It’s not that a no-name player is dunking on the Raptors that bugs me about this picture, it’s that none of the Raptors actually jumped off the floor.

There’s losing a tough, competitive game that came down to the wire; there’s losing a nasty one to a better team where you weren’t really expected to make any noise; then there’s that once a year performance that would cost a coach his job. Clearly Casey is in no danger of losing his job, and shouldn’t be, but if Triano was still around, this would have been the nail in his coffin.

Last night was the result of a perfect storm that was bound to happen. Not only to the Raptors, but we will see a lot of fugly results like this across the league:

Injuries It says a lot about the state of your team when missing Jerryd Bayless in the lineup is cause for concern. Look, he’s not the worse thing that has ever happened to the Raptors, but at least he gives Calderon some rest (70 minutes in two nights, and he didn’t play the entire 4th quarter), and is aggressive off the bounce when he has the ball in his hands. It would also be nice to have Kleiza (again, I only weep for myself that I’m hoping Bayless AND Kleiza get back in action asap) force both Butler and Johnson into playing a combined 15-18 minutes a night.

Scheduling & Player Management The Raptors have played five games in the last seven nights, with little time for rest, and more importantly, practice. It’s tough to really work on things when you’re either on a plane, at the airport or sleeping. Top that off with heading into the 2nd night of a back-to-back, and things don’t look good considering the Raptors aren’t the most fit bunch. What made things even worse was Bargnani and Calderon played 45 and 41 (DeRozan played 38, but that shouldn’t be as big an issue) minutes respectively the night before against the  Wolves. I questioned Casey for riding those two for so long, but at least they got the win out of it.

Scoring The Raptors couldn’t put the ball through the hoop; it was tough to watch.

Now to the game…

The game started ugly for both teams; it took two and a half minutes and a combined five shots before Bargnani put the ball on the floor and got things rolling. The key during that two-minute stretch of ass was that the Wizards were missing off the bounce and in the paint, and the Raptors were clanking jumpers. This set the tone for the entire night where the Wizards were just monsters in the paint, scoring 38 of 46 points in the paint in the 1st half. That’s a big deal since it isn’t like the Wizards have a dominant front court that had it’s way with our boys. They attacked off the dribble with Wall, Young and Crawford taking their man, and making some difficult shots.

Aside from Calderon getting his second wind a minute into the game (it was downhill after the first quarter for the guy), three things stood out for me in the quarter: offensive rebounding and defense kept the Raptors in the game early; the Wizards had a grand total of 2 assists in the quarter; and DeRozan wasn’t actually playing any basketball. Given that the Raptors had just played the Wolves the night before, I expected some tired-lazy shots, but it was nice to see the defense do its job. The Wizards scored because their guys took the game into their hands and instead of running plays, made super aggressive moves off the bounce to get a shot off. This made me me happy heading into the second because when you control the boards, and are forcing a team to score off of broken plays and zero ball-movement, good things will happen.

I was wrong, the 2nd quarter was a warm, tightly curled pile of doo-doo (I actually used the word doo-doo six times in my game notes). If I could take back 40 minutes of my life, it was witnessing the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this game. Yes the Raptors were tired, but the worst team in the NBA managed to set the pace of the game, and capitalize. Eighteen of the Wizards first 20 points were transition buckets in the paint.

There was also a two-fold problem of turning the ball over (9 turnovers in the quarter), and when they managed to protect it, scoring the bloody thing.  DeRozan, Butler and Johnson were a combined 1-15 from the floor in the 1st half. To compound things, each and every shot they took, and missed, was early in the clock and obviously forced. In all fairness, DeRozan isn’t getting the ball in his sweet spot: catching the ball after curling off the high screen. He’s getting the ball on the wing, with no weak-side action. Unfortunately, his shot isn’t there quite yet. Butler and Johnson are just brutal; makes me miss watching Mike James go 1-on-4 for a bucket five-times a night.

The third was more of the same, and Casey threw in the towel in the 4th, trying to conserve some energy for tonight’s affair against the Kings.

After turning in an ugly effort against a lesser squad, I’m still happy with how the season is going. The reality is that the Raptors should have won this game and lost to the Knicks – net change is zero. Regardless of the outcome, some really good things happened last night:

  • The Raptors defense was pretty decent; a 93 point performance where the starters didn’t play the entire 4th quarter isn’t something to hang your head low on. The Raptors were rotating on defense fairly well, but you have to give the Wizards some credit for hitting shots with next to no ball movement until the second half of the second quarter
  • Bargnani weathered through his fatigue and managed 22 points on 16 shots in 29 minutes
  • The Raptors out-rebounded the Wizards 44-38, with their offensive rebounding keeping them in the game, 14
  • The zone defense worked until it didn’t, and by didn’t, I mean they didn’t use it enough. Still, it’s nice that they can throw out different looks that are effective

I really hate to say it, but the Wizards were due for a win, and the gods conspired to set the stage for them to capitalize. It’s an easy one to put behind you and prepare for the Kings at home.

If you don’t know, watching the game while keeping track of things on Twitter makes things a bit more interesting. The highlight for me last night was this exchange with some random dude (start at the bottom and read up the thread):

Photo Credit: Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • olapaloma

    Past = Air Jordan – Now = Demar AirballDerozan
    Butler simply indecent.


    the pic says defend this

  • Cb

    “but if Triano was still around, this would have been the nail in his coffin.”


    didn’t triano have like 15 of these games? sigh. how soon we forget.

    we have more GMs than starting centers. a media base utterly incapable of perceiving just how inept and untalented our roster really is; the same media by and large that stood behind triano, advocated for a colangelo extension and continues to claim that ed davis was a “steal” for BC jsut because no one else picked up him earlier and now are lauding last year’s pick as “maybe a #1 or #2 in any other draft”. sigh.

    it’s almost enough to make me want to watch hockey.

    • Truthkiller

      – Triano should have never been hired in the first place, he was just Colangelo’s pawn.

      – Name me another player that you would have drafted instead of Ed Davis, and don’t say Landry Fields he plays in an offense that inflates his stats.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I agree.

        Sam fired at 8-9.

        Jay finishes up at 25-40 and BC rewards him a contract in order to coddled AB while instilling the ‘no accountability’ era in the TDot as BC’s puppet coach now nut hugging front office assistant.

        BC by hiring Jay set this Franchise back 2 3/4 years & some people believe that the fan base should be happy with AB’s hustle & effort after 5 NBA seasons?lmfao

        Ed at #13 (was the best player available even a year later looking back) was a steal that BC didn’t scout for but lucked into because of Ed’s injury concerns other team’s past of this pre injury high projected 2010 NBA Draft Lottery pick.

      • Cb

        it’s not that i begrudge picking ed davis. i like him as a solid big rotation player, but what i did point out was the fact that BC gets lauded for “stealing” him (doug smith wrote this; more on that dunce another day) when in fact he was simply available at that stage. it’s a nuanced point; you might have to dig a little deeper to pick up what i’m putting down….

        • p00ka

          Well, if one wants to nit pick, and make a big deal, over a common loose use of the term in sport, then you are certainly correct and very good at nuances. 

        • Nilanka15

          Hindsight aside, Davis was considered a top-10 pick at one point.  So the fact that he fell to us at 13 does fit the definition of a “steal” in the basketball sense.

    • Nilanka15

      I’m pretty sure that statement was meant to imply if Triano was still the CURRENT coach, this would’ve been the loss that got him finally fired.

      • Cb

        yes, i realize that. my point was that there were more than a dozen such games that BC turned a blind eye to and didn’t fire JT; so the premise is likely faulty.

        try a little harder nilanka. you’ll get it some day.

        • Nilanka15

          It was one of these early season blowout losses that got Mitchell fired. 

          Try and catch up, Cb.

  • Truthkiller

    LOL @ the twitter exchange

  • sleepz

    There are going to be many criticisms this year. The major positive that I feel will come from this season is the emergence of D. Casey as a top tier NBA coach and establihsing an identity for the Raps moving forward.

    The major negative and I can’t stress this enough, is the talent level on this roster is abysmal. BC has been trying to peddle young retreads and cast-offs and make them appear like they haven’t been given enough opportunity, selling hope. His ‘core’ changes year to year yet there are few true building blocks on this team (and I said ‘building blocks’ not cornerstones).

    When I watch Portland, Denver, OKC, Philly, Ind, I see teams that are competitive but probably won’t win a chmpionship within the next few years (maybe OKC but not sold on that). These teams are competing and are LIGHT years ahead of the Raps in talent and roster depth. What is Colangelo doing and why do Rap fans need to tolerate an inept GM?

    He got his ‘buy low’ approach right once with Amir, but since then we’ve seen J.Wright, P O’Bryant, J Bayless, J Johnson, A Ajincia, S. Alabi, S Weems, etc. There might be some end of bench types in that list but most of those names will be out of the league in a few years if they aren’t already.

    I hope Rogers/Bell gives him up until the start of next year at most to seriously improve this roster or tries to find someone who will, because he has not succeeded in his job.

    P.S. – I know there might be the whole ‘Bosh leaving’ argument but that does not wash with me. You don’t offer a player a max deal to stay and then when he leaves you turn around and say the exact same player is not a franchise guy and you’re happy you didn’t pay him. Intelligent people see right through those games. If you were happy you didn’t pay him you should have traded him when his stock was high and got some assets like Denver for Melo did instead of obtaining a worthless trade exemption that was allowed to expire.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

      So you agree

      • sleepz

        I have questioned the logic of bringing Colangelo back on an extension for a little while now.

        I do believe in having patience if you have a clear vision, but I don’t believe in blindly rewarding failure.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Here we go again……….stealing my moniker but it’s 3 exclamation points not 4- buddy.smdh

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

          I know it’s 3 exclamation point that was added intentionally

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Looks like I have a stan………….lmfao

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

              Good Morning USA…. Good Morning USA

    • voy

      how long did okc, philly and portland suck until they where able to string together a few good drafts picks?

      Up until a few years ago BC was trying to find the right veteran piece for his roster (o’neal, marion, kapono, turk etc).  My problem with all these guys is that if you have bosh and bargs on the same frontcourt you need to have an athletic 3 who can guard the opposition’s more athletic and quick frontcourt players.  But whatever…its not like BC has been trying to build a young team for a prolonged stretch.

      With Bosh leaving there was no choice but to go into rebuild mode.  Whats the use of getting a bunch of guys like Jamison, Terry, Baron Davis to play with Bargs and Demar, make a run for the 8th playoff spot, get eliminated, then have the roster totally void of talent as the vets begin to break down.

      I have little probelm with BC signing guys like JJ and to a lesser extent Butler when there are no other immediate answers in the form of young promising players.  I’d much rather give JJ a shot and either discover a young, seriveable, inexpensive piece or cut him; than give the sf position to a vet who may make the team immediately better, but will eat up more salary, not be around when we may get good and delay the rebuild process by helping us finish either 7th, 8th or 9th in the conference.

      I’ve been critical of some og BC’s moves in the past, but I have no prob with him building a team of young players and I know this takes a number of seasons to do, in most cases.

      • sleepz

        Why are you trying to find the right veteran pieces for the roster a few years ago as a GM when you have acknowledged your best player is not a franchise player and you’re glad you didn’t pay him?

        And if you were building around him why did you NEVER acquire a shot creating swingman?

        The point I’m making is he should have been building a young team a while ago but he errenously thought that what he had at the time was good enough.

        No one said he should be getting bunch of veterans to play with the current players they have because this current roster doesn’t have much of a core to even speak of. You’d be overestimating the value of your talent again.

        I don’t have a problem with giving young players a shot but his shots have been misses.

        Colangelo has missed the mark on his visions often enough that I would prefer a youth rebuild be done by a another GM that will evaluate his roster and young talent properly.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

          Everyone in the NBA knew CB4 was not a franchise player since forever yet our over-paid GM was 4 years late to realizing it. WTF is that

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            You are a very sad human being………imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…………..

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!!

              I just do what you do best. #Trolling

              • Lorenzo

                As big as a loser you are… you’re right…

        • voy

          – I appreciate what you’re saying. and first off I wanna say its a pleasure to talk ball with someone who is not trying to float ridiculous conspiracy theories or who is so married to their opinions, despite logic,that they resort to name calling as a defence.

          – ok, that being said, regardless if bc calls bosh a franchise player when cb4 is on the team and not a franchise player when cb bolts for miami, doesn’t really prove/disprove if bc actually thought he could win with cb

          – whole-heartedly agree with you. if you are envisioning a bargs/bosh front court you need a quick athletic 3 to compliment that combo.  turk and o’neal, are horrible pieces to add to a bargs/bosh frontcourt.  BC took his shot with those players and those seasons were fails, in my opinion.

          – 2006-2007 they won the atlantic. it would have been a bold move to try and rebuild (or go with a younger team) within the first two years of winning the atlantic, I think. and then bosh screwed him by colluding with miami and not telling bc that he was outta here at the season’s end, 2 years ago.  I guess you can make the argument BC should have traded cb and gone with a youth movement but then how much of that is hindsight?  I think you can make the case that last year was the first year bc could have started the rebuild process.

          – i dont mind sticking with bc for a little longer; I’d like to see him continue with the youth movement.  I dont know if there is anyone out there any better.  He had a plan before.  It failed.  He has a different plan now.  I’ll give him another chance to carry it through. 

          • sleepz

            Why would there be any name calling? We both have reasonable opinions no? Even if I didn’t consider your opinion reasonable it’s still your opinion and this is a forum to share our perspectives.

            We all love ball though and thats the main thing.

    • hateslosing

      He’s basically tanking without actively telling guys to lose games. Basically his plan is to build through the draft (Val, Ed, Demar, Bargs, this years pick) and until he thinks we have the pieces, just keep signing retreads and cast offs and hope some of them turn into Amir Johnson’s. Pretty good strategy if you are trying to rebuild through the draft. I actually think this team is way better than he even thought it would be because of Calderon’s rebirth and Bargs and Amir playing better than ever. 
      Our bench is awful.

      • sleepz

        I’m not disputing what the ‘plan’ is now, but my argument is that it should have been the plan earlier if he felt he didn’t have franchise players as he’s said (although he offered the max to Bosh).

        I think that his track record of finding good young players is not that stellar as GM of the Raptors.

        Hoping that your players turn into A Johnson’s is noble but my point is that there have been far more Ajincia’s than Johnson’s in the BC regime.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          ‘The Plan’ is just another BC pr spin on the Raptors current situation…..

      • Lorenzo

        Amen! Finally somebody that isn’t a schizophrenic pessimist.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC is nothing more than media spins in the wind & his lack of class has been self evident in the whole CB saga inwhich BC is still bashing CB in the media (Boston Globe) while CB is competing for a NBA championship not selling a Lottery ball future to fans…

      CB TPE- do you know me?

      Can’t change the TDot basketball culture until you get rid of the old roots- BC & plant new roots in the form of leadership, ideas, energy from the front office unto the basketball court until then I hope that the ACC remains empty of cash paying fans supporting BC’s BullChit basketball vision for the Raptors that has AB starring in the lead role & Jose as his lead supporting actor in this BC sponsored production- too bad I can’t yell cut & rewrite the script!!

  • j bean

    The Raptors are projected to win 1 out of every 3-4 games. They have some capable guys that can play on a good team, some with starter minutes, most probably not. The HC is a quality communicator that has changed the mindset of the team by making defense a priority and there is no denying progress has been made. The missing of open shots is plaguing the offence but that is something JV, another high pick and a trade or two will address. It is what it is and my positive nature says they are in better shape now than they were last year. 

  • Brian B

    With the Wiz pounding the ball inside, I was wondering why Casey did not put Magloire in for a bit to plug up the lane, lay on some hurtin’ and save minutes on the rotation players- sure Amir was trying hard, but his gas tank was empty & they have Kings tonight. Does anybody know if Magloire is in the doghouse or such?

    • WHAT THE

      He was saving him for tonight

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Maybe Ed’s agent went to BC and wondered aloud where the kid’s minutes were going ala Magloire being benched……..

  • onelasttime

    A little Probability 101: there’s no such thing as “due for a win.”

  • onemanweave

    Couple of points.  First, last night’s game is typical of how the Raps have rolled for years now — play well, win a game, face an ‘inferior’ opponent, coast, panic and/or quit, lose.
        They have the blue and white mind set — they believe they are much better than they really are.  Last night was a litmus test.  If they continue to coast against teams allegedly worse than them, the culture hasn’t changed. If it doesn’t, first the defensive  effort will go and then Casey will.
       This is the NBA. You need to play hard every night. Maybe the Heat can take a few nights off and win. The Raptors can’t. Never could.
       Which brings me to my second point — fatigue.  Brutal back-to-back-to-back.  SO TIRED. Fatigue makes cowards of us all. First coast, then quit — tired.
        My question is, what about the TOP teams?   Don’t they play the same compressed schedule?  Most of them aren’t nearly as young across the board as Toronto is. If they can compete under such ‘harsh’ conditions (that laughter you hear in the background is pick-and-shovel construction workers who do a physical job, six days a week, 14 hours a day for 1/100 the money), why can’t our Toronto Raptors?
       Casey has a big job changing the culture of this team.  If they are allowed to tune him out; if they revert to business-as-usual and if they wear down his resolve, we are in for much more of what we saw last night. Not that it’s a great shock — we’ve seen it for years.

    • RapsM


  • j bean

    If they’re not playing a game they are working out and practicing. If it was me I’d rather play a game any day. Fatigue because of back 2 backs? If I’m a pro athlete in the prime of life and everyone else is in the same boat, it’s a non issue.   

    • onelasttime

      If the NBA is anything like the team I was on freshman year of high school, games are much more physically demanding than practices.

  • p00ka

    Why all the angst? Before the games started, didn’t everybody know what BC was doing in filling out the roster with cheap 1 year rentals, and that there was going to be many losses, including a fair number of fugly ones given the schedule? Did anybody actually think anything different? Really?
    The season is about evaluation, and hopefully development, of Bargnani, Jose, Amir, Kleiza, Davis, JJ, Bayless, followed by making decisions by the end of the season, and after the draft. Not 10 games in. I’m as disappointed with DD, ED, and Bayless as anybody and there’s nothing wrong with expressing the dismay, but let’s not totally give up on them this early in the season. The team’s evaluation plan was for the year, not 10 games.
    Analyzing the shit out of anybody else is a waste of time in my opinion. They weren’t brought in to chase a low playoff seed. They were brought in as cheap 1 year filler to give a breather to the others or emergency backup. If any serviceable end of bench pieces come out of that bunch, it’s a bonus, but otherwise they don’t cost much and are gone next year. BC has clearly forewarned everybody that this isn’t about this year.
    As for all the 20/20 hindsight armchair GMs, where was your genius when BC was making moves that nobody bitched about at the time? Do we know what Bosh was telling the team? Did he go the Melo route that would have given the opportunity to trade him and get good assets in return? We don’t know what Bosh was saying, but it certainly wasn’t that he and LeBron, and Wade already had their plan in place. How many people said that signing arguably the best player on the Magic from the previous year’s Finals was a bad move? Easy to rip BC now, but did any of you rip him then? Did anyone actually say that acquiring JO for a cancer and an unknown quantity draft pick was a bad move back then? As far as less significant acquisitions, do any of you know what better alternatives were available at the time? It takes two to tango. You can target a better piece all you want, but if the other GM doesn’t cooperate, you do the best that’s available. You can chase a free agent all you want, but if he, his agent and his mother don’t want to sign with you, you’re shit out of luck. You can only work with what ya got. You can whine all you want about how this build through the draft and huge financial flexibility should have been started sooner, but all it is is whining about shoulda, woulda, coulda, with precious knowledge of what would have allowed that. You can’t cure history, but if you spend too much time looking in that rear view mirror, you’re destined to miss the scenery up ahead.

    • sleepz

      I don’t see that many players that need to be evaluated onthis squad and a key component that does (Davis) doesn’t play enough minutes yet in this season to get a good idea of what they have in him. I’m sure DeRozan needs to show what he can but I think we pretty much know what we have with the rest of the roster, unless you see Bayless, Johnson and Alabi as peices moving forward.

      Bosh is a player. You are blaming the player for the business of the team. The GM manages the franchise and it’s well being. Not only did Bosh not make any promises during the year or through the media but he elected not to sign an extension. You don’t need anymore evidence as a GM then that as it fully opens the door that he can leave at the end of his contract and Colangelo said it as much because he claimed he would try and facilitate the best S & T he could if he left. Reality is what do they have to show for it? You’re giving credit to Melo for holding a franchise hostage by telling him what team he had to be traded to. lol

      And just like you can speculate about what offers he didn’t get is the way I can speculate about what offers he did get. You’re absolutely right, there could be wouldda, shouldda, coulddas that supprt both sides so let’s just stick with the FACTS and what has actually transpired.

      Bosh played out his contract and left on his own accord. Anyone can say what they want about collusion in Miami but the facts remain that Miami didn’t have the cap space at the time to make it happen and regardless of that Bosh played out his contract and fufilled his obligation. There is no more loyalty after that. This is a business my friend. No one says jack when a GM trades a player quicker then his eyes can blink regardless of his family, if he’s rooted in the community, etc. The GM is calling the shots not the player, until the player enters or is about to enter FAgency. At that time the player has some options. BC knows these things but choose to gamble with the future of the franchise.

      You can’t cure history but if you don’t know it and turn a blind eye to it you can certainly repeat it.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I agree, GM’s trade players on a whim but some people believe that players can’t get together and decide that they want to play together- what part of the game is that?

        People who are still trying to blame CB for anything related to the Raptors current basketball standing are drinking too much BC kool aid- str8 up stuck on stupid rewind it and loop it……’s all on BC the Raptors President & GM.

        CB gave BC 2 weeks notice that he was leaving the TDot it’s not his fault that Riley schooled BC as he got CB and his traded draft pick back that BC traded away to Chicago for JJ- Norris Cole anyone?

        BC even tried to flex on CB in the media but then CB threatened to sign outright with Miami calling BC’s bluff to trade him to a team offering the most in return (in BC’s mind).

        As well, BC came out with the ‘I will go into the luxury tax to sign players to put around CB if CB re-signs’ knowing full well that CB was gone to Miami one way or the other.

        Also, BC & Jay both trashed CB’s character in the media questioning his everything from his commitment to the team to his true talent level Jay even refused to shake CB’s hand pre game yet he shook Mike Bibby’s……smh lol

      • p00ka

        Alabi wasn’t on my list of players to evaluate, but feel free to do so if you wish. Baylees I see very little hope for, but my point was going into the season he was one of the pieces being given consideration for serious evaluation, so it’s quite normal that fans critique him. Same for JJ, but i do see more hope for him as a solid backup defensive 3. If you wish to say the jury is in on everybody at this point, that’s your choice. I suppose you’re one of the experts that said Bargnani would never improve and did your best to castrate those who said otherwise.

        I didn’t blame Bosh for anything, merely pointed out that people who evaluate BC on how he handled Bosh because he knew what was going to happen, are speaking out of their uninformed ass.

        What Bosh said to the media is not necessarily what he was saying to the GM. Believe it or not, some team issues are kept behind closed doors.

        Not signing an extension before time is up can mean more things than your “certain” conclusion, so it’s just an opinion based on 20/20 hindsight.

        I in no way gave Melo credit for holding his team hostage. I hate that shit. On the other hand at least it was more up front than anything we know, beyond speculation, than what Bosh gave BC, and gave them a much better opportunity to get value, held hostage or not. Have a laugh if you will, but seems a little childish to me, when were discussing opinions.

        FACTS: if you don’t know what else was or wasn’t on the table, or what discussions took place, then you don’t know all the facts, do you? But if you wish to carry on judging, and demonstrating your superiour GM skills with the facts of one side of the coin, enjoy your merry little way.

        Loyalty: nothing in what i said had anything to do about loyalty, but good point, though irrelevant to the conversation.

        You actually believe only GMs, and not players call the shots? Really? Even after you pointed out how Melo used one glaring way to demonstrate otherwise? Okay.

        History. Yes you can learn from history, and it’s wise to in order to avoid repeating it. The discussion isn’t about BC looking back to learn, but fans looking back to serve no other apparent purpose other than to demonstrate their fine 20/20 hindsight. Perhaps you can enlighten me towards some other valuable purpose it serves.

        • sleepz

          You took the righteous tone, not me my friend. I don’t necessarily represent the “20/20 hindsight arm chair GMs” with their constant whining as you insinuate but I do respresent the since ’95 Raptor fan that is hoping to find a consistent team to root for that plays the right way.

          My opinions don’t have to serve you in anyway. You see, the FACTS are what has transpired and everything else is speculation from your side and mine. No superios Gm skills here fella, but I just don’t choose to assume the current GM is as capable as you are making him out to be. I think that the shorter extension not rivalling the original deal he signed might also be indicative of managments view of his performance.

          I just decided to respond to your commentary and break it down. If it touched a nerve with you I apologize for eating your food.

          • p00ka

            I don’t for a second think that BC is flawless, but much of the flack he gets on here is based on nothing but very limited information and 20/20 hindsight. If expressing my opinion that this is unfair, and a useless exercise, is being righteous, then I’m guilty. If anybody provides any good argument that my opinion is misguided, then I’ll gladly recant and learn from the experience.

            I share in “hoping to find a consistent team to root for that plays the right way”, but isn’t it a little presumptuous to claim that you represent anybody but yourself? We can all share that same hope, but disagree on other things, n’est pas?

            I didn’t insinuate you at all, nor single out anybody else. You took it upon yourself to include yourself in that group by not only choosing to defend the activity, but demonstrating you’re own example of doing just that. I called you out on the flaws in you’re chosen example and you haven’t denied them, so I applaud the admission of “No superios Gm skills here”, but the “fella” thing adds no more to the discussion than your previous ‘lol”.

            I’m not assuming anything with regard to the GMs capabilities, nor am I assuming anything from the shorter extension.

            You didn’t touch a nerve at all, and I fail to see anything in what i said that would indicate that. I responded in a reasonably mature, logical, and controlled manner to each of the points in your “breakdown”. Perhaps you might try the same, instead of inaccurate generalizations and snotty little “fella” and “eating your food” statements.


  • KaioKev

    So……we loose 93-78 against a team with no previous wins eh?……….and we play Sacramento tonight for our third straight game in as many nights…………I see history in the making………

  • onemanweave

       The scenery up ahead will be flat and bleak and strewn with garbage if the culture that has dogged this team for a long time isn’t changed.
       No one with sense enough to bark looks for tremendous results; a winning season would be giddy heights.  If the you plan to keep anyone on this team going forward, you need to install a sense of urgency no matter who you are playing, even more so with a team that lacks talent.
       BC has had made good moves and bad. The ultimate test is — will he allow his hardazz coach to change his team’s culture or will he get Sam Mitchelled by the marshmallow mentality of the team he’s built?

    • Nilanka15

      Interesting point.  It’s hard to change the culture when the roster is filled with personalities that don’t exactly flock towards such a culture (i.e. hard-nosed, no-nonsense, defense-first)

      • onemanweave

        ‘ that don’t exactly flock towards such a culture’ may be a tremendous understatement.
            That is why Colangelo supporting the coach instead of the players is a necessity.
           Mitchell tried to get max effort out of this team. He was never BC’s man and perhaps he was too one-dimensional. He got axed.
           Triano isn’t a bad coach. He isn’t on staff at bb USA without being good at what he does.  He may be a bad head coach, however.  He may also have been hamstrung by his GM.
            Whatever the reason,  Casey is the last and best hope for this group of players and maybe for this generation of Rap  He isn’t a one-trick pony. He uses a carrot as well as a stick. He has brought the tin man to life.  Whether AB and the rest find their hearts or rust will determine the future of this team.
          Casey needs more skilled players and, as the old saying goes — effort is a skill. Players need to get on board with his philosophy or get kicked to the curb.

  • onemanweave

    ….. should be ‘ if you plan to keep anyone on this team….’