1. Dwayne Casey is a good coach. He is trying to instill wisdom and discipline into this ball club but how far can he go if no one is listening?
  2. The team needs Andrea. Omg yes I know, there is a bit of praise out there for Bargs. Fact is, the team needs him right now for presence and long range no-arc shots.
  3. I thought I saw a player eat popcorn the other day. This might not have happened, but it could have. There is something about the popcorn and pizza infused air that gets pumped in at the ACC that makes me want to eat popcorn. As a scientist, I would like to take an air sample for analysis.

League Note: Mike D’Antoni. Probably the most hyped-up and well paid coach of all time. The possibility of screwing up such an amazing team like the Lakers must have Mikey watering at the mouth. What a shitty coach who’s offensive-minded garbage philosophy only worked once. Next stop, Toronto.

P.S. Don’t drink and drive, that’s a D’Antoni sort of decision. Take the bus home.

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  • Reeko

    I don’t know what this was… however I do know what it wasn’t. It wasn’t an in-depth analysis about last night’s game, it wasn’t even funny commentary about last night’s game.  Actually you know what reading this was kind of like?  That High school English assignment that you don’t really want to do because to do a really good job it might take you an hour, so you say fuck it! I’ll just do it fast in fifteen minutes and accept a D-. Blake, Arse and Sam all have their own style of writing, each different but you can tell there is at least a bit of effort.  I really hope you step it up man.

    P.S. Come correct or just don’t come at all, just stay at home drink beers and pop mollys.  Not that you condone that or anything.

    • monocled_gentleman_scholar

      Don’t know what this was?! What philistinism! Do you neither sport nor hunt nor fowl, sir? 

    • Thetruth

      Reeko put more effort into this comment than Drizz has put into anything at any point in his life.

    • pran

      you’re taking this way too seriously.

  • ghost

    Yup…quite strange.

  • pran

    I don’t know what the hell #3 is, but a lot of fans (me) might disagree with 1 and 2. 

  • monocled_gentleman_scholar

    When yours truly was a young wag, a few of us in the regiment went off to the local village fair to sample some of the new “popping corn.” Alas, we all had too much whiskey punch and spent the afternoon making sport of a little village boy by tossing him into hay bales. 

    • Pesterm1

       With all due respect … Your one crazy geezer 😉

  • enlightenment

    From The Bar… Nothing Relevant

    • redyraptor

      Does anyone think M Pietrus signing is a sign that maybe AA or Kleiza could be packaged with Bargs and shipped off somewhere. Why is Bargs so out of it these days. Let the rumors begin.

      • Jamshid

        No, it is not. 
        It is simply a sign that neither AA, Keliza or Field signing has addressed the SF position so far. It also shows that BC has not given up on the season yet and thinks he can still make the play off and declare this season a success after all.
        BC does not have the tools and asset required to move AB’s contracts. AB’s value is at all time low around the league and it would take some serious talents to move it.

        • Geoff

          BC should have made a push for Andre Iguodala..Rudy Gay…Josh Smith…Kirilenko…maybe Wilson Chandler etc….What an idiot BC is to think he can make the playoffs with Landry Fields and other scrubs at SF. IDIOT!!

          • Lorenzo

            You’re so right man. Why didn’t Colangelo ever think of this?!


            • j bean

              When you use sarcasm you don’t have to actually write /sarcasm. Most of us get it.

              • Lorenzo

                You’d be surprised

            • Geoff

              Thinking about doing it and actually going and doing it are two different things. He was probably just reluctant to give up one of the players that he loves (ie. DeRozan, AB) and because of that it never happened… so stfu with your sarcasm.

              • tweed8

                 What?  I may not be a fan of BC but, just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean something isn’t being worked on in the offices. Note: This not commentary on how good or bad a job they are doing. It’s simply a commentary on they don’t have announce every blinking deal that falls through. No one wants to hear about more failure.

            • what the

              you are a fool

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Truth is you don’t what BC has been offered for AB as he has said in the past that he gets offers all the time for AB.

          All it takes is one GM ala Turk to move AB….BC willing….

          • Jamshid

            Of course BC is going to say that he is getting offers for AB. He wants to show us that AB has value and … He is not going to say that I am paying 10 million to a guy that no one else in the NBA wants !!! Plus, as you said, We don’t know what he is getting offered !!! 
            I personally think we are lucky to be able to trade AB’s contract now without taking some bad contracts bad or give up some assets like a first round draft picks or …

      • mountio

        AA and LK would both arguably be negatives in any trade (ie whoever takes them is doing us a favour) .. so I think the answer to your question is clearly “no” …

        • redyraptor

          AA nor LK will not be main pieces in any trade we know this. No point stating the obvious. We as a fan group need to start raising the pressure on BC and the management the fans deserve more. Could u imagine the media outcry if the leafs were underachieving this bad. Let’s go Rogers n Bell put BC in some hot water. He’s a bit too comfortable. No wayyy too comfortable in such a profitable franchise.

          • mountio

            that may be true .. but it has nothing to do with Pietrus, AA or LK.

            .. and for the record, we already had a lot of change in the offseason (arguably the reason we are underachieving when we “should” have clearly upgraded at PG, C and at least a little at SF. Throw in not losing anyone of consequence at the other positions .. and it is pretty baffling as to our lack of success. I point to Casey first and foremost .. and Im not sure another trade is what we need (although Id obvioulsy love to upgarde AB if we could).

  • JYFelony

    I think this has the potential to be hilarious.  I legitimately laughed out loud at the first post. Maybe the problem with this post was that you tried just a pinch too hard…

  • Thetruth

    From the Bar…..Unemployed, Broke, and Overweight

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Sam got fired at 8-9…………..but the owners are making a profit……as long as the fan base buys it BC will sell it….

  • JHP

    What’s really sad is you could see this win coming a mile away.  Home game just before a long West coast trip.  Keep the fans interested and leave town on a winning note. Next two weeks the games will not even start before 10 pm.

    But of course we see this every year 🙂