The namesake, Russ Schoene.
The namesake, Russ Schoene.

I know there are some in the Republic that will groan at yet another statistically based article, and for that I apologize. I understand that statistical analysis is not for everyone, and there are a good number of people who feel that, because basketball is such a complex game with so many moving parts, that observation is the only reliable way to analyze.

At the same time, I’m of the opinion that any information you can add to your analysis can provide value. No single statistic or system is going to give you an accurate portrait of a player, offense, or team; basketball is too complex for that, and it is difficult even for a sport like baseball that is a series of one on one batter-pitcher events. But it’s the preseason, which is the time for analysis and predictions. Since I’ve only been able to see one of the three preseason games so far, I don’t have much actual game content to go off of yet, so I’ve leaned on the statistical analysis of others like Hollinger, Wages of Wins, and Basketball Prospectus of late.

If you’ll recall from the past two years, once games get going I tend not to do a tonne of statistical analysis in-season (both because of the small samples apparent in-season and because there is so much actual basketball to analyze). So, for those of you who don’t enjoy this type of analysis, I apologize, but I do ask that you accept it as a legitimate means of adding information to our analysis of basketball as a whole, especially when we don’t have games to analyze yet (and please lay off the homophobic remarks in the comments…this hurts the site, the writers, and other commenters by making us all look like Neanderthals).

SCHOENE 2012-13
With that self-serving diatribe over, let me move on to today’s topic – Basketball Prospectus has released their 2012-13 SCHOENE projections.

SCHOENE is a system that uses 13 different factors to create a similarity score for players (how similar they are to others), and it uses these similarities to help project future performance. They also adjust for projected playing time and additions/subtractions to the team (e.g. changing Usage Rates so that they equal 100% for a team). These are very similar in nature to baseball’s PECOTA forecast system, which has historically been pretty successful. For basketball, obviously, it’s not as simple and there are a lot of assumptions that drive this type of analysis that some may not agree with. But it’s interesting nonetheless. If you want to read more about what goes into SCHOENE, check this explanatory article out.

Because the projections are behind a pay wall ($8 and super useful for fantasy basketball purposes, so check it out), I can’t provide too much info, but BP has given me the okay to provide a comparable player and one or two key stats for the Raptors. For reference, a similarity score of 100 would be perfect, 95 is considered strong, and it starts to weaken around 90.

2012-13 Raptors Projections and Comparables
Kyle Lowry
Top Comparable: David Wesley (98.7/100)
Key Stat: 13.5 PPG
Reaction: I was shocked to see Lowry’s numbers decline across the board in the projection system. At the same age, David Wesley was still a couple of years from his peak, so at least that’s encouraging. Still, a switch to being the primary point guard and what I would suspect to be an uptick in Usage Rate leads me to anticipate increasing counting statistics, especially scoring numbers, not decreasing ones.

Andrea Bargnani
Top Comparable: LaPhonso Ellis (97.2/100)
Key Stat: 35% 3FG%
Reaction: Did anyone realize that Bargs shot just 29.6% from long range last year? This seems to be something that slid through the cracks in my other preseason analysis, but SCHOENE at least anticipates it ticking back up to a league average rate (though not matching the sharpshooter reputation he has in some pockets of the internet). Ellis, by the way, was a poor rebounding 6’8” forward in the late 90’s who peaked at 26 and fell off the face of the earth shortly after.

DeMar DeRozan
Top Comparable: Ron Mercer (98.7/100)
Key Stat: 5.1 FTA/game
Reaction: While 63% of players DeRozan’s age improved, SCHOENE doesn’t see an uptick in the key area we normally evaluate DeRozan in, free throw attempts. They don’t see his three point shooting improving either, by the way, even though they expect him to fire up a few more than last year. Mercer, you may remember, had a relatively successful but short career as a scoring-only type of wingman who also played little defense. (For the record, he didn’t come up as a comparable when I did my DeRozan analysis because he didn’t meet my arbitrary 3PA/FTA criteria often.)

Amir Johnson
Top Comparable: Tony Battie (97.4/100)
Key Stat: 6% Breakout Potential (only 6% of player’s similar to him “broke out” at this age)
Reaction: SCHOENE basically sees Amir as having peaked, and most of his rate and counting stats stay steady. The comparables all line him up as an offensively challenged pseudo-center with decent efficiency. Pretty disappointing to see that based on historical comparisons, Amir doesn’t seem to have much chance to take a “leap,” though we have probably all accepted this by now.

Jonas Valanciunas aka The Lethaluanian
Top Comparable: Dwight Howard (94.3/100)
Key Stat: 7.5PPG + 6.7RPG
Reaction: That’s a pretty favourable projection for a young rookie European, although I’m sure the model doesn’t have much to base it off of, considering his top comparable isn’t exactly a strong one. The projections like Jonas to be an efficient scorer, capable rebounder, and impressive shot blocker, with the points and rebounds falling fairly in line with the predictions I’ve been seeing among the Republic comments.

Landry Fields
Top Comparable: Josh Childress (97.5/100)
Key Stat: 33.5% 3FG%
Reaction: SCHOENE splits the difference between his two seasons from long range, though they don’t expect his role to increase at all. It answers one question about Fields, although we all seem to be on the same page that a lot of his value will come from non-boxscore items (although my recent piece may have overemphasized the importance of his stroke).

Ed Davis
Top Comparable: Tony Battie (98.2/100)
Key Stat: 54% FG%
Reaction: SCHOENE likes Ed’s scoring and shooting to tick back up closer to his rookie levels, though they don’t really see his rebounding or shot blocking moving the needle. It’s interesting though not entirely surprising to note that Davis has very similar comparables to Amir Johnson, although surprisingly at 24 he has even less of a chance (5%) than Johnson to “break out.”

Terrence Ross
Top Comparable: Antoine Wright (97.8/100)
Key Stat: 31.2% 3FG%, 1.1 FTA/game
Reaction: SCHOENE doesn’t like Ross to be a sharpshooter from long range right away, and they don’t think he’ll be getting to the line much at all. It’s a pretty discouraging projection, especially with Wright, the bane of most Raptors’ fans’ existence at one point, as the top comparable player. Like Jonas, though, the model probably doesn’t have a whole lot to go off of for this projection, so try not to bury your head in your hands when you see that Andre Drummond is projected for 20+20 with 10 blocks (note: that’s a joke).

Jose Calderon
Top Comparable: Mark Jackson (97.2/100)
Key Stat: 22 MPG
Reaction:Possibly because the model doesn’t have the intuition to play with two-guard lineups, it assumes Calderon will play strictly a backup’s minutes. Luckily for Jose, Mark Jackson managed to play until he was 38, with success until about 36. The Ast:TO story is probably the reason for the high comparability rating, and it’s nice to see that as Jackson’s scoring and athleticism wound down, his basketball acumen kept up enough for him to keep the assist numbers high. Jose’s injury history and lack of defensive ability may mean his shelf life is shorter, but with bigger minutes it’s reasonable to expect him to remain an efficient creator on offense.

Linas Kleiza
Top Comparable: Ryan Gomes (98.2/100)
Key Stat: 7.1 FGA/game in 18 MPG
Reaction: The shorter the minutes, the more he chucks, as the model sees him firing up a shot every two and a half minutes. They see his 3FG% from last season as an aberration and don’t anticipate him staying strong from out there, limiting his versatility and ability to play a secondary role on offense. As Arse says, just keep on translating for Jonas.

Others – the projections have small minutes for Quincy Acy and John Lucas, while any other Raptors not listed here do not have projections.

Overall, I’d say that the SCHOENE system doesn’t look too favourably on individual Raptors, although the Basketball Prospectus annual is not yet released for us to see how the Raptors stack up as a team. For the model in general, I certainly appreciate the substantial effort that Kevin Pelton et al put in to it, as it is without a doubt a difficult, complex and arduous task.

With that said, I do find that these projections don’t particularly take any risks, and most of the “interesting” nuggets I’ve outlined here refer to one or two key areas we had already been curious about, not anything  unexpected.

As with all of the different models and projections I’ve looked at in the past few weeks, you have to take this stuff with a grain of salt and use it as just an additional tool for your analysis. It’s impossible for models to accurately simulate how players will mesh together, what rotations the coach may employ, or what roster changes could come about.


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  • mobchester

    Lmaoooooo @@@ Dwight Howard , My stomach hurts lmaooooo

  • minks77

    why is the stats vs observation argument always all in on one or the other? Stats are a useful tool that can help inform what you are observing to some degree. 

    I do think stats have become a crutch for people on message boards to lean on so they can say “I’m right and you’re wrong” and feel the numbers back them up. 

    INDISPUTABLE FACT #1: Eye witness accounts and memory are incredibly unreliable.

    INDISPUTABLE FACT #2: Stats only tell a part of the story and in a dynamic team game like basketball it is incredibly difficult to extrapolate meaningful individual stats that accurately depict the ability of one player vs another.

    Use both and try to keep an open mind. Ain’t none of this DNA forensics. All the numbers in the world nor all the images on all the tape are proof positive. 

    • 2damkule


  • cesco

    Andrea Bargnani comparison with LaPhonso Ellis :

    Key Stat: 35% 3FG% .

    There is no close resemblance between Ellis 3FG % of .258  over his first 6 years ( his third year does not count ) and Andrea 3FG % of  .356  over the same period . Ellis finished his career with a 3FG % of .251 .

    Starting with first year :
    Ellis :       .154   .304  .000  .182  .367  .284      avg = .258 ( not counting 3 rd year )
    Andrea :   .373   .345  .409  .372  .345  .296      avg = .356

    • j bean

      One big factor in their similarities is that their names were chosen from the same book of baby names. It’s #4 of the 13 factors of similarity.

    • sleepz

      Don’t be dissapointed. Laphonso Ellis was solid. 

    • BlakeMurphy

      To be clear, “key stat” is unrelated to “top comparable”….comparable was just for info, key stat was the key projection that fueled my “reaction.”

      • cesco

         I understand what you are saying but except for his 5th year , Ellis was not a 3 pts shooter . Their attempts per game, starting in the first year :
          Ellis    :         0.2 ,  03 ,  0.0 , 0.5 , 4.7 . 2.6                                    Andrea :          4.1 , 3.3 ,  3.7 , 4.1 , 3.4 , 3.7

        And Andrea got to the FT line in the 5th and 6th year more often than Ellis . I am not implying one player is better than the other only that they played the game differently .

        • BlakeMurphy

          Yeah, I’m not privy to the algorithms they use, but if you click the explanatory link, it’s based on 13 criteria, so it’s possible that based on height/weight/rebounding/shooting%s/etc some of the dissimilar items. They’re definitely not perfect.

  • Nilanka15

    David Wesley….yikes.

  • paul


    first, I might be wrong and if you can help me here…tell me why.
    Stats are wrong for one main reason…they are all snapshots in time and entirely biased or wrong simply due to the numerous ways they could have been different given the countless ways a player could have had a different career path.
    They are like judging a failed life not understanding IF one was given an education, great involved parents and teachers and friends they would have invented wonderful things and be read in history books.

    For example…  a player could have been a completely different player IF surrounded by a totally different history of teammates.
    IF a Gen Man could have forseen a better player combination and placed a player int this world, the stats would have been different.
    I have a long list of players with championship rings that NEVER would have seen the lights of a final without the lucky draws given them.

    Instead I say…surround players with complmentary players and you will win. This is the real job of gen mgrs. The ability to forsee players with each other.

    All these stats above are so empty to me…I mean, so what does it all mean TODAY with THESE players and THIS coach?

    We will soon see….

    • paul

      Oh…..and no information on a 6 year player like Gray?
      Is this kid considered part of the team here on the republic?

      • BlakeMurphy

        Uhh yes, I’ve been here for 2-3 years. And the projections aren’t mine…I didn’t leave out Gray. The forecasting system did.

        • 2damkule

          i believe what paul meant to say was, ‘herp derp herp derp…NERD!’

          • paul


            come on now…I am only working with a few tools here. So be nice.
            I got just enough information to make an ass out of myself…but I should be allowed to do so without beat up badly.
            Sort of like the running joke in a movie.
            Gotta have one.

      • Nilanka15

        ppellico is back!!!

        • paul

          I know, I know…but work with me just a little here.
          These stats are important to some, but you really get caught up in them and get drowned.
          They sort of build up into a meaningless universe.
          You don’t think any player surrounded by different teammates or coaches has a different history?
          Are there really true believers here that think life doesn’t sometimes land you into a bowl of unfairness? That everything is  crated equal?
          But that’s my problem being trained in philosophy. I get messed up with details.

        • paul

          when I was in graduate school for philosophy we had a saying that reminded us how stupid we really felt inside.
          After all that learning and shit, we knew we were just blind men in a darkened room looking for a black cat that wasn’t even there.
          This is how I feel about the use of stats in evaluating men all the time.

          And this is why I feel so good about a new year, new players who were tossed or traded away by others…now perhaps under different management and with new teammates, lots of these guys picked up will blossom.

          • Daniel

            Really? You finished philosophy and you are using a grade 7 comparison? What kind of philosophy do they teach in Canada?
            As others have said, stats are only tools for evaluating b-ball players. B-ball is a sport that lends itself to measurable parameters. The problem is that we have built-in biases when we construct the tools or when we use them for evaluation. In other words, we tend to use them in order to confirm our pre-existing paradigm. I happen to “like” these specific projections however I realize it may be only because of my own pre-conceived ideas. In any case, after reading so much crap from the people and the media about our new players it’s nice to see some cold water thrown around from an impartial point of view.
            Now I can sit and dream about Jonas becoming Dwight …until the season starts.

            • paul

              I didn’t say I did well in school…just got the paper that says I played the game long enough.
              Hmmm…sounded as if you were annoyed with me…then sort of agreed with me.
              Are you trying to confuse me?????

            • dreaming

              how did the dream end wih Bargs becoming Dirk

    • 2damkule

      oh, sweet fucking jeezus.

    • Statement


    • You might be wrong.

  • Hussalar

    Mercer, Wright and Childress. Wow! All 3 of them suck. Battie sucks too. Very discouraging to say the least.

  • Kdel

    you gotta be kidding me those comparisons week…i dont what their smoking but gimme some cause that the only way i’ll agree. Comparing jonas to dwight are you s*!ting me right now. you cant build a wing team to those counter parts listed, even in their prime. So good luck to us once again this season????????

    • 2damkule

      i’m gonna go out on a limb here & suggest that you should probably cut back on whatever it is you’re ingesting, imbibing, or inhaling.

    • cesco

      After chewing on these stats, the best thing to do is to go to the bathroom and flush them from your system , you will feel better .

  • Paradigm Shift

    “I do find that these projections don’t particularly take any risks”

    I’m not sure why they should be expected to take any risks. They provide dispassionate analysis across the NBA.

    The analyses provided on this site, bloggers and commenters alike, come from people who generally want the Raptors to be as good as they can possibly be. As a result, we tend to see (hope for) upside that the dispassionate obesever does not.

  • Thetruth

    Keep doing your thing Blake. The stat-based articles are much welcomed by the more educated members of the Republic.

  • Mark

    Relax People.  Here is a question that sums it up.  Who is the better player?

    Player 1            MPG  31.1     PPG   15.8    APG    2.9    RPG   8.2    BPG    1.0
    Player 2            MPG  32.2     PPG   16.1    APG    1.0    RPG   7.7    BPG    0.4

    Fairly similar right?  I agree, Kevin Garnett is about the same as Ryan Anderson.  See? 

    Without the big picture simply looking at a few stats can be very misleading.  It doesn’t at the same time mean it’s useless.

    • Theswirsky

      “Without the big picture simply looking at a few stats can be very misleading”

      or perhaps its due to not giving all the information and intentionally misleading the public.  Just the box score numbers alone you left out FG%, FT%, and Steals.   Then there is +/-.  Multiple advanced statistics. etc

      Ofcourse there is the missing breakdown of why can’t Ryan Anderson be almost as productive playing his role as Kevin Garnett?

      This is the misleading part, individuals intentionally manipulating statistics or information and then claiming the stats are the problem.

      • p00ka

        That’s the only misleading use of stats? To claim that stats are the problem?

        So, if someone who doesn’t claim the stats are the problem, but who uses stats, without including ALL that are available, and without a breakdown of all the other factors that can influence a player’s productivity, aren’t “intentionally manipulating statistics or information” to prove their point? That would some kind of interesting double standard that you’ve been living by.

        • Theswirsky

          “that the only misleading use of stats”?  “without including ALL that are available”

          did I say that? where? quote me please.  Oh wait you can’t because you are using a straw man argument, and then coming to a conlcusion based on that straw man?  Nice work p00ky.  Keep up the police work.  Maybe one day the rest of trolls will elect you leader.

          • p00ka

            I posed it as question to try and get some clarification of your somewhat convoluted post, but what you DID say, in response to Mark stating that stats alone can be misleading, is: “This is THE misleading part, individuals intentionally manipulating
            statistics or information and then claiming the stats are the problem.” You seemed to be countering his point with your version of what is “THE misleading part”, which seems to be saying that his point of selective stats being misleading, isn’t really the misleading part, or I’m i misunderstanding your words and intentions?

            You backed this opinion up with pointing out that without all the stats (ie selective ones), including advanced stats, and without analysis of why one player can’t be as productive as another, the stats are being manipulated to mislead.  Does that not translate to use of selective stats, also without non-statistical analysis of factors affecting productivity, must also be misleading manipulation? This is where I brought up the double standard, because you use selective stats alone to prove your “points” all the time, and when ppl try and point out other non-stat factors, you call them excuses from fanboys.

            As for the “police work’ thing: LMFAO that such an intellect would keep whining in such a lame way. awwww, poor boy doesn’t like to be questioned. awwww

        • paul

          I hate it when you use smarts.

          This is kind of a fan thing, this stat shit…isnt it?
          I mean…I HOPE real Gen Mgrs don’t play this stupid game.
          I hope real paid people use more feel for the game and understanding of the sport to make decisions.

          You do use stats…but kind of keep it in perspective and add it to the knowledge and experience you have.

        • Mark

          Exactly P00ka!  Everybody wants everything to be perfect and concrete or it’s deemed stupid and useless.  The only issue is the person using the stats not the stats themselves.

          Can you tell which company has higher revenue by the number of employees they have?  Not exactly, there will be lots of times where company x has less employees and way more revenue than company Y but it doesn’t mean on the average the system is useless.  

          There will never be a definitive stat to tell you without a shadow of a doubt that LeBron is better than Durrant or the Lakers are better than HEAT.  It doesn’t work that way.  San Deigo Chargers lead the NFL in offense and defense a few years ago and missed the playoffs.  It doesn’t mean using those stats as a baseline is wrong.  It’s only flawed if you don’t dig deeper.


      • Destro

        My point all along….these stats can be twisted to make almost any argument you want and moreso when you use PER as the foundation of evaluating a players worth youve already failed before you started….

        lol @ +/-   nothing more than another made up stat that doesnt account for so many variables….

      • Mark

        You must be an argry little man living in your parents basement. 

        Misleading the public?  A bit sensationalistic are we? 

        The point is that all of the dopes out there that get angry every time simple or advanced stats don’t paint a pretty picture of your favourite team or player. 

        Just because players have similar PPG, PER, Win Shares etc. doesn’t mean they are at all alike in talent.  My point is they are still really helpful when you have the knowledge to take them for what they worth. 

        Just because examples like the one I used exist doesn’t mean that using those numbers to compare players is useless.  You just need to keep an open mind….or continue to be an angry little Gnome.  I don’t really care SWIRSKY!!!  What a loser.  

        • p00ka

          “A bit sensationalistic are we?”

          hahahahaha, all part of the schtick, but he might come back with his “internet cop” re-direct and then you’ll be sunk, hahahaha

          • Mark

            LOL! Nothing better than guys who spend their life on the Internet trying to prove how smart they are to a bunch of strangers acting like a bully at the park. Guys like the Swirskster here are very similar to the guys that give you the finger after they cut you off or send nasty emails complaining at work but them when You meet them face to face back off 1000%. Just small people who act like jerks any chance they get. I know that’s the case because when I’m at the grocery store everyone is nice. I have yet to have a guy like “the Swirsk” push me out of the way and tell me to F off as they cut into line

    • 2damkule

      gee…i must be the only one who doesn’t feel like anderson is really that much worse a player – right now – than KG.  i’m probably biased, though, as i hate KG to the fucking core…he’s probably the only player in the league i despise on a personal level.  don’t get me wrong, i respect him immensely, but i still hate him.

      anyway, back to the point of the post…i’m not actually sure there is one.  you’re using stats for two guys that are similar (fwiw – these are the kinds of stats people USED to rely on to evaluate players, which came up lacking, and which is what spawned advanced metrics in the first place, but what-fucking-ever), but trying to create an argument that one player is vastly superior to the other to ‘prove’ that stats are misleading, and i’m sorry, but that simply isn’t the case.  ryan anderson is a good player.  not a superstar, but here’s something you may want to look into: neither is KG, at least, not anymore.  they’re both supporting players who perform specific roles, and if i’m starting a team TODAY – from scratch – and have to pick one or the other…well, i’m not sure who i’d go with.  KG for his intangibles/leadership, no-longer-dominating D & mid-range shooting?  or a guy who’s got more than a year of quality play left in him, who’s generally a weak defender, but who gets on the glass & can stretch the floor?  there is, obviously, value in both players….and that value is more similar than i think you realize.

      • Mark

        You are certainly not alone in thinking Ryan Anderson is a very good player.  I recall ESPN rankings having him really high.  While I am with you that KG is a asshole he is still in a playoff situation a top 3-4 PF.  I personally think Ryan Anderson is among the most overrated players in the NBA.  Lets see how many wide open corner 3’s he’s gets without D12 drawing double and triple teams.  He lead the NBA in 3PM and attempted.  He hit 2.7 PG!!!  That’s half his scoring. 

        It reminds me of when the Raps got Jason Kapono from Miami after he hit almost 2 3’s a game shooting over 50% playing with Shaq and Wade.  He then gets to the Raps and didn’t average a 3PA per game. 

        Anderson rebounds okay but he doesn’t defend and can’t do much to create his own shot.  I personally think his attempts, makes and % will all go down substancially this season in NOLA.  He is a product of his situation and I really doubt he will be anywhere near as productive…  Just My opinion….

        • 2damkule

          hey, i hear you, i’m not enamored with anderson…i want more D out of my post players, as i’ve yammered on about on here for years. 

          buuuut…the raps have a non-traditional ‘big’ as well, one who is perimeter-oriented, who is – at best – on par with anderson defensively (though more versatile, considering he’s actually a 5 who can defend in the post, and anderson is a true stretch 4), who shoots (far) worse, has similar issues creating his own shot (though i’d give him the nod over anderson there), and who is a far worse rebounder.  and yet, many in the republic think andrea is a potential all-star…and many of those same people would consider anderson a scrub, a single-dimension player who puts up good numbers because of the situation he’s in/has been in.

          i’m not sure why the fact that half his point come off made 3’s…that’s his game, and to me, he’s simply maximizing his skillset. 

          as for how he’ll fare without playing with D12…that’s a fair point.  though i think we sometimes overstate this type of effect.  dwight’s post game is, er, ‘unrefined,’ and as such, he didn’t/doesn’t see nearly as much double (and certainly almost no triple)-teaming as we’d like to believe (though the notion certainly rings of truthiness).  teams generally put their biggest/strongest/best post defender on him & crossed their fingers, and either do the hack routine, or send sporadic doubles…but every team knew that that was orlando’s entire offensive gameplan (to draw defenders away from the perimeter), so it was a pick your poison type of thing.  yes, anderson (among others) benefited from open looks, which is essentially every teams goal on offense (to create open looks), but he still had to make the shots…they don’t go in just because you’re open.  i’m not sure why his situation is really all that different in NO, he’ll have a better drive/kick player than he’s ever had in gordon, and, IMO, as equally (or more) a proficient offensive post player in davis (which isn’t as crazy as it sounds).

  • hotshot

    Based on those projections other then Lowry & Jonas, its a team full of backups just like I thought they were. Its no wonder their stats are inflated because the team is a losing team despite big numbers from some players. I really do hope that Colangelo is able to pull a big package and gut this team in order to get some quality players other wise it we are stuck as middle of the road team (33-41 wins) that never gets anywhere.

    I wonder what Harrison Barnes projections were, cause this one could hurt alot more.

    • 300milesaway

      Lowry stays healthy he’ll score better than 13.5 per game….

    • Nilanka15

      If you believe the projections that most of this team is “backup” quality, then it doesn’t seem likely that a deal to acquire quality players would be available, does it?

  • Max

    I would not want any of these comparisons excluding Dwight Howard & Mark Jackson on my team lol.

  • Alb.perjet

    Hey Blake keep up the stats articles they are interesting.

  • FAQ

    Another statistical surprise..!!!!

    I love how besotted Rap fans attempt to project a team that is not even close to jelling.  This group of disparate players is at best a big unknown and at worst, a big flop… believe it because we’ve seen it before.

    It will be interesting to see if Casey can make something of the Raptors.  I have my doubts… but maybe I will be surprised.

    • Statement

      30-3 out of the gates!