Cavaliers 99, Raptors 98 – Box | Highlights

Haven’t had a one-point loss at the buzzer in a while so I’m glad Kyrie Irving fixed that for us. My money was in him tying the game and losing in OT, but the gods have a funny way of kicking you when you’re down. It was entertaining one to watch and you saw a lot of games within the game as two different styles of basketball were intended by the sides.

Let us not beat around the proverbial bush and get to this and conclude with Irving’s jumper. You thought this would’ve been an easy weekend win for the Raptors by the way DeMar DeRozan started, picking up right where he left off in Orlando. Cleveland had game-planned for him and were bringing in help off screens, and even being cognizant of him as he dribbled out of the initial threat. DeRozan was more than comfortable with his jumper in the first and that’s where he made Cleveland pay. Ten early points, mainly from the perimeter drove the Raptors offense.

Jose Calderon’s been a bit of a Cleveland-killer this season and he also garnered the attention of the Cavs defense with Alonzo Gee, a small forward, checking him. Nobody on the Raptors was made to work harder than Calderon, who found his paths to the rim blocked with Cleveland throwing different looks at him – sometimes big pressure, sometimes simply a show. It rattled Calderon who found himself passing the ball up.

The Raptors hot start built up an early 10 point lead which of course means nothing. In essence, this was a game of two styles. First, Cleveland’s focus was to drive using Irving, Waiters and Gee in one-on-one situations, often helped by a screen, whereas Toronto’s was to run the pick ‘n roll with Calderon and see what it yields. Second, Cleveland wanted to push the tempo and keep the Raptors on their heels, whereas Toronto wanted to play in the half-court (we’re dead last in the league in fast-break points).

As DeRozan and Calderon were to Cleveland, Irving was to the Raptors, and I’d say in the first half they did an excellent job of team defense on Irving. Turning him into a jump-shooter is obviously the better strategy and when interested in doing so, the Raptors big/guard combos are pretty good at keeping guards at bay. It’s when the ball is swung out of the primary set that the Raptors defense is late to reset, thus allowing attacks from the “sides” by guys like Ellington and Gee. Even when the ball was dumped to someone like Thompson as part of the “secondary” play on the possession, the Raptors defense was late.

The Raptors were up 6 at the end of the first and watching Lowry and Anderson in that second quarter, I realized what a valuable resource Bargnani can be as a bench player. There’s not much I like about Anderson jacking up shots, and certainly not when he’s 3/8 in the quarter. They’re usually jumpers which is exactly what Cleveland wanted so that they can rebound and get on with it. From my point of view, the game that the Raptors were having quite a lot of success with is simply putting Davis and Johnson in good positions underneath (something they did in the first half, Davis was 6-6 FG). Both are having a stretch where their finishing is phenomenal and they’re usually high-percentage shots. Whether it be through early post-ups, drive-and-dumps, or simply running some hi-lo action, those were the plays where the Raptors troubled Cleveland the most.

In the second, the Raptors got into the penalty halfway through the quarter, and even though Cleveland didn’t live at the line, it affected the way the Raptors defended as they turned passive. DeRozan, who scored 10 in the first was benched for about 10 minutes, came in late in the second ice cold, and managed to only score 5 points in the final three quarters. He took 9 shots in the first and only 8 for the rest of the game, despite Cleveland not really doing anything different on him.  How can the Raptors not go through him given his start, and how can Casey let DeRozan become such a non-factor without as much trying to revitalize his game in the second half.  I realize this is ultimately on the player but it bugs me that we let effective players having good games become complete non-factors later in the same game!

Lowry played the second and what sticks out for me in his 1-7 game isn’t the poor shooting, it’s that one play where he left Quincy Acy hung out to dry on a screen. Basketball 101: you can’t start your drive before the screener has set because otherwise you’re tempting the screener to set a moving pick. The assist count is respectable at 7, but I didn’t really see him put any pressure on the Cleveland defense at any point. Certainly not the way Gee, Waiters, Irving or even Ellington did for the Cavs.

After a second quarter where the Cavs ended strongly, notably due to their unrelenting persistence for driving the ball, the Raptors were up 4 at the half.  A telling stat in this game is the 50-48 Cleveland PITP advantage.  When you look at the quality of their big men and the way ours our playing, this should not be the case and for this game at least, the issue was man-defense on the perimeter, where Lowry, Calderon, DeRozan, Anderson, and to a lesser degree, Ross, failed to provide cover.

Some measure of control was regained in the third by the Raptors, despite the Cavaliers making a concerted effort to get Irving in isolation situations against Lowry and Calderon.  He went 3-7 in the quarter and was stretching the Raptors defense enough to cause concern for when the fourth would come and legs would tire.  I thought at this point the Raptors should have put Ross on him, who I felt had the best combination of size and quickness to deal with Irving.  The Raptors response when Cleveland had cut the lead down to 4 again with 2:33 left came through Alan Anderson, who scored 7 points in that span, one in which DeRozan and Lowry deferred to him which is quite a statement.  Raptors up 9 going into the fourth and you’re thinking the deal is closed.

Two thing happened early in the fourth which changed this game: 1) Speights burned Acy in isolation situations and on the other end it didn’t help that Lowry ran the show with the discipline of a mouse stuck in a maze, at one point passing the ball for a jumper to Acy at the end of the shot-clock (airball, of course), 2) Ellington was able to go at Ross and get two clean looks for threes, both setup by Shaun Livingston (yes, that Shaun Livingston).

An 11  point lead was turned into a one point deficit with 8:47 left to play and momentum had swung.  During this 12-0 run, the Raptors offense consisted of a terrible early-in-the-shot-clock Lowry three, an Acy jumper (failed assist by Lowry), an offensive foul, Alan Anderson trying to do too much and turning it over, and to close things off, another Lowry three.  Acy was quickly removed in favor of Davis, and at 4:15, Lowry in favor of Calderon.  Just how bad the Raptors looked in that stretch quarterbacked by Lowry where the unit was -11, I cannot convey.  You can call it Lowry’s fault, you can say the plays that were called were ad-hoc and not designed to put away Cleveland (ahem, no bigs involved at any point), or you can question some sub-pattern.   I’d simply say the Raptors executed poorly and did not play inside-out.

Once Calderon came in, much like in the first half, his options were sealed off by Cleveland’s defense throwing multiple looks at him.  I saw this game on the Cleveland feed and I can tell you, their coaching staff was focused on slowing down two guys: Calderon and DeRozan.  They did not care about Anderson because they know that Anderson cannot win you a game.  Pure and simple.  By this time, Irving had come in the game after a nicely managed rest by Byron Scott and everything was going through him.  He was killing Calderon, destroying him, and the Raptors interior defense was late, presumably tired.  There was no double-teaming either.  Irving had 12 points in the fourth, and this game would’ve been over sooner hadn’t it been for Ross coming up big with 8 in the quarter, including two threes.

You knew this was going to come down to the wire and when at the wire, the Raptors will always have a disadvantage due to the lack of a go-to player.  With the Raptors up two with 39 seconds left, Amir Johnson had a chance to seal the game but I felt he hesitated underneath the basket after being found.  He was open for a split second, probably should’ve gathered and gone up strong but instead through twice, maybe even thrice, and got blocked by Thompson.  Irving next scored on an easy drive.  Tie game.  The Raptors went with Calderon on the next play, a solid screen set by Johnson sealed off one defender and Calderon split two more for the layup.  Phenomenal play under pressure.  Up two with seconds left.

The final play you know.  Irving walked up, defended by Anderson and launched an uncontested, albeit deep, three. Game over.  Could the Raptors have sent help early and get it out of his hands? It was an option given how hot Irving was, but at the same time the Raptors were not defending Cleveland’s secondary guys in the fourth either.  For me, the problem was that Irving was under no pressure, not even a mild contest.  Considering that the old adage goes that you go for the tie at home and win on the road, Anderson and the Raptors should have seen this coming, especially with Irving being 2-4 from three at the time.

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As for the Raptors chance to win it with .7 left, I agree with this.

When you shoot 49% and lose, as the Raptors did, it’s the defense that has to be questioned and it really is everyone.  The only player that I can point to and say had a superior defensive game is Amir Johnson.  Even Ed Davis finds himself too committed to on-the-ball and is caught napping underneath as players cut across the paint.  Lowry’s man-defense has been terribly disappointing, and DeRozan and Calderon were typically bad.  I don’t think it would’ve even mattered if the Raptors had played zone extensively given the way Cleveland was attacking.  I would conclude that there wasn’t enough of an overall game-plan to slow down Cleveland’s perimeter guys, and that the Raptors failed to adjust in the fourth when Cleveland’s clear strategy was to milk Irving.

This was one of those games that you’re circled to win, and when the bookies have you laying 7, you better deliver.  With Golden State, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, and Indiana coming up, things have the potential to get ugly.  Let’s hope the Raptors continue playing the competitive basketball they’ve played in January, which ultimately has been the silver lining in all of this.

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  • Matt52

    New site is nice, Arse.  Good work.

    • I hate change…but the new site looks great!

  • Daniel

    I liked Casey last year even though I knew everything had to be taken under the reserve that it was a shortened season and the teams were more interested in the draft than winning. This season it’s pretty clear that Casey is a bad head coach:
    1. after a full training camp he was completely wrong in the style of play and the lineups. As a result, we started 4-19. Only injuries forced him to change the style and the lineups.
    2. we are 28th in DRtg almost regardless of the lineups. His calling card from last season is a complete failure this season.
    3. we were ahead in 11 games in the 4th Q which we lost. This is a staggering number considering we are 5 games behind the 8th place. The talent had been good enough to get the lead so the coaching is the issue. In my personal opinion, his insistence in playing Lowry a certain number of minutes is destroying us. He has absolutely no clue how to run an offense and deffensively we play 4-on-5.
    I like the new format. Good job. One more thing, Arse: Calderon was not destroyed by Irving at the end of the game: Anderson was on him. In any case, he’s averaging 31 points a game in the last 5 games so you know he’ll get his. It was criminal to let him walk up the court and launch a 3 uncontested. I was yelling at TV “get up, get up” and Anderson was backing down. A total brain fart that it shouldn’t happen at NBA level. 

    • KJ-B

      …kinda reminded me of AI over Alvin Williams lol!

      If anything you wanna force him to take a 2 and not reduce yourself from 6’8″ to 3′ because of your stance…Oh well, that was his D from the D-League…Casey Deserves to be thrown out D-Door!

      • unknown

        Jeremy Lin over Jose….Iverson over Alvin…..Al Jefferson…..Luol Deng…….Kobe Bryant……Carmelo Anthony………Ray Allen………is it just me or does this ‘hitting a freakish shot with no time left to win it’ thing happen to us more than other teams?

        It was nice to be on the other end against Orlando…

    • Theswirsky

      Definetely.  Just unbelievable how a defender would allow a superstar and one of the best penetrators in the league to take a 28ft jumper!  How stupid is that?  Who in their right mind respects Irvings ability to drive in clutch situations?  So dumb. 

      Besides it was clear that Irving was thinking long range 3 all the way .  It was not only in his eyes but the way he walked. 

      If players would only listen to my post play advice they’d be able to defend superstars.  Its really not that hard. 

      This comment is also in no way sarcastic.

      • Matt52

         A 2 sends the team to overtime where the game is not over.

        A 3 wins and it is game over.

        What would you rather give up?

        Watch the reply.  There is no pressure on Irving whatsoever.  You don’t think a 28ft, predetermined, uncontested jump shot is a joke for Irving?  Not to mention the guy has been on fire his last 5 games averaging 31ppg and shooting 55/41/96 percentages.

        • mountio

          said this in the forums, but a 28ft jump shot is not a joke for anyone. 20% chance at best would be my guess .. Ill take those odds. 
          Just like DD the other night … the guy hit a great shot. Ill live with that

        • voy

          kyrie can get that shot anytime he wants. no one is going to get in his shorts so far away from the hoop.  there is a reason you dont see a lot of shots from that distance taken in games.  its not because the defender is playing tight on his man.  its because almost every other option gives you a better percentage of hitting your shot.  if this wasn’t the case you’d see kyrie jacking 28fters 3 or 4 times a game.

          • Lakonomy

            unless you, oh I don’t know, apply some 1/2 court pressure on the ball handler…

        • sleepz

           I hear a lot of people blaming Anderson for that play.

          I can assure you that if he plays up on Kyrie and he gets by him for a score or getting the ball to an open teammate I GUARANTEE that the storyline is “why did Anderson crowd a pg like Kyrie who can go by him at will”?lol

          The dude took almost a 30ft 3 point shot. Maybe he could have been up a little tighter but if he hits the shot you have to tip your cap.

          • I agree, like I was asking myself is Kyrie crazy to shoot from that far. Andersen could have contested a lil more but maybe he was afraid he could of fouled him (understanding what’s the odds he makes that shot). Only players legit to score from their prob Kobe, LeBron, KD, or Carmelo.

          • Destro

            Yes but a logical fan as myself would suggest you dont let Kyrie beat you in that situation,you force the ball out of his hands and make someone else jack up that 3 or a 2…Dont let the one guy who can make it and was making them get that opportunity…
            Id rather have seen you let Kyrie drive for a 2 or dish somewhere else for a 2 or contested 3 on the wing or MY PREFERENCE is you trap him high and force him under pressure to give the ball up and you live with what comes from that….

            My problem is logically they allowed the play you shouldnt want them to make….They want Kyrie to take that shot straight away WE ALLOWED them too….force them to take the shot YOU WANT…. *shrug*

    • ckh26

      Still on the bandwagon. Still think when JV gets back and we can pace Amir and ED we will have the horses to keep up with Boston and Philly. 

      On losing games late when we have built up leads. I share your frustration.  Its the little things that keep a team ahead and that once addressed will hopefully reverse the trend of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

      What little things ? Its the missed free throws which seem like a nit but actually are the difference in games (Lowry and Anderson always seem to go 1 for 3 when they get fouled beyond the arc) and stat lines show us quite able to go 12 of 20 or the like,  the ability to finish on late possessions (Amir bless his heart had the ball under the basket and could have made it a 4 point lead with less than a minute to go last night, can’t help but notice how many times the inbound pass after a basket late in games can be an adventure and lastly getting the ball in play without the curse of Rasul Buttler hanging over your head has been incomprehensible.
      Only the last one is a coaching thing. The rest hangs squarely on the PROFFESSIONAL basketball players to stay focused and take the points when they are in front of you. When that changes and it has to,  those 4q blown leads will be half or less of what they have been to date.

      Stayin on the wagon till the end of the year.

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        STFU………………………reality check, kool aid time is over, buddy….

        Raptors will be lucky to win 30 plus games this season with their remaining schedule.

        The schedule turned at the Raptors are now 16-28. Wow.

        Note: Boston lost Rondo for season with ACL.

  • KJ-B

    Really missed JV last night–when’s he coming back?  His presence is as as sorely needed as the redesign on the site–GRRREAT WORK ARSE!!!!!

    •  I heard early next week

  • Copywryter

    “Kyrie Irving happened”

    – Doc Rivers

  • cdub

     It was a deep shot, but when there is 3 seconds left you have to play the guy straight up at that point and expect help.  Anderson wasn’t even looking at Irvine.  The raps should have never given up an uncontested 3 pt shot, that is the main shot you have to defend when your up by 2.  You can’t give up that shot and they let Cleveland’s best player walk down the court and shoot one!


    Redesign looks excellent. Nicely done. Let’s hope the team follows suit soon with a redesign of their own.

  • JHP

    Redesign looks good. I was wondering if the team/league tracks games lost too injury.  It looks like this team is going to break 200 games.  Of course last nights game might have been different if the team was healthy.

  • Dope design. But anyway Lowry could have been very valuable in this game in somewhat containing Irving if he had not gambled so much for steals or knock aways. Like for seriously, back off your man a bit or else he is going to drive right past you. He is not playing team defense and it is really disappointing more than anything than his offense.

    • Hound

      Lowry has brutal bball IQ. He is stuck on playground stupid. He thinks he can get into Irving’s grill, come up with 1 steal every 15 Irving drives and then thinks he’s a hero. He has way more ability to play defense than Calderon, but yet Calderon did a better job on Irving than Lowry did. Why? Because Jose understands basketball. Give the guy some room, force him a certain way (into help D) and hope he doesn’t just shoot over top of you and make them all day. Jose played pretty good D in the first quarter and Irving pretty pedestrian until he started going off on Lowry, then just continued in the 4th Q.

      I am sick of LOWRY, sick of CASEY and sick of BC. I can’t wait for JV and AB to come back. Say what you want about AB, but he is certainly a rotation guy on any team in the NBA, and we could use him.

      • Guy

        You know what makes me sick, is people whining about how bad Lowry is without acknowledging the poor job the coaching staff has done in their expectations.  Lowry is at his best when he’s aggressive, driving the paint & looking to score. But what has Casey & crew told him?  Forget what you do best & play more like Jose. It’s ridiculous. You don’t spend a lottery pick on a player, tell him to abandon what he’s always done to play a different way & then criticize him for not being effective.  How good would Jose look if he was told to play a more aggressive, attacking style? He doesn’t have the mentality for that, nor does he have speed to break down the D & create his own shot. So it wouldn’t be good. 

        If Lowry is going to be dumped on, I’d rather it was because he failed playing his style instead of being hung out to dry because he didn’t play like a 32 yr old PG that hasn’t lead the team to a winning record in 5 years. 

        • Hound

          Not sure how any of what you say above has anything to do with Kyle’s bad defense. Is Casey the reason KL failed in Memphis and Houston? Is he the reason his teammates don’t like him? Is Casey the reason that BC gave away a lottery pick?

          At this point, the way KL is playing, I am not sure even his mother would agree with your point of view.

          Not to worry though, because if he is as good as you think he is, Boston will give us their first round pick for him now that Rondo’s out for the year. I sure hope you are right about Kyle’s game.

          • sleepz

            For what?

            Boston’s not  going anywhere this year and will most likely be looking to get draft picks considering their core is on their last lap together. 

          • Guy

            Where did I say anything about Houston or Memphis? What I said was in reference to you being sick of Lowry & how I felt it was based on an inaccurate view. 

             As for Casey having any influence in acquiring Lowry, I would think so. You think BC would make that move without any input from the coach? I doubt it.  And I’m not really concerned if his teammates love him because Lowry wasn’t acquired to fit in & find a roll on a winning, contending team. He was brought in to help a team that had lost over 100 games the last 2 years. You want the players to love the PG, stick with Jose. The team will never be a winner, but at least they’ll all be cuddly. 

            Lowry played so well last year prior to injury, there was talk of him being on the all-star team & was thought to be the best player on the Raptors this year. So others thinks he’s pretty good too. But what’s  happened? Casey says he wants Lowry to be aggressive but ‘make the right basketball decisions’. In other words, be more like Jose. Not suprisingly, his game suffers & he’s now on the 2nd unit.  While Casey had nothing to do with his time in Memphis & Houston, he sure has had an impact on him this year, and it aint good. 

            Ideally, Lowry finds a good balance & then we’ll be able to get a true read. 

            • Hound

              You say he was brought in to help the team. He clearly hasn’t done that. You still don’t explain his porous defense. You say that we can’t win with Calderon, but when you compare the two, when they play on the same team, Calderon is clearly better. As his stats/wins indicate. Maybe Cousins struggles because Calipari/Westhead and Smart are bad coaches too. Like I said, I hope Danny Ainge is drinking the same streetball kool aid you’re drinking. Maybe BC can undo the damage he’s done. That way Doc can help Kyle be the allstar that you say he is. I can’t wait for Garnett to lose his shit on KL’s awful D and selfish offense. I may go to Boston to just to watch. 

        • Has Lowry not been aggressive, driving to the paint and looking to score? However, it has led to empty possessions and at times poor shot attempts. Nobody has told him to be like Calderon, it is just that the offense doesn’t run that smooth with him handling the ball and most of the time players are standing around waiting for a pass.

          • Guy

            Not as much as he’d normally do. Casey has been on record as saying he wants Lowry to be aggressive but make the right B-ball decisions. Another way of saying he wants more Calderon in his game. 

            Considering he’s playing on the 2nd unit with Alan “I’ve always got the green light’ Anderson, Ross(an inconsistent rookie) & lately Acy &/or Gray, is it not surprising some of the possessions are hollow?  How effective was Jose early in the year when he was on the 2nd unit? And you’ve just said it yourself….and most of the time players are standing around waiting for a pass.How effective can a PG be if his teammates are doing nothing? Not very. But instead of criticizing his teammates for giving him no options by standing around doing nothing, Lowry takes the blame. 

    • sleepz

      Who could contain Irving yesterday?

      • I believe Lowry could of contained him if he was smart and ball hawked him up the court but also use his quicks to keep him from getting to the rim. Instead, in the halfcourt, he iwas too tight on him and gambled too much and Irving blew past him.

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I would have tried TRoss on him but you are right he was going by everyone that got in front of him easily…

  • j bean

    If K Irving was on the Raptors there is a segment of the posters here that would be knocking his shoot first, 5 assists per game style that accounts for the Cavs losing more games than the Raptors.

    • Destro

      Those fans would rather lose with a mediocre skilled pass happy euro PG aint that some shit lol…

  • Jamshid

    Love the new format of the site. The most interesting part is the tweet from Buddahfan at the front page which suggest Amir should have taken the inbound pass !!! What else is new Buddahfan ? why aren’t you posting here no more and dumping your garbage about Amir ? 😉

  • daxel

    When you look at the replay of the Kyrie shot, you can actually SEE Coach Casey signaling Anderson to close out on Irving at like the 7 second mark….let’s face it, Anderson was sleeping.
    But the big picture is that this shouldn’t have come down to a game winning shot again.  The Raptors second unit led by Lowry squandered a comfortable lead again.  Then the starters get re-inserted when the other team already has momentum which puts too much pressure on them to win the game.
    So far, and there still should be time given to Lowry, it seems like his NATURAL skill set doesn’t suit this team.  Most of the players on this team can’t create shots for themselves – they need to be babied and spoon-fed the ball.  Sadly, the only other player that CONSISTENTLY shows the capability to create his own shot even though he isn’t efficient is Alan Anderson.  Which is why, if you watch when Lowry is in the game, he passes the ball to Anderson a lot and the team just lets him go to work.  Otherwise, Lowry really seems to struggle to give the ball to the other teammates in their sweet-spots.
    It’s ironic – Colangelo may have been trying to build the team around Bargnani but it seems evident that the team is actually built around a pass-first/system point guard.  If the roster doesn’t get revamped then somebody up in management better start thinking about ways in which they can find their next generation pass-first/system pg; Calderon fits that right now but would you really want to pass up the opportunity of getting something in return for a guy with such high value right now?

  • wes mantooth

    the problem with the fourth quarter that wasnt pointed out was that, quincy acy wasnt quickly removed for ed davis. i think speights scored 3 times on acy before anything was done.he was spotting him 5 inches and 50 pounds! i mean wtf?  besides the uncontested  3, that was the worst coaching of the game! casey is an overmatched coach on most nights! he needs to be a defensive assistant coach. that is his strength. when are they finally going to bring someone  in  that is a proven winner. stan van  hopefully carlyle if hes fired. i’ll give it to casey that his guys are playing  hard for him with all the injuries , which is why i say he should be the defensive coach,but something is seriously lacking and things are consistently overlooked . having this many fourth quarter breakdowns isnt bad luck! the better coach won lastnite! the uncontested 3 was the icing on the cake! everyone knows that on the road you go for the win, and the guy was 7 feet behind the 3 point line with 5 seconds left! omg! so frustrating!

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Karma….Raptors have bad karma under BC (Bad Carma) he has got to go all he does is lie, lie, lie, deceive, deceive, mislead, mislead with his consensus of front office & talking media heads aka ‘yes men’ that enable this Raptors basketball fiasco to continue unabated at its current pace.

    PR Spins: Rebuild. Building. Accelerated rebuild.

    We don’t believe you, you need more people!

    BC is selling magic beans to the fan base once again in 2013 but this time there is no current lottery draft pick at the end of this season’s fantasy story- OKC, do you know me?

    BC has turned the Raptors into a cash cow for MLSE (Bell/Rogers now) nothing more nothing less by continuosly playing out the fan base every year as he built the team around a lethargic half ass in Bargnani- post Sam & CB.

    •  Then why are you watching then

  • ckh26

    ABC sports says Rajon Rondo has an ACL tear. So he is done and  now Boston can now be caught if the Raps can string together a few wins. Motors can rev up if you see the other team reeling and over then next 40 Boston will struggle with no PG.
    An interesting question.. Now that Boston is need of a point guard… and we have a couple that would fit the bill…. Would it be wise to trade within the division ? and what would you take straight up for one of PG’s ? 

    I’d be happy to takeAvery Bradley but Boston is unlikely to make that deal.

    • ckh26

       To bad for us as Boston didn’t so much win it as Miami lost it today. Watching Pierce have to bring the ball up was like watching a dump truck come up the DVP during rush hour. Now there are three teams looking for PG help. Boston, Dallas, Lakers and maybe some teams on the edge Utah, Atlanta and Houston. 

      Maybe we can parlay one of ours into a first round draft pick and/or a young player. 

      • Ball sack

        Fuck that noise we already traded our first round pick for Lowry why would we trade him for a first round pick?? He is was better than any crap from this coming draft.

    • Theswirsky

       If Boston offered Avery Bradely straight up for one of Lowry or Jose I’d hope Colangelo would laugh them back to the drunken irish hole they snuck out of.

      Then again its Colangelo… he may try to trade with another team for a first round pick, then send that pick to Boston with one of the PGs. 

      • ckh26

         OK.. whats your thinking on why you’d be against getting Avery Bradley for one of the Caldy/Lowry ?   Boston also has a first rounder next year which may be in the 14 to 18 range. 

      • Jamshid

        Do you think BC can get a better offer for either Jose or Lowry ? From who ??

      • Destro

        NEVER underestimate the stupidity of Bryan Colangelo….NEVER…

  • ZYyy

    Not liking the new page doesn’t work great with iPhone to much clutter!!!

    • arsenalist

      We got rid of the last game/next games stuff on the phone.  Should be better now, in that the content appears right at the top.

      • ZGg

        Thanks much much better !

  • ZYyy

    Fuck it i say raptor nation make a run for Josh smith!!! A true franchise player

    •  He shoots 50% from the line and doesn’t shoot the 3pt shot well. I’ll pass.

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Anyone making fun of 19 year old (turns 20 in April) TWroten now? 

    Vs Laker hilites

    Alley-oop vs Brooklyn

    I told y’all he’s better than  TRoss (who is a very solid player) as he can dribble to get his own shot and attack the hoop while playing solid defense on a winning team.

    Plus he can pass like Magic and will make others better in time while TRoss needs to be set up with a pg like Jose for the time being until his handles improve.

    Since he’s gotten into the Grizzlies rotation- where playing time plus starting spots are earned not given out as BC’s flavor of the month ie Fields via Casey- he has been balling.

    •  Why are you here?

    • morons

      so you show us 2 highlight vids where he scores like 9 points total and all of a sudden he’s Magic Johnson lmao? 

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    You know how BC mainly stays in power he divides the fan base against each other then conquers MLSE with profits….’let them eat cake’ basketball style….