Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun joined host Blake Murphy to discuss the current state of the Raptors, Colangelo’s tenure and more. I apologize that it is, on occasion, choppy, as I believe my connection was spotty and jamming us up.

We also got new theme music courtesy of my buddy Connor, aka Killa Con of The Tall Ship Clik, who I highly recommend checking out on YouTube. He does a phenomenal job sampling well known songs/clips and adding his slick lyricism to it to make for some very unique (and awesome) tracks.

*What exactly was going on to MLSE yesterday while the internet was buzzing with rumors.
*Is Colangelo’s job safe? Should it be?
*Would it make more sense to axe BC now or wait until the offseason?
*Can BC save himself and, if so, what does he need to do?
*What is wrong with the team’s offensive philosophy?
*Does Kyle Lowry need to change his game?
*What is now the “best case scenario” for the 2012-13 Raptors?
*Anthony Bennett of Brampton, who is tearing it up for UNLV

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (21:56, 11MB). Or just listen below:

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  • et-man

    Kyle Lowry does need to change his game. He needs to be more of a team player. I guess Casey has to decide if he wants a point guard that can control the game and get his bigs more involved like Calderon or one that will run and gun and suit players like Derozan and Ross. I would chose Calderon despite his defensive deficiencies. Lowry isn’t exactly stopping anyone either.

    Once again though, we are looking at singling out individual players for fault. With Bargnani gone for a while, Lowry could be the next whipping boy. Or it could be Caderon, who knows. The bottom line is that it is a team sport and that you cannot single out any one player for fault. Lowry was brought in to play exactly the way he is playing, a selfish style of basketball.

    Honestly, the coach with the roster he has, needs to use the players more effectively by utilizing a system that works for his roster. Bargnani when he gets back, needs to get more touches inside rather than shooting from the perimeter. He knows that his shots will come from the out side because of the system Casey is using. He will continue to shoot a lower percentage and get fewer rebounds than he ever has in the past. How much of it is his fault? We know his underside but he is being hung out to dry within the system Casey employs.

    Lets hope that the writers and fans don’t put a bulls eye on another players back because as I’ve said before it will get so ugly here in Toronto that no one will want to play here. 

    We will never be able to trade Bargnani because the media has made it sound like everything is his fault. Other media in other cities have started to pick up on the negativity and it is like an avalanche. Why wouldn’t we be able to trade a 7 footer that for the most part can shoot and drive to the basket that has been one of our top scorers? There are a lot worse players in the league. maybe on a different team more suited to his style he will surprise us all. I don’t know, but its time to stop blaming Bargnani for everything that ails the raptors even when he is not playing.

    Just saying.

    • 2damkule

      or, media in other cities aren’t as fucking retarded as the media in this one…

      • sukaTori

        move the raps to seattle and all this problem will be off

    • Danny De Vito & Co.

      “Kyle Lowry is TJ Ford. With defense, strength, and less the ball hoggy and chronic injury.”        by Arsenalist 
      That’s why I love internet, you can find BS in every corner !

  • 2damkule

    sorry, only made it about halfway through…that was like a skype call on dial-up.

    but with respect to the ‘what to do with BC’ questions (keep him ‘long-term,’ fire him now, or not pick up the option at the end of the year), i find it troubling that a reason to retain him (and have him in a position to try to yet again fix his mess(es)) is once again the old refrain of ‘who would replace him…STEFANSKI!?!?  BARF!!!’  i guess we as a fanbase haven’t yet learned – though the example has been staring at us for years – that a GM need not bring a big brand-name, he just has to KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HE IS DOING.  i said in another thread that stefanski isn’t anyone’s idea of a top-flight GM, but HOLY FUCKITY FUCK, IT ISN’T POSSIBLE THAT HE COULD BE WORSE THAN COLANGELO. 

    so if the plan is to ride out this shiticane of a season (i.e. tank), then sure, keep BC around as he tries to pad his landing & hunt for a new job.  but keeping him with the intention that he’d actually be able to refrain from making near-sighted moves (AGAIN) to try to either get back into playoff contention or just make the team (and by extension, him) look better is so counterproductive (and such a perfect example of a BC move), i’m leaning that that’s the direction they go.

    personally, i want him to have zero future say in any transactions.  he’s used up all his get-out-of-jail-free cards, this game is O-VAH.  i can live with stefanski as interim-GM until a permanent replacement is found (i’ll keep banging the troy weaver drum), but if BC is allowed to make moves, i’m done.

    • Pesterm1

      Dial up still exists? 

    • The Truth

       Glad it wasn’t just me who thought Wolstat was calling from a submarine.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Connection issues happen. Don’t have studio access, sorry.

  • brother

    Hey who’s your ISP? BargnaniTel?

  • brother

    Also, “herald” is pronounced like Harold not like Geraldo Rivera.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Cool story bro.

  • Pesterm1

    Not gonna lie … I skipped the intro music lol .

    • Copywryter

      I thought briefly about Da Da Da by Trio and then skipped it.

      • BlakeMurphy

        Wow it’s 30 seconds…like, if you skipped it, fine, but why post about it? It’s just a dick move.


    where are you

    • BlakeMurphy


  • Jamshid

    Awful quality. Could not listen to it … Dude, wow

  • Right Clique

    Good stuff, Blake.  Fully agreed on the part about Bryan Colangelo being fired for his past “crimes” more than what he did this summer.  Change of direction = Change of GM

  • instead of just the questions, could you post the answers given as well. at least a summarized version. Audio is too hard to comprehend. Thanks.

  • Vawk

    audio is driving me nuts. 

  • Statement

    No update/analysis after the victory?  Are the writers in Shock from the win??

    • tweed8

       I figured they were so happy that got really wasted and have yet to wake up.

      • tweed8

         Missed a “they” not “that” 😀

      • BlakeMurphy

        Wasted, yes. That actually was the case. It’s coming.

        • Statement

          Wrong blog, but do you see Gose and D’Arnaud going for Dickey?  Also are you watching TLC tomorrow?

          • BlakeMurphy

            I see that on Twitter, ya…not sure how I feel about giving up d’Arnaud, but Dickey is a big get if he agrees to an extension. If it goes down I’ll have a reaction piece up at the baseball site I write for (beyondtheboxscore – shameless plug).

            And no, I only really watch the Rumble and Wrestlemania, then occasionally Raw on MNF commercials.

  • Thehaircut