Is the season already slipping away from the Toronto Raptors? Still too early to say, but there’s a sense that the fan base already grows restless. Sure they are already 1 – 5, but how much of that is due to not having already-the-best-Raptor-guard-since-you-know-who?

Damn, if Bryan Colangelo hadn’t been able to luck out on Kyle Lowry, what you saw tonight is what you were getting.

All year.

This team is already Lowry’s team. You can sense that they lack that resilience. The kind of fortitude that would have prevented a second quarter like they had today. Or you could just say that they lack that playmaker who can answer a run by the opponent.

Sure DeMar DeRozan has improved in some aspects this year, but you still can’t rely on him to handle the ball at the top of the key and make something happen other than a straight line drive or the baseline spin, can you? He actually pulled off a cute double spin today, but this isn’t 2K13, it’s kind of lame to keep trying it. He probably should try doing it over and over some day, that would be mildly amusing.

Serious question: If Nick Young gets drafted by BC, and is given the time and commitment that has been afforded to DeMar, who’s the better player?

Nick Young was better tonight, he just couldn’t miss. He was Kate Upton-hot in the second quarter, leading the 76ers to a 32-7 run that lasted that whole quarter. Unfortunately it coincided with the second unit coming in, including one Linas Kleiza who emerged from a deep freeze and continued to stay frozen as John Lucas shot bricks from the perimeter.

One question that springs to mind at this point would be: Why is the bench so lacking in talent when the one (remaining?) positive that the general manager had going for him was that he could always glean some gems from the corners of the NBDL, Europe and other parts unknown. Nothing much really to get excited about here.

Even with most of the starters back in, the situation got even worse. Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, DeMar DeRozan. Three players deemed to be part of the core, now with the exception of the one guy not drafted by Colangelo (Calderon). All three on the floor and unable to stem the tide. Everyone has bad games, but these players are supposed to be entering their primes, as major pieces of a contender. Really?

Guess it could be an aberration, like the Lakers 1 – 4 start. Try telling that to Mike Brown.

The aforementioned did pick up their game in the third quarter, playing good team ball. Bargnani started to get going offensively. A zone anchored by Jonas Valunciunas seemed to confound Philadelphia.

A nice play by Jose Calderon to Amir Johnson to end the quarter pulled the Raptors to seven, but that’s the closest they would get. The newest $10 million dollar man made sure of that.

10:42 72-63 DeMar DeRozan misses 17-foot two point jumper
10:07 72-63 DeMar DeRozan misses 16-foot two point jumper
8:00 77-65 DeMar DeRozan misses 14-foot jumper
7:28 77-67 DeMar DeRozan makes 2-foot two point shot
6:50 79-67 DeMar DeRozan misses 19-foot jumper

The only player in the league who gets to shoot that many jumpers that late in a close game is Kobe Bryant. Even Erik Spoelstra would whisper in Lebron James’ ear at some point here to drive the ball in, or make a play. Just make a play. But he’s got to live up to that contract. Not necessarily a good thing.

3:46 83-69 DeMar DeRozan possession lost ball turnover
3:46 83-69 DeMar DeRozan technical foul(1st technical foul)

Another point. The refs don’t care how much you make. You won’t get a call every time you drive.

Sorry DeMar. This isn’t fair, nobody expects you to turn down a generous offer like that which was completely unnecessary given the fact that you still had a year left before you became a restricted free agent. Yeah that type, to give the general manager some control over you. Weak. That’s the only word to describe it.

If loyalty won championships, Bryan Colangelo would be a living legend.

The only hope for him, and for the fanbase’ sanity is that Lowry’s ankle heals up. It’s hard to say this, but the team is not half as fun to watch without the razzle dazzle that a starting-calibre NBA point guard like him provides.

One more bone to pick with Casey. Fine, don’t play Valunciunas if the 76ers want to play small ball, but you should know better than having Andrea as your 5. John Lucas was under the hoop when Thad Young scored on an all-too-easy layup. Unnatural things happen.

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  • Bib

    Bad rotational subs by Casey cost the game, Amir lays an egg & Davis cant see the floor & where is this deep bench?

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      1st Quarter

      1:46  12 – 22 Ed Davis enters the game for Andrea Bargnan
      1:05  14 – 22 Spencer Hawes defensive reboundi
      0:57  16 – 22 Spencer Hawes makes 21-foot jumper (Royal Ivey assists)0:37  Spencer Hawes offensive rebound0:36  18 – 23 Spencer Hawes makes 1-foot two point shot2nd Quarter11:18 Ed Davis misses 9-foot jumper11:17 Spencer Hawes defensive rebound11:07 22 – 26 Spencer Hawes makes 18-foot jumper (Lavoy Allen assists)10:30 22 – 26 Ed Davis shooting foul (Spencer Hawes draws the foul)10:30 23 -26 Spencer Hawes makes free throw 1 of 210:30 23 – 26 Spencer Hawes misses free throw 2 of 210:00 Spencer Hawes defensive rebound10:00 25-26 Dominic McGuire enters the game for Ed Davis

      Spencer Hawes in 3min 46 sec (against double double machine) = 7 points 4 rebounds

      Do you understand why Ed Davis can’t see the floor ?

      • CB4.7allstar.1ring.AB.trash


    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      Spencer Hawes in 3min 46 sec (against double double machine) = 7 pts 4 reb
      Do you understand why Ed Davis can’t see the floor ?1st Quarter1:46  12 – 22 Ed Davis enters the game for Andrea Bargnani.
      1:05  14 – 22 Spencer Hawes defensive rebound.
      0:57  16 – 22 Spencer Hawes makes 21-foot jumper (Royal Ivey assists).0:37  Spencer Hawes offensive rebound.0:36  18 – 23 Spencer Hawes makes 1-foot two point shot.2nd Quarter11:18 Ed Davis misses 9-foot jumper.11:17 Spencer Hawes defensive rebound.11:07 22 – 26 Spencer Hawes makes 18-foot jumper (Lavoy Allen assists).10:30 22 – 26 Ed Davis shooting foul (Spencer Hawes draws the foul).10:30 23 -26 Spencer Hawes makes free throw 1 of 2.10:30 23 – 26 Spencer Hawes misses free throw 2 of 2.10:00 Spencer Hawes defensive rebound.10:00 25-26 Dominic McGuire enters the game for Ed Davis.Spencer Hawes in 3min 46 sec (against double double machine) = 7 points 4 rebounds.Do you understand why Ed Davis can’t see the floor ?

      • EmarErozan

        Special Ed’s defense made Hawes look like Nowitski. Or, put another way, relative to Ed’s defense Barganami’s defense was Garnett-esque.

    • Phat AlberG

      Hey doesn’t have no idea how to sub players in out! He such a shitty coach

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      32-7. Wow.

      What happened to Casey’s culture change?

      It was nothing more than another BC pr spin in the wind as it’s the same ol’ same in Raptors-land under BC with another season of stagnation with no Lottery hopes as next year’s Lottery pick was traded away (top 3 protected) in the Lowry deal.

      I thought the Triano era was about player development? Or just AB’s development?

      This team is a direct reflection of it’s top player- AB, and his half ass efforts (ask Troy Murphy) while being coddled by BC like an All Star.

      • FAQ

        “… half ass efforts…”  Would you care to elaborate on that or are you just honking in pain in your blame game delusions?!


    23 pt/ 5 reb/ 3ast / 3 steals + 4 in a terrible shooting night in which we couldn’t buy a fg. and you still have the time to blame on AB7.

    A Dumb 

    • what the


    • Destro

      yes because his defense sucks….he gives all his points back on the def end…terrible rotations,never plays in the paint…he scores in blow out games where the games over at halftime on 9 of 19 shooting,congrats…..

  • Canadian Paul

    John Lucas might make history this year. He’s at .080 FG% and still dropping. Only in Toronto…

    • NyAlesund

       This is something to cheer about………

  • Ppellico

    Amir should have taken more outside shots!!!!

    But is pissed and pouting cause they probably told him to stop.
    Poor kid!

  • frankthetank

    Casey has no clue what hes doing yet.  His rotations have been awful.  The Raps were up 9 points when there subs came in near the end of the first quarter and when they left the court the raps were down 9 points.  In 8 minutes casey allowed his bench to be minus 18 without doing anything.  
             He lets everyone shoot jump shot after jump shot.  He must think that the raps are the 2010 dallas mavericks haha….his 11 man rotation has been a flop.   
           THe other thing last night was when the raps had there starters in they actually were winning  the game.  So why not play your starters more minutes?  WHen the raps actually passed the ball into the paint they were effective against the sixers.  JV should have got more playing time and the raps should stop settling for jumpers when they were effective inside.  Casey takes this loss in my mind

    • NyAlesund

       We need to win. So, Casey has to leave the team starter playing 42 minutes or more if it is necessary. Others teams doing this why can’t we do the same thing? Frankly, Casey is leaving me dumbfounded.

      • FAQ

        But it’s “development” time on the Raptors… so Casey must try to give everybody some playing time to evaluate what he’s got … for the next season.

        Forget the score.. forget the winning or losing… it’s all about de-vel-op-ment …!!!!

        • NyAlesund

           Are you kidding me!!!! So, am I expecting some tanking?

  • Nilanka15

    Anyone still wanna convince us that DeRozan is a keeper? Destro? KJ-B? Anyone?

    Isn’t it funny how Mayo and Young have looked “all world” compared to our local hero?

    • WhiteVegas

      Enough with the knee jerk reactions. If we looked at the two games prior then you would be the one eating crow.
      Without Lowry, DeRozan will have a very tough time playing up to his contract. With Lowry, he should be able to play up to it.
      Let’s give gim 20-30 games before we start shitting all over him, is that fair?

      • 132

        Or….we could wait 7 years.  That would be more fair than 20 games, correct?

        • Nilanka15

          ^ This was my post.  Typed my name in the wrong field.

    • what the

      how is mr. fluidity forbes looking these days (S.PALIN  voice)

  • JHP

    It’s truly time for BC to go.  I don’t blame the paying public for booing and the next step is not showing up.  This team, if properly managed could easly have less than 5 wins by Christmas.  And by then the only thing to play for would be retaining one of the top 3 picks.  Knowing this bunch they will do a late season charge and hand the 4th pick to OKC.  Since BC does such a great job drafting players it really does not matter but points to the fact BC is really struggling. Just another year where they will have no draft picks.  Hopefully
    they get more out of Lowry then they did from that O’Neal fellow.

    Linas is back and Anderson goes down, If Fields or Lowry comes back who’s the next to go down?

    Can anyone tell me how much input the coaching staff has on selecting draft picks?

    • Copywryter

      Only your next step will force change on this organization. If you’re selling a product that people buy unblinkingly there’s no need to do things differently. Only the gate and (by extension) the books will push BC out.

      Do we even have our lottery pick this year?  

  • cesco

    The difference between the two teams : one is a rooster having a good time in the coop , the other is the hen running around with the head cut-off .

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Despite them losing, I still see good things coming for the Raptors.  They managed to keep the game close throughout and held the Sixers to just 93 points.  Their 1-4 record can be attributed the stiffed competition that they have faced and out of those five games, they only got blown out once by the OKC Thunder.  That alone shows that there is a silver lining to this rather disappointing start.

    • The Truth

       Where did losing a single QUARTER 32-7 factor into “keeping the game close”. Putting the 1-4 record down to stiff competition reflects the low expectations of Raptors fans more than anything else. If BC and DC were serious with all that shit about aiming for playoffs this season they they are going to need to beat “stiff competition”.

  • Thetruth

    I have to say, the Landry Fields signing and the unnecessary derozan extension that has taken away our max cap salary space next summer have kinda soured me a little on BC. I’ve been in favour of giving him a chance to rebuild this mess of a franchise but it seems for every good move he makes, he follows it up with two horrible ones. I don’t care if our record is 1-5 or 0-6 as much as when I take a look at this roster, all I see is two pieces that I could see playing in the NBA Finals in the future (Lowry, Valanciunas) and then just a bunch of really good to mediocre bench players with limited cap space.

    • WhiteVegas

      Who were you planning on offering a max contract to in the offseason? There is not one deserving player who would even think about coming to Toronto.
      Fields and DeRozan both need to up their games, but I don’t think their deals have really impacted our free agency moves next offseason.

      • The Truth

         Ideally nobody, that is one of the problems with this organization. Way to keen to sign mediocre talent to max deals just because the space was available.

        • p00ka

          So you’re “kinda soured” that the “derozan extension” “has taken away our max cap salary space next summer”, which “ideally” wouldn’t be used? Confusing as hell. man.

          • The Truth

            How is it confusing? If there is nobody here or coming here who is worth a max deal than don’t sign anyone to one. Simple. If someone comes up then you at least have something to play with.

            Right now Demar has done little if anything to prove he is or will ever be a max guy but we gave him one on “promise”. Just like we gave Bargnani one on “promise”. Let me know if that ever starts turning into wins.

            • CJT

              Don’t think Demar’s deal is a max deal like you imply.  Harden’s was significantly more money.

              • The Truth

                It’s not, but the original point made was that it cuts into the amount we have available to sign someone to a max deal at any point in the next 3-4 years pretty much when combined with the other bad deals on the books..

                Note though that you shouldn’t read too much into how much money is involved as to whether a deal is/isn’t max because the amounts for a ‘max’ deal are based on how long the player has been in the league, club, etc. That is why some max deals are worth a lot more than others.

          • Thetruth

            Thanks The Truth. I totally understand that there aren’t any desirable free agents next summer but that doesn’t mean we should blow our money on mediocre talent. The NBA is all about waiting for the right opportunity to strike. For some organizations, it takes longer than others to land elite talent.

    • Copywryter

      Nothing I have seen from JV so far points to him being more than a capable, high-motor big. There’s a LOT of developmental maybes around this kid both offensively and defensively.  

      • FLUXLAND

        Yet, the marketing department figures boobleheads are in order. Clearly this guy has made is mark on the franchise.  I’m guessing this is the earliest any player has had a bobblehead released by its team.

        • FAQ

          Fear breeds desperation… and a bobblehead will invigorate the tribal honking fans to rally to their hero-to-be …!!!

          Free pizza, bobbleheads… what’s next… 5 minutes with a cheerleader of your choosing… in the shower?

          • Beaverboi

            I’d be in for that.

      • hater

        only a retard like you would judge a rookie after what? 6 games. dumb fuck

        • Copywryter

          You’re pretty sensitive. Make sure you get a bobblehead. 

  • Max

    Terance Ross a dud. Landry Fields a dud. Lucas a dud. Alan Anderson a dud. Gm is to blame here, not the coach.

    • Jamshid

      You are 100% correct. This is all on the GM but more importantly, it is also on the herd, the fan boys who kept on supporting him for past 6 years.

      Guys like Matt52 and the herd on the board could not see that leaving a guy like GM with that track record, can FINALLY push this team off the Cliff.

      This team is done now and even new GM can not fix the problem for YEARS to come. BC should have been let go about 2 years ago and in the span of this 2 years, he has made too many mistakes that will effect this team for years to come.

      The writings were on the wall but the herd did not want to see it till it hit them right on the forehead. 

      • cb


  • Wiggins!

  • Shabazz!

  • Anyone else find themselves looking at the 2013 draftboard during yesterdays game?  6 games in….sigh.

    • WhiteVegas

      We’re missing our best player. If we have Lowry and lose to the Bobcats, then it’s time to freak out.

      • A team should be able to play respectable basketball with one injured starter.  See Philly w/o Bynum, Dallas w/o Dirk etc.  I was optimistic to start the year, but this team isn’t just loosing, it’s getting embarrassed.

        And no, the schedule isn’t tough to start the year – we’re hitting team after team as they face significant injuries.

        • WhiteVegas

          Two injured starters. Fields was also out with injury, and he has started every other game this season. Despite Fields less than stellar play, we are just too thin at SF without him.

          Also, we have been playing respectable basketball. We got blown out once by OKC. We’ve had some un-respectable quarters but as a whole the team has been playing pretty good. With some fair officiating we’d probably be .500 right now.

          • The Truth

             Giving up 32-7 in a quarter is not respectable basketball.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Philly was missing 2 starters as well- JRichardson & ABynum.

          • Copywryter

            Tell me who your dealer is, I want in! 

            We lost (at home) to a team without its best player (Indiana). 

            We lost quite badly to a team without three starters.

            We lost to Brooklyn and the talent differential was obvious. 

            We lost to Oklahoma and they weren’t even trying. 

            We lost at home (again) to a team without its best player (again) and had one of our worst quarters of basketball ever, while getting schooled by a certain Nick Young. 

            We are not playing good basketball. Our help defence is terrible. We aren’t rebounding. Our bench is underperforming. We aren’t shooting well. We aren’t playing hard for a coach who is all about effort. Nothing outside of Lowry is good right now.

            • Ppellico

              THIS is my very fav post here…and probably every rap blog.
              Certainly hit it on the head…and kind of hard.
              Casey certainly is struggling right now with his team or his new plan.
              Or both.
              Not sure why all of these things are happening.
              I guess as a fan not allowed into the lockerroom or practices…I can only try to answer these with what I see in the games.
              And I agree with you 100000 times.

      • The Truth

         The stupid part is most of the teams we’re playing are without key players as well. Our only win was against Minnesota who have both Love and Rubio riding the pine.

        • Thetruth

          So true. Watching Bargnani has been particularly disheartening this season. Take for instance our last game against the 76ers, I think we can agree that he was the best talent on the floor yet he just doesn’t give the all-out effort necessary to will our shorthanded team to victory. Honestly, I have overlooked his rebounding deficiencies and his horrid help defense but I can no longer stand watching him give a half-assed effort into what was supposed to be an exciting season.

          • Bitchfugg

             ….and yet hes still our best player……stfu hater.

      • cb

        if lowry is your best player, you are in a deep, deep pile of shit as an organization.

    • Copywryter

      I actually looked at the 2011 draft to see if there was a better pick than JV. Nope. Lousy draft.

  • Daniel

    At some point the writers on this blog and the fans who support them have to actually start elaborating on the arguments they are making on Lowry. Beyond the “man-love” and “Lowry is God” stupidities, what exactly in Lowry makes you believe he is more than a back-up PG? Yesterday he would have been great as the scoring PG of the second unit however people think he should start even though we suck with him starting.
    One of the problems in this team is our lack of offensive fluidity. The reason is that we have only one playmaker on the entire roster. One can notice the offensive fluidity of the good teams in NBA based on the fact that they have at least one more secondary playmaker always on the court. Our roster is grossly un-balanced from the point of view of this specific skillset: the starting unit with Lowry doesn’t have one playmaker and the second unit has only one. Everybody has a primary skillset: scoring, shooter, slasher, rebounder, defender however without playmaking abilitiessome of these skills go to waste. When you add that only Lowry and, partially, Andrea have shot creation abilities it does expalin our lack of efficient offensive output. That’s why I was so upset for this off-season’s failure: Colangelo didn’t bring players with playmaking abilities, preferably on the wings. He “updated” a position that didn’t need upgrading and din’t shore up the 3 positions that did need upgrading.
    The succes of a roster in NBA is not based primarily on the level of individual skillsets, but on the complementarity of the different skillsets. They are even more important than advanced metrics: one can see a spreadsheet with different players having primary and secondary skillsets and trying to figure out how they mesh together. It is not only an “SF position” we are missing, we are missing a playmaking SF.  

    • Canadian Paul

      To me, it’s all about efficiency. Your most efficient players should take the most shots or make the plays. Accusing Lowry of looking for his own is stupid. He leads the team with 38.6% assist ratio. Calderon is at 31%. And he’s one of the league leaders the league with 0.701 TS%.

      When you want to present an argument, look at the facts first.

      • Daniel

        I’m not sure what you are trying to say. You can’t be so heavy and compare as “facts” 6 games into the season instead of career-wise numbers for players with at least 6 seasons in the league. I’ll let you guess who has a career AST% of 27.5 and who has 39.5. I don’t need numbers to know that Lowry is a scoring PG whereas Calderon is a pass-first PG. If you want efficiency from a player, Lowry can’t hold a candle to Calderon career-wise in terms of passing, shooting, Pure Point Rating in general.
        In any case, you missed completely my point. There is nothing wrong per se with a scoring PG. My question has been about the mix of skillsets on our roster. It seems to me, for a variety of reasons (DeRozan and Andrea need to be assisted, PnR with Jonas, scorers in the first unit but not in second, lack of 6th man skillset for Jose) that Jose is better suited for the first unit and Lowry is better suited for the 2nd unit the way the first and second unit are currently constructed. I realize that Jose is gone by January so the point is really moot however it needed to be made.

    • WhiteVegas

      You lost me the second you implied Lowry is a back-up PG. Fucking ridiculous.

      • enlightenment

         Its as if he wasnt the top player in the NBA for the first 4 games…

  • enlightenment

    Wheres the real analysis here?

    Hating on Derozan is easy, hating on the GM is EASIER.

    The real story of this game was the whacky rotations.

    Eds 4 minutes, Kleizas 14(at the 4, were Ed shouldve been!), John Lucas playing with Calderon, and Val out in the 4th (though being apart of the end of 3rd quarter run that brought us back).

    Clearly there is still more experimentation with the lineups, but Dwayne has to shore up his minutes better.

    • WhiteVegas

      I want whatever “green light” Lucas has to shoot like crazy to be given to TRoss instead. It’s not like he could do worse than 1-7, and we actually need to develop him for the future.

      • The Truth

         Anderson would do well to pass on shooting every now and then as well. I like what the guy’s doing but I feel like every time he makes one shot he takes it as a license to take the next 5 regardless of whether they are good or not.

  • voy

    lets not confuse “core” of this team vs what the core is going to be when the raps become decent.  no is should suggest jose is going to be part of the core when the raps are ready to contend (and I love jose).  its debatable if either derozan or bargs can be core pieces on a decent team, and I certainly think you cant have both a sg who cant dribble and a 7 fter who plays on the perimeter being core pieces on the same team.

    I would only consider Lowry and JV as pieces to build upon.  that doesn’t mean you get rid of everyone else (right away), and that doesn’t mean DD or T.Ross cant be useful, and that doesn’t mean we try and shortcut the building  process by signing 30+year old dudes to land us the 8th seed but that does mean we need to do a better job of identifying young players to fill in needs.  no more 7fters who can run and shoot from the outside but cant rebound.  no more sg’s who are athletic and have good size but cant create their own offense or have an automatic jump shot.  enough of trying to fit the round peg in the square hole.

  • Phat AlberG

    Amir & Ed Davis have to be traded!  Casey is a dumb coach I don’t care!  Has no idea how to rotate players, and his line up choices has cost 2 games at least maybe 3 ( don’t forget about the Nets 2quater) GM SUCKS!!! And scouts SUCK THEY Have NO IDEA HOW TO FIND TALENT. I rather see Rudy Fernandez playing in Toronto than Alan Anderson like give me a fucking break.

    • FAQ

      Isn’t Rudy over in Europe?  Maybe he declined an offer from BC.

  • Soquick23

    if the raptors don play with a sense of urgency and turn the season around i dont think BC will be cak next year. We beat teams that we should beat and lose to teams were supposed to lose to, typical raptors.

  • Soquick23

    if the raptors dont play with a sense of urgency and turn the season around i dont think BC will be back next year. We beat teams that we should beat and lose to teams were supposed to lose to, typical raptors.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    BC is still pissing on the fan bass and calling rainwater, shitting on fans and calling it Kobe steak.smh


       Tony Wroten Junior, MyBoy !!!

  • OvertheWall

    I have long ago stopped watching the Craptors because the organization simply sucks.  I have already switched my allegiances to the Celts, who actually play frigging team ball.  Bye bye Raptors.

    • Nilanka15

      Baaaaaaand Waaaaaaagon!

  • EmarErozan

    I was at the game and have some thoughts:

    Bargnani – played pretty well. Active on D, hitting his shots. Not attacking enough given that he was such a ridiculous mismatch. I was confused by the lineup in which he was the c, EMar was PF, TRoss was SF, Lucas was SG and and Jose was PG. Game was over I guess but that was strange.

    Lucas – never met an off balance shot he wouldn’t take. His poor shooting results flow from the bad Shots he takes (over and over).

    EMar – was great when he was attacking but after his sick double spin move he was in the post over and over again taking low percentage shots while trying to recreate the magic.

    Jose – abused by holiday but ok. Did not hurt, did not help. Would have looked better if Amir had finished anything.

    TRoss – needs more run. The Allan Anderson injury is great for him. I’d rather see TRoss chucking and demanding the ball than AA. When AA went down i thought “there goes his career”.

    JV – ok game. Team is better, roles are better defined when he plays.

    Don’t remember anyone else.

    • mountio

      Agree very strongly with almost everything you have said – you are bang on. The only slight differences would be .. that I like the small lineup (or at least the fact that Casey is trying to switch things up .. hes normally so predictable its brutal). Also, Jose was pretty bad .. defensively and turning the ball over.  

    • Destro

      Nah Bargnani wasnt playing any kind of D and post shots are low pct attempts now ? in what universe lol

      cant take anything u say serious,who gives a fck if ur at games clearly ur playing on ur phone the whole time…

      • Raptor_Fan

        So it’s because of him, Toronto lost the game.

        • Destro

          Theres alot of reasons they lost the game..dont tell me a certain player was great in a terrible loss…Greatness is not 9-19 and lousy ass D…

          These posters dont know shit about basketball and thnk 20 pts is great regardless of any other circumstances…

          • Raptor_Fan

            Well if youre a shooter, the only way to get out of your slump is to continue shooting. Many players are great in terrible losses, but that’s just the NBA.

            • Theswirsky

              the ONLY way to get out of the slump is to continue shooting? 

              Where did people learn basketball around here the school of Ricky Davis?


                TOR shooting 30/79

                9/19 = 47% fg

                21/60=35% fg (the rest of the team)

                Who should have been shooting on this match ? You moron,sitting your lazy ass on the couch and writing crap day and night with no support on facts.

                The only slump I can see is your mind

                • sleepz

                  And for the season shooting 38% taking 16 shots a game.

                  The ‘slump’ has been there since the start of the season. 

                • p00ka

                  It’s easy to select small samples of stats to support just about any argument. Seeing as we are speaking of this year, as in “since the start of the season”, and breaking out of slumps, you do realize that the 1st 4 games were at 33%, while the last 2 were 45% and 47%. Perhaps a sign that he’s getting it together, sometimes known as coming out of a slump?

                  Every player goes through bad slumps. After his first 2 superman games, Harden has gone 32% over his last 4 games (same sample size as ABs dismal 4 games), taking 18 shots a game. I wonder if the sky is falling in Houston too.

      • EmarErozan

        Watch the game and then comment. EMar’s post-up attempts on bigger and stronger defenders after getting pushed out of position were low percentage and resulted in brutal turnarounds. It was horrible to watch.

        The next time you speak with knowledge will be the first time.

    • Sames, lets just same the only thing worse than the Raps that day was the guy in center court timeout word game guessing Las Vegas had a G in it.

  • FAQ




    • With the amount of changes and money spent, we should expect more wins and improvement in the roster. It would be stupid to expect this team to take a step back from last year. Demar and Bargs are now veterans, with Lowry a borderline all-star. This is a team capable of winning games. We added Jonas and Ross expecting to contribute.

      • FAQ

        You have no concept whatsoever as to what it takes to build a winning team.

        These Raptors have not jelled into a team, and with the non-complementary players and coaching they may not properly jell this season which means this is a team not under construction but under destruction.

        The solution?  Collapse the Toronto NBA franchise and sell it  to Las Vegas interests… because the big name U.S. bro’s don’t wanna play nor live in Canada.  Haven’t you figured that out yet??!!!

        • what the

          they will come if we get rid of AB13 and DRIBBLES trust me

        • You got to be really stupid or something. Sell the franchise? Yea because we all know Las Vegas is an attractive place for NBA FAs. Players want to win, plain and simple. Sure, location is a factor, but if you show them the money and your in a winning environment, why not come here. Haven’t you figured it out, we been losing these past years and nobody wants to play here and we have to overpay FAs to get them here.

    • Ppellico


      its not the losing that is bugging me. I am an ex chicago boy, so losing is bread in.
      Part of my DNA.
      However…effort is a very important thing I have to insist upon. Players who don’t bleed nightly piss me off.
      Teams that don’t breath and eat defense piss me off.
      Again, coming from Chicago…great offenses are dreams…well, except the Bull’s glory years.
      And even now we are seeking mental medical help to see if that was real.

      So what REALLY bothers me this year with the Raps is how Casey installed such a tough defense without a training camp last year and now, with a camp, brings out a team that isn’t hurting the opposition.

      Its not the losing. Its the not hurting others that irks me.

      • RaptorFan

        speaking of Chicago……when BC gives away one of our better defensive players last year (especially in weak side help) in James Johnson wouldn’t you expect us to regress??  Wouldnt you prefer to keep Jarryd Bayless (who’s playing really well as a backup for Memphis) over John Lucas (who’s clearly a downgrade)…..Our defence is worse partially because we lost some pretty decent/good defensive players at they’re positions…. 

        Is Landry Fields an upgrade over JJ offensively??  He certainly ISNT an upgrade defensively in my opinion….. Is he even a true SF?  I would argue that he lacks the size and blocks JJ brought to our team.

        yet BC threw 18 mil at him….. it just doesnt make sense…..we’re in our situation because we have a GM who’s playing fantasy basketball without going for real ballers…. he’s looking for scrubs to fill starting positions….year after year….. Why didnt he retain Shawn Marion instead of paying Hedo Bum Turkglu????  I still dont get his decisions….. you want to go to the playoffs (he states that as his goal) yet he picks Ross over the chance to get a dominant big man to go along side JV…..

        Why do we still have Amir and Ed??? lol he’s a joke of a GM….no moves with purpose….6-7 years with nothing to show for it

        I can almost hear the fat lady singing….. lets see what Ed Stefanski can do!

  • RaptorFan

    BC gives away one of our better defensive players last year (especially in weak side help) in James Johnson wouldn’t you expect us to regress?? Wouldnt you prefer to keep Jarryd Bayless (who’s playing really well as a backup for Memphis) over John Lucas (who’s clearly a downgrade)??…..Our defence is worse partially because we lost some pretty decent/good defensive players at their positions….

    Is Landry Fields an upgrade over JJ offensively?? He certainly ISNT an upgrade defensively in my opinion….. Is he even a true SF? I would argue that he lacks the size and blocks JJ brought to our team.  Yet BC threw 18 mil at him….. it just doesnt make sense…..we’re in our situation because we have a GM who’s playing fantasy basketball without going for real ballers…. he’s looking for scrubs to fill starting positions….year after year…..

    Why didnt he retain Shawn Marion instead of paying Hedo Bum Turkglu???? I still dont get his decisions….. you want to go to the playoffs (he states that as his goal) yet he picks Ross over the chance to get a dominant big man to go along side JV…..

    Why do we still have Amir and Ed??? lol he’s a joke of a GM….no moves with purpose….6-7 years with nothing to show for it

    THANK GOD – I can almost hear the fat lady singing….. lets see what Ed Stefanski can do!