Six day away from the annual ritual that is the lottery. Don’t let the Raptors 2.8% chance of winning the lottery get you down, think of it this way: the Raptors have a 10% chance of getting a top three pick! That’s because 2.8 + 3.3 + 3.9 = 10. I’m not going to go back into draft history and figure out which eighth worst team got a top three pick or won the lottery because that would be silly, and also because the concept of 10% is kind of easy to understand.

You might’ve already read David Aldridge cheering for us by making an analogy about the Raptors being a fat girlfriend who was abused by her boyfriend. I’m not sure what he’s getting at, what’s clear is that David Aldridge doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“Imagine a frontcourt of the 7-foot Bargnani, the 6-foot-11 Davis and 7-foot-2 center Jonas Valenciunas [sic]”

Ed Davis? Really? That may as well be 6-foot-11 Mikki Moore, or 6-foot-11 tall black dude. Size alone has rarely equated to actual advantage on the floor and right now that’s what Ed Davis is, and he doesn’t even look that imposing on the court. In fact, picking between Amir Johnson and Ed Davis as rotation players, you’d have to go with Johnson, with the only strike against him being the contract. BTW, who gets amnestied this summer?

The Raptors are in the Vegas summer league which runs from July 13-22, smack in the middle of Euro 2012. They got a big picture of Ed Davis in that article suggesting that he might be there, as well he should (even though he’s about to enter his third year and is getting consistent minutes). In fact, every Raptor not named Andrea Bargnani should be there.

I can’t recall much of anything significant resulting from summer league the past few years. Quincy Douby was the only speck of slight significance that came out of it, Joel Bosh provided some sardonic entertainment, and Ronald Dupree made it to camp for some reason. I suppose if Jonas Valaniunas makes it over in time, he would be the main focal point of the league from a Raptors perspective, and of course the pick we get in this draft.

Let’s play a game now, I mention a player you and tell me what year he was in summer league:

Curtis Stinson
Smush Parker
John Lucas
Cheikh Samb
Paul Davis
C.J. Giles
Rod Benson

So yeah, things are happening. Like this thread.

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19 Responses to “Think of the Lottery This Way + A Game For You Guys”

  1. Austinromano

    “Imagine a frontcourt of the 7-foot Bargnani, the 6-foot-11 Davis and 7-foot-2 center Jonas Valenciunas [sic]“

    I belive the Davis he was talking about is Anthony Davis if the rapts got the #1 pick and took him.

  2. skip

    don’t you think he meant anthony davis, arse? you need to get more sleep.

  3. Thornbury

    He did mean Anthony Davis numbnuts. Context of the article should have been one hint.

  4. Riaz21m

    Dude you need to read David’s article fully. He wants the raptors to get the 1st pick so the team can be successful again and make the playoffs. He is also talking about Anthony Davis, not Ed Davis.

  5. SitnonDfence

    Nobody in their right mind should imagine a starting front court consisting of Ed Davis…

    • Nilanka15

      My bad.  The timelines don’t match up.  That’s probably Avery Johnson instead.  Arse isn’t the only one who needs more sleep…

  6. Matt52

    The odds are actually more like 12%.  GSW won the coin toss but that just gave them the extra ball.  Toronto has 35 balls and GSW 36.

    Odds of 1st 3.5%
    Odds of 2nd ~ 4.1%
    Odds of 3rd ~ 4.8%

    Odds of top 3 pick about 12.4% (if adding the percentages).

    Takes the odds from 1 in 10 to 1 in 8.

    I like 1 in 8 better than 1 in 10.

  7. Anuson W

    LOL, yah i read the article and all i could thing to myself was, wait did i read the article wrong did he mean Ed Davis…… oh well nice to know aldridge isnt crazy

    • HitItHardFromTheBack

      Mikki Moore….I remember when that dude went HAM on the Raps few years ago in the playoffs when he be with the Nets, he done led the league in FG% one year..damn times changed.

  8. RapthoseLeafs


    I thought there was more to this Post, especially after I re-read the title ” ….. + A Game for You Guys” …. Leading to the question – Is Arsenalist f*#k’n with us?

    I guess that’s called ‘thinking too much’ … lol


    • Rob

      Ohhh lol, that’s what ” + A Game for you guys” meant. He definitely was fucking with us then, good find.

      • Rob

        Or scratch that, the “game” was as mentioned in the last paragraph with that list of players and what year they played in the summer league. My bad, guess there wasn’t any fucking around lol.

  9. Lorenzo

    Lmao Smush fuckin Parker… i remember tearin shit up with that guy in NBA live 04.

    Referring to the “game”, were these players on the Raptors summer league roster or just any roster in general?

  10. FAQ

    Looks like the Raps b’ball IQ is gonna take another hit when JonasV and the draft pick are added to the miserable roster of scrubs and fillers.  I feel sorry for the team veterans who have to struggle with all those ‘development’ players goofing up because they are knuckleheads.

    Rap veterans: Jose… Bargs … … ….???

  11. voy

    you cant have a frontcourt of jv, ad and ab.  its one thing to be an athletic 7fter, its entirely another thing to be an athletic sf. 

    if we land ad, the plan has to be start’em (him and jv) off slowly and continue to increase their minutes if they improve.  if both prove to be the real deal you gotta trade bargs for a need sometime the season after. 


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