Another heartbreaking loss for the Raptors tonight in a game they absolutely could have and should have won. I wrote my thoughts on each of the players in my quick reaction last night, and I’ll do a bit of elaborating here, but I’ll spend most of my time commenting on the game in general.

From the outset, the Raps looked sluggish – jacking up shots from all over the court is never a recipe for success, and when a team’s tired, those shots tend to miss short, which we saw a lot of in the first two quarters last night. It was particularly disappointing to see from Lowry and DeMar, who are our primary offensive weapons at guard and should know better than to keep forcing shots when they aren’t going down – both have excellent first steps and abilities to drive to the rim and cause contact, even against the Piston’s massive front line. I don’t know if it was tiredness, or an aversion to going straight at Greg Monroe, or what, but it caused some serious offensive deficiencies early in the game and created a ton of fast break opportunities for the Pistons off missed jump shots (leaving the bigs down low and not giving them any time to recover on D).

The Raps ended the first quarter down just 1 due almost entirely to what was a heroic offensive performance for everyone’s favourite Italian lightning rod. Andrea Bargnani had 17 of the team’s 20 points after one on 7 of 10 shooting, and showed (particularly in the first half, but throughout the night) the tantalizing ability that keeps management and fans crossing their fingers on him. Bargs didn’t get his points by playing particularly differently than he has in the games we’ve criticized him in – 5 of his first 6 touches resulted in shots within 3 seconds of him getting the ball – but when your shot is falling, everything is sunshine and rainbows, and he managed to single-handedly keep the Raptors within striking distance.

Late in the first, Casey switched the Raptors into a zone defence, either to combat the Raptors’ perceived disadvantage on the boards or to give a tired team more of a breather (probably a bit of both), and the Pistons proceeded to blow up the Raptors down low, scoring 30 points in the paint in the first half. I wouldn’t stick this number on the bigs, who I thought played reasonable defence, given the circumstances, but on the Raptor wings, who were extremely slow on switches, forcing a big to come up to help in the high post, and leaving one man to defend two Pistons down low. It seemed like the Raptor zone called on the team to sag on the Pistons and force them to shoot 3s (a fine strategy – they’re notoriously poor from long distance) – but after the initial set-up, the Raptor guards/wings seemed to forget this, routinely sending multiple men out to hedge on the Detroit shooters and opening up huge lanes for cutters.

Our small forward spot in particular was abysmal tonight in this respect – Cory Maggette and Tayshaun Prince ate up Linas Kleiza and Dominic McGuire, respectively, routinely getting into the lane almost uncontested and, ultimately, leaving a Detroit big open beneath the basket. I have more tempered expectations on this end from Kleiza, who’s been known as a porous defensive player for a while now, but when you’re as offensively limited as McGuire, you have to at least be able to play passable D on the wing in a zone in order to get minutes in the NBA, and we didn’t see that tonight from him. I don’t think it’s fair to expect too much of him (it’s not his fault the team is so injury riddled), but, then again, I don’t think I’m asking for that much with this request.

The Raps ended the half down just four, due in part to some craftiness by Amir and Jonas on the offensive end in the second quarter. I was excited to see the Jonas/Drummond matchup tonight and, for the most part, saw what I expected – two bigs with vastly different games that were able to exploit one another in different ways. Drummond is quick moving up and down the court but is quite slow side to side, and both Amir and Jonas were able to use that to their advantage on the offensive end, Jonas with some slick jump hooks and Amir by flying through the lane and either finishing or dishing the ball off.

Quick tangent, but here are my impressions of Drummond: he’s got an NBA centre’s body at 19 and a nose for the ball – his offensive rebounding at the end of the game was key – but is still fairly limited offensively. I’m not going to go as far as saying that we made a mistake passing on him, but he definitely has potential to be a solid NBA centre down the road and those are damn hard to find. He was clearly fired up to play tonight and was a difference-maker on the offensive side of the floor, where his slow-ish feet aren’t as much of a liability in the low post.

The Pistons threatened to blow the game open in the third quarter, going up 13 on a particularly putrid stretch of Raptor D (why did we stay in that zone so long???), before Lowry remembered that even guards can drive the lane in the NBA and proceeded to pull the Raptors back with some nice moves inside and a couple of key 3s. He may have had a rough start but he’s certainly a gamer, and you could see his tenacity pull him through tonight when it didn’t seem like the body was quite willing at the outset. This lies in stark contrast to DeMar, who was visibly tired, and then frustrated, and seemed to pull back after a nice drive to start the 3rd quarter. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt tonight – he’s been playing his butt off lately and had a ton of minutes, and it’s not easy to make the transition to number 1 scoring option on a nightly basis – but  a bit more from him tonight would have made all the difference.

The most notable moment of the third quarter was a scary play where Jonas came down on Terrence Ross’ leg and twisted his ankle awkwardly – hopefully it’s not going to be a lingering thing, but it did look quite gruesome on the replay. That said, it did allow us to see the kid’s heart, which he’s got buckets of – hobbling up and down the court for two series, setting a high screen for Lowry and then catching a Piston turnover and pushing the ball down the court for a Lowry bucket. He was abused by Drummond on the boards in the fourth quarter when he ultimately returned to the game, but was visibly slowed by the ankle injury and gave a strong effort. The mind was willing, the body wasn’t. It’s so refreshing to see a young player put the team ahead of his personal well-being, though – the Raps really do have a keeper here.

Raptors ended the third quarter down 3 and began the fourth with the bench in, who proceeded to go on a nice little run and give the starters the lead back when they returned around the 8 minute mark. Ed Davis in particular was key during this stretch – he’s been impressive this season so far in limited minutes, hustling for boards, going up strong for and and-1, and doing a good job checking Greg Monroe when the Raptors belatedly switched back to a man defense. Casey acknowledged his strong play by leaving him in with the starters for a couple minutes after the rest of the bench came out, and it’s only because of the Raptors’ depth at the 2 big spots that he hasn’t gotten more minutes this season – but I’d imagine they’ll come, if we continue to see efforts like this.

The Raptor D was much improved after the switch back to man, but the Pistons were able to stay in the game due largely to Drummond’s rebounding, partially aided by a hobbling Jonas, who was kept in the game for far too long after it became evident he wasn’t able to box out with strength on the defensive side of the ball. Amir finally came in with 2 minutes left, but by then, Drummond’s damage had been done, and the Pistons turned to their wing players to close out the game, particularly Tayshaun Prince, who posted up and drop a nice hookshot over McGuire and Amir on two consecutive possessions late. The Raptor offense late in the game largely fell to Lowry and Bargnani, which is fine, especially considering the struggles the rest of the team had getting going. Bargnani in particular had a strong fourth, hitting a couple of impossible fall-away jumpers that we’d all be yelling about today if he didn’t hit them. But hey, he did!

Casey made some really peculiar offense/defence switches late in the game, bringing in McGuire to help with the team’s defence (which I’d argue, but is understandable), but choosing to take out Kyle Lowry instead of Linas Kleiza, who by all accounts may be the worst defensive player on the team. Lowry was rubbing his ankle on the sideline and Casey did make the Kleiza/McGuire swap on the Pistons’ final possession, but if this wasn’t injury motivated it seems like a personnel miscue to me, especially when Lowry is our best perimeter defender, by all accounts.

The final play was… what it was, I guess. Brandon Knight slipped two Raptor defenders for an uncontested layup, indicative of the Raptor wings’ inability to stop the Piston players from getting into the lane all night. Lowry’s final shot was contested, and missed, and that was that.

All in all, a very inconsistent effort from the Raptors tonight, and a really disappointing loss. The Pistons were basically giving the game to the Raptors – looking basically inept on the offensive side of the ball from the second half of the third on – and we just couldn’t close it out. This is a young team, and hopefully closing games is something that’ll come along with experience, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it sucks to lose a game like that.

One last comment re: Drummond’s offensive goaltending. It sure looked like he touched the ball when it was in the cylinder, but it didn’t make the difference tonight. This Raptor team had serious issues on offense and defence, and it was only due to the quality of the opposition and some hot shooting by Bargs that they were even in a position to win the game at the end of the night. If we’re going to play the “one bucket made the difference” game, let’s also talk about Lowry going 1 for 3 at the foul line after he was fouled shooting a 3 in the fourth quarter. They’re both plays in a basketball game, but neither one made the difference tonight.

Raptors head back to the ACC for a game with the Spurs on Sunday. Temper your expectations, but a consistent effort throughout would be a great benchmark for this one.

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  • Ppellico

    we had our asses handed to us inside.
    nothing more needs to be said.
    No more complex analysis….it s that simle.
    Must be they had Hall of Fame centers, huh?


      + 1

      52 PIP.  But hey, this is a defensive minded team right?. The whole system is designed around DD and perimeter play – Pound The Rock deez nutz.   Not to mention any system designed around him is point blank dumb.

      (On my way to the game the Detroit radio stations where pitching:
      “…come see the “high-flying” DD and the visiting Toronto Raptors”. Great
      laughs in the car with my crew.)

      I also love how the resident experts where claiming (based on their sheep media following mentality) how AD had no motor, no passion for the game, couldn’t rebound, huge bust, etc. etc.  Obviously all of that was on display last night.

      • hater

        who does ur “crew” consist of? a bunch of snobby arrogant miserable pricks in a sausage fest? and is ur “car” actually a cardboard box with wheels painted on it? is the “radio” voices in ur head? even kwame brown had some good games in his rookie season u dumb fk. ur so quick to write off jv as a bust and u dont do the same with drummond? just proves wut a sad dipshit u are

        • FLUXLAND

          “even kwame brown had some good games in his rookie season u dumb fk.”

          Interesting. So in your complete homer mind, this doesn’t apply to JV, only players that are not Raptors. 

          Got it. Glad we got that sorted out. Let me guess you are in the “he’s going to be an All Star for years to come” camp?

          And for the record, I never claimed he was a bust, but in no way shape or form will he live up to all the hype. (depending what hype we are going by, pre or post Olympics, the difference is staggering)  Right now he’s claim to fame around the L is getting dunked on Shawn Bradly style.

          The only sad thing around here is your parents deciding to have you, but everyone has to live with mistakes, even them. 

          • Lorenzo

            “A good shot blocker will block shots. A great shotblocker; will attempt to.”

            – Winston Churchill

            • what the

              and which team did he play and coach again ?

          • hater

            hey dumb fk since u need this explained to u again,,, its retarded ((expected comin from u)) to judge a rookie whethr on th raps or not after 13 fkin games,,saying hes an allstar for yrs to come is fkd up just like saying he wont be one is.,….. i dont kno how a shitstain like u was spawned,,,but most likely it was cuz of someone makin the MISTAKE of not wiping their ass properly

            • FLUXLAND

              Whatever the case, after 13 games for my $ I’m taking AD over JV any day of the week. And if by now it’s not clear to you why one would do so, I suggest you get back to following curling. Just because you can’t make a call after 13 games and want to hide behind the oh so ever popular in TO “he’s only x old, he can only improve”, it doesn’t make everyone else a dumb fk.

              • p00ka

                In this case, just you. Well, you and Destro, two peas in a pod.

  • Digitking

    ” The final play was… what it was, I guess. Brandon Knight slipped two
    Raptor defenders for an uncontested layup, indicative of the Raptor
    wings’ inability to stop the Piston players from getting into the lane
    all night. Lowry’s final shot was contested, and missed, and that was

    No Brandon Knight didn’t slip by any Raps. Lowry was very lazy and tried to get an easy steal but got exposed and left the Raps scrambling to cover the lane which was wide open…

    • Hound

      Also, if anyone has this recorded, stop it where Knight slips past Amir. 1) Amir should have never let knight slip between the screen and him. 2) Once knight broke through the closest guy to stop him was Mcguire, but he decided to stay on Prince (questionable, but maybe understandle as Prince had been hot). 3) What wasn’t understandale was Derozan, who was the next closest, who had his feet stuck to the hardwood like he was in concrete. If he isn’t as bad defensively as Bargs and Jose, he’s damn close. This lack of rotation was just brutal. 4) Finally Bargs was the farthest away of the three, but at least got to the rim and tried to alter the shot.

      Conclusion, Casey has not been able to teach defense to this group. Is it Casey, or are these guys just that bad. Not sure, but my patience with Dwayne is growing. This is a game of winning, not trying, not learning, but WINNING. He seems to accepts losing right now and that is very concerning.

      • mountio

        very well said. D Mac needs to be cut. Hes brutal on D (and even worse on O). His minutes should all be given to T Ross to develop ..

    • Pesterm1

      lowry was sitting on the bench on that play with his ankle being sore. your thinking of something else.

  • cdub

    The last 2 shot attempts/possessions by Lowry were terrible.  Didn’t even look to pass.   I also don’t understand why PG wait so long to initiate the offense in late game situations.  End up forcing bad shots half the time.

    • j bean

      What would you do with 6 seconds on the clock and nobody open? You try and create your own shot and hope it goes. If you look at his play yesterday he was a big part of them having a chance to win with the last shot. His own shot was off compared to what we’re used to from him but he was still productive and was sharing the ball as Bargs big night attests to.

      • Hound

        Hey, replay the game and you will see that Amir is wide open after Lowry takes his first dribble. As Amir’s check rotates to Lowry as simple bounce pass finds Amir open at the top of the key with 4.3 left on the clock. I would take Amir shooting from a spot he is comfortable with nobody on him, before I would take “Love to loft them Lowry” on a step back long jumper just inside the 3.

        Right or Wrong Lowry was going to take the shot. That was predetermined as he came up the court.

        TJ Ford, Jack em up Jack, Backyard Ballhog Bayless, Love to Loft em Lowry. Same guy, different jerseys.

        • enlightenment

           amir elbow jumper is NOT my idea of a good last second shot.

          • Hound

            you would prefer a step back just inside the 3 line to a wide open jumper from the elbow? wow

        • j bean

          If that is the case, [I never noticed it live] I would have given it up to Amir. That doesn’t mean I’m going to spout derogatory things about a pg of his caliber. His shooting % is pretty good so shooting isn’t a problem. DD is improving playing with him and even Barg’s big game came mostly playing with him so I’m a little hesitant at this point of his short time with the Raptors to be slagging him.

          • hound

            Far enough. You are right, it was just one game. Hopefully, he will separate himself from the othe 3 mentioned.

        • Colinm

          yes that’s the thing= 1 on 5 predetermined play will not work
          best shot team ball move ball player open takes it not what lowry does forcing  shots -he’s not lbj or durant-just an average scorer with no vision

    • Phez

      because you’d then give the other team time to shoot and win the game?

      • cdub

        I think it more sense to run your offense and get the best chance to score considering your losing.  He did that on the final 2 possessions and took two bad shots.  I’m not saying you have to leave time on the clock, but at least get into your offense earlier so in case nothing opens up you have some time still.

  • boshrawr

    I feel like much of these loses come down to Casey as a coach, whether it be key substitutions on defense late in the game or just play calling creativity. for example, Drummond seemed to affect the game in a major way late in the fourth, anyone else feel he should have put grey to good use and employed a hack a Drummond? I mean the guy couldnt hit a free throw to save his life. shout out to brags btw

    • Hound

      Absolutely agree. Most analysts will tell you that game situation coaching can be a difference of up to 6 points. We clearly are not getting our 6 points worth.

  • cesco

    In a game like this one where the biggest culprits where the wingers ( no scoring ) without Andrea the score would have been something like the Detroit/Boston game of Nov 18th where Boston lost 103/83 ( with Rondo , KG and Pierce playing ) . Can you imagine the amount of hate on Andrea/BC/Casey if they lost that bad ? . No , I cannot imagine so we will have the NORMAL amount of hate till the next game .

    • j bean

      Do you really only see the game from one perspective? 
      I’m a little surprised you aren’t a little more glowing in praise for his best game of the year. 
      To bad his best game couldn’t lead to a win.
      If he never played you have no idea what would have happened. Maybe there would have been a different feel to the game that the rest of the team could have fed on. Extrapolate ED’s scoring to Bargs minutes and what do you get? It’s all conjecture what would have happened you just don’t know.

      • cesco

        I meant without Andrea scoring the lights out , not Andrea missing the game . I was trying to say how much more anger there would have been  had they lost by something like 20 points . That would have made a few haters go bonker . Boston lost by that many points but I don’t think their fans are worried that much .

        • The Truth

           I don’t think Raptors fans would be “worried that much” if despite this loss we were above .500 either – but that’s not the case.

        • what the

          Stop it Cesco !

  • Dan

    lowry missing free throws is more acceptable because its a player deciding the outcome not a ref. If it were a 10 point game or the missed call happend in the first half I would agree more. It was a one point win and it happened down the stretch when the game was close.

  • Canadian Paul

    I don’t understand some people’s hate again Lowry. Is he perfect? No. But, unless you’re Lebron James, no one is. Does anyone watch Kobe Bryant? What would you do if you had Russell Westbrook? Pull your hair out?

    And just for the record, Lowry is 7th overall in PER in the entire NBA. Think about the last time the Raptors had a player in the top 10.

    • Colinm

      his per comes from 1. scoring 2. rebounds but when he does that he’s late back on def and creates poor floor balance 3 assists a few cause he has the ball far too often- we don’t need an iverson type here-he’s a selfish stupid bum-what were they thinking  taking houston’s trash and giving up the lottery pick which we will be getting
      we need a real smart leader to develop this is retro bad

  • Phez

    only possible thing to say is wished derozan scored more.  otherwise raps and fans have nothing to complain about this time.

  • JHP

    I guess it’s another one of those years.  Since 2007 (BC era) they have won less then 40 percent of their games.  So that would put them on track to win 32 games.  To do that they need to go 29 – 40.  With a soft schedule after Christmas I could see them doing that.  Scary when winning 32 games a year has become the norm.  Obviously BC was not brought in to win games and results like last night are just fine.  Sorry to go off topic but last nights result has to be placed squarely on the GM.  

  • Gregast

    Tough loss. JV is an inspiration – the future of the Raps. Bargo is a riddle wrapped in a conundrum but the fire in his eyes last night was worth the price of admission. And who says he can’t play defense? One on one he can stifle another 4 if his wings do their job.

    What the heck was DDR doing on Thanksgiving – he looked totally hung over last night.

    Some good advice for this season? Stop worrying about wins and losses. It ain’t gonna be one of those years. Try to enjoy the competition and when they win, well, that’ll be nice. But they aren’t going to the finals in 2013.

    • Hound

      Good observation re: Bargs 1 on 1 defence. I think he is an above average defender 1 on 1. He is abysmal though on help D. Doesn’t seem to comprehend it which is amazing. It would nice if everyone was as capable keeping the dribbler in front of them as Bargs is.

      I am officially changed the name of Jose to Ole’

      • truth be told

        “above average defender”

        the analystics and the eye test say COMPLETELY different.

        • Thecaptain2000

           actually the statistical analysis supports it, it has been widely documented and discussed with all the  “”I told you so” and “it cannot possibly be” that that discovery warranted

  • lakonomy

    I hate to say it, but Lowry is really our only legit player. Until we have another (Demar might be close) I’m fine with Lowry taking the big shots. It’s not his fault no one else on the team is any good. 

    Our best players are lowry, DD and AB. Are any of these legit 1st options on a playoff team? 

    • Colinm

      lowry good scorer bad gambler on def terrible pg

      • enlightenment

         I dont want to know your definition for bad. I bet Rondo doesn’t shoot enough for your liking.

        • Colinm

          look enlightenment u don’t get it we don’t need a gambler on def who messes up the def rotations or a supposed pg who doesn’t distribute the ball or one who goes for rebounds and doesn’t make it back down the court to play def-what i just described is not a pg not a team leader yet is treated as royalty-at best scorer who has no vision of the court except his own hands and shots
          we can find scorers -except that our management is challenged-retarded also rans- I played with guys who never got team ball and i tried to coach players like that to appreciate to share the ball, to play def without taking risks that put the whole team in jeopardy
          Lowry and bargs need to go they are oozing raptor blood for which there are no bandages except surgury

          • what the

            What Lowry is? he is a player

    • NyAlesund

       Big shot? Well, Lowery didn’t have a big shot. I remember bad shots. Yesterday, he was terrible, because he tried a couple of time………..and we had seen the consequences. If you see your teammate open you have to give the ball. In these situations the best thing is to find the best shot, possible in rythm. We don’t have Bryant, Durant, James………….
      LBJ has delivered the ball to Haslem for the buzzer or for Cole, not Wade.

      Why Lowery doesn’t want to share the ball is a mistery for me. Probably because he is a selfish guy.

  • tmk

    Bargnani was fun to watch, I’ll admit that. But overall this team is just no fun to watch. I think I’m done watching Raptor games this year unless they somehow go on a winning streak. 

    I just can’t stay positive…Lowry is good but often times he gets so into getting his ‘own’ and/or being a hero that he just becomes a chucker and gambles a lot on defense. Calderon tries but he just can’t play defence. I really like how DD has progressed this year and minus yesterday’s game if he can continue playing as he was the $10 million doesn’t look toooo bad, but he’s still far from being an elite scorer. Our SF position is a joke, McGuire is plain terrible, Ross needs to figure out his shot, Fields, even when healthy is still no more then a ‘glue’ guy, and Anderson? Who cares. Bargs is Bargs, Amir I’ve come to conclude just can’t sustain a high level of play consistently, Ed is trying and he’s a good option of the bench but that’s about it. JV is great to watch because he just hustles like crazy, but he just doesn’t have the athleticism and body that someone like Drummond has and so I just don’t know how ‘high’ is ceiling is anymore…

    So what’s the point of watching? I’ll keep checking the boxscore, hope for some trades or shakeups, and maybe one day we can be like the Grizzlies where we go from depressing, hopeless team to one that is actually a threat with almost the same roster.

    • Copywryter

      Agree except on ED, who I think is a pouty dud. I may adopt the Grizzlies as my team to watch (Heat too, for different reasons).   

      • bino

        Ok dont let the door hit you on the way out you whiny bandwagoning fuck

        • Copywryter

          Thank you for your concern about my well being. You’re sweet!

  • pran

    i can’t believe bargnani had 17 pts in the first quarter. That was bloody impressive!

    • Sonsofanarchy

      imagine if it was demar who did racist would be having a bukkake festival.

      • truth be told

        Its racism now is it? LOL

        Andrea has been lighting it up all year and the fans who don’t acknowledge that are obviously racist.

        I’m not excusing Demars play last night because Prince had him on lock but who are the players you would rank as most consistent with their play this year?

        Once you accept the truth you won’t be so angry.

        • Thecaptain2000

           of course he hasn’t been “lighting it up all year” but it is just a matter of calling it for what it is irrespective of which way it goes.
          For one, I do not know whether it is his fault or whether it is by design (if so why?) but  AB7 can shoot over almost every PF in the league and he receive the ball when he posts up…. at the horn, where he seems to be out of his  comfort zone with the turnaround jumper.

        • Dmx9

          LOL lighting it up all year, where have you been? hes shooting 40% for the year, and before last nights game he was shooting like 37%.. LOL, if thats lighting it up… than i wanna know what Lebron has been doing the last few years.. cause he’s been averaging nearly a triple double for his career

          • Thecaptain2000

            I thought he was being sarcastic

            • truth be told

              he was

  • Gregast

    “Under the direction of defensive-oriented coach Mike Dunlap, Charlotte in 2012  has been competitive and have developed a knack for closing games. Charlotte is 5-0 in contests decided by four points or less — and without much NBA experience on the roster..
    What Dunlap has been preaching is defence, which meant a summer full of intense workouts, some of those lasting as long as four hours.
    He knew the Bobcats wouldn’t be the most talented and or the most experienced team in the NBA — not even close, in fact — so he wanted to be better conditioned than anyone out there and use his team’s young, fresh legs to his advantage.” G&M Nov22

    Sound familiar? Sound like Dwane in 2011? The difference being that Dwane’s first year was highjacked by a work stoppage that messed up his training camp. He was still able to teach the Raptors about D-Fence and that helped last year.

    So where did Dwane’s strategy go off the rails in 2012? A compromise to more Offense has de-emphasized defense? Maybe, but it also brought more exciting basketball in Kyle Lowry to DeMar DeRosen basketball. It also appears to have confused our favourite’ riddle wrapped in a conundrum’ aka Il Mago who has appeared mostly lost out there. Until Detroit when he suddenly and unexpectedly burst out to contribute significantly – will it continue?

    Yes, stay tuned.

  • I Hate Bigotry

    Why are all these white guys calling racism everytime something is said about Andrea on RR??  Do you guys even know what racism is??  Obviously NOT ….I’m a RAPTOR FAN….i think most on here are just raptor fans….. its not about race, religion or background.  It’s about BASKETBALL… can we please get race out of these forums?  It’s embarrasing that we lose soooo much and people want to bring race into the reason why SOME people want a change.  Grow up!


    • Lorenzo

       You must be new here…

      • 511


  • aaron

    The raptors have lost any type of defensive rotations.  The bigs help the wings and guards on penetrations but the wings and guards don’t rotate down to help the bigs when they have to help on the penetration.  The only guard in the last 2 games to make the second or third rotation was lowry.  Lowry rotates to help the bigs but he’s your smallest player pretty well.   The whole team is lost on there rotations.  This is where I blame Casey for the lack of defensive cohesion.  The raps rarely get to 3 rotations.  Good teams can make 3-6 rotations on a possession.  Last night most of those second or third rebounds were because the wings didn’t help out the bigs.  
         It seems like the raps find a new way to lose every night.   The team can’t play well together as a team so far.  Still early but after 20 games there better be an improvement of cohesion.  Why can’t everyone have a good game together.  After 13 games you think you would have one alround good game.  But No.
          Lowry needs to stop cheating so much on defense and transition.  Lowry is always trying to get offensive rebounds or steal the outlet pass or knock the ball out of the rebounders hand and this puts the raptors in a bad defense position.  Quite often the raps are giving up numbers on the transition defense and the other teams point guard takes advantage of the slow to get back Lowry.  Knight got 4 baskets last night because of Lowry’s cheating.

  • Phat AlberG

    Casey sucks!  

  • KJ-B

    Well….maybe, last night’s performance helps #7 to get traded–however, Mike James–errr, I mean Kyle Lowry is making things uncomfortable at the point… revisionist history, why oh why did the raps win 2 games at the end of a meaningless season–Damian Lillard or Harrison Barnes were just sitting there…crAzy!

    • Arsenalist

      It’s not the first time we’ve fucked up our draft position by winning meaningless games.  The worst part isn’t even that, it’s that the BC actually believes that winning those games is an indication of growth and that things are getting better.  People think tanking is the worst thing to do professionally, but believe me, there’s a method to the madness.

      • Jamshid

        Even if we had lost those games and were in the position to draft Lilard or Barns, BC would have somehow fucked it up. Lets look at his past record. If we wanted to have a PG, we could have had Jennings or Bledsoe !!! 
        Lets face it, BC is just NOT good in draft. 

        • Lorenzo

          Some would disagree

          • Colin McDougall

            how can u say that bc has done terribly consistently-there is no accountability in raptors mamagement or in playing time rotations on basis of intelligent good play

      • 511

        See, the problem as I saw it last year was that to my eyes, a little tanking did go on. Just not enough. (I mean they would’ve had to’ve laid down on the floor and not moved til the final horn in that last game against the Nets to have lost.) 

        But there were a lot of games, you remember, when we were in control, the win was ours for the taking and then, in the last quarter … they … (thinking) … started playing … obviously … not as … good. And then they lost those games … sometimes by a point or two. 

        Wait. I thought that was tanking.  

      • p00ka

        Yes, cheat the integrity of sport and the game itself, as well as the fans who paid their hard earned money, to get a better position in a crap shoot. When this kind of honour comes from the writers here, no wonder all the little kiddies have fucked up priorities as “fans”.

  • Sonsofanarchy

    so if demar/ed/jonas/amir,lowry or anybody other then bargs did what bargs did this article would be all about THEM and madness would ensue from the lil punks about how theyre ‘BALLERS YO”….meanwhile.17 first qtr pts a massive statline a clutch 3 to put us up with about a minute to go and he gets what,3 mild subdued mentions?……….i want bargs traded so he can get the fuck out of this shithole city and off this shithole team and away from you racist cunts who dont appreciate dudes skills cuz hes italian……you people make me sick….if bargs was black.he’d be adored……i want him traded to a fanbase that knows basketball.

  • j bean

    You’re part of the city and your viewpoint that Andrea should be more glorified because he has finally had one good game is an indication of your basketball acumen. If Andrea was black he would be adored and his faults never mentioned just like DD, AJ, KL, who are never criticized by the Raptors fanbase.

    • Nilanka

      It’s a typical fanboy response. First, love the player….then love the team. Classic Joshua Reynolds.

      • Lorenzo

        I don’t really see why that’s so frowned upon. Some people just really like a certain player and will root for them wherever they go. Whether it’s someone from the same race, or just in general an appealing player.

        Ex: Jeremy Lin. Now that Yao is gone, there’s a billion casual basketball fans in China (just example) that have nobody to “represent” them or feel proud about. But thanks to Jeremy Lin, the Rockets fanbase is going to grow immensely.

        Is there anything wrong with this? And if there is, why?

        • p00ka

          There’s a very large contingent in this here neighbourhood that believes a “truer fan” is one that “loves” the team, but constantly expresses hate for management, coaching, and players. Strange way to express one’s love for the team, imo, but don’t ya just feel all the love around here from “da tru fans”?