Our opponents

Our opponents.

Alright Republic, welcome to our Live Blog of the first pre-season game of the 2012-13 Toronto Raptors season. Tonight at 7pm EST the Raptors play host to Real Madrid, a formidable international opponent from the Spanish ACB league. I’ll be updating the page every 5-10 minutes depending on game action, so be sure to refresh often and join in the conversation in the comments (unfortunately I have no idea how Cover It Live works).

The Raptoras will start Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, Andrea Bargnani and Aaron Gray, while Kyle Lowry (strained abductor muscle, approximately one-two weeks) and Jonas Valanciunas (strained calf, day-to-day) will rest with minor injuries.

I’m unsure of Madrid’s starters, but their roster boasts several talented players including ex-NBA players Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez.

Updates with time stamps will begin below. Welcome to the 2012-13 season!

6:47PM EST – Stream is working at the moment (I don’t have NBA TV due to some odd packaging bundles out here in Vancouver). Fingers crossed it holds up.

7:00 – Oh yeah, here we go! Stream didn’t give out at 7 as I expected. Fernandez, Rodriguez, Reyes and Llull are names you may recognize tonight from international play or as former NBA-ers, as mentioned. Should be a good test for a Raptors squad without their PG and one of their key bigs. As an FYI, Memphis beat Madrid last night.

7:04 – Jose looks great in warmups and pre-game graphics. POINT GUARD CONTROVERSY!!!!

7:07 – Introduction video was nice, Wiz Khalifa’s Work hard Play Hard is the song for the video, which fits. Hard to tell the difference between reaction sizes but DeRozan’s sounded pretty strong, which would fit with what we heard from the intrasquad game in Halifax.

7:09 – Carroll, Llull, Fernandez, Mirotic, and Begic are the Madrid starters. Mirotic is Bulls property and dropped 14-and-7 against the Grizzlies last night.

7:11 – Raps win tip, Jose turns the ball over trying to dump it into Gray off a pick-and-roll, and it leads to a Mirotic bucket. Season doomed.

Nevermind. Fields totally answers with a two. #Swagg

7:13 – Devlin and Sherm are already making excuses for the Raps, down 7-2, in the sense that Madrid has already played. DeMar hits a pair to make it 7-4.

7:14 – Man Madrid looks ready, up 11-6 early. Leads to Sherm making more excuses (in Europe, every game means so much!). Bargs mercifully stops that train of thought with a hard drive getting him to the line. 11-8.

7:17 – First instance of my stream cutting out, leading to me clicking 400 ads for sexy girlfriends and video games and poker sites. As I return, Casey calls a timeout to spell the 14-8 start. Madrid is 6/7 from the floor, so hopefully heads are rolling.

7:20 – Bargs with two and the harm on a post-up out of the timeout. The timeout may not have helped as Bargs chases as Mirotic pump-fakes and blows by, but at least Gray knocks him on his ass and makes him earn it.

7:22 – My goodness. Bargs finds DeMar alone baseline and he inexplicably misses a layup. Mirotic has 6 with two blocks early, and Sherm and Devlin have now combined to make 11 excuses for the Raptors.

7:24 – Jose to Amir! I know, I know, Gray started, but Amir fits better with Bargs. I’ll digress eventually. Right after, Amir, at the elbow, finds Jose on the baseline cutting for an easy deuce.

7:25 – Madrid takes a timeout as the Raptors close it to 20-18 and Madrid is 2/7 since the Casey timeout. Bargs and DeMar each with 6 points on 2/5 shooting.

7:28 – Lucas, Ross, Kleiza, Davis, Johnson is the lineup now, so they’ve gone with a full second unit. Kleiza and Lucas can get for themselves but neither is a playmaker, and these other three need the set-ups so this could be ugly. Like that Ed Davis hook shot…yuck.

7:31 – T-Ross shows some nice vision finding Amir in transition, though he’s fouled. A few moments later, Amir cuts and receives a pass from Lucas for a reverse slam and the foul. Amir makes the freebite and the Raptors have a lead, 21-20.

7:34 – The second unit is putting their foot on the gas here and have Madrid reeling a bit. They haven’t scored in some time and the Raptors are getting to the line at a steady rate, with 14 attempts already, though they’re not hitting any of them.

7:36 – Lucas shows us his range with a three-ball and then Amir steals the ball and throws down a THUNDEROUS one-handed jam, making it a 17-2 Raptors run.

7:37 – In ice hockey, we always reference the “first fall of the season” which is the time when you inevitably lose your edge and fall in the first game of the year. Ross just had his, air-balling a long baseline two.

7:39 – End of 1st quarter with the Raptors on a 19-2 run, turning a 20-10 deficit into a 29-22 lead. After a 6/7 shooting start, Madrid has gone 3/16, while the Raptors also have more rebounds (18-12) and fewer turnovers (2-1). Solid back half of the quarter, there.

7:42 – I hope everyone in Canada gave thanks for the return of basketball this weekend. As frustrating as the Raps can be, I am so very happy to have this game back.

7:44 – Amir has two fouls already, but it’s been in 8 minutes, so…y’kno, same story. But he’s played incredible and his entrance into the game coincided with the tide turning. a Statophile/Liston favorite, that guy.

7:46 – Ross and Dom McGuire get on the radar with a silky one-dribble jumper and a block, respectively. Ed Davis announces his presence with authority, as well, missing another bunny in close to go with his three missed free throws. This can’t continue.

7:47 – Lucas has range. Another big three ball, and even with Mirotic answering, it’s 34-26 Raptors.

7:49 – @ekoreen with the best tweet of all time – “Real Madrid player just checked in smoking cigarette, finishing off some whiskey. Weird move, Dontaye Draper.” And you wonder why he (the National Post Raptors guy) is my favorite of the local news brigade.

7:50 – Madrid moves the ball well but the Raptors are aggressively closing out on shooters and pressuring the non-Rodriguez players with the ball. Too many fouls (12) but Madrid is rushing a lot of their sets now. I’ll repeat here, though it’s unrelated at this moment – I like me some Dom McGuire.

7:53 – All of the starters but Fields (DMC instead) are back in with the game 36-33, and DeMar adds a deuce. Off a sideline inbounds, DeMar feeds Andrea on a post-up but he fades away instead of attacking and misses. He should be attacking everyone, but especially these guys. DeRozan with a nice lefty deuce off a steal to follow that.

7:56 – Bargs misfires again (2/7), Calderon misses at the rim, and DeMar can’t put-back the awkward rebound. Rudy Fernandez makes it 40-39 and the starters have let Madrid right back into it, forcing Casey to call a timeout.

8:00 – It’s the complete starting lineup back in now. Sloppy sloppy play on offense right now, and Madrid has stretched the lead to 4. Get the subs back in here! No wait…Fields misses off the dribble but Aaron Gray grabs the rebound, almost kills the entire shot clock building up power for a small hop, and gets the two.

8:04 – Got a bit sidetracked by some texts relating to the Raptors, including “Ed Davis has never made a bunny in his life.” He’s not wrong. Raptors are back up 46-45 with 2min to go in the half. Also got an “urgent” message about fantasy basketball. My friends are the best.

8:08 – The Raptors have done a nice job trapping the ballhandler since the early run, but there have been a few times where shooters were left VERY alone outside the three point line, Madrid just couldn’t find them. They’ll have to tighten up their spacing on double-teams against teams with better ball movement, I think (unless their traps are just devastating). T-Ross returns for DeMar with a minute to go and the Raps up by a point.

8:12 – At the half, the Raptors lead 50-48 after Mirotic misses a Ray Allen-like foul-line rebound jumper at the buzzer. DeMar leads the way with 12 and 5, Madrid is down to just 38% shooting, the Raptors are dominating the boards (31-23)…but still, just a 2-point lead as Madrid has far more FTs and a few more threes, while the Raps are shooting just 42%.

I’m glad I’m doing this, as it makes me realize I’m a bit out of practice when it comes to simultaneously note-taking and watching the game. Luckily, I have PVR for the first time this season, so as long as games aren’t on NBA TV (preseason only) I’ll be able to pause and go back to things.

8:27 – Annnd here we go, started off with a Madrid bucket!

8:30 – Sorry all, a bit distracted from the end of the half until now, some big news from a friend over the half. I missed what took it to 55-52 Raptors, but Bargs sets a weak screen that creates a Jose air ball and then gets fouled after the Raptors take the ball right back. 10min to go in the 3rd, 55-52 Raptors, and I’m back full time. JOSE 3-ball…loose-butthole monocles!

Uh-oh! Jose is limping badly after that three ball, he’s holding his right ankle and limping pretty badly. Yikes. No replay yet but I’m assuming he came down on an ankle.

8:33 – According to Twitter, Jose has massive onions and is staying on the floor.

8:35 – Where is everyone tonight? Oh, it’s a glorified sparring match that wasn’t well-publicized and is on a Canadian holiday? No excuses, comment like champions.

Anybody else need a pretty big fantasy performance from Arian Foster tonight?

8:37 – Madrid in the penalty already and there are 9 minutes left in the quarter. So Bargnani, of course, pulls up a jumper from the free throw line and misses.

8:38 – The Real Landry Fields hits a three ball. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Would really like to see the Raptors go into attack mode here with Madrid in serious foul trouble.

8:39 – DeRozan heeds my advice and takes it to the rim but doesn’t finish. Jose with a big steal and then DeRozan misses his third layup of the game, getting fouled in the process this time. Gotta have those easy ones, guys. DeMar misses both and the team is 9/19 from the line now.

8:41 – Andrea goes to the hole now, getting to the line. Sherm is right that it’s what the team needs from Bargs. The jumpers are fine, especially from long range, but you’ve gotta know when the match-up is there to attack. Bargs splits the pair, and the team is a brutal 10/21 from the stripe, leading 63-59 with 6:34 to go.

8:43 – Double-A makes his first appearance, just as an FYI. Can’t say much about his chance for minutes that he’s the 12th man in an exhibition game with Lowry and Jonas both out.

8:45 – Reyes ties it up with his second bucket in a row. An Amir offensive board (he’s played great) leads to another Andrea missed jump-shot (4/14 overall). 65-65.

8:48 – We’ve got Lucas-Anderson-Kleiza-Bargnani-Davis, so you know, and Ed commits an off-ball offensive foul, Raptors turnover number 9 and Madrid free throw attempts #30 and 31, an absolutely ludicrous total. Madrid now leads 68-67.

8:50 – “Kleiza saves it…then throws it away!” is the most Kleiza sentence ever.

8:51 – @stackmack points out that Madrid has a ridiculous 18 assists on 20 field goals. Not quite as ridiculous as 31 free throw attempts in the 3rd quarter, but also pretty bad.

At least John Lucas came to play! He’s 3/5 for 8 points but the Raps still trail 71-69.

8:55 – This game is really not good basketball at this point, but I’m so thankful to have ball of any kind that I can’t really bring myself to complain. Double-A ties the game with a pair of freebies after being mauled.

8:56 – John Lucas with a very nice floater. He’s been impressive in his first Raptors action, although he has just a single rebound and assist in 12 minutes. Still, 10 points on 4/6 shooting. He could definitely hang in the back-up point guard role if need be.

9:00 – It’s 6pm where I am, by the way. West Coast time is going to be a serious adjustment this season. Going to love it for late games but the 4pm regular viewing could be pretty weird.

Lucas with a a deuce to give the Raptors the lead heading into the quarter break, giving him 12 points in 13 minutes. 75-73 Raptors.

9:05 – There is a lot to distract me from the game at this point…Texans/Jets, Yankees/Orioles, Arnold Schwarzenegger on WWE Raw. But here we are, and Double-A gets to the line once again to make it 80-75 Raptors. Bench continues to roll, while every starter has a negative plus-minus.

9:07 – Raptors seem a bit stale on offense right now with a lot of standing around. Defensively, Ed Davis gets hit with the Raptors TWENTY-EIGHTH!!! (28!!!) foul of the game, giving Madrid 42 free throw attempts. For context, NBA teams averaged less than 20 fouls per game last year against other NBA teams, but the Raptors have 28 in under 40 minutes against a European team.

9:09 – T-Ross makes it alll better with a silky three-point jump shot. When he’s set, that jumper is a thing of beauty. He takes a charge right after, as well.

9:13 – Ross with another triple. Give him 10 points on 4/6 and put the Raptors down for an 86-79 lead with 8 minutes to go. The Raptors have assisted on just over 50% of their field goals while Madrid has assisted on just shy of 100% of theirs.

9:15 – John Lucas is beasting right now, and you can give him 14 points on 6/8 shooting and some serious floor general points for his demeanor late in a sloppy and somewhat meaningless game.

9:16 – Double-A has looked rough out there, but he’s passed McGuire’s minutes total, at least. It sounds silly to comment on but that’s a potential battle for an active roster spot. Right on cue, Double-A gets his own rebound and lays it in, showing the hustle that got him back to The A in the first place.

9:18 – The teams trade offensive foul turnovers. Raptors lead 90-81 with 6 minutes to go. Per Eric Smith, there is a chant for Quincy Acy somewhere. I thought we’d see him, Chris Wright, and Jerel McNeal for sure, but this has been closer than expected.

Lead is now 11 after Mirotic, now 4/12 but looking like a potential future NBA player with 15-and-10, misses a three.

9:20 – If any of you are baseball fans, make sure you catch a clip of Ichiro scoring in the first inning of tonight’s game. He danced around the catcher like crazy to score a run.

If you’re a hockey fan, the Marlies won a pair of preseason games this weekend. No word on what Kadri did with the post-game spread.

If you’re a football fan, don’t you dare flip the channel to the Jets/Texans. No real football fan would dare watch the Jets this year.

For those of you basketball-only folk, the Raptors lead by 9 with 4 minutes to go.

9:24 – Raps by 11 now with under 3 minutes to go. We should probably get an appearance by the rest of the guys in uniform here. Nice effort by Madrid, albeit a very sloppy one, with Mirotic and Llull specifically impressing.

9:28 – According to ESPN’s boxscore, every single player in this game on both teams have positive plus-minus scores. Not sure how…that’s…possible. Oh well, preseason for the boxscore software, too, I suppose.

DeMar attacks and gets to the line once again, giving him 10 free throw attempts on the night. The Ross/DeRozan comparisons have already begun in the comments, but keep in mind that their offensive games are different. Ross’ jumper does look sweet, but DeMar earns his supper at the line. If he’s doing that, they can…nevermind, DeMar chucked up a super-long two as I wrote that.

9:30 – DeMar goes to the rim again. The very best thing we can ask for from Ross right now, as a rookie, is to push DeMar to play better, and if Ross can play like he did tonight, he’ll do just that.

9:30 – The teams trade turnovers at the 40-second mark, essentially ending any chance Madrid had of a comeback. Jose finds Davis on a pick-and-roll by threading the needle, but Davis is mauled by a pair of defenders and will go to the line. 100-92 before the free throws, with 19 seconds to go.

9:32 – Acy gets into the game with 19 seconds left, which is a bit of an insult, I suppose. It’s a 102-95 final.

Raptors win 102-95, head here for the boxscore. It wasn’t pretty, but they shook off some early-game struggles to settle in, at least offensively and on the boards. Way too many fouls and turnovers, with terrible free throw shooting, but they showed that on any given night they’ll be able to get contributions from a good number of players. Ross, Lucas, Amir, and Jose all looked especially spry, and DeRozan did a nice job attacking, too. I’m sure Casey will have some tidying up to do between now and Wednesday’s tilt in Detroit.

Check back later on or in the morning for Arse’s post-game breakdown. We’ll likely have pre- and post-game coverage for the exhibition bouys on Wednesday and Friday against the Pistons as well. And of course…say it with me now…

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85 Responses to “Raptors vs Real Madrid – Live Blog”

  1. babyface

    i love watching this second unit and also love the pace they are playing at calderon has got to go.

  2. Job

    I already like Ross more than Derozan. If we can get him open looks, he is going to make us all happy.

        • Destro

          LOL ^^ all of you epitomize hating and lying…9 FTs shot 50%

          fuggin liars hate when its not THERE man….

            • Destro

              Definitely bias…mind you i only saw the last 5 mins…and i saw him drive twice strong to the basket for buckets and his stat line doesnt read like that bs ur spewing at all…6/13  18 pts  9 FTs   nice try ya lying ass…

              • Lorenzo

                I’m hurt by your hostility. I demand a written apology.

                And no, young man, zero bias.

                • Destro

                  breh ill send you a written soliloque when you stop huggin the nuts of certain players on this team whom do not pay your rent…

                • Lorenzo

                  When did this happen??

                  So if somebody doesn’t agree with your views they’re automatically a ‘nut hugger’ lol?

                  Can you show any proof that I am heavily biased towards any players? Derozan’s play speaks for itself, and so does Terrence’s.

          • babyface

            republicans are always like that…but i haven’t seen f-all from the ball stopper #7

          • KJ-B

            arguably the best of DeRozan was his D–that was very different..and he got whatever he wanted on O…Best player on floor by a mile + then some!

        • babyface

          you are a real hater #7 played 31 mins. took more shots than any player on both side of the court (16) to get 14 points had three of the four re bound falls in his hands why don’t you go look at yh box score and see what the franchise playa #7 did tonite hater

        • Destro

          18 pts on 6/13 with 9 FTs tells a diff story then the one you lying about…betcha wont talk about 4 rebs in 30 mins tho…NOOOPE!

          • babyface

            you know this guy is waiting for his fav playa to bust out with his 13 game like last year…but really #7 played good D last night and nooooo fouls in 31mins

            • KJ-B

              #7 looked reeaaaalllly slow… those extra lbs aren’t making him like a turtle!  And besides that, he still can’t grab a rebound over a phone book…

              • Destro

                Lets be real about it..its pre-season the numbers dont really matters most of these guys are not going hard…but if were 2 weeks into the season and i see this 4 rebs in 35 mins oh best believe im going SHIT on this FAGGOT named IL Mago…

                • KJ-B

                  I understand that side of the argument–it’s just been given in his defence for sooo long, that I think the fan base will take any sign of failure at “Rebound-Ball” and run with it… He plays so far away from the rim for a 7 footer…heck even, DeRozan–which surprised me was flying in off the screen for boards!

      • KJ-B

        It’s funny because DeMar was near top 10 in Shooting Guard scoring if not at #10 last season in a mad dash of a schedule…folks here, don’t recognize what they have BUT soon in real games, the facts will speak for themselves…he just scored so easy last night–I think he shreds the Pistons as well…

        He’s becoming/defining himself as a scorer and NOT a shooter!  The greatest of the greatest in the games were scorers, MJ, LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Barkley, Wilkins and not shooters–except for maybe a Bird… Getting to the rim, going to the line, is how division banners, playoff series–when j’s don’t fall as often, championship banners are won!  Shooting looks great and all BUT the best of the best have always controlled the flow of the game through scoring (i.e. getting to the line getting the other team in foul trouble + forcing the defence to commit and kicking to you guessed it “shooters”)…

  3. RapthoseLeafs

    Definitely a “meh” game.

    For some of the returnees – Demar,
    Andrea, Jose & Kleiza – this game has minimal analytical value. Outside of
    using it as a tune-up. I’m tempted to include Amir, but being
    as he had a “weird” past season, AJ doesn’t quite have the same luxury. That being said, he showed some good stuff tonight.


    Whereas Johnson needs to show a healthy
    side for this season, Ed’s concerns are shot & working effectively around the basket.
    How well he improves will have to be left to the next game.


    As dismal as this game was, it was
    great seeing for THE FIRST TIME, guys like Ross, Lucas, and Fields to a lesser
    extent. Was hoping – for entertainment value – to see more then a token
    appearance by Acy.


    All in all though, it’s great being able to
    actually comment again on “actual” Raptor ball.  

  4. Jamshid

    I thought this was a great game to start the pre-season games. JLIII was amazing. He makes Jose really expandable. Amir seemed healthy and mobile. It was impressive. Hope he can keep this for the season. Ross and Ed both looked good. I really hope BC be able to make something out of Jose and ED and use them to fill the other holes in this team.

    • Destro

      Why not Amir ? Why do you want to trade Ed instead of Amir if one of them has to go? Ed is the guy with the much higher value if he improves his game…if he can became a 12/10 with mins and plays sound D why would you want to put him and his rookie scale on the block for Amir….

      I like Amir dont get me wrong but fans act like its one or the other that has to go like there the same and it dont matter lol…

      • Nilanka15

        There were only 8 players who averaged a points/rebounds double-double last season.  Do you honestly think Davis will become one of these guys while playing bench minutes (with Bargnani and Jonas around)?

        I’d take Amir over Davis (as the 1st big off the bench) any day of the week.

        • Destro

          Do i think Davis is better and will be years from now YES
          I made that clear in my post….

          • Nilanka15

            I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.  I see Davis’ ceiling as Amir Johnson 😐

          • Jamshid

            I think you may be right ( if he shows improvement this year)  and this is what makes him attractive as a trade asset. With AB and Big Val taking the starting positions, the new improved Ed will not have a place on this team. Amir’s contract and the fact he has reached his ceiling after being in the league for 7 years now, makes him less attractive for trade.

      • KJ-B

        Honestly, was the only big that looked outta sorts–he got his shot sent back in his face ssoooo many times–Yikes!  No need for a pricey 7′ jump shooter with the new additions this year–none!  Spend that dough on keeping DeRozan!

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed on Lucas.  It’s risky to draw conclusions from one preseason game against non-NBA competition, but Lucas really impressed last night.  He was easily the quickest player on the court.  He’s far too good to be a 3rd string point guard (when compared to Ukic, Martin and Solomon of past). 

      Casey will have a hard time not playing Lucas even when Lowry is healthy.

  5. FAQ

    Now that was a pleasant surprise, watching all the new players strutin’ their stuff on tv.  It was entertaining, but now how long will it take before the Raptors can jell to be NBA-ready?!

        • FAQ

          Hey, fellas…. everybody is projecting the Raptors into the playoffs and examining the minutae for each player totally out of context of team play.  Everybody thinks they are great basketball analysts and the closest they get to the game is walking in their Air Jordans.

          The issue of team jelling is paramount, and season after season we see a team filled with new faces and the team struggling for the first half of the season.

          And every season start we see a new bunch of posters (or old posters with new names) so happy to see their posts on the internet.  So predictable.


            Dude its ‘Gelling’ with a G as in the process of sticking like Gel. Jelling as in Jell-o is a registered trademark and intentionally misspelled to be registered as a trademark. Sorry to go all literature police on you but this isn’t the first time I have seen this and it is really starting to irk me.

              • p00ka

                lol, another happy, errrr spooked, customer porting a new name and seeing me around blind corners. Spooky, but funny, lad/lass. 

            • FAQ

               No, FLABIUS…. it’s “jelling” because this Raptor roster is just Jell-O mix until it jells and at least can jiggle like some kind of team that has somewhat solidified.

              Last several seasons the Raps didn’t jell (gell) until after Xmas… and now that is going to happen again… I hope.

  6. blackjitsu

    Was at the game, didn’t have the best seats but from what I saw the team’s defense appeared much better when Jose was on the bench. Also, when he tweaked his ankle the few of us in my section wondered why the team let him play. Offensively, Ross, and DD compliment each other. Demar is best mid-range in, and Ross seems like an athletic perimeter oriented player (not that this game is a good measuring stick). I just don’t see how either one of these guys makes the other expendable. It was clear the Raps weren’t running anything — the out of bound sets looked like a bad highschool coach drew them up, there was very little motion, hardly any backdoor screens, or pick n rolls…But it was NBA basketball…only 3 more weeks!

    • Destro

      So basically it was pre season…the DeMar hate not by you but in general is kinda comical and its rooted in other things which i get,but the notion a rookie whos unproven will push this guy or get him outta town is even more funny…

      End of ur summary has been a problemwith this team for years offensively,very stagnant no cuts or movement one of the main problems ive always had with Calderon runned offenses,its simple too defend..its a 2man game with 3 players standing around,part of what should change with Lowry…

      • 2damkule

        sigh…’demar hate.’  considering that you watched all of 5 minutes of the game, perhaps it’s you who is biased?  you seem fairly certain that – despite not watching the proceedings – DD played great (because, y’know, check the boxscore), and that any criticisms or suggestions otherwise aren’t based on what was witnessed, but rather, because people have certain assumptions about him that they want to believe, and therefore, twist events to suit their preconceived notions.  what a crazy thing to do. 

        • Destro

          No i dont know he played great,but i do know the criticisms given of him are not accurate based on the stats alone…shooting 50% is not bricking shots for example…and you made my point for me at the end..posters and fans have preconceived opinions about him regardless of what he does on the floor which leads to assinine opinions flat out lying on what theyre seeing…Of course my concern has always been not EVERY raptor player on this team is afforded those luxuries by these posters..only certain players of a certain hue of european heritage are so lucky…

          • What the

            toodamfool is waiting on his boy to repeat his 13 game allstar play, but toofool it aint gonna happen

          • 2damkule

            ‘posters and fans have preconceived opinions about him regardless of what he does on the floor which leads to assinine opinions flat out lying on what theyre seeing…’

            agree, but it goes both ways.  given you’re stance re. DD, i’m thinking you have as much of a preconceived notion of him as do his detractors.

            • Destro

              Nah breh i dont wave a flag for DeMar or any other player on this team..if they good i say so if they eat shit i say so…To call out DeMar of all ppl based on what i saw last night is just hate and pre conceived corny hate….I dont blindly hate anybody on the team if AB puts up 25 and 10 this year and becomes a 4th qtr beast ill be the first to give him his due…

          • mountio

            The whole point of the original post was Ross vs DD. I watched the game .. and DD looked like he has been the last couple of years.. getting to the rim and not being able to finish. Stroke hasnt improved. That may not show up in the box score (missed layups turn into foul shots .. he only hit one shot outside of 10 ft)… but he didnt look good.
            On the other hand, ROss’s stroke looked nice .. hitting two threes and a couple of long jumpers. He also took a couple of ill-advised “heat check” js .. but I was impressed.

            Thats the point .. nothing to do with euros. In case you are wondering, AB did suck .. but thats neither here nor there in this discussion..

            • Destro

              He shot near 50 % and isnt a perimater shooting…dont be a dishonest watcher son….we dont expect Amir Johnson to dominate guys in the blocks and we dont expect DD to hit a high % from the outside….he scored 18 on 50% and got to the line 9 times…you should have ZERO complaints esp given its pre season…. 

              • 2damkule

                i think you’ve totally nailed it.  shooting ability in your shooting guard is totally overrated.

                • Destro

                  Just like rebounding from our italian center is overrated as long as the “team” rebounds collectively…

                  you see how that works ?

                • 2damkule

                  holy sweet fuck…dude, i’m probably not the biggest VL (thanks for the reminder, cesco!) hater on here, but it’s close.  i just can’t be bothered to mention it anymore, because:

                  a) it’s never going to change, &
                  b) all it does is incite the mouth-breathers. 

                  i still hold out some hope for DD (i have none for VL), so i’m likely going to be more critical of him.  essentially, i’ve given up on our big ‘PF.’

    • Nilanka15

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see DeRozan/Ross on the wings more often than DeRozan/Fields.

  7. NyAlesund

    Pre-season game, more o less the same issues. AB doesn’t seem to grab rebs when they are contested, Ed Davis doesn’t have clue how to score in traffic near the rim, DeRozan attacks the basket, good, but he has the same shoot problem, Amir is an opportunistic player (absolutely good), whilst the real surprise is Lucas, the best guy on the floor.

    But it was the first game. We have to wait at least 3/4 to have an idea on what going on.

    • KJ-B

      I actually compare him quite favorably to a younger Michael Finley on Phoenix!  People forget how much of a player he was!!! Was 6’7″ like Ross had range and hops!  Ray Allen can still handle, distribute, do it all–has a full floor game for a shooter and is 6’4″ so, the handles come easier!

      • cesco

        Just looked at a video of MF , he looked to be a bigger , more powerful winger . Like Allen , TR will make is living on the perimeter . The good part is that he seems to defend well besides shooting the long ball well .

        • KJ-B

          Yeah, but Ross has that midrange thing happening as well–which is where he can really make his bread…and can finish with force a la Finley.  Finley never had the handles/playmaking ability that Allen still has in abundance…not sure if TRoss is a playmaker just yet….Hopefully Ross, will get in that gym next summer tho–remember he’s a rook!

          Finley was a solid pro that became and outside shooter/smart pro later in his career, Ray Allen’s HOF…

          • Destro

            Your selling Mike Finley short on this one…he was an all star calibre player about 10 yrs ago and was the best player at the height of the Fin/Dirk/Nash Mavs era…..

            • 2damkule

              totally agree…it’s funny how we seem to have such short memories.  i think tmac is the best example of this…for whatever reason, people only seem to remember him as the guy who wanted out of TO, who couldn’t win a playoff series, who was always hurt,  or the guy who’s now a ‘joke’ playing in china…and forget that he was one of the very best all-around players in the L for almost a solid decade.

            • KJ-B

              but that’s what I mean…good player but not HOF – no one would dare compare Finley’s career with Allen’s and say it was equal…Ross has that good player/All Star calibre vibe is what I was saying… He was NEVER better than Dirk THO — NEVER! 

  8. j bean

    Nobody looked terrible. They scored enough to win and played defense like a decent team playing their first preseason game.
    JL3rd didn’t have a great game by his standards but a lot of fans were surprised at how well things ran with him on the floor.JC had a typical JC game. Mediocre as a starter but good as a backup.AB missed too many shots for a guy who is the #1 scoring option. He made one great pass to DD for a nice bucket but doesn’t pass enough.  DD looked like he knew what he was doing defensively and had a good game at the other end. Another guy who could look to pass more. 

  9. Jamshid

    With the Start of this season, I really hope we get PHDSteve, Sam and AltRaps back. Those weekly podcasts were great and most of us here were really looking forward to it. 

  10. mobchester

    Arsenal Where is the post game breakdown ????? , By the way john lucas the third hands down is our best premieter player he doesn’t back down and isn’t afraid to take big shots

  11. 511

    If hopes and wishes were cakes and fishes we’d all be fat and happy. Or something like that. 

    First chance to see a bit of the Real Madrid game. 

    DeMar looks ready to take a step forward, maybe a big one. Stronger, less hesitant. Older. Better. 

    Watching Amir reminds me of how long he’s been in the league for his age (a positive) and that last year he was coming off surgery after a previous injury-riddled (my memory says) season. He could be even more valuable to the team than some have been thinking. Including me and I like Amir. 

    Lucas sure can shoot the lights out. That could be handy. 

    Hope Lowry can keep himself healthy more than not but the depth at pg is a most welcome thing. 

    Given a little time, I’m thinking TRoss and his brand of smooth will be nice to watch and to have. 

    Looking forward to seeing JV on the floor tonight. And how his presence affects play on the floor. 

    Raps are back. Good times. 


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