The “colour purple” edition:

Barbosa: you have to think his agent is subtly using BBM messages after every game to pump Barbosa up to every playoff bound team in the league. The vast majority of recent games have seen him come in and almost immediately have a positive effect on the game.

Bayless: he’s getting back in to the groove but still looks as into the game as a vegan is into a date at the Keg.

Calderon: he did a little spin-a-rooni on the floor after getting faked out of his shoes, and from there he had a game so not worthy of being burned on a DVD that his parents went to bed early and watched The Notebook.

Carter: a hat tip and not much else. I’ve spent more time on the treadmill in the past year than AC spent on the floor tonight.  (hint: On June 10, 2011 at 9:57am I pressed a power button on a treadmill. On June 10, 2011 at 9:58am, I pressed the power button again on the very same treadmill)

Davis: he had a quick 2 blocks that were prettier than JLO’s nipple at the Oscar’s, but other than that he filled up the stat sheet with the same consistency as a collinder holding water.  With that said, he did have a solid game in 21 minutes.

DeRozan: attacked the hoop, was both self aware and teammate aware all night, got to the line 8 times and added 4 times it a 21 point night.  Bambi was as cute as a newborn.

Gray: never a promising thing when his offensive output is the highlight of his night. That’s like a stripper coming home and being excited to tell her husband that she did a great job at recommending the chicken fingers for dinner at the ciub last night.

A. Johnson: banged up a little in the first half, but our local hero still posted a 7 and 7. I’m a little surprised that his name hasn’t been bandied about a little more in a season that will continue to be taxing on the forwards in the league.

J. Johnson: 6 points, 6 rebounds, and a ride in the sidecar tonight. The only thing missing was a flower on his uniform that squirted water when you went to smell it.

Kleiza: what looked like a broken nose, a rumoured possible re-aggravating of his ankle, yet he hit a series of 3’s late that basically gave us the win.  You half expected Monte Williams to come out to centre court during a timeout, pull a pistol from his pocket and shoot out Linas’ knee, yelling “stay down you bastard!” as he did it.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Ed Davis

Theme of the Game:

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  • 6c

    How is Derozan driving the bus? Kleiza scored the same amount of points on less shots (and 8 less minutes). Kleiza def had the better game

    • blackjitsu

       He can pass the ball.

    • What the

      if you want you can compare “STATS”

      • blackjitsu

         I’m not following “stats” Linas passed the ball 3 TIMES. Two of those were bad passes. Homey was a black hole. That’s what I SAW. Demar’s first impact on the game were 2 assists. If you actually watched the game instead of being a fan-boy you would have noticed the nuance of their play and understood who played better.

        • 6c

          Black hole? Kleiza shot better than Demar… so he took shots when he got a chance. But yea he took less shots than Demar. Also Demar was getting bullied by Belinelli

  • JYFelony

    Kleiza is an Axe Murderer, the guy is just lethal when the game gets chippy, or he takes a bump.  Casey should punch him in the ear before he heads into the game every night… just a suggestion

    • TheR3dMenace


  • Altrapsisgettingsloppy

    How can Ed Davis have had a solid game while at the same time being thrown under the bus?

    • 6c

      The writers over/under the boss tend to be absurd. It  really will make me read these post game summaries less.

      I feel that the writer has biases about certain players and then exaggerates them if he can in the over/under part.

    • Raps4Ever

      Perhaps the primary focus on trying to be humourous, while only grudgingly giving credit, gets him/her a tad lost within even his/her own words.

  • Tim

    7 and 7 and “Local Hero ” !!! Last game when Amir did worst than these numbers , then you said he did things that don’t show up on stat sheet 🙂 🙂 

    I suggest you remove him from the roll call because you are obviously a fan boy and in your eyes our 6 million dollar man can not do anything wrong 😉

    • Steve

      Don’t let the picket fence guy hear you talk about Amir like that, apparently he is the best player on the team and what every playoff team needs to win a championship. According to Picket Fence he’s the last guy that should be traded on this team and is untouchable. 😀

      • Chadmeyer

         lol…i feel sorry for timmy.

      • Nilanka15

        Yet again, you bring up Picket Fence. 

        Here’s an idea.  Since Tim.W hasn’t been here all season, it might be a good idea to stop thinking about him.

        • Steve

          Lol, I don’t think about him whether he’s here or not, can’t say the same for you though 🙂 You two were butbuddies 😀

          Here’s an idea, go read a book. lol. Or better yetm go whine about someone on the forum using multiple aliases and how you’re conducting an investigation to figure out the true identity and search for the truth. lololol

          • Nilanka15

            lol, continue to live in the past, harping on yesterday’s news.  Although I can’t blame you since you never have anything relevant to say.

            • Steve

              Then keep replying to irrelevance, makes you look smart 🙂

          • What the

            where did that come from? pooka/CaseyDman is that you

            • Steve

              I am not either, I was referring to Nilanka’s past sissy-fit in the older forum. 🙂 Are you the Picket Fence guy? Nilanka? Or both? Which one are you?? Admit it lolol

              • Nilanka15

                I simply said it was a cowardly thing to do.  Hardly a “hissy fit”.

                You’re the one whose memory it’s firmly entrenched in, especially considering it was a discussion you had absolutely nothing to do with. 

                But for some reason, being called out for hiding behind multiple aliases, struck a nerve with you…

                • Steve

                  It absolutely was a hissy fit, you spent time writing 5 different lengthy posts on the subject on the same page 🙂 And more on different pages until I called you out for it :). I don’t need a photographic memory to remember that lolol.Figuring out an identity of some anonymous poster on the internet is the mission of your life? lolol

                  And here you go again replying to someone who according to you says nothing of relevance 🙂 Hilarious lolol.

    • Nilanka15

      Are you going to ignore the 5 blocks, 4 assists, and 2 steals?  SOLID game from Amir last night despite a rolled ankle.  Don’t forget the great positional defense (forcing missed shots, and drawing charges) late in the 4th quarter when the game was in the balance.

      Yeah, AltRaps must simply be a fanboy [rolling eyes]

  • Statement

    It was a good team effort all around.

    Demar provided the points but I came away with the impression that he didn’t have a good all around game.  I thought his defense was suspect and he turned the ball over too much for my liking.

    Amir played really well, as did Kleiza.

    Barbosa had a good game too.

    Aaron Gray…not so much.