It’s finally here. Finally. FINALLY! Regular season Toronto Raptors basketball is here.

The Raptors open the season tonight at home, hosting the Indiana Pacers at 7 p.m. on TSN. Air Canada Centre doors open at 5:30. And I…will be sitting in class, and then doing a presentation on physiological testing for elite hockey players, and then trying to watch the game on PVR having hopefully avoided texts/emails/twitter. But you don’t care about my struggle…all you care about is that you have RAPTORS BASKETBALL to watch. Tonight!

As I mentioned, the Raps will host the Pacers, a strong team that finished third in the East last year at 42-24. Let’s break down the…

Tale of the Tape, 2011-12

Offseason Moves
Sure, that tape tells us enough about last year and two people’s thoughts for this year. But have these teams changed?

Indiana In: D.J. Augustin, Gerald Green, Ian Mahinmi, Sam Young, Miles Plumlee, Orlando Johnson
Indiana Out: Darren Collison, Leandro Barbosa, A.J. Price, Louis Amundson, Dahntay Jones

Toronto In: Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas, Landry Fields, Terrence Ross, John Lucas, Quincy Acy, Dominic McGuire
Toronto Out: Jerryd Bayless, Gary Forbes, James Johnson, Jamaal Magloire, Ben Uzoh, Solomon Alabi

It certainly looks like the Raptors got better, as even the most negative of predictions (Hollinger) have predicted a significant increase from their 28-win pace from last year. Lowry adds a tough-nose defender and floor general that will command accountability from his teammates and be an extension of coach Dwane Casey on the floor, while the Lethaluanian is overflowing with potential and already looks like a competent rotation player. None of the losses are key, and Fields, Ross, and Lucas add depth and specialized skills at the wing and guard spots.

For the Pacers, they certainly didn’t get worse, but it would be hard to argue they got better, either. Augustin is alright, but probably not any better than Collison, whom they basically gave away for the right to overpay Mahinmi. Still, this is a team that was significantly better than the Raptors last year, so toeing the line was probably a wise move.

Positional Breakdown
Point Guard – Kyle Lowry (starter) and Jose Calderon vs. George Hill (starter) and D.J. Augustin
Advantage: Toronto
The Raptors solidified this position early in the offseason and are ready to reap the rewards after a summer of anticipation. Lowry isn’t in the elite class, but he’s safely in the second tier, while Hill and Augustin are both in the Calderon mold of being strong backups but sub-optimal starting options. Neither Pacer guard should be able to contain Lowry, while this is a point guard duo that lacks in size, negating one advantage opposing point guards can usually hold over Lowry.

Wings – DeMar DeRozan (starter), Landry Fields (starter), Terrence Ross, Alan Anderson and Linas Kleiza vs. Paul George (starter), Gerald Green, Lance Stephenson and Sam Young
Advantage: Draw
Normally this would be a huge advantage for the Pacers, but Danny Granger is out indefinitely with a left knee problem. His absence makes the Pacers relatively thin on the wing, and while George is the best of any of the wing players in this game, Green is their only other option. If DeRozan can get to the line at the rate he was in the preseason (yes, save for that last game), he should be able to improve his scoring efficiency enough to have legitimate value, although this says nothing of his defense and rebounding. Fields is the anti-DeRozan, doing just about everything other than scoring at a high level. Fields will likely draw the George match-up defensively, and DeRozan may have trouble with George’s size on the offensive end.

Bigs – Andrea Bargnani (starter), Jonas Valanciunas (starter), Amir Johnson, Ed Davis and Aaron Gray vs. David West (starter), Roy Hibbert (starter), Tyler Hansbrough and Ian Mahinmi
Advantage: Pacers
The advantage here is only slight, as while Hibbert is one of the best centers in the game now, West looked a bit past his prime last season. If West can bounce back, this is a dangerous front-court duo with complementary offensive talents. West will be a tough guard for Bargnani, and Hibbert may be able to get Valanciunas to foul, but if this goes to the benches the Raptors have an advantage. Gray can body up on Hibbert, but Amir and Davis will essentially be useless on him, surrendering far too much size, and as such will be used on West (Bargnani would have to body up Hibbert) or when Mahinmi and Psycho T check in.

Overall Analysis
The Pacers are a very strong team, but without Granger their offensive creation can suffer a fair amount. I’d expect the Pacers to toy with two-guard lineups and George at the three, possibly allowing Casey to deploy Lucas in a manner similar to the preseason. DeRozan will need to attack regardless of Georger’s length, while Bargnani will have to confirm that his man defense improved last year by handling West effectively. The Raptors have a prime opportunity to steal a victory from a better team, leveraging Granger’s injury and the energy from a Home Opener crowd (that hopefully turns into a sell-out by game time).

Vegas line: Indiana -2, O/U 188.5
My pick: Raptors by 4, over

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  • PBJake

    Bargnani is doubtful for today, with flu-like symptoms.

    • Nilanka15

      According to Sportsnet 590, he’s expected to play.

    • Philoveritas

      My gut tells me he will play only because it is the opener and he will probably be ineffective. if it was a random Thursday night home game in a different month he probably is sitting at home eating some pasta.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I remember Bargnani was battling the flu (and calf issues) post London while he was quiting on the Raptors at the time just like a toy boy would.smh

      He’s a go for tonite but now if he plays bad there’s a built in excuse.smh lol

      Let’s just lower the bar for this AB fella until he can jump over it (from another site) ie:

      “Last year it was two rebounds a quarter. Now it’s just box out your man. Next year it’ll be just make sure your hands are in the air.”

      • sleepz

        That is one point I am in complete agreement with.

        Last year it was “just try and get some boards”. Setting small goals….. nothing wrong with that.

        This year I’m reading Doug Smith this morning and he is saying if the coach has no problems with Andrea not rebounding why should we and quoting Casey’s comment? LOL
        Boxing out your man is fundamental. This shouldn’t be a goal. If he’s not even doing that and this is a point of emphasis from an NBVA coach, I’m not sure what more to say cuz it’s beyond embarrasing now.

        • Nilanka15

          Hey c’mon man, go easy on Bargnani.  He’s just a rookie.  He’ll just need a few years to get caught up to NBA speed.  He’ll be fine by 2009.

    • Lorenzo

      They’re signing DeMar to a 4-year $40 million contract.


  • Daniel

    Now is the time for people to lay out the premises for their predictions and judgements. Then they should use this benchmark as a reference point for future judgements. My premises are:
    1. there is a low variability in output for players with at least 3 seasons in NBA; there are outliers however they are by their nature unpredictable. In other words, I expect little change in the production of our players with at least 3 seasons of experience
    2. rookies, with very few exceptions, don’t contribute to team success unless they have a limited or specialized role
    3. the main role of a PG is to manage the game through controlling its pace and tempo. A PG’s individual stats are only means to the end of managing the game. I know Jose can run an offense, we’ll see if Lowry has the ability to control a game
    4. none of our wings had a PER over 15 in the last season. In the off-season we paid $20M for a player with a PER of 11 which doesn’t make any sense
    5. our defensive stats from last season were impaired by 2 factors: a shortened season favoured a young team and a lot of teams played not to win in order to better position themselves for the draft
    Based on these premises I consider our off-season as an abysmal failure and I expect the team to have less wins than last season. The facts are there for all to see, their interpretation though differ so much from one person to another.

    • Puffer

      “…I expect the team to have less wins than last season…”

      See you in 82 games.

      • cesco

        I believe Daniel was the guy who predicted that Romney will win by a landslide . A few more days to wait to see if he is the new Nostradamus .

        • Nilanka15

          Lol, I was storing that prediction in my back pocket too.  He’s living in a dream world.

          • CJT

            what i don’t get, is that he has been saying the same stuff for months, so why package it up now like this is some new and interesting revelation?  You don’t like the team, got it.  Message received, thanks for your contribution.

            • Nilanka15

              To each his own…..I guess 😐

              • CJT

                If by that you mean he should keep it to himself, I agree completely!

    • Destro

      Numbers 2 and 5 is complete bullshit….

      • j bean

        #3 is in that category too.

      •  I agree. Rookies have become increasingly more production with their teams and it has gone beyond the outlier. Sounds like this Daniel is thinking in antiquated means. Plus anyone who thinks Jonas won’t be integral to whether or not this team does well is not watching the games. 

    • KaioKev

      See you after our 24th win (in mid-January)

    • joman

      Mr f’ing gloom. 
      New day. New team. New season. 
      Analytics up ur ass. 
      where ur head is. 

      Go sit down. 

    • mountio

      I dont even dislike Jose that much, but reading your comments makes me hate him more and more. “We know Jose can run an offense” .. except that he hasnt ran a successful team in Toronto and cant even start on his own national team, losing out to Juan Carlos Navarro (both in terms of starting / contribution. Jose is a very safe player with a great assist / turnover ratio .. but I havent seen him bring success to any team that he has played on.

      • Nilanka15

        Haha, that’s the problem with fanboys!  They turn semi-decent, likable players into annoying turds.

    • ad

       Agreed on points 1 and 4. Everything else is complete BS.

  • Nilanka15

    I think it’s fair to say that we’ll have an advantage at PG on most nights this season (until Calderon is traded).

  • Destro

    Indiana 90
    Toronto 97

    Lowry 19 pts,7 ast,5 rebs
    Valanciunas 13 pts/8 rebs
    DeRozan 22 pts/4 rebs

    • Jerry Garcia

      Add 4 pts from Linas and feed the people a piping hot slice !!

      • Mike, Prague

         Pizza Pizza changed it from 100 to 101? :O … what a shame 🙁

  • Danielscott677

    Wow.. on open court charles barkley said the raptors are sleepers this year and kenny(the jet) smith said the raps have a great bench. Not looking to much into that ppl but i won’t lie that it brought a smile to my face. I mean geez at least we are worth mentioning this year.

    • Nilanka15

      Seems to be miles away from his “Raptors should have no expectations” analysis of a few weeks ago. 

      • Destro

        Even worse…He changed his prediction based on some pre season games…

        • unknown guest

          Charles or Kenny?

  • rrrhymony

    rr sold to bc dude? no zip. no zap. don’t be rude. arse was hater sometimes fun. tonight the raps go on a run. cross my fingers anyway. should be fun on open day. skys the limit. what say you? never mind this town is due. I don’t care for low predictions, expectations, predilections. I just want to see some ball. and raps to win to win em all. 

    y – y – yeahhh. 

  • Destro

    Casey AGAIN covering up for Bargnani’s horrid rebounding by lying thru his teeth…
    Suggesting (falsely) Dirk Nowitzki wasnt a good rebounder as a means to save face about his new protege being incompetent on the glass and somehow justifying it…

    Someone should point Mr Casey to Dirk’s career stats show a career 8.3 average which is signifigantly better than ABs 5.whatever…

    Dirk in his prime had about 4-5 seasons of 9-9.5 boards a game…Which is pretty good Dwayne…

    What this really does is trumps the false notion that Bargnani CANT rebound effectively because hes a perimeter oriented player…Well if thats the case then we cant compare AB to Dirk anymore since Dirk is trumpeted by these same fans as a similar perimeter type big man YET he still is able to rebound the ball quite well….


    • Nilanka15

      I read that quote this morning, and immediately questioned it myself.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

      • unknown guest

        What’s DC supposed to say? He’s an employee who must tow the company line. I doubt there are even a handful of NBA coaches that would openly dismiss their own player, especially one that is handpicked by the GM as a franchise/cornerstone player.

        • Destro

          How bout just not bring it up….

        • Destro

          I cant name another other coache who has a big man that is so incompetent at rebounding tho,which makes THIS an interesting situation up here… 

          •  actually, Kwame Brown (another #1 failed pick, actually worst than AB) has a career rebound rate of 5.6. For someone who was billed even higher than AB, he can’t rebound for a damn! Brook Lopez might actually be just as bad.

            Positive for AB is he actually is not a true center and can score better than those two.

        • Nilanka15

          I was speaking of the notion that Dirk wasn’t a good rebounder.  Casey was under no obligation to make that (incorrect) comparison.

          I certainly don’t expect Casey to openly rip his players in front of the media.

          • unknown guest

            My mistake.

        • sleepz

          Fair enuff but “we just want him to box out” !!


          • Bendit

            Could be a “if you can’t rebound don’t get into JV’s way”.

    • p00ka

      So I take it you don’t like ABs rebounding prowess? Who’da thunk? You should mention it a few more times so people know where you stand.

      • Destro

        I dont like his rebounding can you prove this please ? Dont just be saying shit man,quote me a source muhfucka…

        • p00ka

          Huh? The “source” is YOU and many of your posts, as in the one I’m responding to. Doh, whatever you’re on, you gotta get into rehab ASAP.

    • DanD

      Your reading comprehension is beyond horrid not gonna lie. Did you learn English by chance? Casey didn’t say Nowitzki wasn’t a good rebounder(what he said was he wasn’t going to be a great rebounder, big difference there get it?). 

      Nowitzki is a better player than Barg, Barg not known for rebounding the ball well but guess what he’s playing for the Raptors so deal with it!! 

      Anything new? You kept on saying the same thing everytime you post. How long you’ve been doing this 5-6 years?! sad really but I think it’s a good thing for us it keeps this site running so keep it up boy 😀

      • sleepz

        You make a valid point but why the continual comparison to Dirk?

        Always comparing him to Dirk and the comparison is not remotely close to be factual.

      • Destro

        YET your a fckn idiot because you dont understand the context that was used by comparing the two…He was suggesting Nowitzki and bargs are similar in rebounding and Raptor fans should get used to this using Dirk as the comparison..which is IN correct faggot because Dirk and bargs are not similar in rebounding because Dirk has always been a good rebounder while bargs has always been the worst in the league and far below average….

        THE POINT asshole is it was a terrible comparison to use to make a point….

        Now continue eating my ass… 

        • Statement

          “which is IN correct faggot ”


          “Now continue eating my ass… ”

          Who’s the gay one, again?  Also, how old are you? 12?

        • DanD

          “Suggesting (falsely) Dirk Nowitzki wasnt a good rebounder as a means to save face about his new protege being incompetent on the glass and somehow justifying it…” 

          This is what you said on your first comment then you came back to me with this.

          “He was suggesting Nowitzki and bargs are similar in rebounding and Raptor fans should get used to this using Dirk as the comparison”

          What are you trying to say here?! Don’t fool me boy! This is a proof me how small your brain is. You can’t make a simple argument.

          “Dirk has always been a good rebounder while bargs has always been the worst in the league and far below average….”

          Did Casey said Dirk wasn’t a good rebounder? Grade school I.Q. at its best.

          Speaking of context….Casey did not compare Dirk and Barg in terms of  statistical numbers. They’re comparing the two based on positional standpoint and having the same playstyle. Considering Casey coached Dirk for 3 years it makes sense for him to compare the 2 players. 

          Continue on….laughing stock 🙂

          • Destro

            Your the only that didnt understand the quote and the context of it YET ironically your playing the reading comprehension card lol…

    • Matt52

      Have to agree.  I want nothing for the best for Bargnani, Casey, and the Raps.  But when I read that quote even I thought, “Good grief.”

    • p00ka

      Seems to me, people are misreading an already incomplete quote. What the article states is:

      “One thing I’ve come to understand, and we did the same thing with Dirk
      [Nowitzki in Dallas], he’s never going to be a great rebounder,” Casey
      said. “Turning him into a rebounder””

      1. This isn’t a full transcription of an interview, merely what Koreen chose to transcribe to make a point. Just saying that any adult should be able to understand that it’s easy to misunderstand something when the full context isn’t on display.

      2. The part of the quote involving Dirk clearly shows that Casey went on to say something else (see comma ending the quote) in that sentence. What was it? We don’t know, but perhaps it may have helped make his point clearer within the context of what else he said.

      3. Whether that”s the case or not, when reading the balance of that paragraph, it appears that when Casey inserts the Dirk side note, it’s out of place a tad from where it belongs (I don’t think Casey’s focus is on perfecting public speaking in interviews), but he’s referring to his years in Dallas, and saying that they did the “same thing” in terms of telling Dirk his prime responsibility on rebounding was to make sure he boxes out his man, thus giving his teammates a better shot at grabbing it. [Note: They may have had different reasons, as in wanting Dirk preserving his energy for what he’s best at (scoring), but the concept of team rebounds is the same].

      Those years started in 2008-09 when Dirk’s rebounding #s had already been on the decline every year from 2005-06. This gradual decline continued for 3 more seasons under Casey/Carlisle, until they won the ‘ship in 2011, with Dirk averaging 7.0 RBs, only .5 RBs more than AB was doing pre-injury last year. What’s interesting about this analogy of his, as in defining less rebounding demand on Dirk so he’s got more energy to score, is that the year they won it all, they had gone out and got an energetic, shot-blocking, rebounding Center (Chandler—-JV), a great rebounding PG (Kidd—- Lowry), and a starting wing whose scoring is minimal and primary responsibility is Defense (Stephenson— Fields).

      At the end of the day, Casey DID NOT say Dirk is not a good rebounder. He said they lessened his demands on rebounding (to make the most use of his best skills?), while surrounding him with teammates that are quite capable of picking up the RBs that are available if he boxes out his man. It worked pretty well, didn’t it? Coach Casey has proven enough to this team’s fans up to this point, that I think we might want to give this team at least half a season to either prove or disprove his concept. The games haven’t even begun yet, and you want us to go nuts over an incomplete quote, taken out of context? Oh well, to each his own. I wish I could say that I Hope you enjoy watching the Raps this year, but seeing what you “enjoy”, I hope it’s a miserable season for you, while AB and the Raps play great b-ball.

      GO RAPS!!!!

      • Nilanka15

        You make a lot of good points regarding context, and misquotes, but in this particular case, I think you’re reaching a little.

        It’s possible that Casey was referring to the lessened demands on Dirk, but as you explained above, seems to consist of many layers.  IMO, it’s more believable than when asked a question, and without much time to prepare an answer, Casey simply said what came to mind, that Bargnani and Dirk’s rebounding aren’t too different…..which isn’t close to being true.

        But I guess we’ll never really know what Casey actually meant.  Either side of the discussion is based on interpretation.

        • p00ka

          I have no idea how much I may or may not be reaching, but if it was possible to clarify with Casey, I’d be willing to bet that what he meant was something a LOT closer than “lying thru his teeth…
          Suggesting (falsely) Dirk Nowitzki wasnt a good rebounder”.

          Beyond that being valid or not, I totally agree that what one reads from brief quotes, especially without the context of even the complete quote, never mind the overall interview, is open to wildly different interpretations. For this reason, I think it’s silly to go off the deep end over such quotes. It ends up being what is often much ado about nothing.

        • Destro

          We know exactly what he meant,hes exaggerating to save face for his player…

    • RaptorFan

      Sooo True!

  • Ahmed


    • Nilanka15

      I’m pumped.  I may have to turn my porch light off early tonight.

    • mountio

      I am pumped. Was great to see real NBA action last night (btw – shout out to BOSA for killing it in the 4th quarter .. its nice to see that guy back on a contender). LA looked lost – the TNT guys had it right at halftime .. their offense is terrible for the players they have. Time to get a real coach in there.. not sure Mike Brown is up to the job.
      Lets forget the BS pre-season and see whos for real. I cant wait for tonight.

  • 511

    I think the local online experts are wrong. Most, I’m seeing, have the Raptors not making the playoffs. So … I wonder (then) why it is that *I* think this team is so much better than they were last year? And I think, ‘well, we have a big, young and very talented player in the middle now … which is very new to the Raptors (and a player who just might turn out to be a near-monster, regardless of how much so many [not all] want to downplay how good he might end up being). We have an aggressive no-b.s. starting point guard who can shoot from all over and wants to win more than breathe almost … with last year’s starter – who I’ve always liked – coming off the bench from where he’s always looked his best. (Like who has a better pg duo … make that trio than the Raptors?) Then there’s DeRozan who certainly looks like a stronger and better player than he was even last year. And Amir looks (to me) like he’s ready to do whatever it takes to be effective … and I think he will be. ED looks improved, we’ll see how much as it goes along. Bargnani will probably give us more (maybe a lot more?) than he takes away (I’m being cautious, Bargs fans. I actually expect more from him than that. But even if …) And Casey, who I figure might well be recognized one day as one of the better coaches in the league, has had a full training camp and preseason with them, with a bunch there for the beginning of their second go-round with him … so … what’s not to like here?’ 

    So after wondering what I’m missing … I’ve decided that I don’t think I’m missing anything. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Raptors are a substantially better team than they were last year. Bring it on, let’s go Raps! 

    • OnTheRightTrack


    • BlakeMurphy

      Not sure if you’re referencing RR people or not, but I picked 38 wins, which would be a 9.5-win improvement over last year’s pace. Even if they feel like a .500/playoff team, a 13-win jump is pretty extreme. Hope you’re right though.

      • 511

        No, not referring to RR, not specifically anyway. Saw a poll of locals the day before (incl Tom Liston) who almost all (except for stackmack I think) called for ninth or lower. I’ll be watching for what you’re thinking now, after that first one. I’m still thinking the same. That is, playoffs. 

  • Nets add Joe Johnson to what was a worst team than the Raps last year and everyone thinks they are a contender and can “challenge” the heat, everyone mostly outside of RR.

    The raptors add 3 new starters, 2 of which are extreme upgrades from their predecessors, and people think they are barely going to increase their wins total by 5 or less!

    It absolutely blows my mind that anyone would think this team is even close to the team from last year. Bargnani and the occasional outburst by DD is not the only 2 pieces this team has anymore! Lowry and Jonas are going to be formidable! This is a complete team as opposed to the 2 star and a crowd of journeymen lineup from last year!

    • Nilanka15

      The Nets only got 16 games from Wallace, and 5 games from Lopez last year.  With Johnson, they’re essentially adding three all-star calibre starters to last year’s team.  That’s a pretty significant change.

      I’m not arguing against the Raptors, just saying that Brooklyn (at least on paper), definitely looks like an improved team.

      •  on paper is the operative words! Lopez is an injury waiting to happen and really Wallace has not performed like he is supposed to when a team is playing well. Only time I have seen him excel was when the team was so bad he basically just did what he wants. We all know once you get a decent player on Humphrey and he is nothing. More concerned with Marshon Brooks than any of those guys!

        I agree when you put it all together they look good but everything that I know about those players, only Deron makes me think that team can be good. and I am not saying they will be a sure fire lock lottery team like last year, but a contender? no way!

        I just don’t see how people can make that leap of faith yet see what the raps did beyond DD and AB, and still say the raps will not be any better than last years team. I just don’t get it!

      • OnTheRightTrack

        In what world is Brook Lopez an allstar, perhaps the only 7 footer who rebounds as little as Bargnani and plays even worse defense. Secondly, Gerald Wallace may have been allstar calibre 4-5 years ago, but not now.

        • Nilanka15

          1. I never said Lopez is an all-star.

          2. Wallace may be past his prime, but he’s still light years better than any wing on our roster.

  • Danielscott677

    Man i really hope AB starts at least grabbing 7 boards a game. I love basketball and i love reading about my raptors but god 80 friggen % comments on this site are on AB’s rebounding. Love him or hate him he seems to be the most popular raptor lol. Don’t get me wrong i think at 7 feet he should be grabbing at least 2 dam rebounds a quarter but if he can do what he was doing last year BEFORE he got injured i will be more then happy with what we get from him. Toronto can battle for the 8th seed if they play consistant and injury free, but bargs is gonna really have to step it up this year. Tonight is a great measuring stick for the raps as they seem to match up well against a pacers squad missing granger…

    Bargs will never be a double guy so lets enjoy what he can do and not dwell the shit out of what he should be doing!

    •  I really am not concerned about AB’s rebounding. He can’t do it. Gotta move on. If he does what Casey says and at least keep his guy off the boards so Jonas or a decent rebounding wing can go at it, that is enough for me to be happy! Lowry, Ross and Jonas can all rebound pretty well, Bargs just needs to get a body on someone and this should work out just fine.

      That is a big if however!

  • NyAlesund

    There is the game and we talking about AB and Nowiztki?????

    Potentially AB would be another Dirk, but the reality is different. AB doesn’t love contact and worse he doesn’t want sacrify his body. We know this.

    Offensively he is a monster able to do whatever he wants. For years he played without a big fella that cover his ass and in wrong position, now he doesn’t have excuses.

    He is sub-par rebounder and not known as a leader like Dirk.

    This year is turning point of his career, the time for excuses is done. If he won’t play well as an (almost) All Star, BC has to trade him. I am AB’s fan.

  • Destro

    Hibbert is eating up JoVa on the block…

  • Scottbbaird

    Raps lose to a second-round playoff team. Makes sense. Bright side is Val got a double double.

  • KJ-B

    I blame this L on Casey…Dude is an assistant coach at heart!  Falls in love with players instead of tryna win–smh!

    #7 can miss a million shots and he’ll say, “He reminds me of Nowitzki”…then Kyle Lowry is now Deron Williams and can shoot whenever he feels like it–don’t get it DeRozan hit 5 shots-in-a-row and he gets benched for most of the 4th!

    The NBA is a talent league–ALAN ANDERSON MUST NEVER SEE THE 4th Q unless it’s garbage time…

    I really don’t care for Casey and his John Lucas lovinz…TRoss best get 20 minutes next game!  And to think 16 of their next 21 are on the road–WHAT WAS CASEY THINKING???????

    • Lorenzo

      What are you talking about? Anderson was having a stellar game offensively and defensively, it was a smart move to have him play at the end. Or would you have preferred if Fields played? You know, that guy that went 0 for 68?

    • Nilanka15

      On a 4-15 shooting night, Casey decides to run an ISO for Bargnani to win the game. Not exactly playing the percentages coach :s

      You’re right about the NBA being a talent league. Unfortunately for us, we don’t have any talent on the wings.

  • KJ-B

    I beg to differ there…. I think it’s DeRozan/TRoss as the core guys there… Fields is just earning a paycheck!  Deebo had it goin’–can’t think of too many teams where a guy gets 5 consecutive buckets then sits most of the 4th quarter in favor of D-League lifer…Casey, had me in SMH mode–he messed up the rotations, the team deserved the w but Duane was severely outcoached–do you see who was taking the shots for Indiana…Talent league!

    They didn’t run a play for DeRozan + his 1st shot after getting out the ice box was a 3 which Jose shouldda taken–lost the mojo after that–also blame Kyle for hi-jacking the offence and breaking too many plays!  If Lowry/Casey deserve praise…they should take critique just the same!  Sad Result, because the team brought it! 

    • Nilanka15

      DeRozan never hit 5 shots in a row.  He was forcing shots, predictably driving into stationary defenders, and then acting surprised when the refs didn’t bail him out.  The LAST thing we needed was to give DeRozan more shots last night.