Filling in for Blake as host, I’m joined by Garrett and A-Dub again to discuss the week that was, an interesting one as always. With six straight losses and a tough road-trip looming, the call for arms has been sounded. It’s time to see what the response is.

Topics for this week include:

  1. Overall effort-level in the face of adversity, and how much it speaks to Casey.
  2. The Raptors now have the 5th worst defense in the league, what can be done to remedy this?
  3. Ed Davis has emerged as a player in the race for the starting four spot. Is this Ed having a few good games, or something that warrants promotion and serious consideration?
  4. Amir Johnson’s star, if there ever was one, has fallen on hard times. Is there room for recovery or is this a case of what you see is what you get. Even the advanced stats don’t back him up any more.
  5. Rookie performance updates as Valanciunas and Ross went opposite ways last week, with the big man struggling in Houston and Memphis, and Ross showing signs of life. We step back to take an early look at what was expected and what is for both players.
  6. Depth – what’s the weakest and strongest position on the team? The answers to both are plain to any eye.
  7. Look ahead to the week: a crucial game at home against Phoenix before the team hits the road for five. Predictions for Phoenix, Denver, and Sacramento.
  8. If things keep going south, will the subject of next week`s Rapcast be Bryan Colangelo`s head?

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (34:14, 30MB – lower bitrate version – 8MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Pesterm1

    I cant hear the second guy talking at all. 🙁

    • A-Dub

      Really sorry about that.  Walmart microphone was not a good choice.  It’s a little better if you try listening with ear buds.

  • jyd

    the drops were all fails…. pls never again

  • voy

    excellent podcast. I may not have agreed on all the points but they were well thought out and expressed in an intelligent manner.  looking forward to more, minus the pre-recorded audio used for comedic effect(?).  great job, though.

  • Juggler

    Great Podcast except for the “comic effects”. 

  • smrt

    Nice touch with the walking dead theme music. Very apropos;)

  • Jamshid

    Very Nice Guys. Great Job 🙂