I’m tired of this. I’m tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of the game. I know the league’s going to come down on me but I don’t care. These guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out, and at the end of the game we get cracked, [then and] apology, and we go home back to Canada. It’s happened too many times. I’ve been in this league 18 years and I’ve never seen as many missed calls at the end of the game to cost us the game. We have great officials in this game, we have good officials, and too good to miss calls and short-change these young men like that. It’s not right. It’s not right for these guys to play their hearts out and then come up on a missed call at the end of the game. I wouldn’t just say this, I watched it three or four times, hoping that they missed it but they didn’t. Dwane Casey Goes Off On Officials (Transcript + Video)

Interview Video

Video of DeRozan getting fouled

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  • Jay Semilla

    About time the Raptors say something. The NBA is turning to be Mafia being run by Stern and his cohorts.

  • Blasterfi9

    holy …. he actually acknowledged it….. DAMN, man u know i wasnt too hot on casey’s coaching at times, but as a person, to see him talk the way he did rly is appreciated. 

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    NWO- Government rules everything around me..

    Stern has instituted fines to stop or persuade those who would do so to not speak out on the obvious WWE element to NBA reffing witnessed on a nightly basis under the guise of superstar calls/noncalls, home team calls and the like.

    Casey doesn’t get the refs respect- hire a respected NBA coach- BC!!

    It’s much deeper than Tim Donaghy……….

  • Ben Davies3


  • BadDinosaur

    I love this! About time!

    Now he put a lot of pressure on the NBA, because on one hand they will have to fine Casey and on the other hand they have no choice, but to admit officials missed the call yet again!

    Will they? It’s the state the US is in in general… talk about democracy, freedom and self determination one moment, drop the bomb in name of it on innocent people the next moment. Hypocrisy at its finest!

  • DryDry

    He was way too polite, but at least you could sense him boiling under.

  • Kuba


    Perhaps it’ll fall on deaf ears but it’s worth a shot..

    • Kuba

      For the fourth time this season I am disgusted to watch my home team, the Toronto Raptors, once again get stiffed by a non-call at the end of the game. Your officiating crew has either been instructed to miss these calls, or is a bunch of incompetent idiots without proper eyesight. Your apologies are useless. Four games plus one oversight so equals five – five wins more and we’re in the playoffs. 

      How can you believe I can continue to be a fan when I know that this league gives calls to the stars, to the teams that matter, and teams like ours get nothing?

      Why should I buy tickets? Watch the games? Listen to the radio? Read the internet? Follow my team?

      Another apology won’t matter. Fix this, or I’m out.


      • Nilanka15

        Appreciate the effort.

        But let’s remember that had the refs made the calls, our players still had to hit free throws under pressure. 

        So we didn’t lose games because of the refs….we lost the ‘chance’ to win games because of the refs 😉

    • With Regards to Mr. Berkowitz

      Thank you very much for the link, though it is pretty obvious that any criticism will be ignored, it still felt good to send this out (consider yourself duly warned, the following passage is of substantial length):

      Initially, I, as a Toronto Raptors fan, thought about
      providing constructive criticism in regard to your horrid officiating crew.
      Upon basic reflection, it has, however, become exceedingly clear that you were
      complicit, are complicit, and will always be complicit in this entire
      disgusting mess. In fact, I may even go so far as to suspect may even have been
      your directives that have completely stripped even the faintest semblance of
      impartiality from your so-called “referees”. It is not even the outcome
      of games that concern me, but rather the degradation of the principles of
      sport, whereby impartiality and integrity have been shunted aside in the name
      of profit. As such, I have dispensed with any thoughts of amelioration, any
      pleasantries that are certainly not due to such a band of two-faced miscreants,
      and now merely seek to satisfy my anger by rightfully excoriating your entire
      corrupt organization.


      After temporarily assuaging my concerns with your
      acknowledgement of blatantly botched calls at the end of the several Raptors
      games, it soon became apparent that said “apologies” were naught but a
      duplicitous attempt to restore a thin veneer of legitimacy to your
      organization. To ignore the most barefaced of erroneous calls would be to
      invite ridicule, but you have quite clearly shown that your “apologies” (I
      cannot rightfully exclude the quotation marks, as I have seen no evidence
      whatsoever of remorse), are solely for avoiding public derision, because no
      effort has been made to address the issue of prejudiced officiating! Your
      avoidance of a long-standing systemic problem shows that your “apologies” are
      less than worthless; indeed, they serve as a scornful indictment of an NBA that
      is willing to pervert a tool for sincere reconciliation into a tool for burying
      an issue that they refuse to even recognize, let alone resolve!


      Moreover, your draconian measures to censor criticism from
      your players, coaches, and team officials serve to disgust me further. It is
      quite apparent that internal complaints can quite easily be ignored to your
      enduring satisfaction, and therefore, to continue running your operations in
      such a cozy manner, the inconvenience of public statements must be dealt with.
      Regardless of the legitimacy of any complaints, your own response is to heavily
      fine the offending individuals, and more repugnantly, completely ignore the
      issues that they raise! It is a stretch to say that it is a justifiable
      limitation upon the right to free speech when you fine individuals for unjustly
      criticizing their organization, and it is even more of a stretch to act in the
      manner that you do: tightly controlling behaviour and speech to serve your
      corporate ends. How can you claim to be an upstanding organization when you
      eschew the very principles of impartiality, sportsmanship, fair play, and
      integrity? Until every team can win each and every game on their own legitimate
      merits, until every issue is resolved rather than suppressed, until the good of
      the sport can take precedence over corporate interests, I do not think you can.


      As I have stated earlier, I am under no illusions that my
      condemnation will achieve any tangible results. What is the voice of one fan
      compared to the allure of billions in revenues? I am also aware that in the
      grand scheme of our globalized world, yours is but a trivial issue when
      juxtaposed with other corporations who actively do harm to enrich their own
      pockets, to speak nothing of totalitarianism, murder, torture, and other such
      indignities upon the human spirit. But nevertheless, sports have long been
      extolled as a wholesome exhibition of humanity’s vitality and competitive
      spirit, and you have certainly done your part to dirty, shame, and completely
      shatter this ideal. In a world where the profit motive is king, you have
      justified every cynic, saddened every idealist, and commercialized the
      principles of sport.True, the NBA certainly is not alone amongst professional sports leagues in this regard, but their abuses are definitely the most egregious. I’ve wasted enough of my life on this league.

      • arsenalist

        FWIW, I sent an email too.

      • c_bcm

        You should have ended with :” Suck my dick mofo’s”

  • knowledgep

    Thanks for the link Kuba, on this pace, the NBA should reward T.O. with a compensation pick in this year’s draft. 

  • DumbRef

    This is pathetic we have the worst refs in the world that foul was so OBVIOUS! i love casey for this i mean a blind persons dog could have detected a foul if he was trained to do so, if kobe bryant was in the exact same situation no diffrent he would have got the call its just dumb at this point we just wanna be treated equally to every other team in the nba. Just because have the name Raptors on our jersey we don’t get the call, if Demar was in a HeaT jersey i guarentee the refs would have blown the whistle, hopefully if its rudy gay they might give us a call… but even still it shouldn’t be that way. Props to casey!

  • miro malish

    as if I am not already crazy busy, I am hatching a plan to protest the
    NBA on behalf of the Raptors. What we have learned is that the league
    has interests to manage the success of some teams over others. The
    Raptors consistantly get short changed by the Refs working on behalf of
    the interests of the league. As we know, any mention of this by any
    player, couch or employee of any NBA team before the media will be fined
    harshly. We are sold that we have a team that has a chance to win.
    When the league interferes with that then it is misrepresenting itself
    to the public. What I propose is a to launch a compaign to protest the
    league before a widely televised game. To demand equal contest, or the
    full disclosure of the disproportionate treatment of different teams
    through the use of refereeing, i.e Raptors

    join the FB group “protest the league” to support this initiative and participate toward organizing this action

    • c_bcm

      OK. Good luck with that. This will get swept aside like all petulant sensationalism should be, and all will be for naught.