The “how many times can the phrase Super Bowl Sunday be spoken on one broadcast” edition:

Barbosa: horribly off night and he didn’t look comfortable at all.  1 of 8 in 12 minutes it was one of the rare games this season where he was Kapono-like in his inability to do anything.

Bayless: 8 bombs and hitting on 4 of them. He missed one that would have tied it late in the fourth and, after which, the Heat pulled away and basically shook their asses at us. After an abysmal third, Jerryd helped bring us back to within striking distance.

Butler: seems like 3 minutes is about his maximum now. Face it, the guy is as integral to our success as a spoon is in eating a rib eye.

Calderon: safe to say Jose had his eyes on the sexy latinas in the crowd tonight…it’s the only way to explain the 5 turnovers from someone that usually protects the ball better than a protective cup.  I really think he is getting comfortable with Jerryd on the floor at the same time and learning to move without the ball.

Davis: this guy had better game tonight than Liston at a stats conference filled with ladies. It was really great to see the usually pissed off looking forward look, well, still pissed off but actually doing something good for his team again.

DeRozan: I still stand by my statement that Bosh had some pretty big haters in the locker room and DeMar was one of them. If the case, it would explain him playing like he was a two year old teething and intentionally messing with his parents.  Rather than look like he was kidding with the opposing guys on the court today, the majority of floor time saw him looking focussed and stern. It’s like Oakley finally figured out how to use iMessage and sent Bambi some direction.

Forbes: know when you have a hankering for some chocolate chip cookies? You make sure to pick some up at the store, do the rest of your duties and head home. You pour a nice cold glass of milk, tear open the cookies and…they are all broken into pieces. I get that feeling whenever we are actually playing well and contending in a game and this wanker gets the call to enter the game.

Gray: what the hell was that? I’d rather be re-born as a Jersey Shore character than see Gray play like that ever again. He reminded me of Bateer in a Raptors uniform. Sweet baby jesus.

A. Johnson: well, hell, you didn’t expect Mr. Moody to actually keep up the happiness he created in the last game, did ya? Can’t be too hard on him as he was going up against some pretty tough competition today that made him appear like he was a snowman going up against a tree in a greenhouse.

J. Johnson: the guy is more frustrating than that damn Rogers tone that comes on when their logo appears. He reminds me of that cocky guy at a club that thinks he can just show up in a suit with a nice tie and have the ladies drape all over him.  That grin he has just drives me mental. Get in the game…I mean, 4 fouls 5 boards and 2/4? You want to carry yourself like Walt Frazier 2.0, then make your game speak for yourself first.

Kleiza: buddy decided to dust off his guns again and do his best to get to the line to augment his shooting night. There are times where it just looks like there should be raw meat hanging out of his mouth and his face painted like Braveheart. Don’t know what it is, but I fear for him when he retires and he needs to get rid of his anger.

Magloire: back to his old stomping ground and it was a great example of why the Heat didn’t mind losing him. 3 boards in 9 minutes and as inconsequential as an Argo game being played at the same time as the Super Bowl. For free. With all you can eat wings. And beer.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Leandro Barbosa

Theme of the Game:

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16 Responses to “Raptors Roll Call Feb 5 vs Heat”

  1. Brian B

    Barbosa has “flu like symptoms”, so hardly fair to toss him under the bus- it was doubtful he would go at all.

    • guest1

      Flu has nothing to do with throwing up 8 shots in 8 minutes.  The young guys play better when he is not on the floor.

  2. Scottbbaird

    Bayless starts to bring us back, then puts on the blinders and becomes an out of control rushing mindless chucker and ball hog. We know you can dribble Jerryd… You dont have to show it off above the 3 point line for 20 seconds every possession… Fucking frustrating waste of ability, not to mention selfish. At least Westbrook gets 20/10 regularly.

    • guest1

      Bayless played a nice game and I liked his defense.  I found your paragraph more frustrating than his game.  Mindless chucking of bs!  The team played hard and the group that was out there at the end of this game deserved to be out there.

      • Ryan

         To be fair, I did feel like he put up a few questionable shots. I remember one in particular that followed Scottbbaird’s description. He just dribbled out 18 seconds on the clock and threw up a 3. I cringed. It clanked.

        But other than a few of those, props to Bayless for playing a solid game.

    • Pesterm1

      jerryd bayless = jason terrry. we should get used to seeingbayless play caus eh will be around for years to come.

      • Lorenzo

        Definitely not.

        It’s questionable even if he’ll return for next season… i hope not, he’s a cancer to this team.

    • 2damkule

      ‘We know you can dribble Jerryd… You dont have to show it off above the 3 point line for 20 seconds every possession…’

      notwithstanding the excessive hyperbole, it appears as though bayless has learned at least one PG trait from jose…

  3. CaseyDaMan

     Un fn real. They battle tooth and nail all the way vs a team that should blow them away every quarter, and everybody but two get reamed a new ahole. boo fn hoo. wha wha wha , I’m goin to be a mouthy smartazz whiner unless they’re all great and win vs the best the league has to offer. wha wha wha, gather ’round little ones and join in.

  4. leftovercrack

    Them being in it against Miami is a better achievement then them stamping the sad-sack Wizards

  5. Truthkiller

    That was a terribly officiated game, the Raptors on some of their drives to the basket were literally being hammered and on some carrying the defender to the basket with them, but no FUCKING call. It seemed like anytime Wade moved with the ball he was getting called for some ticky-tacky foul. 

    Under the bus: Officiating Crew

    • Nilanka15

      Miami’s been getting those calls all-season.  I hate it too, but the NBA’s “star calls” is nothing new.

  6. Dfb_basketball

    Well put! The officials were brutal.Though I agree that Bayless can be frustrating at times, he played well and certainly deserved to play the entire fourth and Jose deserved to be on the bench the entire fourth. The defence really stepped it up after the first quarter and Bosh was getting frustrated at the tough defence thrown at him. Great game by Derozen, who played aggressive and attacked the basket. Barbosa was awful, flu or no flu. He played selfish tonight. I loved James Johnson’s game in the first but he picks up silly fouls. If he can lower those, he can be very effective. I was very proud of the boy’s today.


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