Raptors’ trade for Rudy Gay does not exist in a vacuum | National Post

Gay is both talented and expensive. He is having the worst year of his career since his rookie season, averaging 17.2 points while shooting just 41% from the floor and 31% from three-point range. However, his career statistics are 45% and 34%, and it is very rare for a player to start declining at this stage of his career. It is likely he is just having an off-season. Almost certainly, Gay would slide in as the Raptors’ best swingman since the departure of Vince Carter.

As Rudy Gay rumours heat up, what are Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo’s options before the NBA trade deadline? | Toronto Star

Gay’s deal has two years and almost $37 million left — he has a player option for 2015-16 — and adding it will greatly reduce the “flexibility” that Colangelo speaks of often. But, and this is the question he has to be asking himself, is there a better player at a similar cost that Toronto would have a legitimate possibility of getting? The Raptors are not one of the great free agent destinations, it could be the general manager decides it’s better to trade for high-priced talent rather than try to convince someone to come play in Toronto.

It’s Official: Rudy Gay is in, Calderon and Davis are out for Raptors. | Raptors HQ

From a strictly human perspective, the Raptors lost two great people in Ed Davis and Jose Calderon in this trade. Calderon was the longest serving Raptor on the roster — at the time of the trade he was just 17 games away from being the franchise’s all-time leader in games played — and a player that is professional in every sense of the word. Seeing Calderon go is perhaps the toughest part of the deal to stomach for many Raptor fans.

Raptors Final Score: Dinos are Really Good at Losing Close Games | Raptors HQ

John Lucas III was the Raptors MVP in tonight’s game. In a matter of hours he went from 3rd string PG to the only PG, as Jose Calderon was shipped out of town, and Kyle Lowry was struggling with some sort of injury. Lucas, who’s played most of his minutes in garbage time this season, was thrown into a much larger role, and took full advantage of it. He ran the offense fluently, scoring 19 points, and managing 2 assists in his season-high 25 minutes of court-time. John Lucas was able to step up in his teammates absence, and was a major factor in the Raptors ability to keep up with Atlanta.

Yes, This Guy: Raptors Acquire Rudy Gay In Risky Trade | RaptorBlog

The other way to look at it is that the Raptors sold high on Calderon and Davis and bought low on Gay, who would never have been available for just the combination of Calderon and Davis before the season started. That’s because coming into the season, Rudy Gay was a perennial borderline All-Star and top-30 player (In five seasons from 2007-08 to 2011-12, Gay averaged 18.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.3 steals per 36 minutes while posting a PER of 17.8 in his last two seasons) . The obvious question here is does one very discouraging half-season change that, as Gay has looked like a shell of his former self so far in 2012-13.

Thoughts On the Game: Hawks 93, Raptors 92 | The Score

We’ll start at the end. After a bit of a scramble, Alan Anderson came out with the ball and took an absolutely pathetic shot with still so much time left on the game clock (around eight seconds) and the shot clock turned off. While I’ve praised Anderson in the past for his journey from China to 10-day contract to legitimate NBA rotation player all in less than a year, I’ve got to say, his veteran presence is starting to become a burden with some of the horrible shots he takes in close games. Having said that, DeMar DeRozan fought for the offensive rebound among Hawks bigs and got ridiculously hacked right in front of a ref going back up for the potential game-winning shot. No call. Just the latest example in a long line of comically incompetent NBA officiating.

Raptors swap Jose Calderon, Ed Davis for Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay | Toronto Sun

In desperate need of both a massive shakeup and star talent, Bryan Colangelo got busy on Wednesday. In a deal that will have consequences that will reverberate across all facets of the organization, the Raptors acquired small forward Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies, in exchange for promising young forward Ed Davis, longest-serving Raptor Jose Calderon and the team’s second round pick this summer.

Raps GM Colangelo hints that Bargnani could go | Toronto Sun

We’ll begin with the man Colangelo once aptly termed, the enigma of enigmas.Bargnani followed up the best season of his career — albeit an injury-plagued one — with a disastrous stretch this year, before getting hurt again. It has been obvious for some time that it is time for Bargnani to move on, for his sake and for the Raptors, and Colangelo indicated a move could happen soon, though it is not a certainty.


A player that the Raptors could regret dealing, Ed Davis is a 23-year-old power forward/centre who had made significant progress in his third NBA season, averaging 9.7 points and 6.7 rebounds per game on 54.9% shooting overall but, as a starter with Bargnani out, Davis has put up 12.9 points, 7.7 rebounds and 1.0 blocks per game, shooting 55.7% from the field. Davis’ minutes will be cut back with Gasol and Randolph starting in Memphis, but he’s poised to be the first big off the bench.


So how do we evaluate this trade? That’s hard to say. Since it is almost a near-certainty that more trades are in the offing, we don’t yet have an accurate portrayal of the team’s rotation or salary cap structure going forward. One can make a pretty strong case that Gay is now the team’s best player, and anytime you can get one of those in a trade without giving up your current best player (Kyle Lowry) or best prospect (Jonas Valanciunas) that’s a plus. It’s also worth remembering that, given what the Raptors had to peddle, getting a player of Rudy Gay’s caliber is pretty impressive. If Gay can bounce back post-trade then the Raptors have received a heck of a player for two quasi-starters, even if there are now redundancies that need to be addressed.


Gay is ridiculously talented. He’s available cheaply — it’s pretty unlikely that a package of Ed Davis and Jose Calderon’s expiring contract and a second-round pick would have been enough to pry the high-flying small forward from the Grizzlies two years ago when he was in the midst of his best season at age 24. Presuming he’s only having an off-year at age 26 as he heads for career lows while shooting just 40.8 per cent from the field and 31 per cent from the three-point line, the Raptors are buying low.

Recap: Hawks Squeak Past Raptors 93-92 – 01/30/13 | Raptors Rapture

At the end of the day though, this was just another addition to the Raps’ endless stream of close losses. It’s tough to point fingers, especially with the team undermanned due to the trade, but when John Lucas is your secondary scoring option, you clearly have some guys that need to step up. Anderson continued his run of atrocious shooting, and Amir Johnson looked like he had a hitch in his jump shot.

Raptors Take A Huge Gamble On Gay | Dino Nation Blog

Give Colangelo this for whatever you think of him he does have a way of making the big deals happen. That said the history of his past big deals should cause you to be very worried about the future. They have never exactly gone as planned. One thing this does suggest is that his future is likely fairly secure as this is a serious investment he has been given the blessing to make by the MLSE board. That is not a sign of a guy on his way out the door.

Why the Toronto Raptors were smart to get Rudy Gay | CBSSports

For the time being, the Raptors potentially have a lineup of Lowry, Ross, DeRozan, Gay, and Valanciunas once everybody is healthy. The bench isn’t ideal yet, but the structure of what the Raptors need to do with this lineup is apparent. They need to cause chaos. That five-man lineup is one that can pressure the ball on the perimeter, protect the rim, and turn stops and turnovers into quick baskets the other way. Dwane Casey isn’t the type of coach that likes to push the ball a ton (Raptors are 24th in the NBA in pace) but they are a team that benefits best when they’re playing quick basketball without rushing.

Gay old times in Toronto | Wages of Wins

In this deal Toronto has traded away two very productive players for two rather unproductive players. As a matter of fact, Calderon and Davis have produced the second most and 10th most wins at their respective positions this season. On the other hand, Gay and Haddadi have both produced at a below-average level this season. In Kyle Lowry, Toronto still has an excellent point guard who can replace Calderon. But Lowry has missed significant time with injuries this season, and the trade leaves the team without a productive backup point guard. With Ed Davis gone, the team does not have a productive power forward at the moment — except for Quincy Acy, a rookie who has only played 140 minutes so far this season.

Dwane Casey criticizes officials after Raptors lose on late-game no-call | Sports Illustrated

“I’m tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of games. I know the league is going to come down on me, but I don’t care,” said a seething Casey, smoke practically billowing out of his ears. “These guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out and at the end of the game, we get cracked, (league sends out an) apology, go back to Canada. I’ve been in this league 18 years and I’ve never seen so many missed calls at the end of the game to cost us the game. We’ve got great officials in this league, and too good to miss calls and short-change young men like this. It’s not right. I watched the replay three or four times, hoping that they (somehow made the right call) but they didn’t,” he said. “This is fourth time this year that we’ve been in this situation.”

Raptors Can’t Convert Late In Close Loss To Hawks | Blog.Raptors.com

Josh Smith said the Hawks “played some pretty good defence” in the closing seconds, though he added with a smile “I don’t know what happened” after Anderson’s miss.

NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Alan Anderson Needs To Be Traded | Rant Sports

Anderson is 30 and doesn’t fit into the Raptors’ future plans. The Raptors aren’t going anywhere this season and he just takes minutes away from rookie Terrence Ross. Anderson would be a perfect fit coming off the bench for a playoff team. Imagine him in an Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs uniform. He reminds me of many other Gregg Popovich projects. Many Raptor fans remember Jamario Moon. He had the same early career as Anderson, bouncing around until he found he stride in Toronto. He even competed in the dunk contest. The team wasn’t going anywhere, so the Raptors did the right thing. They packaged him and Jermaine O’Neal in a trade with the Heat for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. In the end, the trade didn’t amount to much, but at the time they got something in return for a player who had one good half season.

Three-team trade official sending Rudy Gay to Toronto | ProBaskeballTalk

I like this move for Memphis — it saves them money — $5.8 million this season and $26.4 million over the course of Gay’s contract — getting them under the luxury tax line in future years. Plus it gives them a player in Prince that fits well for them as a replacement for Gay. Prince is not as good an all-around player as Gay, but he’s a better three-point shooter and is not a massive step down on defense of driving the lane. In addition they get a quality young four in Ed Davis to provide depth up front and Daye.

Raptors vs. Hawks final score: Atlanta escapes with 93-92 win | Peachtree Hoops

To steal one of Larry Drew’s favorite phrases, the Hawks came out with zero energy and it nearly cost them an embarrassing loss to a severely undermanned team. Toronto learned just prior to tip off that they were involved in a three-team trade that sent Jose Calderon to the Pistons and Ed Davis to the Grizzlies in exchange for Rudy Gay. That left the Raptors with nine healthy bodies to go up against the Hawks.

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27 Responses to “Morning Coffee: January 31st Edition”

  1. Destro

    I cant stand listening to Colangelo do radio interviews,the guy is so dishonest the way he talks about his team and Andrea Bargnani in particular…Does he think hes foolin anyone..Not surprising after talking about the trade his main focus is too protect Bargnani by suggesting its more of a pack mentality against him and trying to stress how much he cares about this situation despite many times not looking like he does…And then to suggest many teams continue to inquire with him specific about Bargnani in trade talks…I understand protecting your players and there potential value but it borders on some kind of illegal man love relationship sometimes listening to it…

    • voy

      my initial reaction to the gay trade, as it relates to andrea, is – this means bc will probably keep ab around to see how a collection of lowry, dd, gay, ab and jv play together.  against this background i’m not a huge fan of the trade. 

      however, against the backdrop of acquiring gay for 20 mill with the intention of trading bargs for another quality young player, I like the deal a little more.

      its impossible to tell if bc really wants to trade or keep ab, now.  if he was on all the radio shows pitching the line “yeah, we are looking to trade andrea cuz he’s not a good fit for our team…” I dont think you are doing yourself any favours.  maybe he’s trying to play coy looking to juice the offers coming back,  similar to what memphis was probably doing with gay. in public “gay is not available, gay is not available etc etc”, then possibly floating the rumours “gay is available for player x, y, z and a draft pick”.

      but yeah, there is some definate bro-mance between andrea and bc.

      • Nilanka15

        “however, against the backdrop of acquiring gay for 20 mill with the
        intention of trading bargs for another quality young player, I like the
        deal a little more.”

        Fingers crossed.

        • j bean

          To say I’m skeptical of Bargs bringing back a quality player is an understatement. 
          If he does come back and play for the Raps I doubt he will be throwing up 20+ shots a game. probably 8-10 off the bench  so the fans will be ok with him if the team is winning.  

      • Destro

        BC thinks he slick but you can see what hes doing….He doesnt want to trade Andrea,he trades Ed and Jose gets back Gay takes all the pressure off AB when he comes back cuz we got a new NO 1 guy and a remodeled team,he wants to re integrate AB into this new team and hope he doesnt crash and burn and ppl forget about his miserable start and leave him alone in the shadows and now focus on the work of Lowry and Gay…..hes basically put a potential new whipping boy in Ab’s place….So now if this team fails its ON someone else NOT Andrea ya see……Hes put AB in a cant lose situation in the public minds now…

        Team fails its the “selfish’ PG and Gay….Its almost genius if you dont see it… 

    • Dylan Reid Chiu

      bargnani trade value is at an all time low right, it was the same thing with ed davis too, but davis played well and calderon played well too, thats why we were able to get rudy gay. Bargnani just need to have a stretch of  5 or seven good games and he’s gonna be traded. he needs to build up his trade value 

      • Destro

        I dont think he has any attention of trading how high or low…Listen to his interview yesterday,he is still harking back to last years 13 games as a turning point and still carrying on about how valuable he is…

        it was disgusting

  2. Gregast

    We have seen how DDR’s production has slipped when the competition turns their defense onto stopping him a t any price. With Gay now in the mix, and AB showing up soon, the teams playing the Raptors are going to be forced to make some choices. I believe DDR will be the beneficiary of the trade for Rudy Gay.

  3. NyAlesund

    I want to thank Josè. Great person, great professional player that gave everything for the organization. I hope he can play in a competitive team and not in Detroit. Many thanks to ED as well.

    I don’t know the next scenario, that can probably involve AB but now I am intriguing to see Gay and him together.

    Now  we are considering him like a piece of s-it, when honestly he can produce an excellent job like last year. I am sure he is strongly motivated to show his talent. He knows that is arrived the time to turn the corner.

    Of course if something would have gone wrong we have plenty of time to trade him. Despite common  beliefs,  if Colangelo wanted to trade him he would be able to do it. In recent past we saw players with huge contract and not necesserely in their prime traded.

  4. Buschfire

    Lets offload Bargs, Anderson & Kleiza and then i’ll be happy. What do you think we could get for those 3? a 1st round draft pick and a serviceable backup PG? If not Anderson then Demar…

    • j bean

      Can’t say I’ll be missing JC. This last twenty games was his best ever but the results speak for themselves. Let’s see if the 2nd half of the season can see an improvement in the team’s winning percentage.
      Lowry is going to have a tough time making the Calderonites appreciate his style of play. A very average game from him last night but he did still have a double double and it was a game decided by the last second of play. Winning is the only thing that will win the fans over unless it is the fan who cheers for his favorite player more than he does for the team.

      • FAQ

        Jose united the team with his running of plays…. Lowry doesn’t run plays well and the game degenerates into one-on-one creating your own scoring.  Lowry has shown he is just not a playmaker, and I attribute this to his low BB IQ…. sooooo obvious.

  5. SteveB

    So, who is going to be the Raptors point guard? Ever since he is in NBA KL is  missing lots of games. He is either injured, unhealthy or just simply not fit. He’s two former teams got rid of him. And not just for mentioned reasons…Lucas is a joke. 

    • Nilanka15

      I actually think Lucas (given consistent backup minutes) is a capable player.  What he did in Chicago was no fluke.

      • Guest

        How much of that is Lucas, and how much of that was having the lineup that the Bulls had around him? Also, consider whatever coaching intangibles Thibs brings to the table compared to Casey.

    • FAQ

      Ratpors are a PG-challenged team now.  I see disaster looming ahead… believe it.

      Perhaps it’s part of BC’s ‘Master Plan’…. “.. the sh!t you smell is the sh!t you see !!!”

        • FAQ

          So you too noticed that SteveB was correct in his assessment of the TRaps PG conundrum with pudgy Lowry and Lucas III.  The opposition teams will simply squelch the weak TRap PGs and emasculate the  offense.. with or without the Gay-man… just watch.

  6. 511

    I’m really bugged about losing Ed in this deal. I can’t shake the sense that I had watching Colangelo being interviewed during the game and then after, that he’s completely out of his league. That he doesn’t know wtf he’s doing. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m really afraid that I’m not. 

    I’d love to hear – one day – what Casey thinks of this deal. I cannot believe that he’d have given it a thumbs up. Considering cap space and how little is left at the moment; considering how good Ed might turn out to be (and … we’ve only been seeing whatever improvement we’ve been seeing, really, in the very short time since he’s had the opportunity to fill in for Bargnani) which we won’t have a clue on for another couple or so years, and how we included him as ballast, practically, in a deal to get a player with a contract that the other team was so VERY anxious to be rid of … I think Colangelo got out-negotiated so badly that the Memphis GM will be quietly high-fiving himself over it for years to come. 

    Hope I change my mind sooner than later but that’s how I’m feeling today about all this. 

  7. Phat AlberG

    Rudy Gay is top 5 small foward in the league…. He’s doesn’t get the ball in Memphis and still drops 17 to 18 a game.  I’m tired of all these guys crying about Jose Calderon & Ed Davis. Rudy Gay is a flat out baller and he wants the ball in the clutch!  Just look at all the big shots he has made at end of games.  How many games we lost down the stretch with this line up.  No offence to the Raptors players but Rudy Gay gets buckets and like Uncle West & Uncle Drew its all about buckets.  

    • DumbassKicker

      “He’s doesn’t get the ball in Memphis and still drops 17 to 18 a game.”

      Doesn’t get the ball???? LOL…. He has been the #1 shot taker on that team, every year except his rookie one, consistently averaging just over 16 shots per game.

    • Destro

      IF you dont get the ball how can you score 17 points and shoot 40% ?

      Clearly those numbers without even watching shows you he on some KObe lite shit down there…


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