To say “I hope you watched Homeland this season” is a lot like saying “I hope you watched the Raptors this season” in the sense that it’s not a very nice thing to hope for. Both franchises had a lot of buzz this year, Homeland coming off a multiple Emmy winning first season, and the Raptors having made multiple roster moves, but it’s safe to say that both have under performed, taking a hard left into reality TV level programming. But on the off chance that you, like some people here at Raptors Republic, have managed to submit yourself to both, this is the piece for you.

Both the Raptors and Homeland have had characters as well as storylines disappoint viewers all season long, and as I watched both of these develop, I couldn’t help but make some connections between the two.

Bargnani is Carrie

  • Once his mind is made up about doing something, nothing can get in his way. He moves through the key with reckless abandon, head down as he barrels his way to (somewhere near) the rim. Sometimes he does this because Casey has called his number on a play call, much like Saul might call on Carrie in a time of need, but mostly he does this out of a deep, frenzied hunger to score and be validated. Regardless of motivation, once his mind says he’s taking one dribble to his right and putting up a jumper, he cannot be stopped.
  • He seems virtually unreachable by any coach, GM, or team-mate; his lack of self-awareness can only be matched by the likes of Carrie Mathison, who’s had sex with a known terrorist while being recorded by her CIA colleagues.
  • I would not so boldly contend that trying to build a team around Bargnani has been more disastrous for the Raptors than Carrie’s career has been for the CIA. At least she put in a few all star seasons in her prime.

Dwane Casey is Saul Berenson

Every once in a while he leans in close and whispers, “What the fuck are you doing?” in Bargnani’s ear. In the end, he ends up playing him despite everyone else seeing how terrible he is for the team, and despite repeated, well documented past failures.

Sidenote: I acknowledge that although his beard has improved drastically since last season, Casey’s facial hair game is no where near on par with Mandy Patinkin’s. I would even push this a step further, and argue that Patinkin’s “touch of grey” on the end of his goatee shames even all-timers like Emmitt Smith and Walt Frasier.

Colangelo is David Estes

  • He has a good reputation, he’s smart, and he’s enjoyed some success in the past, but he is short-sighted, and repeatedly sends the same screw-ups out there to do the job.
  • This cannot be confirmed, but I sense that he’s also on the verge of submitting Casey to a polygraph test so that he can cause him to miss a game, an offence for which he will subsequently be fired.

Kyle Lowry is Peter Quinn

  • Here we have what is clearly the best and smartest player on the team being forced by BC/Estes to play with the dysfunctional Bargs/Carrie.
  • Lowry was also the first Raptor to get injured and miss time. He then came back way before he was supposed to, matched only by Quinn returning to the CIA headquarters just one day after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.
  • These guys are dedicated, competent, and should be the focus of the franchise moving forward.

John Lucas is Chris (Brody’s son)

  • He’s just happy to be on the show and excited that every room in the hotel has a big screen TV. He came into this year filled with excitement and joy, and his smile is slowly fading under the constant threat of everything being blown up.

Chris Bosh is Brody

  • Undoubtedly, he provided years of good service, but now he has been turned.
  • It’s likely that he, like Brody, spends a lot of his time huddled in corners crying and trying to avoid the outside world because they don’t understand him. Ultimately, he just wants to make LeBron (Abu Nasir) proud.

This post is written by RR Prospect, Dragos Nica.

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  • Pbjake

    kind if a weird post to write in the middle of a season… should have saved this for the dog days in the off-season.

  • Fil

    The comparison is uncanny, great post! I especially liked the Saul/Casey beard comparison

  • FAQ

    Look closely at the movie poster with the his and her’s face… look at their eyes and in particular the size of the pupils.  His are small and intent, while her’s are quite open …. as if she’s experiencing arousal…!!!!

    Then again,  shrewd ‘freudian’ graphic artists will increase the size of a female’s pupils to signify arousal… or naivety and vulnerability… choose your psycho subliminal suggestion…!!!

    • minks77

      I think it’s probably done to draw the viewers attention to Carrie and away from the mess that is Brody. The show is really about Carrie trying to unravel the mystery/threat that is Brody from the background/shadow agency role while Nick Brody is the public figure. In this comp she is behind him and in heavier shadow but her super intense stare (I’m watching you) is the focus of the image (show) not the scrambled/messed up hero in the foreground.

      As for basketball, the only glaring misstep is that Carrie is crazy, for sure, but she’s extremely effective at getting the job done in her unorthodox style and is all out heart n hustle. Andrea? Not so much.

      Also in keeping with the theme (SPOILER ALERT) does this mean we have to wait til the end of the season for the team to get blown up and BC to lose his head? Really hoping for some midseason game changer…

      • FAQ

        Nah, she’s prolly ovulating hot and lusts for the masculine bad boys… women are like that.  Of course, you tribal honking boys wouldn’t know that about women since you still have a mancrush on your favourite TRap… and women are yukky in your sexless b-ball world..!!!

    • what the

      thats deep

  • minks77

    did anyone else think Sabonis kinda looked like Mandy Pitinkin  when he was interviewed by that douche Rod Black?

  • Danny De Vito & Co.

    first it was A Dumb , now No Prospect, what’s next ? Harry Potter ? WTF is all about ? 

  • what the

    I can see a Raptors 5 game winning streak coming up trust me.

    • FAQ

      That would really trash my 1-9 prediction, ending with a win against Detroit this week.  Of course, I made my prediction before Kyle and Bargs were injured.. and had I known that, I would prolly have predicted more wins… ya think?!

  • Gman

    Wow, crazy harsh on Homeland.  Still a brilliant show that was the second highest reviewed show on the planet this season.  All of the Raptors criticisms are valid but you’re way off base with Homeland…I know wrong site for this but oh well.

    • Monkey_proony

      I disagree, most critics would agree that this season has been a huge letdown and fallen way short of the brilliance established in Season 1.

      Just the sheer unbelievability of it all is enough to take you out of it. It’s still an entertaining soap opera romance between two unstable people, and some people still love that, but I think the sophisticated CIA character thriller from Season 1 has disappeared.

      • Gman

        Nope, you’re wrong.  The average Metacritic review for the show is 96% which is virtually unheard of.  So, in other words, the prevailing educated opinion is that the show is still brilliant regardless of the barbs from the geek community.


        And by the by, my day job is that I’m a writer.  Primarily a songwriter, but I had a screenplay that was developed by Warner Brothers.  Of course detail matters (and they do detail very well) but never let it get in the way of telling a good story.  You’re talking about a show that has some pretty high up Echelon advisors.  

        • Gman

          And just in case people don’t know what Metacritic is, it’s a website that collates all of the reviews for TV, games, movies or music.  And then from that it gives an aggregate review…but it also maintains that integrity of the individual reviews so you can access and read them one by one if there are certain critics you find your opinion jibes with.  

          Killer site…

  • 511

    I’d love to read (more than the first paragraph of) this post but … I’ve only seen, as yet, up to the fourth episode of this 2nd season. So I’ll mark this for a future read. But for what I have seen, I sure do agree with Gman above that Homeland is a brilliant show. Easily among the best that I’ve ever seen. 

    • 511

      Turns out no spoilers here. So .. no. Show’s fine tho. 

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!


    Freedom or freedumb?

  • shawn kemp gary payton

    I’d say Lowry is Carrie – both have the best instincts and are most talented, but they are out of control and you worry it’s going to ruin your mission. 
    Bargnani is Nick Brody – part of him wants to do good, but the other part wants to blow up America / cause an NBA offense to lose all fluidity and momentum.