Rondo is questionable, likely out. Don’t matter though, last time we played them in Boston without Rondo we ended up losing 100-64. Expect Barbosa to get the time instead of Rondo and that guy’s played with the Raptors just long enough to figure out how things click with Jose Calderon et al. Lowry, Fields and Anderson remain out. Of note, Pierce is a little ticked after coming up short against the Nets:

“I take a lot of blame for down the stretch,” Pierce said. “I’m the guy they call upon to make the plays and I didn’t make the plays tonight. It’s a long season, but that’s not the main reason we lost. You can point to a number of little things we talk about all season long.”

McGuire will likely have the assignment. Time for a Raptors quote, and it’s Lowry who says blah blah:

“It’s feeling a lot better. (So), to be honest, ya, very surprised and very shocked (that he needs more time), but you know it’s day-by-day, we’ve got a great training staff, we’ve got guys, they want to protect me and make sure I get back to 100%, that’s the reasoning for that,” Lowry said on Friday.

(Does he need protecting from himself?) Ya, ya, definitely, I definitely can say that,” he said.

Nice little snippet of info regarding the Raptors in transition and in isolation situations here:

The Raptors are middle of the pack offensively (15th, 0.892 points per play), according to Synergy Sports data. The Raptors are not a particularly effective team in transition (ranking 28th), but are top third of the league in both spot-up shooting and isolation plays. More than a third of the team’s total offense has gone through DeMar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani. Defensively, the Raptors rank 26th at 0.935 points per play and — beyond defending pick-and-roll ball-handlers pretty well, rank in the bottom third of the league in key play types like spot-up (28th), post-up (20th), and transition (27th).

The transition are evident just by watching the game and without the need for stats, what is surprising is the offense/defense shift from last year. Last year we had a low ranked offense and an improved defense, and this year we’ve reverted to having a rather porous defense while seeing a rise in offense. I’ll account this to simply more focus on offense with Lowry and DeRozan emerging, and the team not relying solely on defense to win them games. I don’t think the Raptors defense will remain as poor as it has been and that Casey will eventually find the defensive rhythm that this team needs to be competitive.

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  • K.J.P

    I think Bargs will have a big game today. He always gets into it with KG. 

    • pran

      I think he will have a poor game, KG’s length is going to bother his jumpshot, and bargs hasn’t been doing much of anything else other than chuck.

  • Rpsfan95

    Celtics -7

    o/u = 187.5

  • wtfraps

    im going celtics -12.5

    and o/u 180.5

  • Scottbbaird

    So, nothing new to say then.

  • ad

    Fuuuuccckkk. Rondo is playing. I hate that matchup vs. calderon. Without Lowry, I say celtics win by double digits easily.

  • BlakeMurphy

    Rondo’s a go.

    2 good quotes here:

    Doc on DeMar: “We used to call him the Kamikaze Driver, but he’s added a lot to his game.”

    Casey on Jonas/KG: “The good thing is, he doesn’t understand what he’s saying.”

    • Lorenzo

       Haha, nice

  • OvertheWall

    Let’s go Celtics!  Sorry for trolling, but Boston is my real team baby.

    • Lorenzo

       Its a good thing you decided to share that here

  • FAQ

    Forget about ‘winning or losing’…. look for deevelopment surprises… after all …….


     “What is surprising is the offense/defense shift from last year.”

    One could see that trainwreck coming from miles away; I don’t see how that is surprising at all. 

    • Matt52

       +/- is not my favourite stat and is often misleading.  However today I think it is dead on: Bargnani -22.  The Raps defense was pretty damn good today without you know who.


      • Jamshid

        You keep on amazing me with your basketball knowledge. 
        After being wrong all last year and this summer about the direction of this team, financial flexibilities and BC, now you have moved your focus on AB.What do you think you are going to get for AB in a trade ? Who is going to replace AB in the starting line up ? Is it Ed or Amir or you think you will get another PF ?It is obvious that AB is not playing well and not buying into the new system. However, trading him at this moment,When his value is at the lowest possible which means we will basically get nothing back for him, does not solve any of this team’s problems, be it short term or long term problems.

        The problem was and is BC himself.

  • Garbo

    Is anyone else getting a little frustrated by the lack of effort put into these columns lately? This team is tough to get excited about sometimes, I can identify with that. However, these columns have shown zero effort to get anyone, even the fans, to care about what is going on with the team.

    • j bean

      If you need a boost of excitement from a sports blog to make you care about what’s going on with the team that should tell you what kind of fan you are. You are free to write whatever you want so the invitation is extended, write something to make us care.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I’m more frustated with BC and his basketball minds in the front office- Jay wisely bailed to Portland than continue to be another BC yes man nut hugger in a sinking Raptors basketball ship, that have built this team around a half ass lazy mofo’er with zero leadership ability in Bargnani.

      Year after year (especially post Sam & CB) it’s the same chit from BC- pissing on the fan base and calling it fresh snow cap mountain water, shitting on the fan base and calling it Kobe steak.

      BC’s basketball team building acumen is beyond questionable after his arrival in the TDot he had his chance and then some now it’s time for new energy, minds, direction & vision in the entire front office no more BC CONsensus BullChit.

      • Lorenzo

         Good… good… let the hate flow through you…

  • KJ-B

    JV & ED looking well out there 2gether… #7 tho…the book is OUT– you can’t start in this league–be a bench scorer/6th man of the year type guy or grab some bench!

  • Raptor_Fan

    Casey’s lineup is sorta questionable right now

  • FAQ

    Deefense… deevelopment… deefeat = no… maybe… yes…!!

    (Bargs: “You can have offense and defense, but not both!”)

  • OvertheWall

    Glad I switched allegiances from Raps to Celts.  Now, instead of going f**king crazy upon seeing Bargnani, I can now smile and be glad that the opposing team has a douchebag who will make awful, and I mean awful, decisions who also happen to be lazy.

    • Lorenzo

       Once again, a good thing you decided to share that here.

      • OvertheWall

        Thanks man. 

  • FAQ

    BARGNANI IS DOING A ‘vince’…. soooo obvious

    Jose just keeps on truckin’ and waiting for the trade

    If you were Bargs or Jose would you care..???