Kyle Lowry shows what he can do as Raptors drop Wizards | National Post

Nonetheless, the team’s offence appeared to have a sense of purpose that had been missing. The team finally started to notice that Fields likes to make off-the-ball cuts, with Lowry and DeRozan both finding him for easy buckets. The pace was pushed with more regularity, and the ball moved with more crispness. If it was a sign of things to come, it might be OK for some cautious optimism.


Lowry played with hustle and poise in his Raptors debut and combined with Fields like they were longtime teammates on Wednesday in Toronto’s 104-101 pre-season victory over the Washington Wizards.

Kyle Lowry shines in debut as Toronto Raptors defeat Washington Wizards 104-101 | The Star

Who will start at point guard has been one of the storylines of training camp, and Calderon came off the bench to do a decent job of running the second unit.

Wizards fall, but not in a blaze of glory | Washington Post

Wall might be unfamiliar with Bon Jovi’s music, but some of the rocker’s tunes were probably appropriate on a night when the Wizards built an early lead before failing to go down in a blaze of glory — while at the same time giving late-game execution a bad name.

Pre-season Thoughts: Raptors 104, Wizards 101 | RaptorBlog

Other than Terrence Ross missing out with a sore knee, the Raptors and their fans finally got a glimpse of what this year’s roster looks like when healthy in another narrow pre-season victory.

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  • unknown guest

    –Wall was asked about Bon Jovi and he replied, “Who’s that?” Jan Vesely, the Czech forward getting dressed nearby, was stunned as he looked at Wall. —
    I don’t know why, but this made me laugh.

  • Roarque

    So this Raptor fan from the recent past arrives at Raptors Republic this morning after a summer on Salt Spring and reads that Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields and Terrence Ross play for the team. Thank goodness someone mentioned DeRozan or this Raptor fan would be wondering if Rators Republic had switched coverage to a high school team in Oregon.

    • 2damkule

      welcome back.  you were unmissed.

      • Roarque

        Thanks for your unsupport, 4Skule.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Bargnani’s calf- again……..smdh lol

    I will say this Val’s in game hustling makes Bargnani’s on court efforts look pathetic in comparison………….

    • NyAlesund

       Do not worry, we won’t to see AB again for a while.

    • FAQ

      Look at Barg’s legs… they look big, particularly the calves.  Is he bottom heavy and are his legs vulnerable to injury?

      • CJT

        He got kicked in the calf!  It is not the same injury, tear or strain of a muscle.  Getting kicked doesn’t make a guy injury prone.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        His calf has been hurt and/or injured parts of 3 consecutive seasons now.

        Casey tried to say that AB was 15 pounds heavier in training camp via the media but the truth was that AB came into camp out of basketball shape- point blank, anyone with eyes could see that AB is out of game shape early on and is using training camp/preseason to get into shape for the regular season.

        Watching AB in a Raptors uniform makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • FAQ

          Maybe Bargs is not taking BC’s rebuilt roster seriously. 

          He’s 27 y.o. and will be paid $33M over the next 3 seasons, guaranteed.  He can then happily retire and live la dolce vita in Italy for the rest of his life.

          Perhaps he’s just not motivated to conditioning himself for a team in which he has no confidence.  Remember what Bosh did in his last season.. he worked his butt off to finally look good.

          • p00ka

            Or perhaps he was rehabbing as per instructions from Raps medical & training staff. Perhaps probing the truth is slightly more relevant, in this case, than probing one’s imagination/butthole.

  • Daniel

    That’s my last post for a while. It’s beyond nuts to read adjectives like “shinning” or “crispness” or other accolades for Lowry after a game when he had 14 points on 4-10 shooting, 6 assists, 2 TO and 3 steals. In the meantime, the other guy, in the same number of minutes, had 12 points on 5-11 shooting, 8 assists, 0 TO and 2 steals. I shudder to think about the reaction after Lowry will actually have a good game. It is assinine the media-driven narrative about our PG’s. The reality always has a way to re-asserts itself but until then, o boy, has the world gone crazy! The whole thing is really a sham and a scam but hey, fool me once, it’s on you, fool me twice, it’s on me: Lowry is the 4th installment of the same story – undersized and/or bulky PG’s, with self-appointed leadership qualities, and below-average skills for the position they are playing.

    • 2damkule

      ‘That’s my last post for a while.’

      best thing you’ve ever written.  knock off the last 3 words, and it would have been perfect.

    • Matt52

       When was the last time Lowry played an NBA game?  Oh right, April!

      Seriously, first preseason game of the year?  I thought he did pretty good considering and he brought things to the court Raptor fans have not seen in a loooong time from a PG.

    • CJT

      I am a Jose fan and think he has looked very good offensively this preseason.  But Lowry brings things that Jose doesn’t and/or can’t do defensively and offensively.  Lowry looked strong last night tearing up the D at will.  Jose was great coming off the bench and did a great job getting the 2nd unit going. 

    • ShowandProve

      Reread.. Thats another sentence.. A perception more of the team as a whole, and not specifically Lowry.. But either way Lowrys been murder the last two years so if your coming into his first game of the preseason hating you probably have a biased thats not reliant, applied with violence against reality.

  • Getouttait

    Jesus H Christ Washington Post you are bad

  • FAQ

    Wonder what’s going to happen when Raptors play a legit NBA playoff team in the regular schedule??

    Nov. 6 they play OKC… and Dallas the next day.  Gonna be interesting… will they surprise us?!

    • p00ka

      can’t stop fishing, eh. even when nobody’s biting. find a friend, get a hug.

      • FAQ

        At least I don’t statistically or phantasmagorically masturbate over the Raptors trying to project them into the playoffs with this new bunch of development, veteran and bench players.

        My postings are short, sweet and probing… and that’s all I intend.  If you seek buddies to make you happy… go find a life.

        • Lorenzo

          “At least I don’t statistically or phantasmagorically masturbate over the
          Raptors trying to project them into the playoffs with this new bunch of
          development, veteran and bench players.”

          I’m sorry, I don’t understand, can you explain to me why this is frowned upon in your mind? I’m talking about that statement above specifically.

          What conversations interest you on a Raptor fan site? Just curious.

          • FLUXLAND

            Don’t understand? It’s like watching you play Pokemon or World of Warcraft with basketball. Fantasy land stuff. 

        • CJT

          You need to think of something new to say.  You;re getting as bad as the gotstogo guy.  Give it a try stretch that brain muscle.

          • FAQ

            Everything you call ‘new’ is actually quite ‘old’ … if you were a veteran poster like me and FLUX…. same old ‘new’ sh!t over and over again.

        • BrainColangelo

          Oh Antoine… Will you never learn?

          • FAQ

            … Antoine who…?

        • p00ka

          “short, sweet and probing”. Perhaps the 3 “likes” are enjoying the unintended comedy in that. Anybody with an IQ of 80+ can see your repetitive “probing” is fishing/trolling, which in your pathetic life, beats supporting the team your a fan of. Got it.

          • FAQ

            You ass-ume everybody on this fine forum must be a tribal honking fan to embellish Raptor basketball. 

            Maybe you’re not a ‘tribal honking fan’… just a ‘fellatio fan’ who just can’t stop sucking up because otherwise your pathetic life will collapse..  sore, soft and impotent..

            • p00ka

              Support as a fan, can be either optimistic or relevantly critical, with respect paid to those that differ. Going from childish “tribal honking fans” embedded in every post, to “they’re going to surprise”, with zilch behind it, in every post, to “are they going to surprise?” in every post, is what is pathetic.

              The above post is a fine example of your maturity and intellect. Mouths like that often come out of insecure kids that have been bullied, so they get their jollies playing games, and being a loudmouthed punk on the internet. I feel bad for you.

    • j bean

      What do you think FAQ? Does the underdog ever win?

      • FAQ

        You mean like against Miami on January 23rd at 7 PM..???

        I have low expectations of this edition of the Raptors, thusly I am easily surprised … win or lose and lose.

        Now I’m just happy that we have the Raptors and other NBA teams will visit Toronto … just like in the very first season.  Not much difference between the first season expectations and this season’s bunch throw together by BC.

        What are your personal expectations this season.. are you expecting surprises?

  • j bean

    I expect there will be surprises with the the Raptors knocking off the favorites afew times this year. 

    • FAQ

      Pray, and masturbate a lot ……!

      • p00ka

        So repeating “will they surprise” over and over and over you say is “short, sweet and probing… and that’s all I intend.”, but the first time someone says why they think the Raps will surprise, you respond with this. The only thing you do a respectable job at probing is your butt hole.

    • Matt52

       That is kind of the problem though.  The Raps play well against great teams for the very reasons they REALLY shit teams play great against Toronto: underestimation.  Raps played solid games last year against good teams (winning a few of them) and then lose (and lose really bad) to the likes of the Bobcats, Nets (last year’s version), Kings, and Wizards.