Raptors’ defence, slow starts still a concern for coach Casey | The Star

With just two days left before his team opens the NBA regular season, the Raptors head coach saw two of his three point guards hobble off the Casino Rama floor during an inconsequential intrasquad game for marketing purposes, watched as his starting small forward missed a chunk of the game after getting poked in the eye and then saw his starting five once again put out a rather awful effort, even though they were playing their backups in a meaningless pretend game.

Burden of saviour weighs heavy on Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas } National Post

Right now, there is no joke to tell. He is confronting the expectations being placed on him. They are impossible to quantify, as being able to restore hope to a wayward franchise cannot be described with a simple metric.

It’s not all rosy for Raptors | Toronto Sun

Another win for the Raptors — OK, they were playing themselves so it hardly counts — but still no indication the slow starts by the expected starting five have been cleaned up this pre-season.

Raptors went hard after Batum in free agency | Canada.com

By the time the day [July 1] ended, Batum says, 16 teams had called his agent, Bouna Ndiaye, to express interest. Minnesota, New Orleans, Toronto and Cleveland were most aggressive. And despite what you might think, Minnesota did not offer the most money. A source with knowledge of Batum’s free agency says Cleveland offered a whopping $52 million.

Raptors’ pre-season highs and lows | Toronto Sun

So the Raptors finish the pre-season at 6-1, a high-water mark for the franchise in the get-ready games and life is grand, right? Hold that thought.

2012-13 Toronto Raptors Preview | The Province

The Toronto Raptors are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

10 things to watch in 2012-13 | ESPN Insider

It’s too early to say whether Valanciunas is ready to be a legitimate NBA starter, but there’s a lot to like about this kid as he tests the NBA waters for the first time.


Raptors fans aren’t known for their tempered expectations, but this year they have a lot of reasons to be excited, as the team is finally poised to contend in the East.

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  • voy

    the toronto sun commenting on the slow start of the starting 5 during an intrasquad game.  pretty funny. 

  • Statement

    I was at the Rama game.  I have to tell you that Lowry is HYPER competitive.  The game was refereed and when he would drive and get fouled with no call, he would stare a hole through the refs.  One time he had to be restrained by John Lucas from arguing with a ref, and perhaps getting himself tossed from and intra-squad game (note: lol). 

    The starter team was down by a lot in the 4th quarter, and Lowry took it upon himself to hit like 4-5 three pointers in a row to single-handedly bring the black team back into the game.

    Overall good game, great experience but scary moments with Jose and JL3

    • Theswirsky

      well he was competitive enough to assault a female ref in the past…. 

  • Destro

    So apparently Valanciunas/Calderon for Harden was discussed…

    • p00ka

      Zero evidence that it was discussed between GMs, only brought up as a hypothetical scenario by a media type, but if that constitutes “apparently” to you…. have fun spouting bs.

      • Destro

        BC could announce it was discussed and youd still refute since you werent on the phone to hear it….

        • p00ka

          Whatever your infantile imagination thinks I would say in your imaginary scenario, in this actual case not even the media guy said they talked. That’s just you making shit up, a specialty of yours, or you’re just too stupid to understand even the general concept of what the writer said.

          • FLUXLAND

            “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
            You are a sheep.

            • p00ka

              Thanks for your basketball insight.

              “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

              You’re cocksure.

              • FLUXLAND

                LOL LOL

                UMmmm, I’m pretty sure all the posters you annoy are the doubtfuls one and you carry on with he cocksure BS about this team.

                Do you even read this stuff before you post?

          • Destro

            YOU mad faggot ? I said the idea was interesting and you spun into a homosexual diatribe about nothing…

            your a fckn caricature and a gay one at that…

  • Destro



    • Nilanka15

      I’m assuming the Harden discussion came well after the draft.

      • Destro

        If it happened theres no question it came after but it doesnt matter that it did….

        • Nilanka15

          Just pointing out that we wouldn’t have ended up with Drummond if Ross still on the board (unless Valanciunas was traded before the draft).

          • Destro

            Well i dont know if they believe Ross is the better player or if it was a draft for position,i havent heard from Casey or BC specify either way….Valanciunas being here is irrelevant….You can move whomever of the three you dont need to fill other gaps….

            • Nilanka15

              2012’s “Behind the Draft” airs tonight.  Maybe some insight will be shared.

        • p00ka

          Where has anyone, besides you, even implied that it actually happened?

          • Destro

            Where was it implied you illiterate imbecile ?

            • p00ka

              “So apparently Valanciunas/Calderon for Harden was discussed…”

              “If it happened theres no question it came after but it doesnt matter that it did….”

              • Destro

                IF it happened

                learn to read

            • FAQ

              Now, now… you shouldn’t be so harsh to p00r p00ka… who is obviously suffering from a severe case of ‘cruditis’ (slow seepage of sh!t into the brain)… p00 is full of kaka…!!!

  • RaptorFan

    i’m hoping Ross turns into the player BC/DC hoped for…..I have a sickening feeling in my stomach that we’ll regret not picking drummond over ross….. be honest with yourselves!…..even though he’s a rookie…..i’m NOT at all IMPRESSED by Ross….. However, i’m VERY impressed with Valanciunas and somewhat impressed with Drummond….

  • Raptors Non-Contrarian

    Drummond would have meant committing to a rebuilding process, because even though he’s looked great at times in the preseason, he’s still extremely raw and the scouting on him was that he was a project. 

    If Colangelo has made anything clear is that he’s not interested in a rebuilding process, and though I don’t agree with his decision, Ross was the right pick for such a mindset. He fulfills the shooting and defensive needs that Casey requested out of the draft, and once Barnes was off the table, they dropped to Ross. 

    You’re right though, we’re going to be in for some bitterness as we watch Drummond potentially develop into a solid NBA center. Chad Ford’s words still ring out to me whenever I watch Drummond. He said “if he doesn’t try, he’ll be DeAndre Jordan, if he tries, his ceiling is Dwight Howard.”

    • FAQ

      How do you rate Valanciunas against Drummond?  Jonas has played pro ball in Europe, whereas Drummond is a rookie barely out of high school.  Do you think there may be an IQ difference between the two and favouring Jonas?  Just asking….

      • Raptors Non-Contrarian

        In Drummond’s case, a lot of it is mental. Not to say that he has a low bball IQ or a low IQ at all, it’s just that at UConn he had his desire to play ball called into question on numerous occasions. If it hadn’t been, he would’ve easily challenged for a top 3 pick. The question is: “Does he even care about playing up to his potential?”. He’s physically superior to Val in every way and just an absolute athletic specimen, so if he were to put in the time and have a Derrick Rose type mentality about improving his game, he would be perennial all-star, but that’s a big if.

        Val is still very raw himself, but defensively he’s already a quality NBA contributor. He can rebound, block shots, and defend in the low post, so he’s got a way to earn minutes already, which will add to his offensive skills. He’s more likely to succeed than Drummond is, but he’s less likely to be GREAT, so it’s a risk/reward thing. I’ve always been attracted to athletes that are uber-competitive like Kobe, Rose, etc. so I like Val more – but that won’t stop the salty taste from dominating my mouth if Drummond lives up to his potential.

      • Destro

        Thats a lame talking point…the kids looked good in pre season…Has zero to do with IQ
        Some rookies go thru growing pains in the NBA esp big men….

        • Nilanka15

          Drummond definitely has the higher ceiling, but he’s ridiculously raw right now (like getting a toddler who can barely walk, to ride a 21-speed mountain bike, raw).  It would be extremely difficult to give Drummond minutes if the end goal is playoffs.  But on a lottery-bound team like the Pistons, they can afford to bring Drummond along without too much worry over the standings.

          Valanciunas, on the other hand, is much more game-ready.  Yes, he’ll make mistakes too, but he’s nowhere near as raw as Drummond.  And thus, playing him big minutes as a rookie is much less risky.

  • KJ-B

    Unbelievably, NBA.com has Raps as 18th in their latest power poll before tipoff… The stat they used was that only two teams who’ve had less than two losses in the pre-season have missed the playoffs and both times they were 40+ win teams!


    • KJ-B

      sorry Jazz were 39-43 a couple of seasons ago BUT they did trade DWill that year!