The “my kingdom for some made free throws” edition:

Anderson: hotter from 3 point range than a Playboy edition full of Megan Fox.  I swear I expected him to stop on a spot, spin and throw one in over his head. After playing like a fully loaded pair of Depends last night, he turned it around and opened some eyes tonight.

Calderon: like Alan, Jose flipped last nights script and this time played the role of quarterback to a T, dishing out 14 assists. Know what I miss, though?  Remember how good he is from the stripe?  Love to see him back there more often. He didn’t even get a sniff tonight.

Davis: wow…I guess he just needs to go up against lanky white former college teammates on a Monday more often…Fantastic effort by Ed tonight. In just 17 minutes he did what he normally wouldn’t do in a night unless they played a double header: 11 points, 10 rebounds, and as attentive to where the ball was going as a bloodhound.

DeRozan: safe to say he sucked as much as a mimed version of Jersey Shore.  Yes, he got jobbed again on a vicious non-call, but rather than allow that to fill him full of piss and vinegar, it seemed to deflate him.

Forbes: he must have finally made it into his stewardesses Blackberry because he came out playing like he had laser like focus and a burning desire to make things happen.  He cooled off as the game went on, a lot, but it was fun to see that passion reignited for a small time.

Gray: twisted his ankle and needed to get it re-taped. That was his one big contribution, really. Sure, he was a big body against Hibbert, but other than bang he didn’t do much defensively all night.

A. Johnson: much better today and even hit his second 3 pointer of the year giving us a fleeting moment of hope in the dying seconds. Even though statistically better than most recent nights he still has run far far away from that first-two weeks passion he showed that got us all excited.

J. Johnson: Mr. Cocky still showing nothing to back up his smug attitude.  The quicker he gets out of town the better for the growth and maturity of this squad.

Kleiza: I’m guessing he found the chocolate eggs that were littered throughout the teams gear a day late because he was hopping around the court like he needed to be tied down. He played harder defensively than I have seen him play all year and he was feistier than a 38 year old nun that just disowned the convent.

Magloire: nothing more than a big body tonight. Played that role well, picked up a T, and is no doubt just looking forward to some home cooking.

Uzoh: only 6 minutes of burn, letting Jose run himself down some more in this insane season. Ben didn’t look mentally into it and it was amazingly apparent that he needed to be kept off the floor if we wanted to have a chance at this game.

Driving the bus: Linas Kleiza

Under the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Theme of the Game:

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  • Jonathon

    Raps lose, Jays lose, all is normal in the world of Toronto sports.

    • draftedraptor

       Jays are championship contenders unlike the raptors

      • Nilanka15

        Championship contenders?  The Jays will be fighting tooth and nail just to reach the 2nd wild card.

        • Destro

          This is going to burn like ether BUT the jays are going to finish 4th again….Teams very overrated 1-9…BUT back to our beloved Craps….i see how the this pos blog writer tries to half shit on Edward for doing something a certain italian fruit cake cant do….and tries to spin it as an attack about playing certain opponents…Wheres the faux outrage at the 19 and 2 stat lines by the starting center you fuckn weasel…

        • JL

          Yankees have the East, Tigers have the Central, Rangers probably have the West, and Tampa and LA will take both wild card spots.

  • ShermanTank

    #TankNation baby. Textbook tanking, keep the fans a bit interested, keep the Pacers a bit worried, then lose. Time to bring our A-game, er F-game vs the 76ers and keep this tank rolling, no real ground gained today, but no ground lost, which is a gain in my books. 

    8 games left, go Raps go, er, I mean, blow Raps blow. #TankNation, join the movement. 

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      And next season it’s just gonna magically turn around and all the Ls will turn into Ws- huh?lmfao

      What Franchise player exactly are the Raptors tanking for that will turn around this Franchise next season again?

      Losing has made some fans delusional as to the consider the losing of games as winning- only under BC…smdh

      #StankNation was your ass….

      • Brett

        You’re right, if we can’t contend for a championship next year we might as well mail it in and forget about tanking to improve.

        I’ll let tank nation know about your brilliant plan of not-really-winning-lots-or-losing-lots and hopefully we can get everybody on board for pushing this to a 25 win season. We may still miss the playoffs and thus lose out on any point to winning those games anyway, but hey, at least we won’t be “delusional” right?!

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


          • Lorenzo

            Did you want to say something? Go ahead buddy 🙂

        • Destro

          Stupid ass reply….

          He was alluding to the fact that this team isnt a playoff team next year simply because they get a lottery pick this year and have Valchoonas coming here….FACT is this team is still terrible…which is why were 20-37 and were 22-60 last year….

          Embarrasing that THIS needed to be explained to YOU…

          • Nilanka15

            But why is the discussion restricted to next year only?  Even if we don’t make the playoffs next year, that doesn’t mean that a high draft pick won’t be helpful.

            • Destro

              Because we dont want to talk too far down the road,cuz alot can happen in 2 off seasons…Its logical based on this roster and what we know about what for certain will be on the roster in addition,that this will not be a playoff team in 2012-13…


              • Nilanka15

                If we’re specifically talking about the merits of tanking, then I don’t think it makes sense to value the pick based on next season’s finish alone. 

                If we draft correctly (big “if”, I know), then it’s possible our pick could be helping this team for many, many years to come.

                • Destro

                  Breh im not talking about all that,im simply saying were not a playoff team next year based on what we know right now…

                • Nilanka15

                  The original post talks about tanking.  I haven’t swayed away from that topic.

          • Rob

            Lol, big surprise here, Gots2Go is defending himself through his other alias Dumstro smdh…

            • Destro

              I bet you thought that sounded funny when typing it,didnt you, ya cornball ass whiteboy…

              • Rob

                Not trying to be funny Dumstro, you and your alter-ego Gots2Go are a comedy show in itself, and the unintentional stupidity that both your personalities exhibit provide for some good laughs.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  You need some fresh air or a reality check as I don’t post under any other aliases in this forum…delusional people living in a computer forum go meet talk to some real people….lmfao

                • Raps4Ever

                  Not the first time, but you slipped up and exposed yourself down below in response to Milesboyer. You really are a pathetic ol’ man who either has had too much BC bud, or not enough.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Like I said get a life…lol

                • Rob

                  Funny how the guy that posts here everyday spewing the same old drivel about how much he dislikes BC, the Raptors, Bargnani, and Calderon, all this under 2 usernames, is telling us to get a life. How ironic.

      • ShermanTank

        Nope, but you gotta look at the big picture, short-sighted fans like you looking for quick fixes and first round playoff exits will never get it. Lose now to win later, for you it’s all about the next closest season, you don’t think years ahead, you just want short-term, short-lived satisfaction. We want to build a sustainable, competitive basketball team, this summer’s draft, and other moves, will be a major stepping stone in this team’s hopeful ascension  to that status.

        But again, you’ll never get it, and just make this all about your disdain for Bryan Colangelo. Knowledgable fans of teams like Golden State, Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, New Orleans and other lottery-bound team understand the importance of losing in a season that was about development anyways and I can assure you, are watching the standings every night hoping for less W’s and more L’s just as most of us here. Uneducated “fans” such as yourself will never understand this and are satisfied with mediocrity.  

        So stop making this about your personal agenda with Bryco & Raptors management, and support this team getting a great player in a draft that has them. It really is simple.

        #TankNation wash your face!

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          BC has been in the TDot since 2006- quick fixes?lmfao

          Big picture- BC has fucked up the Raptors with his basketball decisions: CB TPE- do you know me?

          Lose now, lose later…..recognize game…..smh

          Who is that GREAT player that you speak of that the Raptors will get in the 2012 draft from tanking aka stanking?

          • Destro

            7 foot center BC and Gherardini have been scouting in Slovenia…Marsallynys Novotnyestelenko
            Word is has great hands and although is kind of soft he has alot of skills…his father Vasiliyo Skorokhodneshev was a weightlifter in the ol East Bloc for Yugoslavia….so he has that eastern european toughness minus the athleticism…his ceiling is Bill Wennington…

          • Paloma

            Tony “black steel” Wroten.

            • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

              I don’t want him coming to Toronto I’d rather he go to a REAL franchise like Portland or Utah who both have 2 Lottery picks in 2012.

              Btw- he will be the steal of this draft wherever he is drafted at looking back in 5 years (imo).

              • Raps4Ever

                Are you just a common Troll getting his jollies on the internet, or is this another example of you being so dumb that you get caught up in the maze of your own bombastic bullchit? You’ve repeatedly talked Wroten up as the next coming, and someone the Raps need, yet now say you don’t want the team you say you’re a fan of to have him.

                No wonder you constantly shout out to others that they’re “stuck on stupid”. You’ve been mired in it your whole life and are desperate for company.

              • Nilanka15

                Agreed with Raps4Ever.

                If you’re a fan of the Raptors, then it makes zero sense whatsoever why you wouldn’t want Wroten on this team (a player who you believe is a good prospect).

                All of sudden, you’re putting Wroten’s interests ahead of the team.  Seems fanboy-ish to me…

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  I actually know TWJr, buddy- I wouldn’t want him in the TDot under BC- point blank…

                • Nilanka15

                  Somehow, I find that very hard to believe.  But whatever makes you happy…

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


                  My nephew is the next starting pg at UBC (signing tomorrow April 11 coming up from Seattle tonite on the train to make a campus visit to see Coach Hanson & Casey Archibald):

                  Cartiea French-Toney (Olympic College Bremerton Wa) 

                  he’s part of Tony’s LOE crew- recognize game lame.



                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Here’s the most recent UBC basketball recruiting news and there’s no mention of Cartiea French-Toney being a UBC men’s basketball recruit for 2012:


                  Now wait until after the 11 of April and he will be mentioned as a 2012 UBC men’s basketball recruit, guy.lmfao at u

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Here’s Tony Wroten Jr introducing his LOE (Loyalty Over Everything) crew which includes my nephew Cartiea French-Toney:


                • Rob

                  So you complain about this team losing, then you complain about them having no good players, but now you say you don’t want them to have any good players. 

                  Another one of Gots2Go’s brilliant idiotic moments, and blatant admission of being no more than a troll that doesn’t even like this team in the first place. Great logic you sad old bloke! smdh..

      • Milesboyer

        When does your dislike for the Raptors get to be enough that you stop following the team and better yet stop posting.

        • Destro

          When this team has a complete euro starting 5 and nobody can dunk even the bigs,then im out for good…. 

          • Lorenzo

            He wasn’t asking you. Oh wait… nvm. 😉

            • Rob

              LMAO. +100000!

        • Lorenzo

          December 21st

  • Beaverboi

    As much as there is talk about this team being ready to contend in two years, I wouldn’t mind seeing a first round exit next year as opposed to improving a little and still being in the lottery. I am really hoping that JV and this year’s pick will improve the team enough to at least make the eighth spot, giving the young players a taste of playoff ball. Unless you are Boston or Miami, you don’t go from nothing to contender in one season. There is lots of talk of the OKC model. They weren’t contenders right away, and that team also got real lucky they didn’t win the Oden draft. Sure let the close game L’s pile up this season, but play the young guys and hope for the playoffs next year – even if it is getting spanked by Chicago. 

  • FAQ

    Get this through yer thick tribal honking fan skulls…. Ratpors will suck at least for the next 4 seasons because decent U.S. FA’s don’t want to live in Canada and would rather play for MJ’s team for less money.

    The only way the Rats can develop is to import more Europlayers who don’t mind playing and living in Toronto.  Jose, Bargs, Kleiza, Val, and remember Garbajosa??

    Toronto might as well be Moscow as far as U.S. FA’s are concerned… it’s not a real NBA town… because they have hockey puck brainlets.

    • Thick tribal honking fan skull

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • 2003gpa

    What is you try to talk to me about hello ?
    You say to me that latvian basketball man not good for playing NBA games ?
    I think we try to play if we have more lativan team to Toronto play for NBA this make us good and we hard make us for playoffs and maybe other player who come here or nto would play us no ? We might together or see if it could be true ?