Alex Rucker is the Director of Analytics for the Toronto Raptors. As a contractor for the team, he is tasked with, among other things, interpreting advanced stats and the SportVu camera system output and communicating the findings of his team to the coaching staff and management. This description is unlikely to do his position justice, but hopefully the podcast does. It’s a really great episode, and Alex was very open with his role, the point of it and the process he undergoes, making for a really interesting and informative half hour.

*What is his job and what does he do?
*Why are advanced stats important?
*What is the SportVu camera system, and why have the Raptors invested in it?
*What type of information does Alex find in the mountains of data?
*What is the process for getting the findings from the stat level to the GM/coach/player level?
*Is UBC better than Ryerson in the CIS this year? (YES! YES! YES!)
*Where to start if you’re an interested NBA fan who wants to start looking at “better” stats/
*Much, much more.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (26:49, 9MB). Or just listen below:

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9 Responses to “Rapcast #129 – Alex Rucker, Raptors’ Director of Analytics”

      • Arsenalist

        Nope, you’re not stupid.  We forgot to add the Soundcloud widget, so the only way you could’ve listened is if you clicked the download link.  Fixed now.

  1. Pesterm1

    Just wanted to add,  I think the sound quality is 100 times better this week. Thanks & keep up the great work!

  2. Daniel

    I will never forget his declarations from this summer about our new players. He made a complete fool of himself and he proved that his role is just a sounding board for the GM’s decisions.

  3. Statement

    I really enjoy listening to Alex,

    That said, when the Raps went through their massive losing streak, I cursed him out on twitter because I felt that he was misleading throughout the summer and I unfollowed him.

    He’s a good talker and I believe in analytics and I know that he has access to the best data in town.  Still, it’s hard to take him seriously unless there is actual results on the court.

  4. Destro

    Completely off topic but i wonder if the Raps might give the Celtics a call and inquire about Rondo if hes available and i think after tonights debacle in ATL i think they are ready to blow that team up including Rondo…

  5. monocled_gentleman_scholar

    That was pretty useless. The guy wouldn’t cough up any solid information.


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