Republic West Coast Event – Anyone in Vancouver?

Please respond if you live in/near Vancouver, so we can potentially coordinate an RR West event night in Vancouver.

Drink with me and wear Grizzlies swag.
Drink with me and wear Grizzlies swag.

In the past few years, Raptors Republic has hosted events in Toronto for the readers of the Republic to enjoy a game together at a bar. Obviously, this is awesome.

I recently moved to Vancouver and am looking into hosting a Raptors Republic West event at some point this season. However, I have no idea if any of the Republic exist in the Vancouver area and/or if there would be any interest in hanging out and watching a game together.

So…please respond in the comments (or send me a tweet/email) if you live in the Vancouver area and would be interested. If there is any amount of interest, I’ll take our rough numbers to a few sports bars in town and see if they’re willing to hook up any deals for us.

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