The “nothing is ever safe” edition:

Barbosa: rumour has it he has had enough of being called out on RR for his lack of..well..everything and it has provided motivation to get him back to normal. No doubt it my mind that a week ago you wouldn’t have seen him battle 2 bigs, pull down a board and go back up with a putback, so we’ll take the compliment.

Butler: I find myself wondering if simple tasks like putting toothpaste on a toothbrush, walking a dog, buttoning a shirt, are the equivalent of safe cracking for Rasual. After all, he isn’t very good at a job he gets paid very well to do and he seems to laugh at the concept of being replaced. Tonight, as is his norm, he hits 2 threes early in the second half and that was it. He’s like that co-worker you have that takes a 90 minute lunch, surfs Facebook for 2 hours, tweets what he found in his desk drawer then complains he has way too much work to do.

Calderon: not a bad night out for Jose given that he was missing the Lone Ranger tonight. What’s funny is if there was one guy I expected to see pull up lame with all these games it would be Jose. Tonight, though, when his team needed him, he was there. He distributed, defended with some passion, and went 5/12 from the field, always a welcome contribution from him.

Carter: didn’t play a full minute but was able to register a –2. That’s about the same as me walking into Cinnabon and having a tooth fall out before I buy anything.

Davis: he got the start in place of Andrea. Evidently the league called and told Casey that 3 bags of water tied together and propped up on a rolling flatbed dolly was not a viable replacement, so we were forced to go with something just a little less useless in Ed Davis. He has made me wait longer to see him do something than I wait for a TTC bus at 3am in Scarborough. 6 pts, 10 rebounds and crying like the little punk you are playing like when Granger stares you down is just an embarrassing replacement to a star player.

DeRozan: like everybody else when we heard Davis’ name as the starter, I looked immediately at DeRozan as the go-to guy and quietly told him I would pay his outstanding tab at Mandarin if he did something. He made it to the line 11 times, shot better than 50% and played aggressively for at least 30 of his 41 minutes. Good to me, so you can go get some more egg rolls sir.

Forbes: 7 minutes, 2/2, 2 rebounds and a lover of orange Gatorade and freshly steamed towels make him a top five player in a game like this. Can’t wait until Casey is force to let Forbes off his leash and he runs roughshod over the L.

A. Johnson: second game in a row that he has fouled out. Tough match up tonight but you have to play smart when your squad is down bigs. Next few games will be interesting to see if his production continues to fall off.

J.Johnson: curious: if you saw him in a hotel pool in a state of distress, would you throw him a line or would you pretend to be on a cell phone? Not his fault that we are subjected to watching him play and listen to commentators boost him up, but my word he comes up with new ways to take away from anything good he does.

Kleiza: he looked more lost and out of place than Drake at a singing contest. I’d say you need to be patient since he just got back, but if you are to believe the chatter that he took place in most practices this year, then you have to wonder why he looked the way he did tonight. Off night? Talent overblown? Protected by Colangelo? Hmm….

Magloire: if you want to appear to be stifling a laugh after 2 big airballs from the free throw line tonight, one as a pair of missed free throws down the stretch, you need to be nailed to the bench or, better, released to make room for a bag of onions and some old cheddar cheese.  When the only good thing Devlin can say about you in this game is that you are the first Canadian born Raptor and you are really the only physical big that is active, you have issues. Well, one: you suck.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Jamaal Magloire

Theme of the Game:

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  • leftovercrack

    Teased us with that hot start, fluffed us then told us the shoot was over

  • tonious35

    Conseco Field House…where the Raptors blow leads every time…since 2008

    • Adriiian

      They played at the ACC tonight, bro.

      • tonious35

        thx for correction….

  • leftovercrack

    I guess this in some ways is exactly what a lot of people asked for at the start of the season: that the team be competitive but ultimately lose to get the high draft pick. Still watching it is like having your nuts sandblasted

    • Bendit

      Count me in. Play hard. Good defense. Thats all I want. Indy is a superior team. No shame. Next year is another matter.

  • Valit

    Speaking of accountability…I hope Casey takes this on him because :
    1. He was late recognizing Magloire was a better match for Hibbert than Amir and 2. WTF was Magloire doing last minute on the floor…West’s fault was just what the doctor ordered.I thought moving Jose to another team would be a mistake ( I still do) but man, he would look more than decent in  a team where the wings would be able to  shoot and the bigs would  actually hold to the ball. Imagine then the number of double-doubles.

    • knickz

      jose would easily lead the nba in dimes

  • casey made a big mistake  this one is on the coach
    magloire is known for airball ft you don’t leave him in if you need a late basket

    • WHAT THE

      the coach is under the bus

  • Bendit

    That Peppers selection was cool. One of my favourites.

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    Very physical game tonight. What I am looking for this season is defense and toughness and I appreciated the thuggery the Raps showed in the defensive paint. Lot of Pacers found themselves tossed to the ground when they drove. Did not see that last year.

    Sure could have used Andrea’s firepower tonight.

  • Adriiian

    When Magloire went to the line shooting 2 down the stretch, yep, I knew the game was over. West was a genius for fouling him, absolute genius.
    How do you get 2 airballs from the line? You get paid millions to play, what do you do in the gym all day? I just don’t understand.

    • Cnoorda212

      Maglorire sucks!!!! We have lost couple games for his mistakes!!! let this guy go!!

  • knickz

    i swear butler has the worst bastketball ig i’ve seen

    • Scottbbaird

      Ironically, I think you mean IQ.

  • knickz
    • d279

      Great numbers for Bargs,you cant argue with facts,just imagine what he could do with better castmates…..same goes for Jose,his assists would be through the roof if he had someone other than Bargs to pass to.

  • babyface

    Oh well. They played hard, competed, and added another ping pong ball. Plan intact. Hoping DeMar gained a bit of confidence.

    • p00ka

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Raptors Fanboy (4) – Haters (8)

    Great effort tonight  + finally DD show up. ED still learning. Unlucky end.
    I just watched Denver Miami : Ty Lawson is a killer. How to pick an allstar without tanking.

    • Nilanka15

      Denver didn’t draft Lawson.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Hey … No roll call for AB?   Wth


    • enlightenment

      his 0 points 0 rebound 0 assists 0 blocks in 0 minutes is definitely something to write about, you’re absolutely right!

  • Why Casey put on the floor Magloire? He made two mistakes: first to put the player and second he put the big fella in trouble. I don’t think Jamal has appreciated this.

    On the other hand the guys have played quite well and the missed ft down the stretch caused a lost game. Unfortunately tonight will be very painful, with or wothout AB.