Bucks 105, Raptors 1 point from pizza – Box

What a great story Jeremy Lin is, eh? A guy this talented goes undrafted, probably because of perception. Not playing in a “real” basketball college. Not fitting the “mold” of a Chris Paul or Steve Nash. The dude would be a demi-god here in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. But I’m sure New York is a great consolation prize. He combines decent enough athleticism with just unbelievable craftiness on the court. Really exciting player, if you haven’t had a chance to see him already. He’s legit. There’s guys like him who have repeatable skills like drawing fouls and dribble penetration and there are guys like Carlos Delfino last night, where every prayer that left his hand was answered by probably the same gods that granted Scott Skiles 30 assists some 22 years ago.

Sometimes the Sam Mitchell explanation does truly suffice: “They made shats” DeMar DeRozan does take some of the blame for this, because many of these attempts were with him clearly guarding Delfino but not adapting to the situation. Dude should have crowded Delfino after the first couple of threes. The Bucks did mix in enough of a resurgent Drew Gooden to keep the Raptors honest, who apparently “lost” weight over the lockout, a good 25 pounds of it. Adding weight, even for bigs, has always been a questionable tactic in my eyes. If you’re naturally big, great, but to force on those pounds and sacrifice valuable quickness is often not a great deal. Who knows how good Gooden could have played if he’s done this earlier in his career.

How did the Raptors play? Loose defensively to start the game, they tightened up a bit as time went on, but you can bet that defending three pointers will be a point of emphasis for the next little while. The pace was actually too quick for a Casey coached team, and once that slowed down a bit, the defense followed. Too bad Jerryd Bayless had to leave the game early. He was play making well with 7 assists, showing unselfishness on the fast break.

Corner threes are the stuff that makes winning teams. DeMar showed some the corner some love last night, which is great for two reasons. One, it’s not an easy shot for some, because you can’t use the backboard as a reference point, so it is in fact a skill set that he looks to be acquiring. Two, it might actually be within his natural range, which is like a long 2(bad) in other parts of the court. Still, the driving mentality should not suffer, because that is his best skill at this level.

The Raptors continue to play decent despite missing a key piece. If Delfino misses a three here or there, they just might have squeaked by. There are some quality teams walking into the ACC in this long awaited homestand that should not underestimate this scrappy group.

The #JeremyLinShow will also be making its appearance. Be prepared.

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  • Nilanka15

    I find incredibly short-shighted for all the Colangelo critics claiming that Lin was there for the taking, and he missed a golden opportunity.  I won’t say I’m a Colangelo fan per se (I prefer the wait and see approach), but NOBODY on the planet knew Lin was capable of this kind of production.  Nobody.  Not even Dolan, Grunwald, D’Antoni, or the Knicks players knew it.

    • tmk

      Is there actually people stupid enough to say this? I really hope not. Although, thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised, anytime an undrafted, second round pick player makes some noise I always see some idiot come out saying how BC is such an idiot for not drafting/signing that specific player. You’d think if they were running a team it would be filled with studs/potential superstars from 1-12.

      I’m not trying to defend BC, I honestly don’t like the way he wasted the past few years, but making a revisionist argument like that is just plain stupid and irks me.

      • mountio

        Oh ya .. there are plenty of people stupid enough to say this (see the roll call from last night).
        Lin is a great story. Do you need to find diamonds in the rough every once in a while to be a good GM? For sure.
        Do you need to find EVERY diamond in the rough? Thats just silly …

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          But if you’re an International type of team it looks extra bad when an International type of player flys under your collective radar especially one that went to the same college as BC. 

          • Nilanka15

            Lin’s not an international player.  He’s an American player.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              I know full well that he is an American.

              An ‘International type of player’ ie Chinese/Taiwanese fan base appeal, that is eligible (has been invited to play for) to play for China in FIBA play- recognize game and comprehend all of my words not just what you want to see but the sentence in full, buddy- think before you post.

              • Nilanka15

                Maybe we should go after Tim Duncan and Al Horford then…two players who are also “international type players” by your loose definition.

                • WHAT THE

                  tim,parker and gini are alreay doing it at sanA you don’t want to break that up?

              • Rob

                Man, you flip-flop more than a pair of sandals. FOH with that bs.

          • p00ka

             He’s American born and raised, fool.

        • Fire Colangelo Now

          Oh ya … another idiot who don’t know shit and only lapping up the con from the gm … give your head a shake and maybe you’ll open your eyes to the fact we don’t have a good sg nor a pg nor a sf nor a center.

          • WHAT THE

            we got a bench no wait we got Primo a good bench maybe two 1st round picks, JV,”the Chandler money”/FA  oohh child things are going to get much better (sing)

    • WHAT THE

      i first say him in the VSL a couple of years ago when Demar was there and thought that this guy was Nashish and raptors should pick him up and now look where he ends up and who his coach is (NASH 2.0)

    • p00ka

      I left a response for you over where you made a dumbass guess that I was using another tag, and calling me a coward. The guy made some great posts, IMO, but you were so wrong, lol. Thanks for the challenge. Taking a holiday in the sun, but we’ll meet again :).

      • Nilanka15

        You indirectly admitted to using the ‘CaseyDaMan’ tag on a previous board.

        And in a discussion between CaseyDaMan and FLUXLAND yesterday, all of a sudden ‘JustSomeGuy’ shows up with the same tone, writing style, and message as yours (which is as recognizable as James Earl Jones’ voice).

        I’m not issuing a challenge to you.  Just saying the constant changing of names on this site is more annoying than any hater/fanboy rant we’ll ever read.

        • p00ka

          You’re post was a great example of an idiot hearing voices who thinks he knows more than he does. Plain and simple fact, like it or not.

          You were responding to someone else entirely. Fact, and though I thinks it’s laughable that you’re spooked liked that, you called me a coward. I consider that a challenge and will do what I can to annoy you whenever I have the time to waste.

          • Nilanka15

            That’s very mature of you, thanks.

            Go on your vacation already.  Your multiple personalities won’t be missed.  Come back when you’ve got some better Bertrand Russell quotes to foolishly throw around.

            • p00ka

              lmao,,,, do you still think the voices in your head were telling the truth, or just being a pig headed fool that refuses to believe you’re “brilliant deduction” abilities could possibly be wrong?

              Perhaps you should try a little reading outside this place and soak in a little wisdom from the likes of Russell, but I doubt you could handle the pain and confusion it would create.

              • Nilanka15

                As least throw around some CaseyDaMan posts to make it less obvious.  I mean seriously, you ain’t fooling nobody.

                • p00ka

                   I mean, seriously, you’re a fool.

                • Nilanka15

                  Be that as it may, this fool outsmarted you. 

                  I called you a coward because you’ve used more than one tag on this site.  That’s a cowardly act.

                  So instead of admitting being CaseyDaMan (you already did once), you’re now just digging yourself further into the realm of irrelevance.  We may not have always agreed in the past, but I respected your opinion.  But now, there’s no such respect for someone who’s clearly guilty, but refuses to man up to it.

                  Like cesco, you (and your multiple handles) are now permanently on my ignore list.

                • Steve

                  Why are you so hung up on finding out the identity of someone on an internet blog lol? Then you call him guilty as though he committed a crime lolol, then you further it with your back-and-forth whiny bickering. I could make an account sound just like you, change the handle, and boom everyone will think you have multiple personas, see how easy it is?

                  Get a grip guy, banter with what is written not who wrote it, and if you don’t like it here, go join Tim W on the picket fence where you can discuss your disdain for Bargnani, and how Amir is the best on the team, you can finally live in a blog where everyone agrees with you, which is just the way you like it. lolol

                • Nilanka15

                  lol, why are you so hung up on what I think?

                  If you don’t like what I post, call up your buddy cesco and discuss how awesome Bargnani is all day everyday while sipping espressos.

                • Steve

                  What a dumb comeback by a dumb person. Am I surprised? Nope. Go to the picket fence, no one is hung up on what you think, because no one cares what you think.

              • WHAT THE

                pookie if the glove fit you must

              • grammar police

                “you’re” means “you are”… fyi.

          • WHAT THE

            so, thats like your mission in life ah pooh?

      • WHAT THE

        hi POOH who are you trying to fool? “taking a holiday in the sun” please Inspector Pooka surely you can do better than that(((WHO’SDMAN)))))   

    • KJ-B


      • mountio

        that was a sick end to last nights game .. wow

  • Big_chris1

    Linsanity!!   He’s going to fall back to earth, but not off the map.  I love the way this kid attacks a pick and roll.  His creativity with the live dribble is exciting.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      One thing for certain is that he’s proving to be a quality back up pg to have on your roster with the skills, talent level to be a potential future starter at pg.

      With Bayless out again w/ ankle issues Lin would have been a very solid 3rd roster pg especially in relation to ACarter.

      Maybe the Raptors will draft a Casper Ware (LongBeachSt), Scott Machado (Iona) in the upcoming draft with their 2nd rounder to be the 3rd roster pg for next season.

      Mr Irrelevant of the 2011 NBA Draft Isaiah Thomas whom the Raptors had in to workout pre draft is doing alright so far as is Norris Cole the number 28 draft pick that BC traded away for JJ (Chi) in turn which Riley re-acquired the rights via a draft day deal with Minnesota.

  • Arsenalist

    Little quick Chinese guys always gave me fits on the court.

    • FAQ

      Try playing against 5 Filipinos no taller than 5’8″… {{{shudder}}}

  • FAQ

    Lin played his college ball at Harvard … and maybe it’s his oriental
    brains plus his 6-3 200# physique that got him  into Harvard…. and now the NBA.

    Meanwhile BC hires zombies to fill in the roster.  Maybe there’s a touch of incompetence here… ya think??!!! 

    • Lorenzo

      You already said that exact same thing.

      • WHAT THE

        it sounded so good the first time he had to say it again P

  • FAQ

    Friday nite b’ball viewing:

    7 PM — C**tics at Rats
    8PM — Lakers at Knicks/Lin

    I’ll be checking in with the Rats during commercials. You??

    • WHAT THE

      ME i’ll be taping and watching may raps team play without PRIMO and maybe a LK and KG face off… LK with his killer smile ,the kid with the GOLD SPOON in his mouth and SPEEDY do their thing and wait for ping pong 

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The Bucks were missing their key piece as well in Bogut.

    Get use to seeing alot more of ACarter (who will be gone next season) and/or RButler (who will most likely be gone next season) run the offense as just like last season one pg goes down and the lack of quality pg depth is exposed- deja vu.

    I’d be surprised if the Raptors win more than 1 or 2 games during their current 7 game homestand- beating the Bobcats and another W (NY? w/o Melo or Det) is what I see come Feb 23.

    How many players will Kleiza injure this season then sit out when the Raptors go to play said team at home (Celtics/Rondo) with a bullchit injury? He can’t hide from Boston on Friday.

    Even though Boston will be playing on a b2b I see a double digit W for the Green Men call it the revenge factor for hurting Rondo with a cheap shot.

    The Raptors scouting/talent evaluation department sucks more than a crack head nymphomaniac prostitute in a dick sucking contest……………

    BC CONsensus ie Yes Men & Nut Huggers ala Jay Triano/Stefanski/Casey.

    Btw ABargnani is still hurt (same calf injury as last season) after seemingly playing hard for 13 games in total after 5 years of lackadasical bullchit efforts (playing when he wanted to) and still is averaging just 6 rebs per game….2 per Q?

    Year 7 will be AB’s breakout year you just wait and wait and wait and wait…..smh

    Tony Wroten Jr……………………

  • Pesterm1

    Nothing on here about Dunleavy absoloutley destroying the raptors. the raps really messed that up and dunleavy should not have been getting those clean looks. SMH


    Casey is a complete fraud.  Another poster brought it up in the Roll Call – finally.  Not that I am surprised given how the whole NCAA thing worked out and he ended up getting his – “I’m going to be comfortable for a long, long time.” 

    The only thing this guy is better at than Smitch or Triano is handling the media.

    And his plan worked perfectly.

    Unlike Sam or Jay, he came in and made it known what his supposed “plan” is, but more importantly kept pounding on the media the players will be held accountable -not him. The plan was, as in the NCAA, Casey is not getting burned.

    Brilliant plan.  Now people are running around talking about defensive effort, as if the players really care, while the only reason they even do appear to try is because of the above – he didn’t allow them to hide behind the game plan or him after each game.  I guess that`s called player development in Toronto. 

    And clearly players are tuning him out. Jose turns around to get a specific play, Kleiza gets the ball and instantly chucks it as if to say: “Sure Coach, we`ll go with that play…but how about a lil freestlye heat check first?”

    POUND THE ROCK!  (He couldn’t even be original with his motivational tactics, but I guess a rock is a little better than Jay’s PowerPoint slide of the LOB trophy)

    • Nilanka15

      You have to admit that defense has been better this year, without any significant change in the roster.  That’s not Casey pulling a fast one on us, that’s Casey actually working.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Maybe the  NBA on a whole has seen offensive production/efficiency go down due to the lockout, short training camp & the condensed schedule not better defense- image over reality.

        Now the Raptors are at the bottom of the NBA in almost all offensive stats while last season it was all defensive bottoming out- balance anyone?

      • FLUXLAND

        Sorry Nilanka.

        I think the answers to the “better” defense is not a result of player development.  It’s just slowing the game down to snail pace and the above mentioned – incentive to protect themselves as individuals.  What did you see last night that made you think this team is better defensively than last year?

        I don’t and didn’t see guys rebounding – a staple of any defensive team.  It took 30!!! minutes of professional ball for a Raptors player to crack 5 TRB.  That’s gross.  I think with 2 minutes left in the 1st TRB were 10 – 2 for the Bucks.

        Then again Casey called this a “defensive run and gun team” – whatever that means. Either way, I’m sure it was music to BC’s ears and yes they are pulling a fast one again. This is just setting the bar so low again, if they within the next 3-5 years crack 40 wins, he can be called the EOY and a statue of is erected in from of the ACC.

        Perception changed, not the culture or reality.

        • Nilanka15

          Yeah, last night was bad defensively.  But it seemed like an outlier compared to previous defensive efforts we’ve seen this year.

          And even if you adjust for pace, the Raptors are still allowing less points per 100 possessions, and opponents’ FG% is down too.

          Like BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!! said, it could be a result of poor offense from the entire league due to the condensed schedule.  But at this point, I prefer to give Casey the benefit of the doubt based on what he did with Dallas last year, and what he’s done with Bargnani this year.

          • FLUXLAND

            Fair enough. I can see why you’d want to hold out longer.

            Personally, I just haven’t seen anything at all this year, during any game situation that leads me to believe he’s got what it takes.  He took this job out of opportunity, not because he actually believes he can get anything done here..and if he did think so, his Sam face has been obvious for the past month. “What did I get myself into?”

            • WHAT THE

              CASEYS job is 100% safe this is why, he came in here and got Primo to play like an allstar after 5 long long and very long years and after just playing good for about 12 games under Caseys watch the coach put Primo on the shelf (how do you like me now/job extension) how are you going to get rid of a who did this to PRIMO after 5 long long years.

              • FLUXLAND

                I dunno. BC has a rep for changing coaches as fast as players. It really could go either way.

                As far as Andrea, he 1st had a coach that people will say hated him (I think he was loyal to Bosh and at that point and couldn’t cross him) and then he had a guy who couldn’t inspire a bunch kids to play.  This guy at the very least doesn’t treat him like a nobody, it’s not that difficult to imagine Andrea or any player in the same boat, caring just a little more.

                Just know the coach is never running the show here. BC is still dictating the minutes, you can tell.  They players are always being marketed, there is no strategy involved with regards to play time.

                You sold Amir to the fan base, now you gonna have Grey out there burning heavy minutes where he should? Not gonna happen.

    • FAQ

      Why play ‘defense’ when you’re going to lose anyway?  Younger Ratpor players know it’s only their offensive stats that will count when they go FA to get out of Moronto…. or get traded.

      Moronto Ratpors are the most undesirable destination for first round draft picks, unless you’re an international player.   No braggin’ rights wit da homies in da hood playin’ for de Ratpors ….. even Minny is betta’ now.

      • FLUXLAND

        LOL. Exactly.

        The best part about all of this is how all the writers and posters
        ignore agents as part of the equation. As if the players actually listen
        to the coach or worry about the franchise.

        What agent in his right mind is not telling a guy on his 1st contract to
        get his offensive stat up for the next contract?  What agent is telling

        his guys to play D and sacrifice his for the team? No one, that’s who.

        Notice, DD is also aggressive early or when the game is out of reach,
        disappears when the games are close. Agent telling him to protect his
        stock and prevent getting a “sucks in the clutch” label?  Obviously
        missed the “finihes around the rim” one.  I’m telling you, Harold Miner v

        Does anyone even remember how DD’s agent didn’t allow him to participate
        in competitive workouts with some of the players in his draft class? 
        And BC promptly and blindly drafts him.

        • Nilanka15

          That seems to be quite common these days (i.e. agents insisting their players work out individually).  I believe Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker refused to go head-to-head too (or at least their agents refused).

        • WHAT THE

          true story Demar Derozan was BORN AND BRED for the toronto raptors (master p) end of story

          • FLUXLAND

            Hahaha.. That’s brilliant, actually.

            The common joke around my ball clan is that P has some serious dirt on the Raps and that’s why DD was drafted.

            And now DD is shaving points making money for the No Limit souljaz until he gets traded. Let’s not forget P’s WWF ventures, ties to Gambinos…etc.

            • Nilanka15

              lol, now this kind of conspiracy theory, I can handle.

              BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!, take note.

        • WHAT THE

          … and Demar pick wasn’t a blind pick and he was darftd to start not come off the bench

          • FLUXLAND

            Sorry, not sure I follow.
            I get that he was drafted high and sold to the fan base as Baby Carter, Young Gunz etc.; hence he gets to start and keeping him as a starter doesn’t bring his stock down …but that doesn’t change the fact he took him like Ed Davis, on a whim. 

            I dunno, guy doesn’t wanna workout vs players he will facing for years to come…. ALARMS should be going off, and any Kobe talk needs to stop right away.    

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I recall a team huddle yesterday and as it was breaking Casey was the only one who yelled ‘pound the rock’.lol

      Also, I recall Jose calling the players together with 5.8 seconds left in the game and DD ignoring his calls while the other players on the court half heartedly walked over to Jose to hear his bullchit words.smh

      Casey only seems to hold certain players accountable- Amir, Ed, JB which has turned off some players most notably Ed aka Don’t Call Me Eddie.

      Even as good as AB was playing he was still fucking up on defensive rotations and shot contests.

      BC wants Casey to turn the Raptors into the Mavericks with AB as Dirk- point blank, I supported Casey until I heard him spout that AB is Dirk like bullchit that BC has been trying to sell fans for 5 years plus he let Alex English go but retained Roth, Hughes & Nori from Jay’s bullchit staff.

      Also, Casey has mentioned Shawn Kemp & KG in the same breathe as Bargnani- really now- does he think that TDot fans are stuck on stupid?lmfao

      I grew up watching Shawn Kemp first hand & Barnani isn’t even on Detlef Scrempf’s level much less Kemp’s (especially on defense & effort).

      I wonder what KG’s beef with Casey was all about?

      • FLUXLAND

        I’ve been watching you running around here like the Mad Rapper for a while now, but I do agree most of the time with about 10 percent of what you say. : )   You are alright BC, just need to cut out the silly grade school lines.

        I will agree to this – Casey is just BC’s next puppet. And BC did pick him because now he could sell the fans the whole “run and gun teams win chips”!

        The Jose thing was sad, but that was typical Jose. Running around making it look like he’s busting his ass and the game is waay out of reach. He does that so people can be like “Man, Jose IS a warrior” Please. Does anyone listen when he’s putting on his mime act with the hands?

        People will eventually realize we are in this mess because we kept a one dimensional PG run the team for years. What FA worth their salt wants to play with a PG that can’t do anything but get is assist average every night, while knowing no matter what happens night in and out Jose will be free of any criticism?  Players want PGs that will step up when they are off, not watch some guy dribble shoulder height for 15 seconds at the 3 point line while he’s looking as if staring into The Abyss.

        Props to anyone who actually grew up watching 70s 80s or 90s ball.

        Yertu mentioned he thinks of Mookie when he hears of Eddie V..I think of Shawn Kemp.  Enjoy:


        • FAQ

          Hey, FLUX … I was a Detroit ‘Bad Boys’ fan for a long time … even Cleveland and {{{Buffalo}}} … oppps, showing my age …:-o

          • FLUXLAND

            I was doing the same… hahaha.  OOOooops.  I do remember that from Arse’s original blog.

            So you feel my pain. Zeke is the modern PG measuring stick  and we’ve been watching Jose for what seems like eternity.  I still do not understand why I am supposed to be impressed with someone who does what their job asks. The guy distributes well… soo bleeping what? Isn’t that what a PG is supposed to do? What actual intangibles does he bring to the Floor General role?

            I just read this on SLAM, it’s the Jose Indictment:

            “You’ve got to be courageous and you’ve got to
            make sacrifices in terms of your body to have success as a small man in
            the NBA and to win championships. And I emphasize win championships,
            because you can pile up statistics and great numbers playing a
            non-aggressive style and have a great career. But if you want to win
            championships, you have to pay the price and Derrick is definitely
            paying the price.” […] Thomas said any talk of resting Rose in an effort
            to protect him from injury is foolish. “I have a West Side mentality,
            and that is you’re either fighting to get it or fighting to keep it,” he
            said. “But make no mistake about it, you are always in the fight. … You
            want to sit me down and coddle me?”


            “you can pile up statistics and great
            playing a
            non-aggressive style and have a great career.”   

            Sounds like the pig
            farmer to me.

            Courageous? That’s what I’m supposed to think of a guy who cried to Jay about being unable to deal with the negative things written about him in the media? This is our Floor General?  Let’s keep asking why ballers are not coming here. 

            And while I’m at it – they should have gave Zeke a piece of the pie back in the day, we would be far removed from this mess. Remember, he’s pretty much responsible for NYK now; he could have brought anyone here…intangible BC will never ever have.  

            Remember this?

            • Valit

               Even though I see your point, I disagree with you regarding your assessment of Jose. I dont think many people are impressed by Jose’s stats or his style of play but not for 1 second he or his agent advertised otherwise. He is a passing first PG and he’s good at it. He was born and trained in Europe and he came and displayed a different mentality which might be misunderstood if not born there and which today might not be good enough for NBA; Does anybody remember Drazen Petrovic …the best by far European player….and his hard time in that time NBA? You can criticize or debate the fact that maybe Raps did not need a PG like Jose, that the same organization gave him an over inflated deal but  your attack goes to the person himself which in my opinion did not do anything wrong by staying true to what he was and still is.

              • FLUXLAND

                I appreciate you bringing up Drazen. I could tell you stories from his Jugoplastika days, you wouldn’t believe. 

                I’m not sure if the hard time he experienced can be compared to Jose in any way. Drazen adjusted faster in worse conditions, you could argue.
                To boot, can we really even compare their respective careers prior to arriving in the NBA?  Can we say Drazen displayed a lot of the same intangibles as Isiah, prior to getting to the NBA? That Jose never has? If anything Drazen’s pre NBA career shows you how amazing you have/had to be over there, to even have a minor shot.  I really disagree he had a different mentality, the adjustment may have been tougher.. but his court play was beyond solid.

                Can we also say Drazen was respected around the L a little more than Jose?

                Remember, as well, Jordan didn’t respect a lot of people or anyone in his prime. Drazen was one of the few he did and let’s not forget who nixed the trade with the Bobcats.

                I think a lot of people present JC’s stats as indication of his superiority to other PGs, while ignoring what really matters during a game, especially from the QB position in basketball.  You call him a pass first PG? Is that even accurate? Isn’t he more of a pass ONLY PG?  Have you ever seen more reluctant shooting from that spot? I’ll bet you if he had his way, he would never shoot the ball.

                And for what it’s worth, yes I take jabs at him, his court displays and early celebrations annoy me.  He may be an OK guy, (the racial incident makes you wonder) and good for the team off the court on a PR level, but isn’t that something we expect from everyone pro player or not?  Why do we give him more credit and leeway on the court because everyone want him to date their sister?

                I posted this clip years ago in another Drazen discussion on here, and it was recently mentioned on BDL I think … I don’ think Jose goes toe to toe with anyone like this.


                A month later, if you remember this game, from an intangibles point of view again, it proves they are not even in the same universe.

                He basically said: “I don’t care who’s on this court, everyone get on my back… we’re winning this game.”


                • Valit

                  Fluxland, Drazen did not play for Jugoplastika ( maybe Kucoc)..he played for Cibona…I saw him up close and personal…even exchanged some pleasantries. Anyway, as I said, I see your point and you’re entitled to your opinion. My point was, that any pro sport organization should know before hand the pluses and minuses of their players. If you decide to go to one direction, make sure you go all the way, not change course ( last year, offensive team, this year defensive team…we need passers, then slashers, then passers, etc) . Even if your PG is pass only…as you said…then get all of the other characters to compliment that. If you need a PG scorer, so be it…then get players who are complimenting him.

      • Rob

        You seem to recall a lot of things, the only problem is that it’s all bullshit and a figment of your imagination.

    • 511

      Fwiw, I disagree, Fluxland. To call Casey a ‘fraud’ is getting near Gots2go territory and I doubt you want to go all the way there. But … oh wait … I see a few posts down … well, never mind. Maybe you do want to go there. And the rock? I love it. Having a tangible symbol of what the long-term goal is, as a steady reminder of what they’re all doing there every day is solid. And in my experience, often very effective. I also like the defensive stance this team is getting better at (last night notwithstanding) … and that’s with players, some of whom wouldn’t have a job in the league if it wasn’t for filling a spot with the Raps, for the moment. With a bit more talent with the few better players (and hopefully, then some) that we’re sure to have a year from now, we could be seeing all that defensive effort — or ‘culture’, as DC likes to say — translating into a seriously increasing number of wins. Of course, we’ll have to wait to see. But imo, it’s too easy to stand back and take potshots at these guys right here and now. We’ve got our usual regulars to help you with that though, if that’s what you’re mostly into. In the meantime, give it a season or two. I’d wager that Casey will prove himself … and with just enough talent, maybe he’ll make it worth even your while. 

      • FLUXLAND

        I know, fraud may seem a little harsh. Just saying what they are selling is not displaying in the record.

        The argument in TO will always be coach or players. But real coaches either do not touch was it a sinking ship or if they do, they actually turn it around.. results shown instantly and progressively over 1st few years.
        ( I said before I do not attribute the perceived defensive change to player improvement. Some just finally got a coach that they respect and are willing to show more effort, others are in fear of being singled out and responding to his incentive tactic. I really don’t see these guys playing for him, like guys that buy into something usually do)

        Add to this his history, some people do not remember his Kentucky days, and all I see is an opportunist. (also why i may have used fraud)

        Time will tell, you are right.  I have no problem admitting I was wrong, if that becomes the case. Thus far, I doubt it.

  • Pesterm1

    gotta start somewhere dude. . The problem IS talent. we dont have any…. dont forget were still missing bargnani too. next year is the year my friend. #gottahavefaith 😉     

    @ pesterm1

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      It started 5 years ago with BC & his number 1 overall draft pick & substantial cap space now we are in almost the very same predicament as when BC arrived in the TDot…

      Talent level- BC is the President & GM of the Raptors.

      ABargnani, year 7 will be his breakout year…………….lol smdh 

      Faith is for religion not pro sports- recognize, trust BC’s words/vision no way Jose.

      • Statement

        Hasn’t Colangelo tried to trade Jose and aren’t there reports saying he’s still open to moving him.


        The cat in the hat, the mouse in the house and other random rhyme schemes!

        • Nilanka15

          Recognize game or stay forever lame.  smdh

        • Destro

          yes he did try to move him,4 years after giving him a what 5 year 45 mil contract….I think thats more the point…
          Can someone figure out an AST to TO ratio % per million stat ? 

          • WHAT THE

            atlease BC caught his mistake and tried to dumb him

            • Destro

              In the process tho proceeded to make more personel mistakes,leaving us still without a bonified starting PG that we’ve only needed for 8-9 seasons now…

  • Destro

    I concur completely with this years off season looking eerily similar to 06,and yes knowing BC is still at the helm to screw it up again is quite cringeworthy…

  • Destro

    These comments are hilarious from AB’s overrated quicksand D to Calderon stealing money from this org while being the most underwhelming PG in league history…most hilario thing to me is BC in interviews nowadays playing up the tough hill he has to climb to get this team to some kind of respectability lol.

  • p00ka

    LOL, the bitter sky-is-falling attitude. armchair manager & psychologist crowd is having a good old camp fire sing along today. Pathetic, but funny.

    • Destro

      Nah i think most of the points being made are fair criticisms of the players in question….I think the Casey criticisms are very legit about him not holding everybody accountable,i think thats a major issue and you can see it playing out between timeouts and breaks…


      Do you ever talk about basketball or do you just run around here in your vigilante suit playing fan cop, advising everyone how they should critique the team?

      I assume your comment is addressed at me, but you can’t even reply to one of my posts, just chirping down here. Bet you do that at the bar, hiding and chirping behind your boys, but can’t nuck when it’s time to buck.

      Funny? Just like you to be looking for entertainment, right?  Or are you mad? Is that it? You mad because you don’t know the words to the song?  You still sitting at the L table in the cafeteria, after all these years? 

      You strike me as one of those recently given up hockey fans, looking for another team to cheer for and cant’s stand when it’s being critiqued.

      Say something about ball. You calling others armchair psychologists… that’s rich. Really. 

  • Ppellico

    OK…so maybe calls here about Caseu being a fraud is abit much.
    But then again, calling him a defensive coach is a bit more than truthful as well.

    Maybe you can blame it on the players…maybe not. But the defense is horrid.
    When they slow it down to as slow as possible, they play somewhat well.
    Otherwise, forget about it.
    Their exterior defense is a joke. EVERYBODY shoots against the Raps from outside like THEY are the best shooters in the league.

    Interior Gray is the only defense they have!

    And speaking of Gray and Casey and his ability to thinl LIVE action…where was Gray again for the second night?
    re getting you ass kicked inside and no rebounds. So you keep your 7 foot top interior defender on the bench?
    What spectacular defensive plan did Casey have in his head at this point?

    So Gray isn’t the interior offense you want. I hear the TV anouncers praising Amir and Mags for their unselfish play and allowing for others to be the glory boys.
    OK…then why isn’t Gray in? If you do NOT care about interior scoring but defense and getting others their shots…then why leave the kid on the bench while your ass is getting kicked???

    Really…the pain of watching this as a fan should result in a Congressional Medal.
    I haven’t felt this much anger since spending so m uch moneythrough the years as a Cubs seat holder.

    Talk about pain!!!!

  • Destro

    Its hard to place the blame,cuz the talent is not there…I tend to give Casey a pass for now on the D still looking weak alot of nights because i think he is stuck with inept lazy personnel on the defensive end who just dont want to do it…

    Only thing i can really criticize is the discipline for all players isnt equal which i think has caused some noticeable problems and you could tie into why some simply dont want to give an effort defensively….You absolutely right about this team being unwatchable…I cant get my ass down there to watch it in person it looks so bad on my TV…