It’s a sad thing watching these Pistons; had Dumars not selected Monroe two years ago, his track record since 2004 would have been 0 for like 65. Yes, Dumars was an integral part of 3 Pistons championship teams in 15 years or so, but you would be hard-pressed to find a GM who’s done as poor a job and kept it for so long. Colangelo has faired much better in putting together a core of young talent, who also have better upside. Why hasn’t Villanueva been amnestied yet? I am a big fan of his, but it’s just another WTF on Dumars’ resume.

I’m really high on James Johnson these days. With each passing day, he’s finding his niche on this team; doing more of the things that has us nodding with a stupid grin on our faces when he makes a perfect defensive rotation, or rips down a rebound when he should have been blocked out. It’s to the point where I don’t even care when he takes a bad jumper from time-to-time because he’s out Rodman. If he’s gonna be the hardest working guy on the floor, let him have a couple shots here and there; it’s not like he’s costing us games or lottery balls one way or the other.

Blake had an interesting piece on the Raptors trade deadline, and I agree with everything he says except two points:

  1. I don’t think Bargnani should be considered untouchable. I’m not advocating for him to be traded, but if a deal for a young, elitish guard/wing (Eric Gordon calibre), I’d think long and hard about it.
  2. I don’t know if Calderon’s expiring context has any more value than his almost expiring contract this year. I’m only advocating a trade if we get back a young core piece in return. We saw how little interest teams had in acquiring the Bosh trade exception, and fleeting interest in Barbosa’s expiring this season. Might be my ADHD, but waiting may not yield the fruits we desire; just saying…

The Pistons are on an impressive 2-game win streak, having taken down the Lakers and Hawks this week. Once you start digging a little deeper into the wins, you’ll notice Stuckey played out of his mind, dropping 34; and Monroe/Maxiel took advantage of a weak Hawks front court.

I’m more than happy for the Raps to focus on shutting down the Pistons front court, and forcing their streaky wings to beat us from the perimeter and off the dribble. If the battle gets taken to the bench, the Raptors can go much deeper.

After a tight game last night, the Pistons will be a bit tired. The Raptors need to turn it up from the tip, keep Monroe under their heel, and not let up. The stage is set for the Raptors to walk out of the Palace with a win, just requires some focus and a near aneurysm on Casey’s part; Raptors by 6.

(Sorry about spelling/grammar/shortness, I wrote this on my iPhone in the car)

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  • fk

    I wouldn’t trade Bargnani for Eric Gordon because Eric Gordon is injury prone.

    • Triano?

      And Bargnani is prone to playing terrible basketball…

      • Thecaptain2000


      • cesco

        Not as terrible as your namesake was as a head coach .

      • Jeffrey Thompson

        Like any other player in the NBA.

    • Jeffrey Thompson

      That and I would never trade big for small.  That’s just stupid.

      • Nilanka15

        That’s just an old wive’s tale that isn’t really based on anything.

        Villenueva for Ford worked great (until Horford punked us).

  • Urasaint

    Trade everyone!!

    • Sam Holako

      Meme it up

  • Bendit

    You wrote this on your Iphone…in the car..while driving?
    Amazing!   🙂

  • Lorenzo

    You know what I always thought would be funny?

    Giving Alabi 40+ minutes of floor time and seeing what would happen…

    • ACC

      i second that.

      • mountio

        In all seriousness .. I know Alabi sucks .. but youre telling me we cant throw him out there for 5-10 minutes a game to see if he can figure things out for himself….?

        • Bendit

          The problem is that he cant even “figure things out” in practice. That seems to be the only rational explanation why 2 coaches obviously find it counter productive to put him into a game for meaningful minutes. Doug Smith of the Star had a blurb about this issue not too long ago where an unnamed team member said something about Alabi being a danger or some such quality!

    • DieHardAlabiFan

      I support this.

      • Lorenzo

         Haha, Im confused as to how Alabi can even have die-hard fans 😛

      • Arsenalist


    • Arsenalist


      I don’t expect him to be part of the Raptors future, or  have any sort of NBA future.  I’m just looking for some entertainment.

      • Lorenzo

         Agreed, if we’re going to tank, might as well do it with some style.

  • mountio

    I would trade AB for Gordon in a second. I would also trade him for Rondo (which is AT LEAST what it would take to get him .. not Jose + junk as was suggested in a trade column here a couple of weeks ago … in fact likely Jose + AB .. and Id probably do that deal). If we could get that type of player .. I wouldnt hesitate for a second. The post above about not trading a big for a small makes no sense .. especially since a) we have lots of bigs and b) the draft is more loaded with 4s than any other position.

  • mountio

    Rubio out for the year with torn ACL .. sucks cause Minny would have been fun to watch try and make a playoff run.
    Also bad for the Raps, cause it means Jose will get lots of Olympic playing time, which means hes more likely to wear down (whether this year or next). All the more reason to trade him now while we can get some value ..

    • CJT

      has the MRI been confirmed yet?

  • JHP

    With Rubio out, you have a motivated buyer.  Time to take advantage and get the most for Jose.  And if another team steps in, then up the price.  Jose has been a loyal employee and should go to a contender, but this is a highest bidder situation. Of course if not enough is offerred then do nothing.

    • Kip

      Jose for Derrick Williams.

  • Lucamacus

    iphone in the car? im calling the cops on you

  • CantDL


    • Bendit

      You must like 20 pts on 22 shots (last game against the Raptors) with below avg. defense. 

      • Destro

        So what your saying is he’s a SG version of Barn yawny…gotcha !