Yes way, Jose

Who’s the best Raptors PG ever? Most will look at his ROY trophy and Nike campaign and say Damon Stoudamire. Others will remember the stepback crossover, heart of a warrior, and endearing nickname and say Alvin Williams. But there’s a very convincing argument to be made for the man currently running the show, Senor Jose Calderon.

Raptors Boxing Day Blowout!!!

This time of year, it’s Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the last day of school, and New Years Eve that get all the love. But I say screw that. Boxing Day’s my sh*t.

I’ll bet on Ed Davis…will you?

It’s an age-old debate rife with controversy, a taboo topic conversation piece alongside politics, religion, and your wife's sister. What makes us who we are? To what can we attribute our successes or blame our failures? It's obvious to most that they aren’t mutually exclusive. In some cases nature takes the lead, while in others nurture is predominant.

My Four Quarters of Raptors Fandom

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went out for dinner. Good food, good wine. A really nice, relaxing time. We ran into friends on the way home. My buddy, another near-obsessive basketball fan, asked me if I saw Bargnani’s line. Huh? There was no game tonig…

Rage Against The Machine and Raptors Relevancy

It’s no new insight that in professional sports, winning attracts attention. Cereal boxes, tickertape parades, bedroom posters, playground impersonators, hours of televised fawning – all in honour of the big W. Losers can be relevant, but they’re relevant for losing. You may get noticed for setting futility records, but being a spectacular failure won’t make you matter... or make you money.

Meet Christopher Wesson Bosh

I believe Chris Bosh hasn’t made up his mind. How can he? He doesn’t know how this team will finish. Nor does he know what teams will have cap room and what their plans are. However, more frustrating are the comments I’ve read recently about him not being worth a maximum contract. Frankly, I was shocked but it was worth “refreshing” my own thoughts on the topic. So I did a bit more research and concluded that: