Rapcast #126 – Matt Moore of CBS

HPBasketball aka Matt Moore of CBS Eye on Basketball joins to discuss his alleged “Raptor hate” and more.


Matt Moore is perhaps best known by his twitter handle, HPBasketball, where he’s earned a reputation as the king of basketball twitter. Now with CBS Eye on Basketball, Matt was kind enough to take some time to speak with me about the Raptors, how is opinion on them has been so twisted by some, why he likes them and more.

*Does Matt hate the Raptors? No, he doesn’t. Quite likes them actually.
*How has DeMar DeRozan progressed this season? (This is the article mentioned in the podcast.)
*The upside of Amir Johnson and why, despite being a good player, he’s not the savior some fans make him out to be.
*Why people focus on Bargnani’s absence more than, say, Lowry’s absence or the schedule with the recent hot streak.
*Potential trade destinations for Bargnani, and why he needs to be moved.
*What is the Raptors’ upside this year, and what finish is best in the long-term?

It’s a really great interview and worth a listen.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (22:16, 8MB). Or just listen below:

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