So the deal is agreed to in principle. Per several beat reporters, Ed Davis and Jose Calderon have said their goodbyes and will not be in uniform. Some assorted quotes are below. Scroll down lower for RR-writer reactions.

Here’s the ESPN source (Stein):

The Memphis Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors have agreed in principle on a trade that will send leading scorer Rudy Gay to the Raptors, according to sources with knowledge of the deal.

Sources told the Grizzlies will acquire forward Ed Davis and veteran guard Jose Calderon from the Raptors and then move Calderon to a third team to ultimately make this a three-team deal.

The Detroit Pistons, sources said, are one of the prime options to take on Calderon, having pursued the Spanish floor leader all season.

The Grizzlies want a small forward out of the trade and Detroit has two believed to be available: Tayshaun Prince and Corey Maggette. But Memphis, sources said, is talking to at least one other team about taking on Calderon and is expected to receive a second-round pick from Toronto as part of the deal.

The Raptors, sources said, are expected to take on Grizzlies reserve center Hamed Haddadi in addition to Gay.

The Dallas Mavericks are the other most likely landing spot for Calderon, but sources said Dallas is resistant to parting with Vince Carter, Memphis’ prime target on the Mavs’ roster.

And this, from Woj:

The Memphis Grizzlies have reached an agreement in principle to trade forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Grizzlies will receive point guard Jose Calderon as part of the deal, and will route Calderon’s $10.5 million expiring contract to the Detroit Pistons for a package that includes forward Tayshaun Prince, sources told Y! Sports.

Gay, 26, is averaging 17.2 points and 5.9 rebounds.

Under new owner Robert Para, Memphis has been desperate to unload contracts for the short- and long-term. In Prince, the Grizzlies could get a respected, if not aging, small forward who’ll give them considerable savings over the $37 million owed Gay the next two seasons.

Prince, who turns 33 on Feb. 28, has played his entire 11-year career with Detroit. He’s averaging 11.8 points and 4.6 rebounds this season. He has been a vital member of seven Pistons playoff teams, including the one that won the 2004 championship.
Calderon will be a free agent this summer.

Detroit could clear the final two years, $15 million left on Prince’s deal, and move nearly $25 million under the salary cap beginning with free agency in July. The Pistons will then be in the market for two young perimeter players to build around their promising young core of Greg Monroe, center Andre Drummond and guard Brandon Knight.

So it breaks down like this for Toronto: Ed Davis and Jose Calderon are out, Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi are in. There may be a Raptors’ 2013 2nd round pick heading somewhere, too, depending on your source.

Arsenalist reaction:
Let’s pray that Ed Davis’ ceiling is close to what we’re seeing these days, and that Rudy Gay is more than a slightly better version of DeMar DeRozan.  After two more seasons, when the Raptors have shelled out $50M to Gay, they better hope that they actually achieved something from this reactionary fiasco, because that is what it is.  You can almost hear Colangelo’s brain banging around in his head: We need a scorer to close out games because we’re losing close games.  Let’s get a scorer who is perceived to do exactly this.  One such scorer could be Rudy Gay.  Sure, he’s expensive and Memphis wants to unload him for more than just financial reasons.  Sounds like a plan!

As for Ed Davis, it sounds like trading him is an endorsement of Andrea Bargnani as the unquestionable power forward going forward (and this is what bugs me the most).  I really hope I’m wrong on this, as Bargnani has done nothing to even deserve a roster spot.  I’m a little surprised that he’s even still here, but once you think about what his value around the league must be (a center who shoots low percentages and doesn’t rebound or play hard), I’m almost thinking Colangelo can’t even find a buyer for him.  Speculation on my part, but that’s the only reason I can see Bargnani still being on the roster.  The Raptors are trading Ed Davis right at the point in his career where he’s starting to show that he can be a valuable NBA player, and honestly, nobody can say with any sort of confidence where he’s going to end up on the spectrum.  All I know is that he’s actually developed according to plan and is putting up numbers.  Looking at his recent poor defensive play is missing, projecting it into the future, and citing it as a reason for possibly letting him go is foolish.

I’m not going to heavily regurgitate the “Colangelo trying to save his job” angle because that’s too obvious.  What I do know is that this is GM hackery and he’s entirely flying by the seat of his pants and gambling at every turn.  He’s failed every time but the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days, and I’m hoping this gamble, unlike every other, works.  To me, there was no reason to disrupt the course we were on (get draft picks, develop draft picks), but that requires patience.  Sometimes, when your NBA reputation is on the line, one’s job security takes precedence over what the proper direction of a franchise should be, especially when your tendency is to gamble rather than plan (but hey, at least he didn’t give up a first-round pick!).

Welcome, Rudy Gay.  I hope you surprise us all.  At the end of the day, we all knew Calderon was a goner, so this essentially boils down to Ed Davis for Rudy Gay, thus clearing the long-standing logjam at PF.  Two years ago, that would’ve been an awesome deal for the Raptors, the question is whether it is now.  I also hope that this is not the end of the wheeling and dealing.

One final thing.  Jose Calderon was the most  professional Raptor of all time and I know fans, including myself, have a tremendous amount of respect for him.  I hope that he doesn’t end up with the Pistons, because he deserves better.  I sincerely hope that he lands on a contender so the league can properly appreciate what kind of player he is.   In my opinion, he’s been severely underrated by the league, and generally overrated by the Raptors.  It doesn’t stop him, in my eyes, for having his jersey retired at the ACC.

Sam Holako reaction:
The Raptors finally bring in an overpriced player who’s STILL in his prime; unprecedented! Losing Calderon is like losing a solid goaltender in hockey, you won’t know how much you appreciate him till he’s gone. We can only hope that Lowry’s learned enough from Jose to keep the ship steady in his wake.

An underrated PR possibility with landing Haddadi is that Toronto has the 2nd largest Iranian population outside of Iran: Iranian Heritage night will net them an easy 10,000 units sold of his jersey once a year until his contract runs out; that’s about the only value he brings to the table. He wont be replacing Ed Davis who I’m willing to go on the record as saying that Colangelo sold at his peak value. I’m fully onboard with this deal; hopefully Stern engineers a lottery day coup that brings Wiggins home in true conspiracy form.

Blake Murphy reaction:
Jose Calderon is perhaps my favorite basketball player of all time. I am aware this is kind of irrational and doesn’t make a tonne of sense. Neither did naming my dog after him (Jose). This is the biggest take-away from this deal for me, and I’ll miss his emotion, effort, professionalism, ball-sharing and three-point signal a great deal. He is the best Toronto Raptor of all-time when you consider only time spent with the Raptors, unless you’re ready to forgive Vince Carter.

The second thing I take from this is that the board just extended Colangelo’s contract. I shouldn’t use a trade as a referendum on a general manager, but by approving this trade and taking on long-term salary, there is no message to receive other than “we believe in your ability to build this team over the next few years.” Vetoing the deal at the board level would have been an obvious “axe” to Colangelo’s tenure, and this does the opposite.

As for on the floor, Gay is a curious fit next to DeMar DeRozan, and the Raptors have not improved their floor spacing at all. However, Gay and Lowry are BFFs and have experience playing together, which could prove synergistic for both parties. DeRozan may get lost at times in the offense, but he does that of his own accord anyway. I would hope Gay will play a small-four more than he did in Memphis, as the front-court is now woefully thin and the wing rotation deep (I’m very high on a Lowry-DD-Ross-Gay-Amir lineup). I’m going to withhold judgment on the on-floor impact because this move is about next year and beyond, not the rest of this season; more moves are to come.

And finally, in terms of value, I don’t think Gay is a max contract player. I do think the Raptors probably would have been better off with Prince (if Detroit was willing to deal him in-conference), Davis, flexibility and whatever would come from dealing Bargnani, who may or may not be back in the long-term plans now. The trade is not a “win” in any traditional sense, nor is Gay a bargain despite this being a buy-low. At the same time, you can’t fault the logic that the team got the best player in the deal, and that’s important for a team that finds mid-level talent well but has struggled to bring in above-average players.

Garrett’s reaction:
If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’m going to leave all particulars of this trade to my fellow writers, and instead offer my thanks, and a fond farewell, to the greatest Raptors point guard of all time (apologies to Damon and Alvin). Assuming he doesn’t find his way back into town after his current deal expires, José Calderon will leave town the franchises’ all time leader in assists, second in games played, fifth in points and steals, and with the Raptors’ only major individual NBA record (for his incredible .981 free throw percentage in the 2008-2009 season).

But what José brought to the Raptors franchise goes far beyond numbers. José is an old-school basketball player in every sense of the word – enduring losing season after losing season, ugly rebuilding effort after ugly rebuilding effort, and attempted position usurping after attempted position usurping. Through it all, though, he never wavered or publicly complained, and instead brought his lunch pail to work and quietly led the team year after year: a spanish rock in a sea of turmoil. He outlasted T.J. Ford, Roko Ukic, and Jarrett Jack, and though he won’t outlast Kyle Lowry, don’t let all of this Rudy Gay hoopla distract you from what it is the Raptors are really losing: the team’s unsung hero, the consumate pro, and a hugely important part of this franchise’s history.

Adios, José. You’ll always have a fan in me.

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  • The Grey Nathan

    Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine
    ESPN sources say Pistons poised to send both Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Grizzlies to acquire Jose Calderon as part of Rudy Gay deal

    • linden9

      Pick and roll game just picked up in motown

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Yes, Jose will be solid as a BACK UP in Detriot and should mesh well with their roster.

        • Slap Dog Hoops

          He’s not backing up nobody.  Jose is going to start because for the first time since Joe Dumars foolishly let go of Chauncey Billups, the Pistons FINALLY have a legit PG.  Brando knight will most likely be shifted to the 2 and Kyle Singller will slip in natrually in the three.  

          • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Time will tell.

      • FAQ

        Now trade Bargs to Detroit for Jose… ya think??!!!

        • Ngubriyen

           Yup but no one really wants Bargs

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Get Jose the f*&^ outta town never have I seen a pg that doesn’t have at least a .500 record as a starter so revered over the pr spin professionalism.smdh

      Jose is the perfect starting pg for an annual lottery team.

      Ed being moved means lazy half ass Bargnani aka No Star is most likely staying  for the season (and beyond?) as BC will want to see him play with Gay and try to extend his 13 games.

      Still means no playoffs and 30-33 wins this season.

      I swear if BC doesn’t trade AB I will go follow the Sonics as soon as they return.

      Memphis still comes out on top as they get a super SF defender with championship pedigree in TPrince (KD defender) to replace Gay plus youngster SF ADaye as well as Ed to back up Zach Randolph.

      #FireBC #FireCasey #FireGheradini #FireStefanski #FireKelly #TradeBargnani #AmnestyKleiza #TradeJose (*done) 

      • Sig

        “I swear if BC doesn’t trade AB I will go follow the Sonics as soon as they return. ”


        • Amigo

           Just GTFO

          • Sig


            • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

              I have fans aka stans…lmfao

            • Amigo

               I m jocking, bro

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        BC over pays for SF Fields in off season, dratfs SF TRoss and trades for SF Gay now SF Fields will sit his 19 million on the bench and SF TRoss will sit too slowing his development…Wow…..

        Jack & Matt making Fields, AA, TRoss, Gay all PFs in small ball….lmfao

        • EmarErozan

          It’s the “Wings ‘n Things” lineup. You will love it. Trust BC. He knows what you love.

        • Scottbbaird

          It doesn’t look like Ross is going to be a SF…

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        With the addition of Gay the Raptors still have no former  nor current NBA All Stars on their roster…wow…

        • Jay Semilla

          The Raptors are not the only team without an All Star. Not every All Star can carry a team to the Finals.

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        You’re a fucking hating troll that knows absolutely nothing what he’s talking about.  I am not even going to argue with u.  It will just spurs you on like a little bratty kid looking for attention.  you’re fucking PATHETIC

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Let you tell it, buddy……

      • TORaps

        “I swear if BC doesn’t trade AB I will go follow the Sonics as soon as they return. ”

        Would be funny if Bargnani got traded to them. LOL

    • FAQ

      It’s only a “trade in principle”… and could break down if the dominoes don’t fall properly.

    • Jamshid


      DD =  9.5
      AB =  11 
      Amir = 6.5
      Fileds = 6.25
      Kleiza = 4.6
      Lowry = 6.2
      J.V = 3.5
      Gray = 2.7
      Ross = 2.7
      Lucas = 1.6
      Gay = 17.9
      Acy = 0.8

      Total =  73.25  and  12 Players !!! 
      the number will go higher the year after because Lowry is not going to be happy with 6.2 …
      Is this a winner ? 🙂 🙂

      BC did his final act of insanity in toronto and handicapped the team for years to come.
      By the way, we gave up a 2nd round pick again.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Hamad Haddid >> POB, Solomon

      He might be a nice roster addition as a 3rd string center.

      • The Truth

         I dunno from what they were saying last night I don’t think he can even enter Canada lol. Think he is getting waived before he even arrives.

    • raptorspoo

      Ok.. now all we have to do it trade DD, AB & BC for Sam Presti

      Holy poo! if we could only pull that off then we’re well on our way~

  • robertparrish00

    Best of luck Calderon….don’t forget about us in the summer!  End of an era. Sucks bad to see ED go.

  • Chris

    I really hope this is the right move…I hate losing Davis.
    I also really hope BC can turn Bargs into something else.
    This move alone doesn’t get us into the playoffs. Doesn’t make sense.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC is keeping AB- just wait and see…..

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Most likely.

  • Dabosskwasia

    wow Toronto actually has a legit SF im shocked

  • Justinlane03

    Let the circus begin

    • Theswirsky

      it began 7 years ago

  • BoshRawr

    Hello Haddadi!

    • Ahmed

      Allahu akbar

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        Yes “God is great!!” Finally Toronto has a respectable lineup.  

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Keep on lowering the bar…..

  • hateslosing

    I will say this: if Bargs comes back shooting relatively well, we have a scary offensive line up.


    With Anderson and Ross off the bench. Plus there is still Jonas.

    • Joshua and Sheldon

       WE HAVE JL3 as BACKUP

      • alboy

         We had Fields/Pietrus as starting SF …

        • Joshua and Sheldon

          sheldon believes that kleiza shud have been traded and pietrus is only kpet on the team cuz hes darker than the civil war

    • downtown

      I would re-phrase it to this: improvement to exclusively shooting offense – no penetration to basket and no work on offensive boards. On the other hand, defensively, that unit is as good as non existent. 

      • hateslosing

         Gay is a good defender and Lowry is pretty good at getting to the rim. I think this line up is much more balanced than what we used before. Bargs needs to go but he’s at least passable for now. 

    • Spendamoneyquick

      Bargs? Amir? gtfo although I agree with the rest of the lineup. Those two need to be traded asap. T.Ross will end up playing high level basketball in a year or two and derozan might be the target of yet another trade; it will most likely be him and barg on one end of a deal. I have faith that JV can step up as the pf we need so what we need to invest in is a solid centre at the least.

  • Hue

     Can’t wait for people to eat their words. This is a good trade, Ed and Calderon were both at highest value. Gay will be a solid contributor here and I expect BC to make another move or 2.

    • Sig

       Fully agree. We really sold high with Ed thanks to that Bargnani injury.

      • Dan

         Raps now need a back up pg. It will suck seeing Calderon help a team who is competing with Toronto for that final playoff spot. He will be a better pg to play with Monroe and Drummond.

        • mountio

          dont need a backup PG .. JL3 is totally fine as a backup (which is what he is) .. if there is one thing I like about this trade its that we are finally going for elite starters and not caring about good backups (which you shouldnt)

          • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Need a solid back up ASAP.

            Lowry is very injury prone….

            JLIII is nice but I don’t trust his consistencyas the primary back up pg.

      • The Truth

         Yay…we sold Ed high so we get to keep Bargs low low low.  😉

    • WhiteVegas

      If we had done this trade before the season started, everyone on these message boards would be jizzing in their pants. Ed had relatively little value before the season, and Jose was the aging PG we couldn’t wait to replace (with Nash or Lowry).

      Ed plays a few good games, Jose takes us on a mini winning streak, and all of a sudden everyone gets so damn attached. This trade was a MOTHERFUCKING STEAL for the Raptors!

      We got an All Star SF, our greatest position of need, for our pre-season backup PG and 3rd string PF. That’s the reality of it. This new CBA is finally paying off for the Raptors, as it forced Memphis to basically bend over a barrel for us, and take what we’d give em.

      • Dan

         Not quite an all star. I agree selling high on ed is a gamble. If Rudy improves his stats to what they were before Randolf and Gasol moved up the ranks it will look better. It’s the money he makes and the fact that he is not much of a shooter either that worries me. Ed could keep getting better and become a solid double double guy.

        • WhiteVegas

          Solid double double guys are a dime a dozen. Plus we got another one still on the team in Amir.

          In 2011 before he got hurt Gay was averaging 19.8 points and 6.2 rebounds in his fifth NBA season while posting career highs in assists (2.8), steals (1.69), blocks (1.07), field goal percentage (.471), three-point field goal percentage (.396), free throw percentage (.805) and minutes (39.9, 3rd in the NBA).

          Then Memphis shifted over to focus on ZBo and Gasol and the rest is history. I expect we will be getting the 2011 Rudy Gay as the focus will be all on him in Toronto, and he will be reunited with his best friend Lowry.

        • Hound

          I know everyone here will disagree, but the lineup should be KL, TR, RG, AB, JV. This would leave AB and TR as the shooters spacing the floor and opening up the lane for RG and KL. JL3, DD, LF, AA, AJ can come off the bench. This provides good scoring from both groups. The second unit would be even better if LF or DD could be more reliable from the 3.

          I am not selling AB low right now as I think he can certainly be valuable now with this lineup. He will absolutely see more open looks playing with Gay be double teamed.

      • monocled_gentleman_scholar

        Exactly. Calderon will never be this valuable again. And Davis might be good, but everyone would agree he will never give you as much value as Gay at his position. This is called getting max value. 

      • Thornbury

        He’s not an all-star.

    • Callmeandrew2012

      “Solid Contributor???” , you are talking about Rudy Gay, right? Cool-aid anyone??
      You lose a low-turnover PG and an upcoming big man for an over-priced, injury-prone whiner and some other ‘dudes’ and you call this a good trade??
      “at highest value”??? Really?? Gay is not? Are we getting him for 5 mil a year?? Let me check while you shoot some pool with Primo Pasta boy … OH NO! Look at that price tag! It’s in dollars …

      • Lucas

        It’s not about the dollar figure, it’s about getting talent, even if it’s overpriced. How many high-levels, borderline all-stars have been willing to sign here as free agents, even when Bosh was here? None. Zero.

        Teams don’t usually give up talent of that caliber or higher. Sometimes they do, but because we haven’t had a lot of talent to give up, our odds of landing such players have been very low (and obviously haven’t panned out until now).

        So this isn’t about the dollar figures. This is about getting above average talent, which we had not been able to do outside the draft for ages. The new CBA has granted us that possibility now.

        Again, look at it this way: before the season, if we asked any Raptors fan if they’d trade their aging, expiring, backup PG and a barely mediocre 3rd year player for a borderline all-star at the SF spot, they respond with a delirious “YES!”

        So the point made by WhiteVegas, quite correctly, is that this season was going about as well as it possibly could for Jose and Ed, and thus they were given up when their perceived on-court value was at it’s highest. Plus, Gay’s on-court value is as low as it’s ever been. Those facts, combined with the new CBA, means the Raptors are getting the better out of this deal.

        Having said that, this IS still a gamble, but given that Gay is better than any free agent I’ve ever seen we sign, I think it was worth the gamble.

      • Nilanka15

        Calderon was never coming back here.  Getting anything for his expiring contract is a win for the Raptors.

        • Hound

          Exactly! This trade is Ed Davis for Rudy Gay. Forget about the money, we got the better player in the trade. We won the trade. We just need to do this one more time and then stay healthy. We could actually be a playoff team in 2015.

          GO RAPS

          • Ihatehaters

            You’re exactly right. In a league with a salary cap, trading an expiring contract and a guy who got 10 pts, 7 bds in 24 MPG for a max contract ($17MM) with 17 pts and 6 bds is a GREAT deal.

    • Slap Dog Hoops

      Agreed..  This is probably the best move that Colangelo has ever done as Raptors GM.  IDK if he will make any other moves, however.   I could have sworn Andrea Bargnarni would have been added.  I’m glad he has not.   

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

        Yeah, because Bargnani still has potential…….13 games….


    Sorry to see both players go. Jose was an important part of the past, Davis looked like a bright part of the future. Maybe this is the beginning of a total rebuild? Hope we can get someone better than Lucas to back up Lowry.

  • voy

    sorry to see calderon and ed go but the deal is alot better than some of the rumours that were being floated around. i think memphis may have been floating some trade scenarios in order to juice the offers coming back. 

    i still wouldn’t do this deal if it was up to me, primarily cuz of gay’s salary, but if I was a grizz fan I would be pissed.  I guess the plan for them is to burn this year and hope you land a big time free agent next year.

    • WhiteVegas

      The Griz are gonna get Maggette or Prince to replace Gay. There won’t be that much of a fall off, especially since Gay wasn’t really gelling with the team this year relative to years past.

      • voy

        i’m thinking more there is at least the potential for gay to contribute in the playoffs.  maggette isn’t going to do anything for the grizz. if it was just between jose and maggette I’d keep jc and have his contract come off the books next year or try and sign him for 5 or 6 mill. 

        even if they get t.price, there doesn’t seem to be the creativity at the 2 and 3 spot for the grizz to realistically compete for the title, in my opinion.

        • WhiteVegas

          They got Prince. The guy won an NBA Title. They will be fine.

        • sleepz

          The only thing I will throw in is remember that when Memphis went on their run in the playoffs it was 2011 the year Gay was out and the pounded the ball with ZR and Gasol and it was effective. Laste year with Gay in the playoffs LAC kocked them off in the 1st round. They just need a shooter at the 3.

          They might be looking at it like addition by subtraction especially considering the salary committment with Rudys contract.

          • voy

            true. but zbo and gasol were playing out of their minds during that run.  I dont know if you can expect them to go for 22/11 and 15/11 again . 

            • sleepz

              They won’t need it. Prince and Davis will be good additions for them. Conley is improving.

              • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

                Plus they have Tony Wroten Jr….

                • Kk

                  Wroten has talent, but the guy is a HORRIBLE shooter (check out his last few college games). He’ll contribute in a few years, but not this year

  • StandUpComedian


    • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      • Andrew2012


        • Sig


  • Guest

    Colangelo can suck my dick I would be done with this team but im too much of a diehard

  • sleepz

    Colangelo has officially surpassed Babcock as the worst GM in the history of the Raps.

    He has secured that title hands down now.

    • Theswirsky

      that title was secured a while ago.  Only difference is he sells himself much better

      • sleepz

        I was trying to be objective but in reality I know it’s true.

        His idiocy knows no bounds and his ego is made of arrogance.

    • WhiteVegas

      You guys are nuts. We just got an All Star SF for pre-season spare parts.

      • RaptorFan

        I dont want to rain on your parade…BUT please stop calling Gay an all-star until he actually makes an all-star team!


        • WhiteVegas

          All Star caliber. Happy? Raptors fans are the most negative bunch of fucking whiners I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I can’t even read Raptors HQ anymore it’s gotten so damn bad. I’m glad there are at least a few sane no whiners over here at Raptors Republic.

          • Nate

            THANK YOU. Swear to God the Raps would need to land Lebron and Kobe for expiring contracts and Aaron Gray to please the morons that troll this site.

            • DumbassKicker


            • Destro

              Read up on the term luxury tax…

          • DumbassKicker


          • cdashq

            trust me. this guys have no clue what they are talking about. This is a great trade. Sure its sad to see Ed leave because he was playing great and Jose as well but as you said their value was as high as it has ever been. We just landed RUDY GAY!! BC deserves praise and these morons always see the glass half empty. All we need now is for Bargs to come back, drop a couple 25-30 point games and get his ass traded for a starting calibre PF and a back up PG. Too bad Utah has so many bigs and wouldn’t take him. I’d do an Earl Watson and Paul Milsap for Bargs and call it a playoff team.

            • Hound

              Bargs to Lakers for Earl Clark and 2nd rounder.

          • Ihatehaters

            Yes. All Star Caliber. Like the Raps are NBA-Champion Caliber.

      • Thornbury

        Again, never been an all-star.
        Hopefully he WILL be. But not an all-star

        • WhiteVegas

          C’mon. Now you’re whining about semantics. Whine whine whine whine whine. That’s all you do.

          All Star Caliber. If Deng was an All Star in the East last year then Gay will easily be one next year.

          • Destro

            What kind of logic is that ?

          • Ihatehaters

            I don’t think you know what semantics means.

          • Ihatehaters

            And, if Gay is an All Star next year, then Derozan will easily be MVP the year after.

  • The Grey Nathan
    We lose 6 wins. Rats!

    Not sure what to think overall. Gay is probably better than anyone we could have signed in free agency. But I guess you never know.

    • Dan

       Hollinger ho created the win loss results of the trade machine now works in the Grizz office. Sadly it’s probably not a coincidence that memphis comes out on top. Based on what we know of BC that he gets the worst of this trade. Lets hope Lowry breaks out now.

      • WhiteVegas

        What was Gay’s PER last year, and the year before that?

        I’ll tell you. 17.8 and 17.8, well above average. He scores very well on Mr. Hollinger’s system. This season is an abberation so far, and will be corrected once he gets to TDot.

        BC raped them in this trade. He finally did it, all thanks to the new CBA.

        • Dan


          lets hope gay does this for toronto instead of against them.

          The problem is guys who make his money usually have a per in the 20’s.
          They weren’t even winning 30 games this year so it’s worth taking a shot. Maybe this will get Lowry going again.

          • Sir Likzolaut

            Did  you notice Bargs saunter off with a look of non-chalance after just losing buzzer-beater? Time to trade him for a back-up pg and 1rst round pick.

            • Moke

              “Time to trade him for a back-up pg and 1rst round pick.”


      • Hound

        Take Calderon out of the numbers please. He would not be helping us the next two years anyway, but Rudy Gay will be.

  • this is a good trade we didn’t have to give up Terrence Ross or Jonas , plus ed davis would have never become an all star anyways 

    • Ihatehaters

      How about “All Star Caliber”?

  • 511

    As a day-one Raptors fan, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit sad to see Jose Calderon go. 

    Ed too. 

    I’ll follow them both … and even cheer for them now and again. 

    That said, the king is dead, long live the king. 

    Go Rudy. 

    Go Raps. 

    • CJT

      Thank you to Jose for all his years of effort and professionalism.  I am sad to see him go.  I hope that as Raps fans we will cheer Rudy Gay regardless of how you feel about the trade and give Jose and Ed a warm reception when they come back to the ACC.

  • Ale

    A toast to Calderon, one of the classiest and professional players to wear a raptors uniform 

    • Punit Lad

      hear hear

    • canuck_eh

      No doubt. Shame to see him go. Would be nice to snag him back this summer…

    • pogi

      I’d been waiting for a long time for Calderon to go for so many years, we lost close games because of his poor defense.

  • psrs1

    BC another bold move that likely will not pan out.  This move says to me that BC is staying.

    • Mchappy52

      I think it means third year option.

  • Mopola

    Man… It’s so sad to read all that tweets about Jose and Davis saying good bye to team and leaving locker room…

  • Saints91

    I’m happy with this deal.  I will really miss Calderon, but I think we are selling high.  Ed will be a serviceable player in the future, but no where near Gay’s talent level.  I think it would have been nice to move Bargs in this deal and keep a prototypical PF.  Hopefully we aren’t done dealing.  I would like Ross to start with Gay, and have Demar come in as a sixth man.  

    • Dan

       On the plus side ED will have a to play behind an all star and Gasol so he won’t get a chance right away to blow up and make BC regret it. Jose on the other hand can really help Monroe and Drummond shine. 

  • guest

    There is a lot of salary coming in with this, maybe MLSE won’t allow it.

    • The Truth

       Seems unlikely, the call with the league office is at 7 PM supposedly. There is no way it would have gotten that far if they had the shackles on.

  • Jay Semilla

    Gay-Ross is a promising tandem,
    DeRozan is the next to go?

  • WhiteVegas


    1. We didn’t give up any picks! Hooray!
    2. All we traded was our backup PG and our third string PF. That’s what they were before injuries to Bargs and Jonas.
    3. We got back an All Star SF who is only 26, basically just entering his prime.
    4. Gay is the best player on the Raps since Bosh left.
    5. We still have Bargs and Demar as guys with value we can trade to change the roster around. Demar to ATL for Josh Smith?!?!? They desperately need a SG, and are probably gonna lose Smith anyways. I’m getting ahead of myself though.

    Huge Huge Huge win for the Raptors. The only downside is Gay is overpaid, but so is everyone on the Raptors, deal with it bitches!

    • Jay Semilla

      “The Raptors also sent forward Ed Davis and a second-round pick to the Grizzlies.”

      • WhiteVegas

        Eh, we got second round picks to spare. When I said picks I was referring to 1st round picks, no one cares about second rounders, especially the second rounders of playoff teams!

    • truth be told

      1. You can’t trade consecutive year 1st round picks.
      2. Calderon was the starting pg and davis was the starting pf.
      3. Gay has never been an all-star
      4. Maybe he is. Is he better than Bosh? In Bosh’s last season Raps were still a lottery team
      5. I’m not a GM but I don’t think Ferry is dying to trade J. Smith for Demar, but I didn’t think the Raps would ever trade for Gay so I could be mistaken. 

      • WhiteVegas

        1. They could have traded their 2015 lotto protected pick, which would shift out a year if we lost our pick to OKC in 2014. You can define which year the pick becomes available, so we very easily still could have traded a 1st round pick.

        2. Reading comprehension. They were 2nd and 3rd string “before injuries to Bargs and Jonas.” Forgot to add injury to Lowry. They both got their starters gigs due to a slew of injuries. That’s a fact.

        3. Gay was putting up All Star numbers in 2011 before he got hurt. I’m using the term All Star to define a player that plays at All Star level. I would say the same thing about Josh Smith, even though he never made an All Star game. Sorry if that bugs you, but tough shit. Replace All Star with Top Tier or Elite if that helps.

        4. He may or may not be better than Bosh, but he certainly fills a huge need for the team. We are a whole lot closer to the playoffs today than we were yesterday.

        5. I’m probably just dreaming. Josh Smith could get a better return than Demar. A boy can dream though can’t he?

    • Adriiian

      Our backup PG was Lowry, you clown. Jose has been starting every game.
      Jose is not a back-up PG. I’m sad to see him go. 
      Time will tell what happens with this deal.

      • Dabosskwasia

        hahahah at Dribbles fanboys like you ……….dribbles was the back up pg he was just being showcased and wala it worked we have Gay Bit*hes  0.o

      • WhiteVegas

        Talk about clowns. Lowry started 15 games before getting hurt and didn’t get the starters gig back when he returned because we were showcasing Calderon to set up a blockbuster trade.

        • Adriiian

          Are you serious? He didn’t get it back because he was playing like crap, and Jose was making this team win. Are you kidding me? 

    • Big fan

      Stop kidding around! Toronto fans got F***D!! If Rudy Gay was any good, they would have kept him! JC is a solid PG (underrated however) and you can see the plus/minus with him on and off the court. ED just started developing and already looked better than BC’s favorite choir boy who shall not be named but has played 13 games (only 13) in his whole career.
      And Toronto is paying a lot for an average (not elite or all-star) player who has numbers very similar to DD who gets paid half and is 3 years younger.
      God damn it … the fans lost …

      • Amigo

        ” Rudy Gay an average player ” , yes Sir.

      • WhiteVegas

        How is 20 and 7 similar to DD? Look at Gay’s career, not just this season so far. I expect he’ll be back up to 20 and 7 by the end of the season once he blows up on the Raps. 
        Gay should be an easy All Star in the East next year. He’d go over guys like Deng, Iggy (in the west now), and possible Paul Pierce.

        • Thornbury

          Wow, you really are sorta gay for Rudy Gay.

          • WhiteVegas

            I’m just a big fan of the Raptors and enjoy the fact they are getting better. I’m sorry that puts your panties in a bunch.

            • sleepz

              Amazing how you know they are getting better?

              BC loves fans like you.

      • Sig

         Do some research. Do you even know why there were looking to trade Gay so badly?

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Raptors traded away a 2013 2nd round pick…..Gay has never been an all star…

      • WhiteVegas

        I addressed this all over the comments section but I’ll do it for you too since you are possibly the most insufferable person on these forums.
        By not trading a pick I was referring to first round picks. Who gives a shit about 2nd round picks? Would you like this trade better if the Raps got the Griz 2nd round pick, or would it not make a difference? I’m guessing no fucking difference. No one cares about 2nd round picks, especially 2nd round picks of playoff teams. Oh no, we’re not gonna get another random scrub to stash in Europe this year, wahh wahh wahh, keep crying.

        Gay has been playing at an All Star level most of his career. If he played in the East last year he would have gone over Deng. Next year he will go for sure. After Lebron and Carmelo he is the next best SF in the East. That’s why I refer to him as an All Star. No one else on our team since Bosh even comes close. I really hope this trade turned you off the Raptors so much you start rooting (rooting against? Hard to tell with you.) for a different team.

  • Saints91

    When it comes down to it, we don’t have the ability to attract free agents of Rudy’s quality.  The draft is unpredictable, plus we have no clue when we would actually have our first rounder to use.  We gave up some good players, but overall this deal is a big win for Toronto.  I love this trade!

  • alboy

    This is a very good deal for the Raps (sorry for my English) :  Davis is a good young bench player but he will never be as good as Gay , Calderon is on a expiring contract , the second round pic is not a huge loss . The Raps needed terribly a good SF and that’s what Gay is . With the loss of Calderon we’ll also see how good Lowry is (although I preferred Jose over him) , now he’s the starting PG and he should show us what’s worth . He’s also a good friend of Gay .
    Now the Raps have many wings and I expect BC to trade some of them maybe for a backup PG (I don’t like JL3) and that would make the Rudy Gay trade perfect (I expect Kleiza to be traded but you should put other players in the package to make it a little interesting and I can’t think of anything).
    The other part of this trade is all on Casey : he has to make this work . I don’t like his rotations at all , but with the addition of Gay he now has a lot of possibilities instead of playing a lot of time with non-offensive players like Gray , Acy , Fields etc . I would like to see something similar to Miami’s rotations where at turn one of the big 3’s stays in the court with the subs (usually is Lebron + subs or Wade+Bosh+Subs) and that could be possible with a lot of raps guy capable of shooting the ball . I know that many of them don’t have great shooting percentages (some of them in truth sucks) but it’s Casey’s job to help them with their game . I would rather have Gay/Lowry/Bargs missing shoots than Alan Anderson , although I like the guy ; but here is Casey that has to help this guys and make them comfortable (for example no more Bargs all time at the 3 point line please to open spaces for no one , he should stay in the zone like last year) .
    The last part is all on the players themselves : Bargs have to prove he is better than Ed (which he is IMHO) and that it was not his loss that made the team play better but a change in mentality and/or rotations , Lowry needs to prove he can become a good starting PG and not only a stat guy , Gay needs to prove he can be a #1 option in a PO team (he should take the raps in the po) and that Memphis did wrong to trade him , DeRozan needs to prove he deserves the money he gets and so on …
    I’m happy with this deal although I liked both Calderon and Ed .

  • saskrapsfan

    Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.  I’m not buying into the Rudy Gay hype. We traded a steady handed PG and our leading rebounder and a pick for a 17 and 6 guy. So, 20 pts 10  rbs basically go out and 17 and 6 come back with a big contract. We certainly got a decent player, but we certainly didn’t bend anyone over. 

  • Amigo

    Space da Floor Baby, Here we come with our drives ! DD AB RG LK ! 

  • WhiteVegas

    Arsenalist, you negative nancy you. Time to eviscerate your points from above.

    “I’m almost thinking Colangelo can’t even find a buyer for him. Speculation on my part, but that’s the only reason I can see Bargnani still being on the roster.”
    How about the fact that he is injured? Who wants to trade midseason for an injured guy? GS did for Bogut, but that’s the only one I can think of. Bogut was an All Star though. Bargs has value, but only when he can play.

    “To me, there was no reason to disrupt the course we were on (get draft picks, develop draft picks), but that requires patience.”
    The course we were on sucks asshole, and only leads to middling teams that miss the playoffs year in and year out. We’re not gonna draft the next Kevin Durant, the odds are so freaking low it’s like, shocker, playing the lottery. It’s not a reasonable path to keep playing the lottery to try and get rich, it’s much smarter to invest in proven commodities.

    “Two years ago, that would’ve been an awesome deal for the Raptors, the question is whether it is now.”
    You are absolutely right that two years ago this would have been an awesome deal, and 2 years ago there is no way in fucking hell Memphis would have done this deal. It took a perfect storm of the new CBA, combined with Ed Davis playing strong with starters minutes, combined with Jose being on an expiring contract to make this deal happen.

    You should be rejoicing and jumping up and down, not bellyaching and whining. We finally have what looks like a playoff team, and a 26 year old All Star caliber SF to anchor it all.

    • Angeliis5000

      Will Ed Davis ever be better/equal to Chris bosh? No?
      Then why the fuss? Great deal!
      Now move bargs !!!

    • Jimi

      We have what looks like an eight that loses 4-0 in the first round. AKA the worst position a franchise can be in.

      • WhiteVegas

        That’s just this year. How about next year when Jonas starts to blossom into an every night 15 and 10 guy? We got a 26 year old All Star caliber SF. That’s step one to become a perennial 4-5 seed (realistic Raps fan here).

        • Jimi

          We got player who is paid max money, but doesn’t produce at that level. We gave up two assets (an expiring contract and a productive big on a rookie scale contract  [plus a second round pick]). All things considered, the franchise is worse off after this trade. 

          • WhiteVegas

            Gay will put up 20 and 7 here. He is getting overpaid, sure, but that’s the whole reason he was available in the first place. A little critical thinking would go a long way around here.
            We utilized an asset before it disappeared by trading Calderon before he expired and left. We also gave up Ed, a solid but nothing special PF. In return we got an All Star caliber SF. All things considered, this franchise is way way way better off after this trade. Deng was an All Star in the East last year and I think Gay is better than Deng.

            • Amigo


            • RaptorFan

              Im not saying Gay is a bad defender..BUT i know that Deng is a really good defender. Its not always about offence. Gay is a very solid SF over his career so im trying to stay positive.

              Funny thing is a lot of fans doubted ED before he really got a chance to show his Talent.

              Some fans (even myself at times) questioned if Jose was good enough


              JOSE & ED (cornerstone of the deal) combined to get us Rudy Gay

              Sometimes you have to give up talent to get talent!

              NUFF RESPECT to both Jose & Ed…..Bring on Rudy

              Best wishes to ALL 3 in the future!

    • cdub

      Great post.  Just a bunch of total whining you are correct.  Clearly Colangelo has already been extended or is going to be extended, because obviously the board approved this whole deal, to trade for who is now the best player on the raptors…and for what ….a player that was leaving anyway (Calederon), value at an all time high?  An emerging and efficient Ed Davis, also value at an all time high, and at a position the raptors are log jammed at…sounds like a pretty great deal to me.  I mean this team is terrible.  This isn’t a panic move Arse this is called getting some talent on this team….Gay fills a massive need.  I can tell you Memphis fans don’t seem too pleased to be losing Gay that is for sure. The raps didn’t trade Ross, that was smart as he can already shoot and defend better than DeRozan.  So now the raps have some time to see how gay fits with derozan and lowry and probably bargs as well and if things aren’t working out then bargs or derozan are next on the block.  For once I think Colangelo knows what hes doing.

  • phez

    cant believe you guys labelling jose as our “backup pg”
    you all fully well know jose helped to bring this team out of the rut
    and dare i say, hes playing at lowry’s level, if not better

    what the hell are we supposed to do about pg now anyways
    lowry start and lucas(!) as backup pg … what happens when lowry sits out with spasms, or even another injury?
    what a ridiculous trade

  • Sir Liggzaulotte

    What’s Rudy like attitude-wise?

  • j bean

    The proof is in the pudding so lets see if this move results in a bump in the win%. 

  • LBJ23
  • Jay Semilla

    l thought you guys are tired of Euros? Now you got 2 almost All-Stars in Lowry and RG and you’re still not satisfied?
    Now, if BC can get rid of Bargs and trade DeRozan,.. 

  • mike, prague

    I feel sick … man where will toronto be without calderon … Ill miss you Davis!!!

  • Sir Liggseggsundpiggles

    Why does Memphis want Ed so much? They already have Gasol and Zebo. Why wouldn’t they target Derozan instead? After all, they’re giving up Rudy Gay, who plays the same position.

    I’ll tell you why! Because BC wouldn’t part with Derozan. You see.. Brian still thinks that Demar is an all-star waiting to happen. He actually believes that DD has a higher ceiling than ED. That’s Brian’s problem, he is delusional, and has no BBall IQ. 80% of the republic has more insight, and could do his job better, and wouldn’t wear those stupid shirts.

    I don’t mind this trade. It’s a wait and see… kind of thing. I just hope and pray that BC is shopping AB for a quality player and a top 10 pick. Problem is, I think BC still thinks AB is an all-star waiting to happen….

    • alboy

       They want hims so much that they took him to make him play as as sub . Come on , they clearly just wanted to get rid of Gay’s big contract to clean up some cap space

    • The Truth

      It’s not about what they want, but what they could extract from someone willing to take on Gay’s contract. From their point of view they are taking it as addition by subtraction.

    • mountio

      difference between DD and ED is contract .. thats why Memphis wants him .. still cheap this year and next .. plain and simple

    • Amigo

       Why does Memphis want Ed so much ?
      Man, Ed is a Top 10 PF, Boss player, that’s why he ll flex his knee on da memphis bench !

      • Sam Holako

        Dude, top 10 PF? Come on…

    • WhiteVegas

      You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

      Why does Memphis want Ed so much? They already have Gasol and Zebo. Why wouldn’t they target Derozan instead? After all, they’re giving up Rudy Gay, who plays the same position.”Memphis has absolutely no one behind Gasol and ZBo. There are 96 minutes per game at PF and C that must be played. Lat leaves around 30 each for Gasol, ZBo, and Ed. Memphis just seriously beefed up their front line, which is their bread and butter. Ed will fit in perfectly. Remember when Memphis went on a Playoff run, it was when Gay was hurt and they were forced to pound it inside all the time.Memphis didn’t want DeRozan for 2 reasons. First, and this is the big one, Memphis was trying to cut salary. DeRozan makes a lot of salary ($9.5M per year), ipso facto, Memphis was not interested. Second, DeRozan plays predominantly SG, not SF, and Memphis instead got a real SF in Prince (who only averages $7M per year).See, no need for “I’ll tell you why! Because BC…” hysterics. It all makes logical sense from Memphis standpoint. DeRozan was probably never even discussed, just based on salary, not BC man love.

      • Amigo

         Memphis will regret so much to swap R.Gay for Prince/Ed. It’s great for TO that a “nerd statistic journalist” is in charge in Memphis.

        The only player I regret is Calderon, but who knows maybe he has a secret deal with BC and is coming back soon for less $$$$

        • WhiteVegas

          I think Memphis knows they were on the losing end of this trade. The new CBA forced them to take a bad deal, they were just trying to minimize how bad it was gonna be. They got a very s0lid PF/C they can play 30 minutes a night, and a replacement SF who scores and rebounds less, but is still pretty good, has championship experience, and makes a ton less money.

          • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Prince is a championship experienced player plus a top notch defender ie KDurant, plus Mem gets a quality back up for Randolph in EDavis to replace Speights. ADaye is a project.

            Prince is a team player not looking to shine but to grind.

            Mem wanted to cut payroll so they come out ahead as they will be in the playoffs while the Raptors (with Gay) won’t be in 2013.

            • WhiteVegas

              At least we have a shot at the Playoffs this year thanks to the trade. We should be a shoe in for the Playoffs next year with Boston about to explode.

              • rapturd

                Unless there are more trades in the works this team,( though with some talented pieces) is not a team yet. We have a pg that doesn’t share the ball in the fourth, 2 wings that can’t shoot the 3, and a pf who doesn’t rebound and is our best 3 point shooter…we need another trade before we start dreaming playoffs

  • nba_socrates

    Im baaackkk!! Still want Andre Drummond, I remember all you soo called expert ripping me to shreds when i said it was a lost opportunity not to draft him. Im here waiting for apologies

    • chrisbem1

      How would Drummond and JV play together?

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Very well, too bad we will never find out……

        Val & AD now that’s a REAL REBUILD!!

      • nba_socrates

        Play both twin towers, either way we should have drafted him just because he is soo talented, and let the coach have the headache on how to use both

  • chrisbem1

    Think about all of the moves that BC has made as Raptors GM.  He has had such as absolutely abysmal history up to now that luck has to swing back the other way.  Given that BC can dress himself (an assumption on my part), you’d have to assume that in order for luck to even out at this point, RG is going to average 20+ for the next two seasons, fall in love with Toronto and resign for a lot less money, and lead us into the playoffs…..[sigh].

    Thanks JC for all the great seasons.  See you March 29th in Auburn Hills…

    Realistically, I don’t hate this trade. JC was likely gone at the end of the season, so we gave up Ed Davis and a 2nd round pick from next year’s team for RG.  We have two seasons with his salary, at which point we’ll know exactly what we have in DD, TR and JV will be a lot further along, etc. He’s only 26, so we make a decision at that point if we’re making a run, or if we….ahem….blow it up and start again.  

    Worst case scenario?  We suck and two years from now we’ve got nobody on the books with a salary over 10 million, so we have lots of cap space to…oh right.  Well, this has to either work or BC is gone.  

  • Brian

    I am only a Raptors fan because I am a fan of Kyle Lowry. I have followed him since he played in Memphis as a rookie and then became a fan of Houston and now Toronto. This is a great trade for Toronto!!!! You all need to have faith because Rudy Gay is a great great player. Kyle will now be Kyle and we will have Rudy Gay at the 3. I promise this team will be better as will Kyle! 

    • WhiteVegas

      I like the fact Gay is really good friends with Lowry. Players always play better when they’re having fun.

    • FAQ

      Will Gay jell in Toronto…. and will pudgy Lowry step up and be a facilitator instead of a streetballin’ ballhogin’ shoot-first me-me gym rat?

  • Buschfire

    I really like this trade! Fine, yes it is sad to see Ed and Jose go, but we are selling high, I don’t see Ed getting much better than he is now, maybe a 12 & 10 guy, and well Jose is getting old…. Who knows maybe we can resign Jose in the off season since he’ll be a free agent. Also this seems like it will lead to some more shuffling. If not now then definitely this coming off season. Lowry is the godfather to Gay’s kids so they have a good connection off & on the court since they both played together in Memphis.

    Lowry / Lucas
    DeRozan / Ross
    Gay / Fields / Anderson
    Johnson / Bargnani / Acy / Kleiza
    Valanciunas / Gray / Haddadi(waived?)

  • With this move, there must be one more planned by BC. I just can’t live with Lucas running the offense off the bench and Bargs still here

  • Roarque

    All trades are decided by answering the question :  WHO GOT THE BEST PLAYER?

    Forget the money – it’s not important.

    Losing two good team mates is tough but Rudy Gay is the real deal.

    Amir with Bargs is the PF lineup and Kleiza is the third string
    Gay with Fields is the SF lineup and AA is the third string
    DDR with TRoss is the SG lineup and JLIII is the third string
    Jonas with the Iranian is the C lineup with Aaron as the third string
    KL is the PG with JL III as the back up  – Here is the position you need to draft for

    Now, imagine starting 2012/13 season with this line up and tell me you aren’t happy.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Raptors have no 1st round draft pick in 2013 (top 3 protected)- OKC owns it…

      Any Raptors line up with Bargnani in it sucks, any Raptors roster with Bargnani on it sucks- point blank get his half ass outta town ASAP!!

    • WhiteVegas

      We have a great shot at resigning Jose in the offseason. Detroit just wanted his big expiring contract and will move forward with Knight as their PG.

  • Dwyer doesn’t like it for Toronto.–nba.html

    “This is how the NBA’s various interests work. Detroit badly needs a distributor, and despite his many misgivings, Calderon is one of the NBA’s best and he owns an expiring contract that will help the Pistons get far under the salary cap this summer. Memphis saves a huge amount of cash while being able to distribute Gay’s 16.4 shot attempts per game amongst more efficient players, and Toronto … well, we have no idea what the hell Toronto is doing.”

    • cdub

      dwyer doesn’t know anything about basketbasll so it’s probably a good thing

  • vino

    Damn…t all these sentimental comments – Jose this Jose that… retire his jersey at the ACC – forget about him! This was Lowry’s team since the summer and should have been out of Jose’s hands long ago from the club stand point. Davis – yes, he has picked up, but I do not see him as a started on a good team. Besides, Acy could grow into his role. I totally see him providing the same in two years; he may need another PG spoon feeding him but that’s another story.  As for Gay – the common theory says the team that ends up with a better player in any trade is a winner. I go with this one here. His contract? Yeah, its huge. Yes, he is over-paid, but what would Toronto get on a free market? The Raps would have never signed his caliber free agent for less anyways. And just for the record – no we do not need a back up PG. Lucas is just fine.

  • minks77

    Love the deal. Gay is a legit talent with size and closing ability. He’ll put an end to the BS that is our 3 spot and is apparently tight with Lowry. Lowry & Gay is much better than JC & Ed,

    The part I hate is Ed and Jose are my 2 fav Raps this year. Jose I’ve been a huge fan of and hope he ends up somewhere better than Detroit. If he does I hope they give Drummz some real burn. Jose, Moose and Drumz? Sick.

  • knowledgep

    you know there’s more moves to come. We actually have a tried and true starting caliber player. Toronto got the best player in this deal, book it. Don’t know why everyone’s sad to see Jose go, you won’t miss him much after 30 days.

  • Brandon

    Colangelo should have been fired before he could cock-block the team like this.

  • WhiteVegas

    For those not watching the game, Colangelo just said he is not done dealing. 

    This deal for Gay is in no fucking way an endorsement of Bargs, as arse keeps trying to suggest. Ed was dealt because he’s the one Memphis actually wanted. It’s not like they wanted Bargs, and we said no, you can have Ed instead. I would not be surprised at all if Bargs is dealt as well.

  • Nate

    I can’t take the negativity on this site. Bottom line is the best player in the deal landed on the Raptors, and the RAPTORSrepublic (majority, anyway) hate this trade. Ridiculous.

    Ed Davis is in his third season, yes he’s put up some decent numbers this season, but I’m pretty sure this is his ceiling, or at leas close to it. Calderon was gone regardless and before we lost him for nothing we took the asset and flipped it. 

    I won’t get into numbers with Gay but he’s the best player the Raptors have had since Vince Carter. Our line-up for remainder of this year and beyond is: Lowry, Bargs, Derozan, Val, Gay. FUCK OUTTA HERE if you don’t think thats a damn good starting five that with time can’t compete for top 5 in the east. Its difficult for any non-free agent hotspot to compete for titles, BC is going all in. 

    Also I look at a few other team’s espn affiliate blog and this is far and away the most glass half empty group on the web….its frustrating to see.

    • WhiteVegas

      Have you been to Raptors HQ. It’s like 1000 times worse over there. I can tell by all the likes my comments are getting though that majority or readers like this trade, it’s just that the majority of commenters don’t. I used to just read and like some comments but this shit getting outta control and I gotta bring some sanity to this blog.

      • DumbassKicker

        “bring some sanity to this blog”

        Better luck with that. Sad/sick/pathetic…………, eh.

      • Dan

         Ignoring salary I think Rudy Gay is a good player and will be the best player on this team. Him and Demar are to similar and now with Jose gone the 3pt and shooting in general just went down.

        • WhiteVegas

          Why does everyone keep saying Demar and Gay are similar?? They aren’t.

          Gay, 35% 3pt on 3 attempts.
          Derozan, 26% 3pt on 1.6 attempts.

          Gay is a 3pt shooter, and a decent one at that. Earlier in his career he was shooting over 4 a game at an even higher %.

          Just for comparisons sake, since everyone agrees Jose is a 3pt shooter.

          Jose, 39% on 3 attempts.

          Jose is slightly better shooter than Gay, but not by much. Luckily we have this guy named Lowry who happens to light it up from the 3.

          Lowry, 39% 3pt on 4.2 attempts

    • Dan

       I think your forgetting about Bosh when you say Gay is the best player since Vince. or you meant best wing player. If you go on ppg alone Bosh has had better seasons than Gay’s best seasons. Add in other stats and all star appearances.

  • cdub

    I have to say one significant bonus of the Gay trade is Andersons minutes, and subsuquent shot taking, will be going down substantially.  That alone makes this trade worth it.

  • ad

    BC has more work to do. This is just the first step in making this team competitive.  Also, I have to say im fucking thrilled that lowry is finally being given a chance to start and play a lot. Im sure he will put up big numbers and impress.

  • monocled_gentleman_scholar

    I for one am disgusted with how the ESPN analysis has been one-sidedly anti-Toronto on this deal. By any statistical measure we got the best player BY FAR – and yet because Gay is going to Toronto (!!), he’s suddenly become some underachieving nobody. Disgusting the way this team and city have become the NBA’s punching bag.

    • monocled_gentleman_scholar

      I hope the DD-Gay combo crushes the competition and makes every Toronto basher eat their words.

  • Aaron8007

    This is the best trade Toronto could have made given there current situation.  At worst the raptors are as good as they’re before the trade a 25-30 win team.  Now they have a chance to be better and maybe next year really compete for a playoff spot.  Toronto got the best player and the player with the most talent.  If he becomes the player he use too then this was a great deal.  

  • grizzly73

    Nice trade but absolutely nobody will buy his jersey!!

    • FAQ

      Toronto Wellesley Village folks will buy a “Gay” jersey… particularly if it is #69 ….!!!!

  • Statement

    So Colangelo said that the Raps weren’t done dealing.  I’m hoping Derozan is next. 

    Nothing against Derozan, but he is making lots of money, duplicates Gay’s skillset and hopefully can fetch us something good.

    Who do you guys think is next?

    • ad

       Ummmm a certain 7 foot primo pasta lover who is softer than charmin toilet paper.

      • The Truth

        Seems doubtful that they will be able to get rid of Bargnani without packaging someone else.

    • WhiteVegas

      Bargs and DeRozan are the 2 valuable assets we have left to trade. Kleiza is good filler to make salaries match if need be.
      A DeRozan for Milsap deal would be pretty damn nice.

      Bargs I’m not sure. I’d guess we’d deal him for a backup PG (our new biggest need) and maybe a draft pick. 
      I think Bargs to Charlotte for Ben Gordon and one of their 1st round picks works nicely. Also, Bargs to Cleveland for Gibson, Walton, and one of their first round picks works well too. Both those teams have multiple first round picks in this draft, with varying levels of protection, so I’m sure there is something there that BC could make work.

  • FAQ

    All the gay fans in the Wellesley Village will be celebrating now… LOL

    • DumbassKicker


  • Leo Meyard

    What do u guys think of  Bargs and Kleiza for Pau Gasol? We would be getting a legit Power Forward and bargs and kleiza would fit perfectly in d’Antoni’s system!!!

    • WhiteVegas

      Not a chance. Not because LA wouldn’t like Bargs, but because they could get a much better return for Pau Gasol than that. For instance, Cleveland and Charlotte could easily put together a better package of young players and draft picks if they’re so inclined. LA is probably in no rush to move Pau until they know Dwight if going to stay.

  • Statement

    Calderon is underrated by the league, IMHO.  Remember, he had a 50,40,90 shooting year (actually I think it was 2 but I’m too lazy to look it up now)

    To me, Ed Davis has more upside.   He is still young, didn`t have a chance to develop fully in years 1 and 2, had a full summer in year 3 – and look at his improvement.

    That`s the past though.  Now it`s time to move forward.  Undoubtely, the Raptors are better with a Gay and Fields SF rotation than the James Johnson and Kleiza Rotation of last year.

    Also, Lowry and Lucas is at least as good as Calderon and Bayless (when offense and defense is considered)

    JV and Gray is also a decent enough centre combination, with great upside.

    The only issue is they need somebody good to spell Amir at PF.


    Whether or not that is a playoff team depends on how quickly JV can stop sucking.

    • Statement

      Derozan for Millsap.  That`s what I want.

  • Destro

    When Kleiza and Gray pick up there options this team will be over the luxury tax number lolol

  • Buschfire
  • Kujo

    Let’s just hope Gay can elevate his game to superstar status, and raise the Raps from ashes.  I just don’t see it happening.  Dude had underachieved his whole career.  He looks disinterested at times, and goes MIA to often.  Maybe a new change of scenery will revive him.  

    This trade just further confirms BC has no clue what he’s doing.

  • jacobdrichards4

    Can we please see what happens before we lose our shit over the trade, it happened, deal with it. We sold high, Ed Davis is going to be a ten and eight guy his whole career hes a solid back up power forward  but that is all he is. Calderon may of been a good team guy but hes not a point guard who will lead this team deep into the playoffs . We had to get rid of Calderon eventually and its good to get something in return before he just leaves in the off season anyway. I don’t know how well Rudy Gay will play but he has produced before and i believe he can produce again.

  • K.J.P

    I used to say FU VC now I say FU BC. =(

  • Emanueler

    Rudy Gay could be ok. But signing him make some other Raptor’s moves looks really really horrible: first the resign of Derozan, then the Terrence Ross pick and last but not least the incredible sign of Landry Fields.