The Toronto Raptors will more than likely select one of the following 5 players in tonight’s draft. If you’ve been keeping up to date on all the latest draft news, this won’t be anything earth shattering. On the other hand, if you’re unprepared for tonight, here’s a little cheat sheet to bring you up to speed.

Austin Rivers

The Good: Son of an NBA coach, comes from a solid college program at Duke, proven scorer at the college level, oozes confidence, had nice things to say about Toronto, did I mention his dad is Doc Rivers?

The Bad: Lacks one elite level skill, comes across as cocky, failed to live up to expectations in his freshman season, questions about athletic ability, NBA nepotism, went to Duke, questions about his ability to be a starting 2 guard at the next level.

The Verdict: Stay away; Rivers might have good value later into the lottery, but at 8 he’s simply too high a risk for not nearly enough reward.

Damian Lillard

The Good: Exceptional scorer’s mentality with the ability to get to & finish at the bucket as well as hit the outside jumper, had impressive assist to turnover ratio, led his team in almost every offensive category, good size at the point guard position.

The Bad: Played in a less than completive conference, his team failed to even qualify for the tourney, was less than impressive against better competition, is still a relative unknown commodity as a junior, questions about his ability to lead a team.

The Verdict: If he’s still there, and there’s not someone who the Raptors have fallen in love with behind him, they have to take him.

Dion Waiters

The Good: No fear in driving to the hoop, very effective slasher with an improving shooting arsenal, jumps the gap well leading to high steals rate, spark plug off the bench, physically strong and takes contact well; John Hollinger thinks he might be Dwayne Wade.

The Bad: Not great size for a 2 guard, less than explosive athlete, was unable to crack the starting rotation at Syracuse for 2 straight years, cheats on defense, questions about true position, jump shot still unpolished.

The Verdict: If he turns out to be Dwayne Wade, this will look dumb, but pass, and pass quicly.

Andre Drummond

The Good:  Rare physical tools, has the potential on height, weight and strength alone to be a dominant big man in the NBA; while still raw, has good rebounding, shot blocking, and inside scoring ability, was in the discussion for #1 overall pre-season.

The Bad: Underperformed in college, incredibly raw, massive bust potential, questions about his desire to play the game, can be passive on the floor, slight attitude problems.

The Verdict: Big bodies with this kind of potential don’t fall in the draft often; if he’s there at 8, take him, and figure out the particulars after.

Jeremy Lamb

The Good: Excellent shooter with unlimited range, freakish wingspan, has above average ball-handling ability for the position.

The Bad: Very wiry slender frame, avoids contact at all costs, can be overpowered on the defensive end, questions about his ability to lead a team/be a good teammate, and relies on his jump shot too heavily.

The Verdict: Unless the Raptors believe Lamb will usurp DeRozan within the year, pass.

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  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I interrupt this blog with an important message………

    Both BC & CASEY said in the season ending presser that the REBUILD/BUILD is OVER after just a year and a half since BC announced it sometime in January 2011 as the Raptors continued to lose games due to his decisions as both Raptors President & GM.

    Now back to your regular blog particulars……

    • Randy

      I don’t understand how you enjoy being a raptors fan. You’re so negative and depressing. Can you please just keep it to yourself so we don’t have to read your garbage? Thanks.

    • p00ka

      1. What exactly did they say is “over”? Got quotes?
      2. Is it possible their interpretations of build and rebuild are different than yours? What have either said that they’d do, but haven’t or have said they’re done doing it?

      • p00ka_is_a_fish

        Your back!!! I missed you.

    • CJT

      I interrupt this blg with an important message……
      Once again you have nothing important to say on this blog. 

    • raptorpoo

      HEY!… give BC a break!

      Can’t you see BC’s building from the bottom up?



  • Homer_and_Bart

    You don’t win friends with salad….You don’t win friends with salad….

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    HB, myboi HB and yall straight sleepin on him.

    if shit go down like this:

    5.Drummond (kings talkin trade to rockets who like drummond)
    6.Lillard (portland dont need a SF, and high on lillard)
    7.Waiters (J. West a big fan of his)


    • CalgaryRapsFan

      Yes please… I posted the exact same top-8 breakdown (and rationale) in a few forum threads over the past half hour!

    • ad

      I would love for that to happen but im not sure the warriors would pick waiters over barnes. Maybe drummond if hes still there but that would mean waiters would have to go earlier which is unlikely.

  • ad

    At the end of the day, I think Waiters (likely), Barnes (unlikely, but possible) or rivers (only if barnes and waiters are gone) will be raptors.

  • Kevin

    No live draft chat like last year? I thought it was pretty fun last year

  • Rapsfanloo

    does anyone have an online stream?

  • Guest
  • mountio

    just what I feared .. Drummond drops. Unfortunately we have to take him .. then trade him (or someone else)

  • pran

    terrence fucking ross wtf. we coulda drafted andre drummond…smh

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


    • Rob

      Gotta gives you props for that one, you’ve had T-Ross going to the Raps as one of your top 2 guys from the start.

    • Tesla


    • mountio

      You’ve been talking him up .. give us some highlights on this guy .. I havent spent a lot of time reading about / watching him .. now we just need to trade up for TWJr. 

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!
        TRoss HilightMix
        TRoss NBA Workout

        He’s just like Isaiah Thomas- plays with heart plus he rebounds & defends.

        Btw- TWJr is better than TRoss……I watched every Husky game this season and TWJr was the heart & soul of that team…

        • mountio

          thanks. I checked out these and others. I like what I see .. nice stroke and athletic .. hes growing on me for sure. Also, could be some interesting guys left in the 2nd round .. 

          • Destro

            please stop…the guy was projected as a late first rounder…you dont take this guy over Jeremy Lamb at 8…

            Again Again im sitting there with a WTF face at a raptors draft selection…This team is cursed with absolute inept front office idiots….

            • p00ka

              most projected him late lottery, not “late first rounder”, so what else do you accurately know about “this guy’?

    • Truthkiller

      Fuck this draft, I’m on the bandwagon BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I actually like this pick (if it’s not traded away) but they still Gots2Go unless they get TWJr as well!!!lol

  • Buschfire

    terrance ross?

  • Seeten

    And then I threw up in my mouth as we picked Terrence Ross.

    Look, I don’t dislike Ross, I just wonder why we’re drafting him 5 spots early, when Houston’s guy was on the board, we probably could have gotten #12 and Lowry for Drummond =(

    • Truthkiller

      I just don’t understand this BC character.

  • cdub

    solid pick.  with waiters and lillard gone I like.
    the raps obviously wanted the guy, he fills a need. 
    anybody saying we could have traded down, we could have traded drummond….if that was the case then there would have been a trade announced right?…obviosuly wasn’t happening.

  • nba_socrates

    Terrence Who?? when u have a chance to draft a centre for insurance, i dont even think Val is gonna be that good. How many european centres have come into the NBA and dominated?? 

  • voy

    love the pick.  maybe took him a touch early but if no one wanted to grab our 8 for maybe a 10-12 plus another pick, I have no problem taking ross a little early.  drummond is not a basketball player and austin rivers strikes me as a cancer for a rebuilding team. 

    Now that we have a guy who is 100% gonna be a player, I wouldn’t mind trading for another first rounder and swinging for the fences with Perry Jones.  Or go a little more conservative(?) and trade maybe ED for Terrance Jones

    jv and t.ross.  could be a nice start.

    • mountio

      I gotta admit .. I hadnt looked at this guy much .. but have been youtubing like crazy and I like what I see. Nice stroke from deep and pretty athletic as well .. some solid dunks and athlethic alley-oops 
      Maybe a bit high .. but like you say, if no one was biting .. not sure what you can do. Drummond would have been a trade. I didnt want to go within a country mile of Rivers .. 

      • snark week

        I think the fact they didn’t swap picks with Houston at #12 (where they could still have gotten Ross) means they didn’t want to go with Lowry … which may mean they feel confident they’re going to land Nash in free agency.

  • FAQ

    Who.. who.. who.. hoo.. hoo.. haa.. haa.. haa.. !!!!

    Okay, seriously now, Raps will get the #1 pick in 2013…. any guesses??!!!

  • ad

    Terrence Ross? Are you fucking kidding me? How does BC still have a job? First of all, they lied to their fanbase about taking the best player available which ross clearly isnt by any scouting measure. Secondly, Ross’s best skill (shooting) is easily obtained thru free agency. Tons of shooters available who are good at shooting but nothing else. Ross cant create his own shot. Lastly, if they liked ross why not trade down and accumulate more assets? Fucking idiots in raptors front office. Terrible pick. Easily worst in top 10. They should have taken drummond and used him as a trade chip. Also, that coin flip with GS really screwed them.

    • Couldn’t agree more. What a terrible pick for this slot.

    • Fsdfd

      Drafts are more art than science. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion it’s a terrible pick until we see what these players turn out to be.

      • ad

         Of course, but this isnt baseball. Teams usually have a good idea of a players abilities and potential in basketball. You can get stars later in the draft but the majority are picked in the top 5-10. And knowing the raptors poor scouting history I doubt Ross is anything special. Hope Im wrong though but I just find it to be a very poor pick.

    • snark week

      But he both shoots and plays defense, which is not as easy to find.  He’s a Casey type of player.  But I agree that they should have tried to get more value from #8 by trading down.

  • mountio

    You gotta give props to the bowtie as well .. 

    • Destro

      NO i dont hes the only guy up there that looked like a complete faggot…

      • hater

        thats cuz you weren’t up there…

  • RaptorFan

    WOW!!…..did not see this one coming….I hope they made the right pick…..T Ross was projected to go 13 or 14 in 5 of 12 mock drafts i was watching…..he wasn’t even on the other 7 mock drafts!!……IF BC was any good he would’ve traded the #8 pick for Houston’s 12 or 14 and picked T Ross……i’m a bit dissappointed…..BC is ALL talk and no action!!  Who thinks T Ross will be a better player than Austin Rivers or Jeremy Lamb????? patiently waiting to be proved wrong… *sigh*

  • Matto

    Gots2go might be on to someting here.. oh the irony, Tross looks real nice in those highlights, BC coulda grabbed another sleeper without a sexy name