From The Bar…Edition II

I committed to this so I gotta produce.

  1. Dwayne Casey is a good coach. He is trying to instill wisdom and discipline into this ball club but how far can he go if no one is listening?
  2. The team needs Andrea. Omg yes I know, there is a bit of praise out there for Bargs. Fact is, the team needs him right now for presence and long range no-arc shots.
  3. I thought I saw a player eat popcorn the other day. This might not have happened, but it could have. There is something about the popcorn and pizza infused air that gets pumped in at the ACC that makes me want to eat popcorn. As a scientist, I would like to take an air sample for analysis.

League Note: Mike D’Antoni. Probably the most hyped-up and well paid coach of all time. The possibility of screwing up such an amazing team like the Lakers must have Mikey watering at the mouth. What a shitty coach who’s offensive-minded garbage philosophy only worked once. Next stop, Toronto.

P.S. Don’t drink and drive, that’s a D’Antoni sort of decision. Take the bus home.

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