The “a third beats a quarter” edition:

Alabi: the man is a rebounding machine. After a good appearance the other night, he comes back and registers 6 boards in 10 minutes showing Bosh that he really can play in the NBA and all those practices against him in pre-seasons past actually sunk in. Too bad Bosh had the Alabi courtside seats for this one.

Anderson: heavy minutes (45) and he started to look gassed at about the 20 minute mark. He heaved (literally) 8 from downtown and hit none. It was like he wanted to tip his hat to Jose by replicating his poor outside shooting last season.

Davis: man, I swear, I’ve lived most of my life listening to how Leafs fans are frustrated. Never understood until Davis became the embodiment of that team: give hope, then take it away by playing flat. Begin the year with such hope and an assumed average of a double double and actually play it out like you were a wet towel awaiting a surfer.

DeRozan: look, if you can’t get up to play the Miami Heat that are without 2 of their big stars in an arena that is about as loud as Arsenalist’s bedroom, and you are supposed to be the team leader, how can you expect your fans to care, let alone your teammates?

Forbes: better than the last game, but that is like saying a cracked gas tank is better than a gas tank with a 2 inch hole in the bottom of it.

Gray: Jesus man…I love you, but it’s beginning to feel like I’m a supporter of child labour. I mean, I like Nike products, but should I boast about this shirt I’m wearing knowing how it was made? Even the small stuff that Aaron was doing a few weeks ago (setting good screens, boxing out consistently, etc) has gone away.

A. Johnson: 3 pts and 4 rebounds in 21 minutes is as impressive from a starter as the sales from a hot dog cart at a vegan festival.

J. Johnson: his tiara seemed to fit well tonight and it was even kind of shiny. One of few effective Raptors on the court he kept us in it for a bit but wasn’t able to help bring us back.

Uzoh: rebounds continue to be his forte, apparently. I mean, it makes sense since the one thing this team doesn’t need is a playmaker or a quarterback. Nahhhh.

Driving the bus: James Johnson

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Amir is playing hurt while Jose, Linas & AB rest their injuries.smh

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Golll

       im so angry im gonna go give a bunch of homeless men head.

      • Cesco

        well im going to go jack off to highlights of bargnani before his injury, ciao!!!

    • Ryan

      Calderon’s already tried playing while hurt. Everyone bitched about how he was hurting the team. And now we’re bitching about him NOT playing while hurt? Yes, he’s not the greatest PG to ever put on the jersey, and he’ll probably be gone since he isn’t part of the ‘youth movement’, but you cannot seriously slag the guy for his work ethic and drive. That’s always been there, even if he’s a crappy defender.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I love how you generalize in order to rationalize.lmfao

        Raptors have only 1 active pg (a DLeaguer) as Forbes is not a pg nor an initiator of the offense could have at least kept Dentmon around.

      • knickz

         it absolutely makes me sick how calderon is treated by this fanbase. the guys on this site aren’t all that cruel, but the clowns on real gm take their hate for jose way too far

    • Truthkiller

      TankNation brah!! BC knows.

    • Colef

      youre just always shaking your head, eh?

  • knickz

    i’m probably the only leo rautins fan on here, but him trying to discredit lebron winning another mvp was making me sick

    • mountio

      It was disgusting. Just reeked of bias .. Lebron must have denied him an interview or something at some point. Leo’s views are so biased in general, it makes me sick. If a guy “played for his country” or Leo “saw him in international ball” .. he will swan all over him for minutes (because it gives him a chance to subtly remind everyone that he is “Canada’s coash”.
      The LBJ rant was awful. Its totally fine to favour Durant in the MVP race .. but he wanted let it die. Good on Devlin for not giving in

    • Destro

      Leo Rautins is a terrible analyst and coach…cant wait til he’s out of here altogether…

    • sleepz


      4th quarter points scoring? Not having the eye to finish games that Durrant has? These are your arguments Leo. LOL

      Take a look at who Lebron’s usually guarding in the 4th quarter pal, cuz you can be valuable to a team more than 4th quarter point scoring and if thats the basis then he should be supporting Chris Paul cuz the stats show there is no player more clutch in the 4th than him.

      I thought it was just me getting stirred up by Rautin’s ridiculous logic but I’m glad more people felt like he was talking nonsense.

      • voy

        Lebron is a monster.  anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.  no one should even have to put forward any arguments. its like trying to convince someone the sky isn’t blue.  if some idiot thinks the sky is red are you really going to waste your time and try to convince him otherwise?  No. You just tell him to learn his colours before he opens he opens his mouth next time.

        And as amazing as Lebron is on the court, thats how equally bad his decision was to join the Heat.  He cheapens the championship run by running to play with Wade, abandoning the Cavs. I understand the rest the Cav players were hardly a good support cast for James but I think he is just as much to blame for that as the GM.  Its not like any player transactions occured without consulting Lebron and getting his blessing and even insights.  This, in my opinion, is the only real legit criticism of Lebron.

        • sleepz

          I don’t know cuz you need to play with good players to win, bottom line. Magic and Bird’s championship teams were STACKED with talent.

          An arguenet was made the other day. You take Miami’s big 3 and swap them out with OKC’s (Durrant, Westie, Harden) and OKC probably win’s 60 games as Miami’s supporting cast is not that deep at all.

          Yes playing with a player like Wade is quite the tandem but a team needs more than 2 or 3 outstanding individuals no matter how good they are to be a true contender for a chip.

          And leaving the Cavs was imo essential. He most likely has no say in player personnel where he is now and can just focus on balling.

          • Nilanka15

            The Heat need to trade Wade for Howard.

            • sleepz

              I don’t disagree with you however how can the Heat turn around after all the acquisitions and trade the guy that was actually drafted by the organization? Like the D. Chapelle Rick James would say that’s “Coooooold Bloooooded”.

              I do feel Wade’s body is gong to get worse and will be harder for him to stay healthy season-to-season but thats would be quite the trade. I can’t see Riley pulling the trigger on that one though.

              • Nilanka15

                lol, it would be extremely cold blooded.  But then again, loyalty in pro sports is a rarity these days.

                • sleepz

                  I agree with that as well.

                  Just think, Wade does his best to recruit Lebrin and Bosh and then he’s the first to get flipped elsewhere? That would be rough.

          • voy

            i totally agree a championship team needs more than 2 guys or needs to be more of a complete team than just 2 all world players.  However, I dont think Lebron thought of this at all.  I think he was blinded with the prospects of playing with Wade and immediately creating a dynasty and carving out his place in history.  Plus his entourage was probably begging him to make the move to miami rather than stay in cleveland as well. 

            I dont think Lebron is a bad guy but he totally made the wrong decision.  He would have won a championship in cleveland.  They just needed to surround him with the proper pieces and create a complete team, just like Dallas did with Dirk.

            • Destro

              He wasnt going to win a championship in Cleveland…They were a 60 win reg season team they didnt have the parts to win in the playoffs and the GM didnt show the accument to make deals to bring in those parts…(Wouldnt trade Hickson for Amare UGH)
              Shaq,Jamison wasnt going to get it done…PLUS nobody wants to play there….Only thing hes guilty of is the TV announcement,outside of that the hate for him outside of Cleveland is complete hate,envy and jealousy nothing more…

              • voy

                agreed. making the announcement on tv was the biggest mistake. 

                yeah, I dont think he would have won with the cast he had in clev right before he left but I think there was a decent enough chance the organization would have eventually figured it out and collected the pieces to build a complete team around him. 

                Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland.  He should have told Wade “if you want to play with me, you come to Cleveland”. 

                I equate it to Lebron leaving his home to go to Miami and 2ble team a chick with Wade.  Afterwards, sure he was in a threeway but there was only one girl.  Its the same thing if he wins a championship.  Sure its ok he won a championship but he won it with Wade and CB.  Chicks should be coming to cleveland to tag team Lebron.  lebron shouldn’t running to miami to share a chick with another guy.

                • sleepz

                  I didn’t see that type of analogy coming.

                  The only thing I would say is why were players not flocking to Cleveland during his time there?

                  A broken down Shaq doesn’t count, but there were no good to elite players that were trying to get to the Cavs to play with Lebron.

                  Maybe this would have changed going forward but I think he was ready to be out and try on a different jersey

                • voy

                  i guess my point was, if collusion was going to occur it shouldn’t have been the best player in the league running like a little kid, leaving his home town team, to join his friend in miami (who had already won a title). 

                  I could be wrong but I cant even remember such a blatant example of collusion ever occuring in basketball. Its a shame the best player in the world had to set the precident.

            • sleepz

              Agreed on all the above points but Cleveland couldn’t put the pieces around him (maybe much of this was his fault as well as he had input into personnel).

              I can’t knock it cuz I’ve seen Shaq do it and it worked out very well for him and didn’t damage his legacy. Maybe this is a different example and many won’t soon forget the taking of talents to South Beach but at the end of the day if Lebron win’s multiple rings I don’t think he’s going to care.

              He’s had individual success. Chips are the only thing that matters at this point. Only thing that should matter at any point.

              Do you think you would feel the same way if he had of went to the Knicks?

  • NyAlesund

    Ed Davis 4 rebs, Alabi 6 in 10 minutes (but he doesn’t play basket) , Amir 4 with the Heat outscored 41 to 31!

    Damn rebs…………………………lol

    • sleepz

      check the block stats

  • Nilanka15

    Is the season over yet?

  • hateslosing

    Seriously, Alabi is a monster. I’ve been hoping he’d get to play some minutes, and while he is still incredibly awkward, he is a rebounding, blocking machine. Seriously, 6 boards and 2 blocks in 10 minutes is a nice stat line. Here’s hoping they play him even bigger minutes the rest of the way, it’s nice to finally see him improving. I’d like to see how a line up with Ed Davis and Alabi plays with big minutes. There is some scary size and length there, especially if you put James Johnson out there too.

    Gotta be positive raps fans :).