cycle of mediocrity needs to end. The 2012 draft is our best chance to do so.

      • cesco

        Right now there are 11 teams with a worse winning percentage than the Raps . With the exception of Dallas none of the other 10 teams were a certainty to make the playoffs and Dallas may well miss them also . In short , the possibility is that with Casey unrelenting tough coaching , they may well pick 6th or worse .

        • Nilanka15

          It’s too early in the season to make any such prediction with certainty. A lot can happen between now and the trade deadline.

          And even if we do end up with the 6th pick, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re in desperate need of a talent upgrade.

  • RGzzy

    I think we got killed on rebounds tonite, combined with 3 point shooting. I wouldn’t mind Derek Williams take shots all night as long as the rest of the Nets didn’t get hot. AB couldn’t get opened and should just drew fouls all night. I don’t know why Ed doesn’t just draw fouls even though his free throw shooting seems off. Demar didn’t seem to know what to do, did he even drive? I think we missed the Big Cat because nobody knew how to box out on defence. Is Hump really that much of a rebound machine? This should’ve been a grind it out type of game but the raps fell apart in the 4th with everyone seeming to take Forbes type shots. Just drive, draw, pass, get fouled. Damn jump shooting team.

    • Nilanka15

      Hump’s always been a rebounding beast, even going back to his days in Toronto. Mitchell just didn’t give him many minutes because he kept chucking up shots like he was Karl Malone. But he seems to know his role now, so he’s seeing the floor more.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I had a feeling NJ would take this game and had some stuck on stupid fools- Nilanka/p00ka, attacking me like I slapped their momma in her face with my Magic Johnson in the Game Day thread.smh lol

    The Philly game should be interesting- will AB rebound or not?

    • Uno

      AB can’t rebound for shit, he’s the same player he always was in that department, it’s just something he’ll never get. 4 rebounds for a 7 foot 1, 250 lb center against a team like the Nets is absolutely pathetic. The 6 ft 1 Anthony Carter matched AB’s rebound total, in less than half the minutes! Sad!

    • Lisa

      You feel happy because you actually said something that made sense and actually came true?…You’ll eat your own words sooner rather than later. Of course he will rebound, this game is just a blip the way he’s playing and when he does rebound, you’ll still have something negative to say….as per usual

    • Marlon

      If you make 5 predictions on a 50/50 outcome game, you’re bound to have at least one work your way.

      It’s like I buy the lotto every day for 70 years and later feel surprised that i eventually won.


    • p00ka

      lmfao… perhaps you should have just left a comment like this alone, and I’d have left your crystal ball gazing over in that thread. We weren’t acting like you slapped our mommas, just chuckling at your style and method of predictions. Let’s see how well your detailed crystal ball gazing did, shall we?

      Yes, you predicted the winner. Great job! My dog flipped over his cookie and came up with the same prediction, so you’re not such a fool after all. Let’s have a look at the rest of your insightful predictions, shall we?

      I’ve no idea why you would predict exact scores, but your prediction was a 3 pt game and it was a 12 pt game. Hey, if you add the 1 digit and the 2 digit together, you’re right on at 3!! Good job.

      “”Stevenson (may start out guarding DD)”
      – can’t argue with “may”, since he is known as a very good wing defender and DD is our 2nd option. The blog entry you were responding to had already pointed out the possibility, but I guess you’re ball just wanted to agree with the obvious and ensure it got one right. Brilliant!

      “Okur (will take Amir out to the 3 pt line & away from defensive rebounds)”
      “Humphries (will smash & dash on the glass against AB)”
       – Geez, the crystal ball must have had a power surge or something. Okur was gone after 3 minutes, but while he was in the game, AB was covering Okur and Amir covering Hump, as I had said would be the case… for some reason, rather than taking your crystal’s word for it, I actually pay attention to games and understand what coach Casey doing with his players assignments. At least the obvious ones.

      “‘DWill (could end up on Butler to start game)”
      – lolololol, haven’t a ckue where you could possibly come up with this one, but ummmmmmm, not quite. Tell ya, if you ever get it right on one of these wild ones, it’ll be like hitting a grand slam.

      “”SGaines (I think that he will bother Jose all game long barring foul trouble)”
      – lolololol, ummm not quite on the court anyway. He did say hello to Jose though, and maybe he made faces from the bench that bothered Jose.

      Geez, dude, I’m not sure I’d be bringing attention to that post if I was you, but you did well on that 50/50 1 of 7, and that’s a start! Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next such post. I really do!!

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ award for today- congragulations……


    • Nilanka15

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day :p

      BTW, remember your Miami will beat Dallas finals prediction last year, and if not, you’d stop posting here? What happened? Did you use a Mulligan?

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


  • Arsenalist

    The Gary Forbes line is the greatest thing ever written on the site.

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Really ?

      • new flash

        Do you hav any pasta?!! primooo i need a couple of cases

    • cesco

      She may be one of the few with hairy armpits so…

    • Paradigm Shift

      As am employee of Health Canada, I want to acknowledge the Republic’s continued promotion of important public health issues like condom use.

  • Lucamacus

    DD had a sour look on his face tonight, like he tongue punched RapsFan’s fartbox or something….

  • Re: Davis, I was thinking the same thing.  However (before last night’s game, I’ll update), he’s shooting 78.6% “at the rim” – which is nearly identical to Amir Johnson’s 78.9% this year.  Ed Davis shot 64.7% “at the rim” last year, which is essentially the league average for a PF.

    • 2damkule

      eds in-close finishing ability likely seems worse than it is because he rarely finishes the ‘and-1’ (and those are what stick in memory, the easy missed shot).  he picked up a lot of fouls on gimme’s last night, but could convert the hoop…since he was fouled, they don’t get put down as a FGA, which keeps his ‘at the rim’ FG% high (some would say artificially so).

      • Great point – bet you’re right.
        We could make a *reasonable* assumption that all (or 90% perhaps) are “at the rim”. I can’t recall him being fouled outside the key (sure there were a handful of times). I’ll try to work this out.

  • Mediumcore

    Could have used Reggie Evans this game. They held the Nets to under 39% FG and shot 45% FG themselves, but all those second chance points killed us.

    • 2damkule

      uh, when you make 15 3’s (on 48%) shooting, you can afford to have an overall shitty FG%.  those 15 3’s netted 45 points (just less than half their total), and 48% on those 3’s equates to shooting just under 73% on 2’s.  so, yah.  i guess the perimeter D has a ways to go…

      • Mediumcore

        Perhaps giving up the second chance points was causing the perimeter defenders to sag giving their shooters more open looks?

  • Theswirsky

    Casey, for the first time in perhaps Raptors coaching history, used a non-pg to cover the opposing teams PG.  This is something I’ve been waiting for the Raps to do for a very long time…. unfortunately the available players were Butler and Barbossa, perhaps worse defensive choices than Jose. 

    • Nilanka15

      Casey used J.Johnson on Irving a few times vs. Cleveland too. I have to admit, I liked what I saw.

      • Theswirsky

        its one thing ‘good’ defensive teams do time and time again.

        PGs beat PGs.  Its extremely difficult to stay in front of the speedy/quick PGs that exist in the NBA today.  The defender needs to move side to side while anticipating or reacting to the offensive player.  The offensive player on the other hand gets to move front to back and decide on the first move.  That in and of itself puts any defender (no matter how quick they are) at a disadvantage.

        Using a SG or SF to defend the point atleast offers more length and size (so a little further for the PG to go to move around the defender and narrows the area a PG has to pass) and more reach to get a hand up when the offense is shooting.

        Ofcourse the disadvantage is that loss of size defending the wing… which we saw tonight with Morrow shooting over Jose.

        Its one reason why I’d like to see JJ start and be responsible for the opponents best perimeter weapon most nights.  He has the size, strength, quickness, athleticsism and dedication to defense to cover all 3 positions.  Whats the worse that happens?  Raps loose out on Butler production?  Not a big loss by any means

        • Nilanka15

          Cant argue with that logic.

  • cesco

    In this game ,  Andrea was not moving around as much as usual to free himself of his shadow . May be got a new girlfriend who kept him awake at night , who knows .

  • Nilanka15

    D.Will looked like he could effortlessly create a good shot (either for himself, or a teammate) whenever he wanted to. He made the Raptors collectively look like a beer-league team on the defensive end.

    Perhaps it’s an unrealisic dream of mine to acquire a PG who makes the game so easy for his teammates that way D.Will does. And in ISO situations, he can create enough room to park his Escalade without even breaking a sweat.

    Kabongo, are you Toronto’s answer?

    • M.Kabongo


  • sangaman

    looking bargs off when he was hot happened all last year.. and calderon is a prime suspect. I think its a spanish/italian thing.  Jarrett jack was much better and giving the big man the rock. Need to lay down the law.

    • 2damkule

      EXACTLY!  bargs needs to touch the ball AT LEAST once on every possession, whether he’s in position to do something productive with it or not.  and i TOTALLY agree that jose is looking bargs off ON PURPOSE, the dirty little spaniard.  he’s always been the totally jealous type, and he not only hates italians, but bargs in particular (SO OBVIOUS)…jose’s a selfish prick who hates all the fawning over andrea by the fans & media & nba pundits/experts.  i mean, sure, giving it to bargs, who more often than not has a mismatch & has been a knock-down shooter so far this year would get jose some easy assists, but who cares about that!?!?  and sure, maybe bargs doesn’t work hard EVERY possession to get himself open, but why should that stop jose from forcing it into him each & every time don the floor!?!?


      • Nilanka15

        Bahahaaa, gotta be the longest sarcastic post I’ve ever seen!

      • cesco

        The problem at least offensively was not the Jose to Andrea chemistry but rather the  incapacity of the other two scorers ( DD and Leandro) to do anything useful while on the floor . 36 points for Jose + Andrea vs 5 points for DD+ Leandro .

  • Japetas

    The team must be better on the defensive glass… If I see them today playing the same basketball like they played yesterday, I’ll start to wish them another high draft pick, not playoffs…

  • Curt

    As bad as he is thus far, I think having Bayless back would still help us. He could provide us with more offence and better defence on the 2nd unit instead of Carter. He probably would’ve done a decent job guarding D-Will as well.