The “1…2….3….4…..5” edition:

Barbosa: Ginsu was slicing and dicing today. While not a star, he hit some timely shots and forced the Lakers to not forget about him.

Butler: time to head back to class and figure out how to count. While not statistically a turnover, it is the biggest one of the season by any NBA team. Inexcusable.

Calderon: you have to think (hope?) that the Lakers brass watched this game intently and saw Jose look like he could be shot out of a cannon and still hit a shot today. 13/18?? From Jose that is as unlikely as finding bars of gold in your toilet. And, no, not THOSE kind of bars. Hope Jose likes the sun.

Carter: used minimally today due to Jose’s ability to put up numbers that Jordan would be proud of. Still, for the 11 minutes he was on the floor, he did a fine job of moving his chess pieces into spots that gave them opportunity. Great veteran presence.

Davis: solid game from Ed. It was apparent that if he was on a winning team or one that seemed to be “in” most games, this personality would come out more often. He as aggressive on both sides of the ball and even let out some baby roars after a dunk off a DeRozan dish.

DeRozan: he didn’t fill the hoop himself, but 7 assists certainly brought us back into this game after a first quarter that made the Raptors look like mice among men.  While you can’t overlook some turnovers,  his dishes and trips to the line made it impossible to ignore his game.

Gray: after watching Scarborough Skidmark actually play well, Aaron came back on the floor and just absolutely crushed it. You can never discount those shoulders and elbows in setting screens and boxing out. He’s never going to be elite, but he’s lunchpail and we love him. Well, I do.

A. Johnson: his game today reminded me of a dehydrated peach.  I despise when he becomes a shrinking violet especially when guys with a lot less talent outhustle him.

J. Johnson: how about that coast-to-coast, huh? Just call him VIA for the night. Impressive game that saw his face look like he was a kid at the candystore window everytime he was on Kobe. It was one of those seemingly random games that he opens the casket lid and decides to dance like a Backstreet Boy.

Kleiza: hit a couple of nice shots when we needed them, but also turned the ball over at times we definitely didn’t need it.  Maybe he needed to get into a bit of a tussle to get him back into his game.

Magloire: have to say that he made the tide turn in this game. He banged Bynum, he pushed others, he motivated his teammates. It was a game that he came in as advertised and the crowd at the ACC ate it up.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Rasual Butler

Theme of the Game:

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  • Brian B

    wtf was Butler doing in the game with 4.2 seconds to play, let alone handling the ball? HUGE coaching error.

    • Balls of Steel

      Yea, Calderon should be inbounding the ball. That was a head scratcher. This guy cost us the game. Hands down. We picked him up so early in the season along with Anthony Carter. Wow.

      • Call me STEVE O

        You know what cost us the game?  Letting Kobe even get that inbound pass to score with 4s left.  James Johnson should of been all over Kobe, he should of been in front of Kobe preventing him from even getting a chance to catch that inbound pass.  They could of even trapped Kobe in the corner.
        If you want to see good D, check out Kobe preventing Calderon from even having a chance to get the inbound pass on the 5 second screw up.  Kobe stayed in front of Jose  the whole time.
        This is basic defensive rules that our young guys just don’t get or they just don’t have the bball IQ.

    • Truthkiller

      Every year we lose a game because we can’t inbound the ball, last year it was Linas this year it’s Butler. I’ve come to the conclusion to just learn to expect it.

      The question to be asked is how a guy that did not even step on the court throughout the entire game was on the court for the most critical. And wasn’t he why the Jazz almost won a couple of weeks ago SMH

  • Lucamacus

    lol, at the “theme of the game”
    It amazes me how Butler played zero minutes, but yet still had a huge negative impact on the game. Im going to start a fund to give to Brian to release this fuckstick.

  • TheTruth

    ^^^ Exactly, Butler should not be under the bus. It is Coach Casey who should be under the bus for brining a guy in with 4.2 second left in the game and ask him to inbound the ball against the Laker’s defence.

    I have no idea why Casey insist on using Butler as an in bounder !!! makes no sense what so ever ??

  • TheTruth

    Amir Johnson has been so disappointing !!! 

  • Jimbronski

     Does Demar lead the league in airballs?

    2 of 13 and he isnt under the bus?..this is our starting sg……..rasool under the bus is a lame cop out.

  • JWB

    Heartbreaker of a loss. I was jumping up and down when we were up by 4 and felt like crap when we lost the game on a five second violation while we are calling time out.

  • Buschfire

    almost turned it off after the first…glad I didn’t. Hard fought loss for the Raptors…Butler needs to get run over by the bus then put the bus in reverse and run him over again.

    • mountio

      as should casey for a) putting butler there in the first place and b) not making sure that timeout got called.

  • mosc91

    It is time for Casey to reconsider Butler as his inbound guy. Not only after this debacle, but also that turnover against the Suns which led to a Dudley dunk and almost cost us the game. On the other hand, those who are big fans of tanking should be in awe of the mastery of costing his team a game without actually playing any minutes.

  • Jimbronski

    blaming rasool and not the refs?….he clearly signaled timeout prior to the 5 seconds violation…..smh….2 of 13 and airballs….people are blaming the wrong guy……..2 of 13 against the lakers….the lakers…at home…sold out…2 of 13…..our starting sg…..starting sg…..smh……yeah keep blaming rasool.

    • Pizzaman

      I agree. Butler is a bum shooter and we all know it but he can actually handle the ball and play defense better than our starting wonder boy SG. How can anyone but our boy wonder Derozan be under the bus?? He shot 2 of 13…2 of 13 and then he gets the ball at the end instead of Kleiza, jose or even anyone else!!!! He had 4 turnovers and actually got some assists but the way he played he needed much more than that to be kept from running the bus over him back and forth a few times. He is supposed to be the man, and plays the position that is supposed to be the primary weapon. He really stinks.
      What a huge disappointment to see him get the ball at the end down only two when w e had guys on the floor that could actually get a real shot off.
      Amazing he throws an air ball when the games on the line.

      • Fk

        This whole team stinks. You’re really going to blame that last play on Derozan? What about the last play where Kleiza was dribbling and practically gifted Kobe a layup? He had more assists than anyone else on the team had. Give the guy some breathing room, he played well offensively for 4 of the last 5 games. 

        Are you going to discount his performance against the Heat when the rest of the team were tossing bricks at the rim quarter by quarter?

        • Pizzaman

          I understand but he should never have had the ball at the end as he is simply a bad shooter and was 2 of 12 to that point. I hoped I would see more from him but I have a hard time accepting he has starting SG talent when on a talent poor team I would still pick JJ and Barbosa over him at SG any day of the week, let alone I believe Bayless is also better. He’s just not very good

          • Fk

            Its ok. It’s your opinion. But that game in Miami really opened my eyes up. There was a point in the 2nd quarter where the Heat commentators mentioned Derozan had more points than the rest of the team combined. It showed me that outside of Derozan, the rest of the team really have no business being talked about as good young prospects.

            Thats my opinion.

            • Pizzaman

              I respect your opinion and hope you are right. I have a hard time believing he will all of a sudden be able to handle the ball and shoot way better than he does now. He is basically a slasher than cannot handle the ball.

        • WHAT THE

          BUD! casey says he doesn’t care if Demar takes 15 shats and miss them all as long as he’s were he’s suppose to be on the floor and doing other things.but you got these Primo fans and i’m not sure why they were watching the game because PRIMO wasn’t playing but still i guess they have to let their voices heard. For a player to have a good game he has to score because thats what they are use to from PRIMO that all they see and i’m sure alot of the PRIMO BOYS turned their TV off after the 1st quater.

    • WHAT THE


      • Jimbronski

         emo caplock fury…

  • Ppellico

    I know…please no more about Gray

    But I know he was not really the best in the 1rst quarter…but can’t we at least try to be a little factual.

    The shooting again starts us off in the hole…not the inside defense.

    If you look at the stats and IF you are honest, you will remember the percentage was again horrible because the team again went to the outside jumpers amd missed.
    In fact, they missed everything.

    So I understand the Mags excitement…but IF you look…they started hitting their jumpers.

    So I ask…WHY do we start out so bad at shooting in the first period?
    Are they always kind of ass tight initially?
    Is there a reason they seem so slow at hitting their shots?

  • Valit

    Can somebody give me some reasons why we should not try to re-sign Calderon at 4 mil/year for 2 more years ( in case he wants it) and mentor a new PG?

    • TheTruth

      4 million for 2 years !!! He is going to be 31 and I am sure he can get more than that or a longer contract from other team. I think the fair price for Calderon should be 4 year 20 million and then we might have a chance of keeping him.

      Look around the league, heck, lakers are paint blake 4-5 million a season.

      • Lorenzo

        4-year 20mil would be an ideal amount

    • Fire Colangelo Now

      Maybe its because we tired of watching the human pylon playing 6ft off his man and then repeatedly get blown past for the easy layup.  Maybe you should try to understand why opposing pgs red-circle the Raptors game and salivate before the start of the game.

    • hateslosing

      Because he deserves better than this. He has consistently been one of the best passers in the game and on a team like the Lakers he might finally gain the recognition he deserves. Give the matador a chance to grab the brass ring!

      That said, if he does resign I think his jersey should and will be the first to be retired by the raps. 

      • cjmcdnld

        Retired jerseys are for champs. I like Jose a lot, but that is pushing it.

        • Lorenzo

          That is total bullshit, Jose has definitely earned it.

          • Fk

            If VC’s jersey wasn’t retired, why would we retire Jose’s? You need to win and go somewhere to get your jersey retired.

            • Lorenzo

              What would the fans say if VC’s jersey was in the rafters? It would be total chaos

              • Nilanka15

                IMO, no Raptor (current or former) deserves to have his number retired.

                Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…those are the types of players who deserve their numbers retired.  The honour is meant for the best of the best….not guys like Calderon, Vince, or Bosh.

                • Lorenzo

                  You know what you’re right, but if the Raptors were to ever decide on retiring someone’s jersey for the hell of it; Jose should be the man.

      • Rohan

        If Jose resigns AND we start winning then that would make too much sense not to happen. A consummate professional who’s spent 10 years in Toronto and been a part of a (legit) winning team would be the perfect jersey to hang up.

    • leftovercrack

      No disrespect to Calderon, because I genuinely like him, but this team’s timeline for competing is still 2 or 3 years away at least and he will be in his mid-30s then with a lot of wear and tear from also playing on Spain’s national team and injuries. If he plays as well as he did tonight, maybe we can get a good draft pick for him and help build the franchise that way

    • j bean

      Because he can”t put a string of good games together 

      If he could play like today and make his shots then he is a starting PG on a good team and the Raptors may have gone somewhere during his career
      As it stands I just hope we get decent value for him at the deadline

    • Raptorboy

       I love the idea. He’s a late bloomer aka Steve Nash. I think he will sign a bigger contract somewhere else though. All the Calderon haters will be eating crow when he proves himself in another city. Lakers get Calderon and they are right back in the championship hunt.Look at his play this year. Now look at the rest of our team. Pretty impressive.

  • hotfuzz

    Wtf was that last shot by Demar? Horrible horrible shot. A stepback 3 demar, really?

    • leftovercrack

      What a contrast. Kobe nails the key shot when the chips are down, Demar shoots an airball. I hope he watched Kobe today and learned

      • Pizzaman

        what’s he going to learn besides the fact he will never be anywhere near Kobe’s league, let alone most other SG in this league

        • HotnCold=Rapsfans

          good god.. Casey said Demar was the last option on that play… the Lakers defence blocked all other options.. Demar was forced to take a bad shot

          • Pizzaman

            well at least the coach is not crazy but he could still have got off a better shot had he been any good.

  • Ppellico

    to prove my point…here it is:

    1rst quarter..
    15 missed shots.
    7 made shots.
    2 turnovers.

    And when you miss…each miss tightens you up more…they Make shots…and you begin to let that fear creep inside your head.

    Now explain to me how it is the inside defense that hurt us.
    It wasn’t…at least it isn’t the real/whole/big story…it was that horrible, HORRIBLE shooting once again.

    Why is this team so tight when they take the floor?
    Or perhaps a better question is WHY do they settle for so many jump shots?

    Even if you mis inside…you still go inside.
    THAT is how basketball i won over time.

  • jlongs

     On the other hand, what better time for Casey to learn from idiot plays like this (and the one with Magloire way back when), and realize his mistakes, than now when the wins don’t really matter that much. That was bad coaching, but hopefully it’s also a lesson learned for him.

    And yes, “pro-tank” people should absolutely LOVE Butler.

    • mountio

      Im all about lessons learned .. but this and the JM one from earlier are coaching 101.
      So is going away from the zone in the last 4 mintues and waiting until we are down 15 or 20 to start the zone!
      As I said in other post .. great game to be at .. great effort .. but some of this stuff on the coaching side is pretty basic. Having said that D Casey is miles ahead of Jay, who never even switched our line ups to go big or small..

  • cjmcdnld

    anyone else see kobe telling mike brown that he was taking calderon on the inbounds play butler effed up?

    Brown said ‘switch on the screen?’ and kobe said ‘f*** no!!’, and proceded to completely remove any chance of him getting the ball.

    I ain’t a huge fan, but he is unreal…and mike brown in so screwed…

    • leftovercrack

      Phil Jackson looking pretty good these days….

    • Pizzaman

      Kobe is still the best most intense player in the league with great IQ. Kleiza was way on the other side so only our 2 of 13 guy could shoot…great odds for the Lakers

      • Bendit

        That was 2 inbound plays in a row that were botched. That DD should get the last shot (because he was the closest) should never have happened.  

        • Pizzaman

          agreed. They had to be able to get it to someone who was shooting the ball better

      • WHAT THE

        i look at it as almost a double double 8&7 it’s about the KID WITH THE GOLDEN SPOON in his mouth scoring it about doing other things some not shown in the box score guy

    • Call me STEVE O

      Exactly!  That’s what good D is… preventing your best player from getting the ball.
      What was the Raptor’s theory? “Let Kobe get the inbound pass and then we’ll try putting an arm up and hope he misses”. 
      Frigging idiots he’s done that to us so many times.  Anyone remember the same play he pulled in LA, over Antoine Wright’s stretched arms?

      • cjmcdnld

        I think it was phenomenal D from one of the top ten players ever….I just get a real kick out of ‘Coach’ Brown being told exactly what was going to happen.

    • WHAT THE

      thats what happen guy i saw that kobe is the coach fareal !

  • Rylo

    Why the blame on Rasual or Casey? If you look at the replay, you can clearly see that a timeout was called before the 5 second inbound limit rule. Blame the referee for a bad call.

    • Call me STEVE O

       Can’t blame the refs, he called time out a fraction too late.  Clearly can see it on the replay in the highlights on

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Casey was also calling a time-out (which he is entitled to). 

        If this was in LA, with roles reversed, NO WAY the 5 sec  rule is called. Refs wouldn’t make it outta the arena.

      • Statement

        Hey, you’re probably right.

        However, if memory serves, there have been many many NBA games where 5 second violations could have been called but weren’t just in the interest of taking the game out of the hands of the officials.

        Why all of a sudden did the refs get all “we have to follow the rules to the book NOW?”

        I mean seriously, Lebron travels almost everytime he touches the ball with that stupid crab-step, he never gets called.

        Let the players play, pretend you aren’t reffing a game in Canada.

  • Call me STEVE O

    Just a thought seeing how improved Toronto’s D has been with Casey.  What do you think he could of done if we never hired Triano and he was coaching the Raptors back when we had Bosh, Turkoglu and Antoine Wright?

    • Lorenzo

      I was just thinking about that the other day… I’d say we would have definitely made the playoffs, and who knows… maybe Bosh would have stayed.

      So the moral of the story is: fuck Triano.

  • Buschfire

    is Antoine Wright still even in the L? i haven’t heard a whisper of him all season.

  • RapthoseLeafs


    First quarter notwithstanding, that was a great game by the Raptors.

    Especially since T.O. was missing their top 3 scorers – Bargnani, Bayless & Derozan.

    • Bendit

      LOL. Though DD did impose himself on the game by taking the last shot.

    • WHAT THE

      but look what they did with out Primo and Demar not getting a double double my be we can trade Primo and get another first round pick who knows maybe even two more players who can create their own shots and also score and the we hit the ground running next srason sounds good to me

  • Darien

    I turned it off after the first quarter. Looks like I missed out.

    • WHAT THE

      you all see what i’m talking about

  • MrKothoga

    Butler was obviously just there for tanking reasons. Good coaching.

  • knickz

    why how much times have i come on here and said,”rasual butler has the worst basketball iq ive ever seen?”

  • knickz

    i’m the biggest raptors fan on here and it was 5 seconds…that doesnt excuse some garbage calls the refs made tho

  • knickz

    thought we were gonna win the game with kobe out there playing “teen wolf” basketball… this guy has taken 50 shot with 2 assist in his past 2 games…the fakers will never win a ring with him playing like that, but i can assure you stern will make sure the fakers win a title.

    • WHAT THE

      thats what happed when you have a Golden Spoon in your mouth let go RAPTORS/demar. just ask Kobe if he’s going to stop taking so many shots the answer is no

  • hotncold=rapsfans

    my issue with the 5 second call is Butler apparently told the Ref to count out loud which you obviously can’t see on any replay.. i don’t know if Butler is deaf or something but it’d be pretty easy to call a timeout on time if the ref is counting out loud. 

  • Adriiian

    What a game, KOBE ftw. You knew that shot was going down, then when he gets on Calderon, I knew this game was over. Kobe is a champion. Kobe is the best.
    Mad hate on Butler and Casey, we were still down by 1 with 4 sec or 3.7 and down by 2, the difference is we weren’t gonna win the game either way. 

  • FAQ


    • Bendit

      Wait till Melo decides to play. Linsanity/Knicks come back to earth when the ball is demanded.

  • Atesei2003

    Do any of you remember a post on this site a few months ago detailing how 50% approx of professional athletes were bankrupt by age 35 or 40? I would really appreciate it if somebody could post the link or point me in the right direction. Thanks,

  • Atesei2003