Drink with me and wear Grizzlies swag.
Drink with me and wear Grizzlies swag.

In the past few years, Raptors Republic has hosted events in Toronto for the readers of the Republic to enjoy a game together at a bar. Obviously, this is awesome.

I recently moved to Vancouver and am looking into hosting a Raptors Republic West event at some point this season. However, I have no idea if any of the Republic exist in the Vancouver area and/or if there would be any interest in hanging out and watching a game together.

So…please respond in the comments (or send me a tweet/email) if you live in the Vancouver area and would be interested. If there is any amount of interest, I’ll take our rough numbers to a few sports bars in town and see if they’re willing to hook up any deals for us.

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  • juanito_labbeeto

    I’m in Vancouver and I would be willing to participate. However, I’m in need of some grizzly gear. The cities inventory is scarce unless you’re willing to pay a few bucks… I would rather allocate the dinero to my beer tab.   

    • BlakeMurphy

      That’s definitely fair haha, Grizz gear (or Raps gear for that matter) not a necessity!

      • Destro

        You live in YVR huh…you ever been to raptors game at the ACC ?

        • BlakeMurphy

          Oh ya man, for sure, I just moved out here in late August. Been to probably 50+ games, split season seats with some friends last year. Gonna miss the live experience this year.

        • hater

          YVR is the name of the airport dummy. 

  • Destro

    nvmd i read the above story AFTER posting…smh @ me

  • mobchester

    Blake do you think raptors could have made a move for james harden (derozan +calderon and a draft picks for harden maybe amir johnson in there somewhere

    • BlakeMurphy

      I read in Zach Lowe’s piece today for Grantland that they had at least had discussions, but he implied they involved Jonas (some Twitter chatter implied Amir). I would assume it would have been something like Amir/Ed (young, cost-certain big) plus Ross (shot+defense like Lamb) and Calderon (big expiring like Martin), and some sort of pick (would have to be worded carefully since you can’t give up picks 2 years in a row).

      Can’t see them having been interested in DD, for the record, as they were likely looking for D+shooting, DD would be far too redundant on that squad (and like Harden could increase in price).

      All of that said, short of including Jonas+more I would have been aggressive. Then again, Woj’s story for Yahoo indicated the Thunder and Rockets had long had discussions, so maybe there wasn’t much of a chance.

      Long winded, sorry.

      • mobchester

        I would have throw in jonas only if ibaka was included in that package it would have been a no brainer

        • BlakeMurphy

          I doubt Ibaka would have been available. I think a lot of the logic was that they have KD/Russ/Ibaka tied up as the core, and Harden was the odd man out. Maybe they would have thrown Perk in, but that wouldn’t have swung me much.

          BTW I’m not saying I wouldn’t do a “Jonas for Harden” based deal…just mean it’s too difficult to judge because we don’t know what else would have had to be included.

          • mobchester

            Definitely don’t want anything to do with perkins , I did tho, throw bargani in there to get serge to toronto along with harden , a starting 5 of lowry harden derozan ibaka and ed davis would have looked good

            • Nilanka15

              Davis is deservedly the 4th big in our rotation.  Having him in the starting lineup would mean Colangelo would be on the phone daily looking for a capable power forward.

      • p00ka

        “I read in Zach Lowe’s piece today for Grantland that they had at least had discussions”

        Really? I don’t see where it says that at all. What the piece said was:

        “Presti likely started with Anthony Davis before mulling over names like
        Klay Thompson, Utah’s young bigs (Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter),
        Bradley Beal, Jonas Valanciunas (with Jose Calderon’s expiring deal),
        and maybe one or two others before landing on Houston.”

        Where does it say discussions took place? Seems like it’s merely Zack Lowe’s speculation of what was likely Presti’s thought process, but I’ll accept correction if I’m wrong.

        • BlakeMurphy

          Footnote #1 – “All these teams, save the Hornets, had at least semi-serious internal or external discussions on Harden.”

          • BlakeMurphy

            I realize it says “internal OR external” which I had originally missed, but I’d assume at least a call was put out as due diligence on BC’s part when rumors surfaced he might not re-sign.

  • Roarque

    Harden will never have as much fun as he’s had in OKC in the last 2-3 years. Been me I never would have left over the delta they were talking about. My impression of Harden was that he’s bright but this is one stupid move. Don’t even get me started on how he blew up in Miami and London.

    Just doesn’t add up.

    BTW – I live on Salt Spring then Nanoose Bay in the BBall Season.

  • TheTyrant

    I live in Victoria, but travel to the mainland frequently. If this happens and the timing is good, I’d love this.

  • Im In. Would love to catch a game and live in Van City.

  • Tweet at juliovisko if you need at me

  • RaptorReuben

    I’m living here in Coquitlam, about a 30 minute drive to Vancouver. 

  • Creebrave

    I live in Kelowna but am frequently in Van for work. Just picked up tickets today for my son and I to go see the Raps in Portland December 10th.

  • Louvens

    Hey Blake,

    Just hit you up on twither. I am down for a Raps convention. I live in East Van.

  • Vinox

    I’m on Gabriola Isl. and would enjoy a get together with NBA/Raps/Grizz fans.

  • BlakeMurphy

    Sounds like there is enough interest, which is sweet. I’ll solicit some sports bars and see if they’re willing to hook up any kind of deal. Will aim for a Sat/Sun game since it seems like we’ll have quite a number driving in.

  • Roryquinn

    In. Live downtown. 

  • Felix Chan

    I live right in Vancouver. Great idea! 

  • Another Vancouverite who would be down to catch a game with fellow basketball fans!

  • FZ

    Vancourite here.