The title really says is all. Adrian Woj, also known as the best reporter on the planet has this to say:

The final hurdle for the salary dump of Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors hinges on finding a third team to absorb the expiring contract of Raptors guard Jose Calderon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Grizzlies have inquired with multiple teams over the past several days, searching for a willing partner to facilitate a three-team deal, sources said. Despite organizational proclamations to the contrary, new Memphis ownership and management is determined to unload Gay and the $37 million owed him as soon as possible, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Calderon has a $10.5 million expiring contract.

“With so many quality point guards, they’re struggling to find a spot for Calderon,” one league general manager told Yahoo! Sports. Preferably, the Grizzlies want a less expensive small forward to plug into the lineup for Gay, sources said. Memphis has been relentless in shopping Gay over the past several weeks. In a proposed deal, Memphis would likely receive another young Raptors player and a future draft pick, sources said. The Grizzlies have unsuccessfully tried to pry Raptors rookie Terrence Ross as part of the deal, sources said. Toronto has deemed Ross untouchable in these talks.

Recently, the Grizzlies’ front office dumped three contracts and a first-round pick – including Mareese Speights, Wayne Ellington and Josh Shelby – onto the Cleveland Cavaliers to get under the luxury-tax threshold.

At 29-15, the Grizzlies are currently the fourth seed in the Western Conference playoff race. Beyond Gay, the Grizzlies have nearly $65 million in contracts locked into forward Zach Randolph and center Marc Gasol through the 2014-15 season. They are determined to lessen luxury-tax implications of holding onto three significant contracts.

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Obviously this has become serious stuff and the Raptors are set to lose Ed Davis and another draft pick, at the minimum. This is a massive trade that will be bringing the Raptors an above-average swingman in Rudy Gay, but the circumstance under which this trade is being made stinks of nothing but panic. Leaving aside the glaring contradiction of undergoing a rebuild and pulling off a trade like this, the question of basketball fit has also to be questioned as the roster would have Andrea Bargnani, Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan, and Kyle Lowry on it. All of those guys needs shots to survive, and at the very minimum the Raptors would have to trade Andrea Bargnani just to balance shots out.

However, with Ed Davis as part of this deal, this basically resets the PF rotation to what it was in training camp, i.e., Bargnani and Johnson. If this turn out to be the case, there will never be a clearer sign of favoritism as Bargnani would get yet another chance to earn his badges with the Raptors. I can’t believe this, and I certainly don’t think Dwane Casey can be on board with this. I realize that Rudy Gay is an attractive proposition, but looking at his game a little more closely you’ll notice that he is an overpaid under-performer shooting at 41% for the season and 31% from three. Memphis has had success playing without him in the past and this is more than just about them saving money: they clearly don’t value him from a basketball perspective enough.

The Raptors already have a guy like DeRozan who, given time, will likely end up having a game like Rudy Gay, perhaps even better. Even currently, they have essentially the same PER, scoring average and rebounding numbers, and DeRozan is much earlier in his career (Gay, DeRozan). I’m not sure having another DeMar DeRozan is the answer at the small forward. Gay’s lack of a three-point shot is another matter of concern, as the Raptors will end up deploying a ball-demanding guy who can’t shoot from the wing. With Terrence Ross showing something of substance, a true rebuild effort would slot DeRozan and Ross together and see what the dynamics are, not dramatically change the roster to start yet another process which has unforeseen and unpredictable consequences.

I had some hopes that the board would stop this madness but clearly, given that this is in such a late stage, they’ve given their approval and can’t seem to see this is a desperate act by Colangelo to seem proactive and ultimately, try to save his job. To me, this season is quite on course to what was expected, unless you actually thought the Raptors were going to make the playoffs which is absolutely insane. Perhaps they are 3-4 wins shy on account of, say, injury and bad luck, but at the end of the day we’re seeing Davis blossom into something meaningful, Valanciunas show that he’s capable, and Ross pick up his game. The right move here is to get rid of Bargnani in favor of a cheap three-point shooting small forward (or just amnesty him), and to trade Jose Calderon for a pick or serviceable rotation player.

I realize that it’s tempting to see Rudy Gay as the “shot maker” who will save us in the fourth quarter and stop the bleeding when it comes to these close losses, but that is a tremendously short-sighted view of the situation. I haven’t even gotten into Gay’s contract, which looks like:

I’m not paying his salary, but it’s not hard to see that with average to slightly above-average players like Bargnani, Gay, and DeRozan accounting for $37M of the cap, it’s going to be difficult to maneuver in the future. But let’s ignore that for now, I’m sure Steve Fruitman will figure out some loophole to make another move and find us a way to get Hedo back. The resulting lineup out of this trade will be Bargnani, Valanciunas, Gay, DeRozan and Lowry. It’s an OK lineup on paper presently, and assuming it yields mediocrity (and that IS the best case scenario), giving up the traditional Colangelo pick is going to hamper the ability to acquire further talent. Remember, the draft is what got us somewhat back on the right track with DeRozan, Davis, Valanciunas, and Ross. It wasn’t the useless FA and trades Colangelo has made (Kapono, Jack, Kleiza, Hedo, O’Neal, Marion). Why we would abandon this course of drafting talent and developing it, in favor of another gamble is beyond me and speaks to nothing but lack of patience.

But hey, this looks like it’s about to go down so better suck it up and hope for the best. Maybe Gay finds his three-point shot and his All-Star offensive form where he elevates and shoots over people, resulting in an almost unblockable shot. His defense is suspect and like DeRozan, he cannot convert athleticism into defensive ability, so on that end we’re going to be paying the price and be continually disappointed unless Casey pulls off a coaching miracle.

In summary, this looks like Colangelo trying to save his job and reacting to the Raptors fourth quarter woes. The long game here is to continue doing what we’re doing, i.e., select decent draft picks and develop them, but you require patience for that and Colangelo’s a gambling man, no matter what he tells everyone else. Let’s hope this gamble pays off. It’ll be the first and he is due.

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  • thead

    well holy shit

  • RaptorsFan

    FUCK! BOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCK YOU BC! I defended you because I thought you’d stick to the rebuilding. WTF is this shit? We don’t need Gay and his huge ass contract, and further more we shouldn’ t be giving away more fucking picks.

    •  I agree. This is chaos. He should be finding a way to unload Bargs right now, not Eddy. OMG we are fucked!!!!

    • Pesterm1

       I dont doubt the board has told BC to make this trade happen. Everyone blaming BC is not seeing the big picture. I dont think BC is making the calls anymore. Rogers/bell wants a star and Gay is available. MLSE to BC ” Get Gay ” lol.  BC complies…

      • Destro

        The board has no reason to push BC to make this trade…


    NBA championship here we come baby!!

  • vino

    whatever Raza said

  • Presuming this goes through, the lineup is:
    PG: Lowry
    SG: Derozen
    SF: Gay
    PF: Amir
    C: Val
    Bench: Fields, Ross, Bargs, Lucas, Gray, Anderson (one of these young guys are gone in the deal but I don’t know who)

    And no future picks
    Better lineup now but for the future, it looks bleak

    • WhiteVegas

      You are not allowed to trade your pick 2 years in a row, and since we have already traded the 2013 pick, we cannot trade the 2014 pick. Therefore, the pick included in this deal is probably a top 14 protected 2015 pick.

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    I hope a Bargnani to Lakers for Gasol trade is next on deck. Or perhaps a DeRozan to Utah for Milsap trade. Despite my past support for Bargnani, I can’t fathom him remaining with the team long-term, forming a PF rotation with Amir. This could be just the first domino to fall…

    • Nilanka15

      I’m totally against this trade if it includes any future picks.

      Having said that, it can’t be the only move Colangelo makes before the deadline.  There HAS to be (or at least, I’m hoping) more moves coming.

  • Theswirsky

    So the Raps get the privilege of paying Gay approx 18 mil over the next 3 years (2 after this), lose what little flexibility they have and thereby lose options to make moves. Oh and while Ed Davis is gone, whose playing PF? Oh thats right  Bargnani.

    Colangelo you devil.  Just can’t get enough of that primo can you?

    Bargs 10 mi
    Demar 9 mil
    Gay 18 mil

    thats 2/3rds of the salary cap tied up right there.  Who couldn’t be excited about that?   

    • Mo

      2/3 of the cap and 90% of the shots too


      Darrell Arthur will be playing PF. They will move Bargs for a bowl of pasta.

    • ad

       What make you assume bargs is staying? Hes gotta go. Everyone is fed up with him.

    • WhiteVegas

      The Raptors are “losing options to make moves” by making moves. Do you wanna have your cake and eat it too?

      • Paul

         Yes, this “move” limits our ability to make future “moves”.  I’m not sure what you find inconsistent in this reasoning…

        • WhiteVegas

          Any moves you make, limit your ability to make future moves. You essentially want the team to make moves without limiting the ability to make moves, which is having your cake and eating it too.

          • Paul

             Wrong. Many moves increase the ability to make future moves by creating flexibility. For example, if we trade Bargnani for an expiring contract, this move increases our ability to make future moves.
            This trade, which causes us to take on a large salary, presumably with limited trade options, reduces our ability to make future moves.

    • Scarsville

      Ya we should save our money for LeBron….oh wait…that’s right we are the Raptors and NO major free agent wants to sign here

  • hotfuzz

    I am done with this team. FUCK YOU BC!

  • DoNDaDDa

    what makes u think its BC pushing for this trade..what if the new owners are trying to get them in the playoffs for the extra revenue that brings & are instructing BC to make the deal or end up like Burke did after the luongo dibacle! i wouldnt put it past Bell/Rogers

  • BadDinosaur

    I don’t believe they (board and BC) can be so stupid, there has to be something else going on parallel to this, which would make this deal more appealing to Raps. Maybe it involves another team and maybe Bargnani gets dealt too, I don’t know… it just doesn’t make much sense as it is right now… unless there are some things going on, that we know nothing about. Maybe Ed voiced his wish to be traded, maybe he’s unhappy for whatever reason…

    • DoNDaDDa

      well from what ive gathered Ed loves it here. & that was before he was starting so im sure hes prob even happier now.. one thing i find kinda wierd is the newest article states the raps will ship jose+Young player & pick… no mention of ed as was the case befor & Ross was deemed untouchable..what if the young player is Demar.. it would make more sense from a memphis stand point.. they could loose Allen in the off season & demar could slip righ into there starting lineup at a cheaper rate

      • CalgaryRapsFan

        I would much prefer it to be DeRozan instead of Davis. Not only would it be better from a financial standpoint, but the Davis/Amir PF rotation would push Bargnani out the door more assuredly. The Raps would have Gay/Anderson at SF and Fields/Ross at SG (assuming Kleiza is bound to be traded or amnestied, and Pietrus will be traded or walk after the season).

      • BadDinosaur

         I hope they consider Bargs as “young”… then I’m all in !!!

      • hyperdouche

        This is why this trade is so shitty – Davis seems and sounds like a good locker room guy and has enthusiasm. I would take the cap hit of rolling the dice with Gay, but I think Davis is too much to give up for him. Sad times.

      • I’m with you.  If the young player is Demar, I’m doing this deal in a sec.  Having said that, the board is way to infatuated with Davis in my opinion.  I do like him, but is he a future all-star? 

  • RobertArchibald

    Wow if this happens I’m out as a fan. This is the LAST thing this franchise needs. Handcuffs us for 2 seasons while trading away emerging talent and now a pick. I just don’t get it. This is clearly a last ditch effort by BC to retain his job. Sad that it ruins a team that is struggling so hard to repair itself.

    • WhiteVegas

      God Forbid the Raptors put out a playoff team for a couple of years! That would be just awful! It’s highly unlikely the Raptors will ever win an NBA Championship, no matter what. So let’s just be happy with a perennial playoff contender, and I think that’s what we’re trying to build with this move.

  • nba

    Ed Davis >> Rudy Gay.

    Ed will be an all star PF book it. Rudy Gay is just another sad sack nonimpact player.

    The Raptors will lose themselves another good player.

    • ad

       Lets not get crazy. Ed davis will never be an all star. He is a backup pf with some skill that will get killed by bulkier big men. Also, his rebound rate and blocked shots really decreased once he became a starter and played more minutes. Rudy gay isnt a superstar or even an all star but hes a big upgrade to what we have.

      • Mopola

        Totally agree. Ed is solid player but not an ALL-STAR. He’s quite bad defender against better opponents. He can only be one of the leaders in a losing team. I have nothing against sending him out for Gay, but another pick???

      • Destro

        Hes not that much of an upgrade…hes averging 17 points on 40% shooting…any PF whos 6-10 230 lbs will get worked by traditional 5s..Bosh could handle centers either and he was an all star PF…

    • Sig

       I can guarantee you that Ed Davis will never be an all-star.

    • Nilanka15

      “Ed Davis >> Rudy Gay”

      Utter madness.

      • Destro

        17 points on 40 % shooting isnt special…

        • Sig

           You can’t compare raw stats between a player on a good team and a player on a bad team. Especially considering the amount of minutes each respective player gets.

          Gay would easily be this team’s number one option and leading scorer.

          • Destro

            Thats not definitive tho…and he doesnt make the team definitely better either….

            Hes not an all star breh…I mean this isnt Wade,Melo…hes not even Paul George or Joe Johnson hes a notch below them too….

            Why is there such joy to have a player that maybe the best player and number one option on a bad team that doesnt tangibly improve the teams or its goals as a team…

            Theres ALOT of players out there who could be the number one option on this team,meaningless point…

  • NB Rapsfan

    If they make any trade that gets rid of Davis and a future-pick, we will be the joke of the NBA, that’s not saying we already aren’t… A trade along this line would be the only thing that would be somewhat acceptable.

    • Right Clique

      That actually is not a bad trade at all, with the exception of Memphis taking on an expensive PF in Green. Maybe they can get him to play the three.

    • WhiteVegas

      The problem with this trade is it does not accomplish Memphis goal at all. Their goal is to get under the salary cap, and this trade gives them even more salary than before, and all for more years to boot.

    • Mopola

      Yeah, Memphis wants to free up cap space and they decide to add aditional 3M/yr to they salaries with 3 long year contracts 😀

  • ad

    This isnt a win now move. Raps are fucked this year. I view this as the first of several moves
    for next year and beyond. Bargs is a goner, im sure so raps will need a pf since johnson is a backup.
    I view utah as a great trading partner since they have great frontcourt depth and need backcourt help.
    We have derozan or ross to fill that void. Derozan or ross for millsap/jefferson or even favors would be sweet.
    Further to that point, a core of lowry, gay, millsap/jefferson/favors and jval is a 4/5 seed in the east likely. Its much
    better than what the raps have put on the floor the last several years.

    • CalgaryRapsFan

      If Davis is traded for Gay (and not DeRozan), then I agree that a DeRozan for Millsap trade would be fantastic (assuming Millsap would re-sign with the Raps).

      I would also hope that Bargnani is still on his way out. A 3-way trade with LA and Minny would be great, landing Gasol in Minny and a package of Pekovic/Wiliams/Ridnour in Toronto.

      • WhiteVegas

        Why would LA even include Toronto in that deal? Bargs is a way crappier return than what you propose the Raps would get. I’d take just Pekovic or just Williams over Bargs too.

    • Nilanka15

      I agree that there would need to be other moves on the horizon.

  • Sig

    Thank god he made Ross unavailable

    • SukaTori

      “Thank god he made Ross unavailable”
      he will be next one …. a think
      he will be packaged with Bargs perhaps
      then needs to get rid of Low-ry and that will be last move of a cleaning up
      operation (but the point is who will be in as a PG ?)

  • BoshRawr

     A silver lining in all of this: Terrence Ross deemed untouchable. Glad there is a sliver of sanity remaining. Ross is growing on me and is one of my favourite raps, it would have been tough to see him go. As to Ed, I really hope this deal falls through and talks break down and we end up just shipping Caldy and Bargs out. Wouldn’t really mind a trade for Gasol at this point. The remaining two years he would be an amazing mentor for Val, wouldn’t mind developing V and bringing him along slowly like they are Drummond in Detroit. Don’t do it BC!

    • Arsenalist

      “Wouldn’t really mind Gasol at this point” – Are you kidding me? I’d eat that up.

      • WhiteVegas

        You’d eat up Gasol but hate Rudy Gay? Pau is having an even worse season than Gay is, not to mention he is paid more and 6 years older (26 vs 32). One fits a HUGE need for the Raps at SF, the other adds to an already enormous logjam at PF. Seriously, I’m okay with you not being stoked about getting Rudy Gay, but to suggest that getting Gasol would be better is ridiculous. Gay has 6 more years in his prime, Gasol has 0 years left in his prime, and is already in decline.

        You really need to think of Gay as a centerpiece for the future Raptors team, which will be a perennial top 5 seed in the East. That’s about the best a realistic Raptors fan can hope for. I’d die for some exciting relevant playoff basketball.

        • Amigo

           Their life is based on whining, it nevere stops.This type of fans don’ t really like to improve the team with better players. They are still waiting for the next Messia.ED gone , it will start the -free Q Acy- mantra.They strive in mediocrity because they can attract more Losers on their rapcast (7 to 8 in average). Don’t forget he named KL the alpha male All Star PG finally in TO after game 2 (GAME TWOOOOOOOOO !!!)

  • Lino Dinardo

    Holy fucken Hell, is it April Fools, AND we toss in a pick. This is wrong on so many levels. Back to Amir and pasta Boy?!? (No offense to Amir). I can’t even come close to agreeing to this trade. There is much more risk and loss to this trade , Holy FUCK!

  • Shaz83

    BC if you throw in a draft pick and keep bargnani Instead of Ed then I’m sorry but I loose respect for you . We have no guy that can create his own shot off the dribble. Let us have two players in derozan and gay who can’t dribble for shit!

    • Nilanka15

      Gay can’t create his own shot?  Have you ever seen him play?  He can create a shot whenever he wants.

      As for choosing to “keep” Bargnani….nobody wants to keep Bargnani, and nobody wants to take him either.

  • Ahmedi

    Give us Gay and Wroten back in return.

  • FAQ

    If the truth be known Jose has told BC that he will not re-sign with the lugubrious Raptors after this season.

    In his desperation, BC is trying to get some value from a Jose trade and Gay seems to be the only available prospect.

    After acquiring Gay for a leg and an arm, BC will try to peddle Bargs, Kleiza and maybe even lumpy Lowry… ya think??

    • Yelaroth

      Exactly what I’m thinking. People need to stop screwing around with ‘Professional’ opinions and snarky comments towards Colangelo as if they know better. Only he knows whats going on, we are just spoon fed information and for all we know there is a lot going on behind closed doors. If it was so easy to be a ‘smart’ General manager and have the ability to make the best decisions every time Toronto would be a super team.
      Fair weather fans annoy the shit outta me, if this works out, all the nay sayers will go in denial like “yea its working well, but it was STILL a terrible decision on Colangelo’s part, FLUKE”

      • FLUXLAND

        Paid shills abound this place today.
        “if this works out” – oh yeah? Like the many other BC transactions?  Please, enlighten us.

        “will go in denial like “yea its working well, but it was STILL a terrible decision on Colangelo’s part, FLUKE”

        More like when it doesn’t, you and the rest of the brilliant minds will advise us how “well, it didn’t work out, but it sure made sense at the time, looked good on paper, and BC’s ability to fix his mistakes is nothing short of amazing!”

        GTFOH with that BS. You annoy the shit out of everyone, blindasfuck fans.

    • Dan

       Plus Jose can play with his buddy Gasol. They would already have a good chemistry.

  • BadDinosaur

    Maybe what they have in mind:

    1) Trade Jose + Davis for Gay
    2) Trade DeRozan for Millsap
    3) Amnesty Bargs, use medical waiver for Kleiza (has he the player option next year or is it a team option?)

    Next year you have:


    and ~15 mill to spend in FA (bargs and kleiza waivers).

    maybe good for an elite SG or another PG?


    JL III

    • Destro

      Millsap is a FA

  • Amigo

    Rudy Gay an above – average wing ? What are you talking about, stop be in Love with ED and get serious man. Rudy Gay is one of the best wings in the NBA.Period. Take your stats (especially your loved PER36) and put them just up there.
    Bring it on BC, PO here in TO !

    • mike, prague

      I really hope you were being ironic…

    • Destro

      How many all star games he been in ? Im talking about Rudy…

  • AJ

    If the trade goes down then this helps BC in showcasing Andrea for a deadline trade. God do i hope he goes off to trick some idiotic team into wanting him

  • mike, prague

    Hockey is back and the MLSE is low on fans … Isn´t this trade clearly see-through?

    The MLSE are trying to convert Raptor fans into fans of the almighty Maple Leafs!!!

    Stand strong die hard Raptor Fans!!!!

  • Kevin

    This makes me feel sick to my stomache. If it turns out to be a desperation trade I’m honestly switching teams. I don’t even live in Canada any more  There is no reason for me to cheer for this team unless they keep with the current trend of developing their young guys. I’ve enjoyed watching the chemistry develop and the last 20 games have been really fun to watch. I’m sentimental for this group, but they’re just daring a real fanatic to switch teams. BC can have at his casual fan base, but I will be permanently alienated. I’ll be a much happier soul if I have faith in my team and I’m instead watching 82+ games of either Indiana, Denver, Memphis, or Houston.

  • What bothers me about this trade is the lack of foresight on Colangelo`s part, I`m against tanking but the reality is that if we  kept the roster the same for next year we`d be just as bad maybe a bit worse, but the upside of that is the quality of the potential 2014 NBA draft, especially at the small forward spot: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Aaron Gordon just to name a few.  Ed Davis might never be an All star, but I guarantee you he will always be better than Bargnani.  I really hope this deal falls through, it is extremely shortsighted if Colangelo thinks he can save his job by making a playoff push by trading for Gay. News Flash Bryan, we`re not making the playoffs no matter what you do.  So why not stick to what you`re good at, which is drafting talent.

    • Amigo

       Why don’t you support teams like Was  – Charlotte – Sacramento ? They have regularly tanked the last decade or so and are still in deep poo !!!

    • ad

       For fuck sakes, this is NOT  a win now move. BC is an even bigger idiot than i thought if he thinks gay is leading this sorry bunch to the playoffs this year. This is a move to position themselves for next year and beyond. More moves will be made as well. If the raps finish with a slightly better record than last yr AND the roster looks better on paper for next year he can sell it to the board so they will pick up his option or sign him to an extension. Its that simple.

  • Kujo

    If this trade happens, it should be the final nail in BC’s coffin.  I like Rudy Gay, but he’s not a difference maker.  He can be clutch, but he goes MIA too often.  Dude is way overpaid, and this trade would mortgage our future.

    I was ready to give up on Davis this season, but he’s proven me wrong.  He’s clearly better than AB, and the fact that we would be giving him up is maddening.  How the hell can BC not see we are better team without AB? Jose has to go, but there is clearly a better deal to made.  AB should be traded, not ED.

    • Nilanka15

      “AB should be traded, not ED.”

      Wow guys.  How do you trade a player NOBODY wants???

      • RaptorFan

        You call BC….. thats how!  LOL  He will make it work somehow….BC can sell anything….How on earth did he get rid of Turkglu??? 

  • optifan

    I’m totally in support of this and I think it’s just the first shoe to drop. Next up is Bargs and Kleiza for Gasol. That’s a pretty formidable lineup on paper. And if Ross continues to develop into a starter, look for Derozan to be moved in the off season for a premier PF.

    • Destro

      Ugh are you serious ?

  • Dan

    As of right now it’s still just a rumor isn’t it? I wouldn’t worry about it until it’s official.

  • Dan

    Andre Drummond 18 & 18. Bc for gm of the year.

    • Dc

      Who needs Andre Drummond when you have AB already manning the 4 and the future all star t ross at sg. 

      -BC thought at 2012 NBA draft. 

    • Destro

      Keep saying it….This team in 3 yrs will live to regret not taking Drummond when hes the best center in the NBA for the next decade…

      • Dan

         It’s probably true. I like Ross and understand they already had Jonas coming in. Drummond has Dwight like ability. Everyone watched how his athletic ability eventually surpassed Bosh’s skill game. You could have even had Jonas and Drummond play togeather. Ed and amir are similar and it works out. Pistons front court is going to dominate in a year or two.

        • Destro

          He’ll be better than Dwight in his prime…Hes putting up Dwight numbers right now as a rookie with no offensive game to speak of….When he figures out footwork in the post,with his size and athleticism,quickness he’ll be a fckn monster….and Raps could have had him…

          in 3 years when hes playing in all star games and putting up 25/15/5 on a nightly basis it’ll still make me sick that we passed him up…

  • Mopola

    If e trade Jose without acquiring any PG, be prepared to see JLIII playing 40+ mins for 20 games per season, because Lowry is such a injury phrone…

  • Lolopki


    • Destro

      Dont be slow….If your tanking you dont go out and acquire Rudy Gay…thats a job saving measure…

  • Destro

    Im most concerned hearing a 1st round pick going to Memphis as part of this deal…

    • sleepz

      If that happens the fans need to revolt.

    • ad

       It could be a 2nd rder for all we know.

  • Angeliis5000

    make the trade.
    davis will never be an all star
    get gasol if u can. legit post player and dominate when he wants to be

  • robertparrish00

     Moving ED gives his golden child his starting spot back. 
    I just hope the coaching staff is on AB busting his ass into shape after his summer holiday from the gym.

  • A1  this can be a possibility, adding picks of course

  • Netwerkz

    Trades happen when GM’s feel they are getting fair value in return (except for Babcock). For those who play in fantasy leagues, you’ll know what I mean when I say other GM’s would rather wait to see how Bargnani’s recovery and return have been before they pull the trigger on a trade. Seeing as how the guy’s value lies in his offense, there’s no doubt that with ED around, his minutes, and subsequently his trade value are impeded. So rather than benching or reducing ED’s minutes, which would also lower his confidence, and subsequently his value, you trade him now while you have the chance for a good return. And who’s to say the Raps won’t eventually trade Bargs and maybe another high asset like DeRozan for another above average, young, near all-star calibre player that’s on the block, say Josh Smith? There’s still time before the trade deadline. Can’t trade everyone all at once. KG and Allen weren’t traded on the same day. One trade lead to another.

  • ad

    All these fuckin calderon and davis fanboys have to understand that in the NBA you need talent to win. Rudy gay is no superstar or even all star. However, he is way better than what they have. Davis and calderon are nice bench pieces with not a lot of upside. Raptors fans tend to get attached to their own players when in the big picture they arent that good. Just relax, people.

  • KaioKev

    Its just so frustrating that the useless *[insert expletive here]* know as Andrea Bargnani will get his starting job back. Gay was a good idea 2 years ago. Now? Like i said in another post, its a sideways move. Yes, he will instantly become the best small forward we have (and the first decent one) but at the expense of a your blossoming player? What are we going to do with all the small forwards we have? Kleiza, Pietrus, Anderson, Fields. Also, we NEED size in the post. I believe that is a more pressing hole to fill. Hopefully more moves are coming to address this before the deadline.

  • redyraptor

    All u guys who don’t agree with this trade should move to charlotte or orlando n go through another 3. 4 years of rebuilding. Its time for management to reward the fanbase with someone who could sort of close out a 4th qtr. Gay is not a huge superstar but do I rather Gay in the 4th qtr than Ed Davis. Hell yes. U stupid idiots are the reason raps are alwaysss struggling we have to keep trying to get some sort of talent here . Imagine ross is learning from derozan who is learning himself. Plus if bargs comes back and gives us another 13 to 15 games like he did last year he ups his value and we trade him for a good defensive down low PF. Well done raps management. Plz go ahead with this trade plus we get to keep ross. Lowry derozan and val. The raps attendence makes good money. We could amnesty kleiza. Bargs. Just to plzz u idiots. What do u think is going to happen in 2 months when the entire league just takes away davis left hand ?? Plz as I said u guys that want to watch 3more years of effort plz move to charlotte or orlando. The raps need to keep trying trades like this. Atleast gay is only 26.

  • papadot

    I don’t understand why everyone is so against this trade. People keep saying Raptors need to rebuild through draft picks, well they’ve been doing that. They haven’t been to the playoffs in about 4 season and they’ve had continuous top picks. The way you build through the draft is by earning very high picks and drafting impact players (presumably top 10 picks), the other picks turn out to be average NBA players with a few outliers. Given the Raptors current roster and their progress (or stagnancy), they will land somewhere in the ball park of picks 10-30. Exactly how will you rebuild a team with draft picks ranging in that bracket with draft picks like Valanciunas, Ross, Ed Davis and Demar DeRozan who are all still very young and getting better? This move is exactly what the Raptors need. Their time to be good isn’t in several years, it’s now. The Jose/Barni development never turned out well, and it’s time to move on. People complain about Gay’s contract but would you rather have a player like Gay whose proven he can win, or players like Barni/Calderon eating up 20 $M of your salary. Another thing to keep in mind is that if Valanciunas pans out the way he should, he will be a very good player and with DD, Gay, Valanciunas, and Ross coming off the bench, their chances of being a good team dramatically increase. Davis is developing very nicely, however you have an almost equal in Amir Johnson who is still only 25 years of age that can play along side Valanciunas. This team can’t keep rebuilding through draft picks because they already have so many young pieces which will need their chance, and on top of it their picks won’t be high enough to yield in franchise changing talent. Lastly, how many star players will willingly sign in Toronto? Getting Gay not only improves the team, it   makes sure we have talent going forward. DD/Gay is a very good wing combo, and with Ross of the bench, that’s arguably the best 2/3 lineup heading into the future. Keep in mind Ross/Valanciunas will dramatically improve next season, and if this thing with Gay doesn’t pan out, or perhaps the franchise leans toward Ross instead of Demar, you always have valuable trade assets when you acquire talent. Not only do you get Gay, but you also ship Bargnani for another good player/or if you really like picks, then give Barni away for a future first pick. You don’t lose by acquiring assets, only by being mediocre like the Raptors have been. 

    • Dan

       The problem is BC has missed out on the impact players. Jennings and Holiday have both been better than Demar. As much as I like Ross Drummond is going to be a beast.

  • Drstat

    Please don’t make this trade!

  • morons

    a bunch of retards on here like to believe that 1 superstar is all it takes to turn this team around and win NBA championships after NBA championships. they believe that tanking is the solution to this and blow a whole season to get a 25% chance at best, yes 25% chance to hopefully land a superstar. and what they don’t get is there are superstars like kyrie irving, jrue holiday, john wall, demarcus cousins, kevin love, nic batum, deron williams and all their respective teams BLOW and their teams have sucked for years and continue to suck but here we have a bunch of morons that like to think the raptors can do different. this league is 3 teams deep and the idiots here think that the Raptors can make it 4 deep. the idea should be to improve this team, not get attached to fringe scrubs like davis. 

    • nottheendoftheworld

      Not gonna’ happen anyway …. who’s the moron?

  • Statement

    Save us from the 4th quarter woes.

    Losing Jose Calderon and Ed Davis means that there won’t be any close 4th quarter games.  We will be decisively behind.

  • Statement

    If you listen to Alex Rucker the overall strategy is to get talent because talent wins in the NBA. 

    Their internal systems must think that Gay is an upper level talent. 

    Publicly available data doesn’t support that notion though.

    Also, the Raptors as a team have a top-ten offense in the league in terms of efficiency.  They don’t need more offense, they need defense. 

  • tyson

    we’ve been in half the games this season solely because of Jose’s ability to distribute the ball, find the open man, and just play good team ball. I’m NOT happy with this trade. and the post combo of Amir and Ed was just starting … with so much promise. Great we took on another player who needs to be given his shots. f******k. I’ve given you numerous chances BC but if this was bs attempt at covering your ass — I will cut you. *sigh* okay my rant is over. Good luck to you Jose — you deserve success 🙂

    ps. I hope we retire your number.