Toronto Raptors 100 Final
Recap | Box Score
98 Indiana Pacers
Amir Johnson, PF 36 MIN | 7-12 FG | 0-0 FT | 14 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 3 TO | 14 PTS | -1Had to fight very hard against Hibbert right from the go, and managed to contain the Pacer big whenever he was assigned the duty. The offense didn’t come as easy as it has in the past few games, mainly because the Raptors pick ‘n roll game was dead in this game, what with Lowry and Lucas not bothering to run any. Showed some cahones and clock-awareness to lay the ball in at the buzzer in regulation. Fouled out in OT boxing out West, great game overall.
Rudy Gay, SF 44 MIN | 9-25 FG | 5-6 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 5 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 23 PTS | +2Struggled mightily to start the game on offense, partially because of the length of George. On the other end, did well against George in one-on-one situations, but lost him whenever the Pacer swingman received the ball out of dribble penetration in catch-and-shoot positions. A rather anonymous game until the early fourth when he rattled off six straight points to make Indiana’s 9-point lead disappear. The Raptors went to him in iso-situations as expected and was delivering at about a 50% clip, and then finally he delivered one-on-one against George to seal it. Killer!
Aaron Gray, C 14 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-2 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 2 PTS | -9This guy trickles production whenever he’s in the game. The positional defense has always been solid and he’s learning to be productive on offense with a vulture-like attitude on the glass. On a night like this, all he’s got to do is clog up space and clog up space he did.
Kyle Lowry, PG 34 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 6 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 2 PTS | -4When he looks bad, he looks really bad. His reaction to when things don’t go his way is detrimental to the team because it stinks of negativity and petulance. He ran the offense like had a blindfold on, and simply gave up on defense against George Hill at times. Get a hand up, man. Also, can you run a simple pick ‘n roll without doing something silly? It says something when the coach decides to play Lucas ahead of you for an extended period. Sucks at setting screens.
DeMar DeRozan, SG 41 MIN | 7-17 FG | 7-9 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 22 PTS | -2Probably the only guy who showed up for the full 48 minutes. He started off in traditional manner by pinning his man on a down-screen and nailing a jumper, and later, when it became clear the officials weren’t calling anything for the Raptors, started taking it to the rim with good effect. Had 15 at the half, and with Gay struggling in the first, was the primary supplier of offense against Stephenson.
Andrea Bargnani, C 29 MIN | 7-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 4 TO | 14 PTS | +6Lovely stuff again if you ask me. Coming off the bench he’s a focused scorer, and other than a couple long-twos that made you wince and a defensive possession or two where he fell asleep on help D, his night was nothing but solid. Provided his offensive in context of the team, hit his jumpers and even played commendable man-defense on West in stretches. Dare I say, he even frustrated West at times with his physicality, and I loved the smack-talk at Hibbert. Got the nod, rightfully, in crunch time and delivered.
Jonas Valanciunas, C 26 MIN | 6-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 13 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 14 PTS | +2The reason this was a tight game. A great stint in the first half where brought the interior presence that was missing, and followed it up with a tremendous third quarter where his defense, rebounding, and offense kept this from getting to be a blowout. Got winded in the first half according to Casey, but looked much fitter in the second. Got knocked down by Psycho T, who should be suspended. He got picked on by West in OT after Johnson fouled out, but that’s on Casey for creating that matchup.
John Lucas, PG 19 MIN | 3-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | +6I hate this guy. I don’t recall a single possession where you could say that he ran the offense with any sort of continuity. The early-jacks, the questionable passing, and the over-dribbling, all staples of his game. I understand him taking shots in a blowout, but when Gay, DeRozan and Bargnani are also on the court, you shouldn’t be shooting. Period.
Alan Anderson, SG 4 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | +5Limited minutes. Took a terrible three early and Casey heeded the warning and benched him.
Terrence Ross, SG 18 MIN | 1-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | +5#LetRossInTheGymAndMakeHimShoot1000JumpersADay
Dwane CaseyRefused to play small ball against Indiana . Said so at halftime, and you have to say that it worked because the Raptors were in it against a good team. The benching of Lowry for Lucas is also reasonable considering how awful Lowry was. Cut Jonas’ minutes in the first half, and an explanation towards it was given as the Lithuanian was fatigued. Rightfully benched Anderson. No idea why he was late in putting Bargnani on West instead of Jonas in OT. All in all, he made the right calls.

Four Things We Saw

  1. The Raptors didn’t shoot a FT till halfway through the second quarter. The refs didn’t call anything in favor of the Raptors, despite several obvious fouls on drives. Don’t give me this “Indiana is physical” BS. A foul is a foul.
  2. The rebounding in the game was even, and that was probably the biggest concern coming in. Credit to the Raptors bigs for showing up tonight and making a game of this.
  3. The rebounding didn’t end up being a factor, and that was probably the biggest concern coming in. Credit to the Raptors bigs for showing up tonight and making a game of this.
  4. David West is the new Michael Ruffin.

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  • why

    Great game. Hopefully JV has no side effects from the cheap shot from Hansbrough, who now thinks he is Bill Laimbeer. Hopefully Psyco T will have a Robert Parrish retribution moment 

    • FAQ

      Why doesn’t the NBA review the game tape and assess a Flagrant 2 on Hansborough…??!!!

      • Buschfire

        Great game by the Raptors tonight. I really have high praise for Frank Vogel though nice to see he benched Hansborough after that play, even when the refs didn’t make the call.

        • voy

          i suspect he took hansborough out of the game for the benfit of his own team, as he saw the ‘roid rage taking hold. 

          i think the decision was to take hans out of the game and let him cool down, vs keep him in the game and run the risk of him picking up 3 fouls in 5 minutes as the horse semen made its way to his brain.

  • j_smith

    great game by the raps, bargs starting to show up with some passion. going to make bc reconsider any trades involving bargs. can’t say enough about jv’s hustle. rudy gay is the best wing player the raps had had since vc.

    west as ruffin….harsh.

  • Roarque

    Got to re-think the Bargo trade talks. Perhaps an Italian speaking sports psychologist would do the trick as a well motivated AB is a damned good 6th man.

    Oh, and I apologize to Jonas for calling him out on his first game back earlier this week. He really manned up against some major league bigs – well done rookie!!

    BTW Rudy is the man.

    Without a doubt – THE most exciting and certinly satisfying win of the the season.

    DDR amd Amir were pounding the rock and should not be ignored in the praise.

    • Phero

      My Thoughts Exactly. Holding on to Bargs and having him come off the bench is actually been very feasible for the Raps! 

      • Sangaman

        Bargs is shooting 50% defending well and you guys want to keep him on the bench. and start Aaron cant make a shot Gray ..unbelievable.  He starts to get hot in the game and Lucas and Lowry ignore him.    TO will never get above 500 with point guards like these. 

        • Matt52

           I think the desire is to start JV not AB.

          • hound

            Absolutely. Keep AB coming off the bench. It doesn’t matter who starts, it is about making sure you have scoring on the floor at all times. I actually don’t mind starting Gray for 5 minutes or so. Then AB comes in and JV can come in for Amir at the 9-10 minute mark. Keep bringing energy and scoring off the bench.

            I really like this team. Sure we need a pg, but can you imagine if we sign a decent pg (maybe jose at 6mill) in the off season, sign Earl Clark (PF) as a free agent, amnesty LK and somehow trade LF. I think we would be a 4-5 team in the east.

            BC – I am not above begging. For the love of the good lord, do NOT trade bargs for boozer!!!!!!!

        • CJT

          you also have to consider which environment AB is thriving in.  Why switch what is working.  As long as he produces in the role he is giving let him keep producing.

        • cdub

          the point in bringing bargs off the bench is to provide some scoring as there is a lot of scoring in the starting 5 with him in it.  JV should start with AMir, and Cassey needs to rotate JV Amir and Bargs and only do something different if the situation calls for it – spot duty for Gray, small ball etc…Bargs is still playing starter minutes off the bench.

        • NyAlesund

           You’re right.

  • dave9t5

    Page does not display properly in mobile browser (android 4.0, both stock and chrome browsers). It’s been a consistently inconsistent problem with the rapid Reactions since the site redesign.

    • dave9t5

      Oh, and requesting the desktop version of the site fails. That used to be a solution before the redesign.

    • Arsenalist

      Will look at it.  Works fine on my Nexus 4 – please send a screenshot, if possible, to

      • dave9t5

        Will do.

      • Guest

        Doesn’t display properly on my iPhone 4 – in safari or third party ap(bleacher report) can’t see grades or last few words of each line on right side

  • lol @ michael ruffin

  • ad

    Great Game!! I think derozans grade is too high. A B would suffice. The other grades are spot on. Derozan didnt add any value to the team aside from scoring as he usually does. All those mins played and just 2 or 3 ast/rebs? Cmon man. Rudy had 5 rebs and 5 steals! To be honest, when the raps got rudy I thought he was marginally better than derozan (thats what the advanced stats show). However, seeing him on this team I can see he is definitely more talented and impactful than demar even if he is a somewhat inefficient volume scorer. If Im BC I would dangle 1 of dd or ross in a trade for a PF. I dont get why everyone is so high on ross. I think he can be good and he has natural talent but thats what everyone thought of DD first year. Plus, offensively he is very limited to 3 point jumpers and fast break dunks. Ross needs to show more variety on offense for me to convinced he is worth keeping around.

    • ad

       Also, JV is a gem.

    • Statement

      I agree with you on Ross.  He looks like a good role player – at best.  Somebody who brings value because he shoots 3s (at not a great clip) and plays good defense.  However, why he would be considered untouchable, I do not know.

      If he’s on the move, he can’t make a shot.  Suspect handles as well.

    • Fletchmer

       While DD is still learning to shoot Ross has the best (smoothest) delivery on the team.  To me he has way more up side and if both are on the team next year will be the better of the two

      • Statement

        Ross is currently shooting at a below league average rate on 3s and in general.  His True Shooting percentage is lower than Demar’s was at any point in his career. 

        Can he improve his 3 point shooting to league average?  Certainly.  Does he play good defense?  Certainly. 

        Is he untouchable?  Hell no. If you need to package him to improve the team, do it.

      • Statement

        Of course, I’ll gladly eat my words if he significantly improves next year.

    • BK

       He is a rookie…give him a chance to expand his game.  As long as he can shoot the 3 everything else will come.

    • Roarque

      Cute. Remind me, who the fork are you again?

    • CJT

      There are always those who simply can’t enjoy anything.  You are one of those people.  You didn’t mention one positive thing in an awesome game with so many standout moments.  Shame.

      • DumbassKicker

        Some peoples children, eh. IMO, that kind of mentality is bred here.

    • Database_666

       Agreed on the DeRozan remark. Really, got very quickly intimidated by Stephenson, and decided absolutely not to go to the basket. Should take a hint from the much smaller players, such as Hill, who cradle the ball and simply gallop towards the basket… let them push or hack you, it’s a foul almost automatically. Sometimes I think that DeRozan really fears the physical contact. His defence was not passable either. Also, too high of a mark on Bargnani and too low on Lucas… too personal. On the other hand, i would suggest to add few other categories to this Quick Reaction section, such as Officiating. Last night again, I had my blood boiling few times while watching the refs apply completely disproportionate officiating measures, most glaringly allowing Indiana to tug opponents’ jerseys, get away with a 35%+ committed offensive fouls, and then, of course, laughing out at serious fouls such as Hansbrough’s ‘toss in the garbage’ of the Valanciunas. By the way, T. Hansbrough, when showed in full face on TV after that event, looked like a person whose mental development did not follow his physical growth.

      • Gv

        Did you even watch the game? Derozan was the only one going hard to the basket and getting fouls. He went to the line 9 times, far more than any other raptor. 

    • Pogi

      Don’t you know that basketball is about scoring points. So don’t say he didn’t do anything but score.

  • Statement

    “No idea why he was late in putting Bargnani on West instead of Jonas in OT.”

    Possibly because West abosultely abused Bargnani on opening night.

    Also RE: Lowry, although he wasn’t a factor, he did have a 3:1 assist to turnover ratio.  I’m liking the fact that he stays out of the way.  However, having Gay and Derozan dominate the usage means that Lowry”s main ability, scoring, is negated (Kyle can go off, remember 34 points against Sacramento).

    His role on this team is to give the ball up to Rudy and Derozan and to rebound and play defense.

    • ad

       I hate when he plays that passive. Im not sure if its on his own or its because of Caseys encouragement. Its not his game. Either way, when hes aggressive this team is better.

      • FAQ

        Streetballers go passive because they’re confused when they don’t have the ball in their hands… it’s as if their brainlet goes into Neutral.. then back to Drive when the ball comes back.   Kyle was operating in Reverse several times because he didn’t know where he was on the floor and couldn’t refocus on open players.. like Bargs.  It was pathetic…

    • Dbobb28

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I was telling everybody who was watching the game with me that West abused AB earlier this year. Let’s be honest, this game is the one to be most proud of this year. Shitty play by our point guards, key guys in foul trouble, Gay hitting the winning jumper, Amir getting rewarded for his work ethic by scoring the tying shot and most of all, a nasty demenour from Jonus, Rudy and Andrea. We really stuck it out. The Raptors played tough physical ball and never backed down.

    • Hound

      +1. Thats why we would be a way better team right now with Lowry still coming off the bench to provide scoring. Problem is we don’t have a PG who can facilitate. Can you imagine this starting group with Calderon back next year and Lowry and Bargs in the second unit? I think that could be special.

  • knickz

    great win for the boys! life is so much better with a legit sf! why isn’t lowry playing 35-38 minutes a night? need to know what we have at the pg position going forward

  • Morgan

    Rudy should have an A+, inefficient but scored most of his points in crunch time AND hit the game winner when guarded by one of the best defenders in the league. Anyone who hits a game-winner should always get a perfect grade.

    • NyAlesund

       He doesn’t deserve A+ because he made a game winner shot. He shot 25 times, too much, and without Amir we are not talking about that shot. He forced some situations rely on his considerable talent. Against the Pacers’ defence is tough. So, B grade is correct.

      • Statement

        His shooting percentage was artificially depressed by the sheer amount of times he was fouled going to the line.  

        He should have had at least 10 trips, which would have upped his true shooting percentage signficantly.

        • Statement

          I don’t mean fouled and the foul was called, I mean hacked and no foul was called.  No NBA player can get chopped hard on the arm by Roy Hibbert and then finish a shot.

          • DanPerco

            Totally agree with Statement. I reckon Rudy was hacked on at least half of his missed shots w no call. Also, just as big as his game winner was that incredible steal and tippy-toe at the halfcourt line…then pass to AJ for the game tying shot. He was at the baseline when he noticed Pacer player taking off and darted out there to make the steal. The presence of mind to make that play was simply stellar.  

            • CJT

              Don’t know why the tippy toe was necessary.  Indy had possession of the ball.  Maybe to avoid a travel?

        • NyAlesund

           Gay wasn’t the only fouled during the game without going to the line. Simply he forced some situations.  72 shots taken in the last three games, not mention the times he was fouled.
          I think this is too much and not paying dividend in the future. 15/18 shots would be perfect considering the team has enough talent to distribuite the shots selection.

  • Guest

    Started watching this game after the half when we were down by 9 or so….Lowry taking out for extended time and what do you know we tie it up by the 4th…

    I think more than anything we gotta upgrade our starting PG spot – I could really see Calderon working well in this system if we can get him back in the off season.  We’ve got guys who know how to score the ball and just need a proper facilitator.   I wouldn’t want to see AB traded just yet…we’ve been crushing him all year and he might finally found a proper niche to fill.   Love the way DD has been producing since Gay joined the team.   Valenciunas looked solid.

    • Statement

      I love Calderon, but I think Lowry can do okay. 

      2nd best in terms of advanced statistical +/- on the team, +3 net PER differential.

      20.5 PER currently, .228 WP/48 (.100 is average).

      Not that these numbers are the be all and end all, but they do suggest that we don’t have to worry about Kyle at the PG position. 

      In fact, the 2 crappiest positions by net PER are small forward and centre.  We’ve taken (expensive) steps to address the SF position.  The centre position will be addressed by how quickly JV develops. 

      We obviously need a backup PG and continued development from Valanciunas.  With these two things, we can maybe be a 2nd round team in a crappy Eastern Conference.

      • ad

         Yup, the advanced stats show lowry is a better player which is partially the reason why I think he is a better player. Just a more complete player and can do more things on the court. Jose is a very good backup nba pg. As a starter, no thanks. Where did his great facilitating and leadership skills lead this team teh past 5 years? No where. If he was as good as the fanboys on this blog say he is, the team would not have been so crappy.

        • RaptoMarv

          Hehehehe. HehehahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHOHOHOHEHEHEHAHA!!  

          That was everyone after seeing you calling someone else …..*sputter* …..a FANBOY!!!!!  


          AND please …..say hi to KYLE FOR US!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

          HOHOHOHHEHEHEHEHhHhHhHhHahahahahaha …. 

          sigh. That was good. 

          • What the

            are you crying over Dribbles ? soon I love you, you love me Barnie will be gone and all you fan boys will be crying just listen to you guys over AB13 two game thingy. Soon you guys will be joining Cesco and company down in Denver watching the Roosta Galo cause Barnie is gone book it.

        • knickz

          the raptors have been rebuilding for the fucking last timewhat has kyle lowry’s style of ball ever won?

        • Guest

          Wow, you are the epitome of a fanboy.  Statement provided very nice looking advanced stats to Lowry’s credit, and you say this:

          “Yup, the advanced stats show lowry is a better player which [utter garbage]”

          The amusing thing is it wasn’t a comparison of who has better advanced stats, but thanks for setting yourself up.  Guess what?  Calderon has some pretty damn nice advanced stats too!

          Calderon: 20.7 PER (@PG; 19.3 PER overall) and .236 WP/48 (overall) while with the Raptors.  +6 net PER differential (@PG).
          Lowry: 20.5 PER (@PG; 20.5 PER overall) and .218 WP/48 (overall) currently.  +3.1 net PER differential (@PG).

          So unless by “advanced stats” you mean only PER, and only when including Calderon’s numbers @SG, then no, the advanced stats do not show Lowry as being the better player.  I don’t know that the advanced stats show Calderon as the better player necessarily either, but your claim is clearly false.

          BTW, where did Lowry and his great talent lead his teams the past 5 years?  Nowhere.  1 playoff appearance (joining an elite 50-win team for 28 regular season games and riding on the coattails of Yao Ming) in five seasons versus 2 playoff apperances in 7 seasons (you can claim he was riding on the coattails of Chris Bosh, but Yao Ming >>> Chris Bosh).  Neither player has led their teams to much of anything, fanboy.

          • Walker_mckenna


      • FAQ

        I’ve said this before… the TRap PG’s don’t run plays; most of the plays are generated between the wingers and C/PF’s.  Lowry & Lucas are near-redundant…!!!!

        • What the

          yeah yeah you also said Kyle was going to be traded but but

      • NyAlesund

         I didn’t realize we have a heck of PG in Lowry………………….OMG…………..

        He is a role guy…………….not a fuck……starter……….

    • cdub

      Calderons pace is too slow and he can’t really penetrate.  It’s great to have a PG that can operate so efficiently in a half court set but he needs to do the other things and he cant

  • FAQ

    Well that reveals the TRaps PG deficiency.  Lowry & Lucas are not only deficient, they’re downright awful.

    Yes, trade Bargs… but BC had better get a starting PG (not Boozer) in exchange.  Also, I saw Lowry looking off Bargs in his mid-range jump shot range to pass to his lovebuddy Gay.   Bargs had his hands in position to accept a clear pass, and Lowry ignored him.

    Lowry is a low IQ streetballer and a infantile whiner.. no wonder he didn’t stick with other teams.  Get rid of him because he can’t run a play nor intelligent enough to be a strategic facilitator. (I wish Jose… oh never mind).

    • knickz

       no need to bring it up after every game, anyone with a brain knows lowry isn’t a good pg

      • ad

         Here we go again. Round 87 Fellas!! With my 2 favourite calderon fanboys. Wheres the other guy (Adrain?) He might be the worst of all.

        • ad

           Lowry played like shit today i’ll give u that much. However, Im willing to give him the rest of the season and maybe more. Keep in mind, jose had years to develop chemistry with players on this team. Lowry had like what 30 or 40 games? He needs more time.

          • FAQ

            That horrible sucking sound you hear from the TRats is due to the loss of pass-first PG Jose Calderon… there is a void, a vacuum, a vortex at PG position on this team…. sooooo obvious.

            • KJ-B

              Lowry’s major problem is his conditioning… He just can’t do physically what his extincts are leading him to do–must be tough logging arournd 15-20 extra lbs at a hyper/all world fitness position such as NBA pg…

              Needs to layoff the donuts and the down home cooking–killing his ability to be competitive, which is why he gambles so much because he can’t give 100% effort nowhere near 100% of the time he’s on the floor.

            • What the

              the joy i feel in knowing that Dribbles is  gone and  Barnie is next also Nate would be a steal by himself for Barnie and get rid of Boozer

              • Hound

                The only thing good about that deal, is Nate’s contract is up and we wouldn’t have to put up with his punk ass after the season. Not sure how that makes up better though?

                Chicago may do that trade and amnesty Boozer in the summer.

                Tell me again how that trade makes us better.

          • NyAlesund

             Man these are fleeble excuses. You can say whatever you want but the simple truth is that this guy is really bad. He can’t be the starter of a team wants to have a bright future. He is a damn role player at his best.

          • CJT

            The difference is Jose was able to put Detroit bigs in easy positions to score from day one on the team.  It is a style issue not a developmental one.  Lowry needs the ball in his hands to be effective and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different style than suits the roster we have.

        • What the

          Adrain is down in DET. watching Dribbles and Cesco is packing for where ever AB13PLUS2 ends up 

    • FAQ

      It’s got to be emphasized each and every time they play… just like the Bargs-haters do.  DC benched him for most of the 4th quarter, until Lucas broke down so badly.  I feel sorry for DC…..

    • Phat AlberG

      Wow you Trade Bargnani (lmao) he is needed here!  He’s a scorer that comes of the bench…. and with the rotation of Amir, JV & Bargs that’s all you need right now.  An if you like Jose so much go cheer for his punk ass in Detroit, the guy was a bum.

    • NyAlesund

       There were certain sitiuations when Bargs was ignored. I can understand his new role but he is more talented than the others except Gay (for me at the same level with the different abilities) and Lowry has to give the ball in his hands. But I think his IQ is very low.

      I said days ago, we have the worts PG duo in the league.

      • ghotte

        And just a couple months ago we had the best PG duo in the league. 
        Lowry needs to play the proper way (facilitate shots for his teammates, penetrate, etc.) and get comfortable doing it. He’ll be fine – just needs time. 

        For those already throwing Ross away, this is a rookie who is only now starting to learn what to do in a given situation. He’s got the raw talent to be an above avg player in the league – doubtful an allstar – but to be talking about trading him? That’s ridiculous. 

        • DumbassKicker

          Anybody judging Ross’s ceiling as low at this point must have just started watching the NBA a few months ago.

        • NyAlesund

           “And just a couple months ago we had the best PG duo in the league. ”

          Never thought this. With Calderon we had a good PG’s duo, now we have the worst.

          The problem is not to find the chemistry with the new addictions but the fact that Lowry is not a legit PG starter. Honestly spend 6 mln for him is waste money.

    • What the

      i would look off AB13 too if i already know that  he’s not going to be part of the team going forward the guy has nooo place on this team ,notice the boys on tv last night had computer problem mension  every  NBA trade rumor out there but none of Boozer like i said computer problems  BARNIE IS  OUTTA  HERE !!!

  • Dbobb28

    I have been hard on Andrea but I was proud of him tonight. He made 3 great passes for assists to Amir. In the past he would have taken those bad shots. He had an attitude tonight and I love it. Gay is the real deal. I hope that the cheapshot artist (Hansborough) get’s suspended for his brutal throwdown of Jonus. Please tell me how an official who is 3 feet away cannot call that play? Wow
      West is always bitching for a call and it was nice to see him cost his team the game. For once, the other team made stupid late game decisions. Even though it was great hustle by Gay on that steal, there was no reason for West to throw that terrible pass. They had a timeout even. Also, George should have used their foul to give on Gay and fouled him. He didn’t and paid for it. Two big mental farts by Indiana. I will admit, it looks nice to see the lineup we have out there except point guard. I’m very concerned about that position.

    • FAQ

      How do you think the PG mess can be resolved… by trading Bargs as others are clamouring for?

      • unknown

        Let Rudy play the point forward.

        • Hound

          Not a terrible idea. In some games where KL and JL3 struggle, I could see a lineup of RG, LF, DD, JV and Amir with RG or LF doing most of the ball handling. At least for limited minutes.

      • Hound

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We wait it out and sign a pass first pg in the summer. Kyle is better suited to come off the bench. Keep JL3 as a third stringer. With our starting lineup, we don’t need a scoring pg. Amir (off pick and roll) DD (off pindown) and Gay creating his own shot is perfect scoring for the first unit. The PG just needs to get these guys the ball. Second unit of Lowry driving, Bargs popping out for mid range or 3, Ross hitting a few 3’s and running the floor and JV cleaning the boards would be a great second unit. I really think we are close, we just need patience and a pg (pass first) this summer.

        I like this team!!!! Don’t trade Bargnoodle!

  • why did the website crushed again asernalist can you explain?

    • FAQ

      … no anti-virus flu shot …???

  • BK

    Tyler Hansborough has that “crazy white guy look”.  I think he needs to call Metta World Peace and get his psychologist’s number. 

    • CJT

      Metta world peace has that crazy white guy look too?

  • oh and bargani played 29 mins and grabed 2 rebounds lmaooo seriously he has to go 

    • FAQ

      He effectively boxes out, sets picks and works from the arc so he’s not positioned for rebounds…  but the priority must be getting rid of Lowry & Lucas … pudgy & retard.

      • all 3 of them has to go but bargani will be the first one out of the door due to his ceiling 

        • FAQ

          Casey would emphatically disagree with you now…!!!

          • CJT

            As would anyone who watched the game.  AB was tough as hell last night throwing elbows, clearing out, talking smack.  It was great to see.

          • What the

            come hell or high water barnie must go

            • Hound

              Why? Explain who we would get back and how that the addition would make us better.

      • What the

        no getting rid of Barnie is BCs next move book it

    • Phat AlberG

      7 to 10 shooting 14pts and they won the game

    • NikolaTesla1

      Hibbert played  38 mins and grabbed 3 rebounds, seriously.

      As long as he doesn’t give up offensive rebounds to his cover and we out-rebound the other team when he is on the floor, I don’t think I give a f*** how many rebounds he grabs.

      • Hound

        +1  By the way, this is the 5th straight game that we have outrebounded the competition. All without the beast, allstar, Bargs is stealing my minutes, future hall of famer (once i learn that i have a right hand as well) Ed Davis.

        Oh yeah, ED is getting 8 minutes a game now. Fucking Darrell Arthur stealing his minutes. Even Austin Daye is getting more run than the one handed wonder.

        Let’s do a recap: RG for ED, a second rounder and Jose’s 37 games.

        Well done this time BC, well done.

    • Hound

      I am not sure if you watched the game? If you have it pvr’d, go back and watch every possession, look at Bargnani and tell me which rebounds he should have had. You will see that he did a great job. Many times he pushed Hibbert so far away from the glass the ball could of bounced before JV or Amir needed to pick it up.

      I have been hard on AB in the past, just like everyone, but give the guy his due when he plays well. When you look at a stat line and make a comment like that, it shows your lack of intelligence regarding basketball. Last night he was our 3-4 best player. I don’t want to trade our good players. I want to accumulate good players.

  • trample54

    Andrea played pretty good defense tonight. He was solid.

    • EmarErozan

      Was the good Defense less than solid?

    • What the

      says the fan boy

      • trample54

        Lmao. Get your biased head out of your ass because it was true.

  • JV seemed to play with more intensity tonight and was pissed off or something. Its something about the Pacers that JV always plays well against them now

    • mountio

      how about the 2 mins of playing time he got last game? that’s enough to piss me off …

      • I’m not sure if Casey was being cautious with JV after he hurt his hand but if he was ok to play then he should have been in longer

      • DumbassKicker

        Sheeeesh, what a short-sighted, idiotic remark.

  • Guest

    I would like to hear Jamshid’s comments on Amir.

  • Amigo

    Thanks to the ref that kept close this game.Whitout their officiating we wouldn’t have Amir buzzer beater, Gay winner. I didn’t know Hibbert has a special deal with Nba f Salvatore: every 3 fouls/shoves under the rim on opposing drives he get call once. If I was a Raptor player last night I would eaten the ref alive for all their dirtiness.Because I m not I was just screaming to my IPad.Beating Ind and Ref was incredible ! FU

  • j bean

    Rudy Gay A+. The steal on the inbound and the scoring in crunch time was huge. He’s led the team in scoring every game he’s played and makes it possible for a guy like AB to play within his ability and not try to do too much.
    Lowry B- Made a key play on Hill in overtime causing the turnover and played 34 minutes in a winning cause. Wish he would realize his scoring is needed and four shots isn’t his game.

    Their grades were too low for guys who played big minutes in what has to be one of the best wins of the year.

    • Hater

       A+????? 9/25 and no bb iq. sorry i was expecting much much more.

    • Hound

      KL gambled, got beat, reached, fouled and got away with it against George Hill. Watch it again and you will see him knock George’s right elbow from behind, causing Hill to lose the ball out of bounds. I didn’t mind it as the refs missed so many calls on us.

      But make no mistake, that was not good defence of Lowry’s part.

      • j bean

        I saw the play. Without that turnover the Raps lose. You know why the Pacers never complained about it? Because Hill was not playing well against Lowry all game. He wasn’t getting that call. It was the only thing he could do to get the ball back with his team on the ropes and turned out to be a smart play. Maybe not a great defensive play  but still effective.

  • Hater

    The BIG problem is not the 16/42 Gay+DD, the BIG problem of this “team” is that this two guys never give the ball to other player. THEY ALLWAYS SHOOT also when they are 4vs1 and it could be better to give tha ball away!!!
    Second BIG problem is that this “team” has NO PLAYMAKER, Lowry and Lucas are simpli SINGLE player.
    Casey wake up!!

    • Phat AlberG

      Lowry took 4 shots today and played stellar defensive on George Hill So what are you talking about?  Last meeting George Hill lit them up, oh yeah one difference Jose Calderon was on the team.

      • Hater

        Muhahahahahahahahaha Calderon was a PLAYMAKER, Lowry and Lucas are Hobbits.

      • Hound

        Recap: Toronto at Indiana Nov. 13th

        George Hill was 8-20 with 2 assists, 5 rebounds for a -3 against Calderon. Calderon was  5-10, 10 assists and 10 rebounds for a triple double and a +5. This all came in a 2 point TO win.

        What was your point again?

      • DumbassKicker

        hahahahahahaha, betting you never played a minute of the game, and haven’t a clue what you’re looking at when you watch one.

  • GoingBig

    I’m starting to see some of the depth come back in that we had seen with Jose and Ed Davis.  While the Raps had been playing quite well around the injuries, the departed duo had left a gap in depth that you could see in the Miami game.

    How do you solve a problem like Alan Anderson?  We’ve seen him thown out there recently and  – thud ! – not working.  This is a chore for the coaching staff.  He has not found a way to adjust and waiting until he figures out something for himself is mediocre coaching.

    • ghotte

      Simple solution: Re-insert Fields. Won’t take shots away from your scorers, will play defense.

  • Mopola

    With Drummond out for 4 weeks, shouldn’t the NBA add Jonas Valaciunas as a replacement for the rising stars game? 😀

  • Gman

    Wow, did we lose or win last night?  You listen to most of the comments and you’d think we’d played horribly.  
    Did nurse Ratchett forget to dole out the meds after the game last night?  And then she left the big metal door open…
    It’s getting a little American Horror Story/One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in here.  

    Amazing win…PG’s, would love to have a Jose Calderon type for the bench.  Calderon doesn’t work with this current starting line up because he’s a better at running a half court offence than a run and gun cutting slashing offence…which of course is what Lowry is better at.  And seriously relax, oh my GOd…they’ve only played together for a few games and their trying to figure out where the hell everybody’s supposed to be and what any of that means.  

    They’ve played four games with Gay (less than with Bargs and JV back).  The four teams…Clips, Celts, Heat and Pacers are all really really good teams.  And we have fought hard and been in every single game.  And we have fought hard and been in every single game…and we won two of the four.  I repeated the last line for the particularly challenged mental patients.  

    This team is better as it is currently constituted.  It sucks we had to give up something good to get something great but guess what that’s kind of what life is about, right?  

    So enjoy…

    Bask in the thought that you’re team were Warriors last night.  They broke down the down the gates and pulled down the parapets of an indomitable castle…when is Game Of Thrones starting again…sorry ADD…and they did it because they played as a team.

    And I’m back on Bargs on the bench bandwagon…by the way.

    • Roarque

      I agree – But Gman you have to remember that Raps fans have become so used to losing games like this that it’s hard to believe we won one. And Karma allowed David West be the GOAT – yes!!! I have to admit that watching Rudy see the pass out from West and then get to the spot for an interception felt like I was in a Disney Flick. Dishing the ball to Amir who ( build the tension here with violins staccato-like ) MISSES the first and then – wait for it – makes the put back with NO TIME LEFT on the clock.

      Rudy, looking particularly dashing a la “Prince Charming” leads the rest of the kids to victory against the Hansborough-lead bad guys from across town – seriously, they can’t script write this kind of ending!!

      Good way to spend Friday night with the girlfriend watching the NBA.

    • Statement

      Well said

  • mountio

    Much better minute distribution last night. AA at 4 mins is just about right. T Ross is still light (and he needs to be integrated in the offense more rather than sitting in the corner). Probably a few less mins for Gray and a few more for AB /JV .. but all in all, Casey is getting closer.
    I would also argue that we are maybe riding Gay/DD a tiny bit too much – but its much better to see that DC isn’t running the team like a two shift hockey team. This would open up a few more mins for TRoss.
    All in all a great win.
    AB looking very good. It seems like he got specific instructions. No step back long 2s! Thank god. My only change would be to post him up a little more. Its also interesting how much more efficient he can be when he isn’t the first option (something that many on this site argued would never be the case).
    Looking forward to NO where we can all thank god that we didn’t take Austin Rivers, as many (idiots) on this site were pushing for ..  

  • JHP

    Great road win and hopefully a confidence builder.  Now I’m not a real big fan of AB but let’s see what he can do.  I’m not sure Boozer is the answer and horse trading with the Bull’s is hard to do.  Let AB play a couple weeks and see if he can help the team win off the bench.  

    • Roarque

      It’s not who starts the game – it’s who finishes it. I got a lot of money that nobody on RR ( me included ) saw Bargo on the floor in overtime against the Pacers when we were all Dissing him with trade talk in January.

      So THIS is how you motivate Andrea Bargnani?? Who knew it would be so easy. Park his ass on the bench and bring him in as needed. Worth $10 Million – PRICELESS!

  • Dustinsilver

    Its funny, two games back and now Andrea is playing fairly well…isn’t that what we wanted, to show he still has value. Now everyone wants to reconsider the trade?? We all know bargnani isn’t going to be anything more than what the past seven years have shown us. If anything this confirms the option of trading him. At least I would hope. This is Rudys team, whose shown more passion in a raps jersey in three games then garbnani in his entire career. Its not about whether we can put him in a role that will help us, its about gettiing rid of that entire pathetic era of basketball we’ve endured the last five or so years, when andrea was the closest thing we had to a star, sad as that is.

    • j bean

      If Andrea plays like that every game he has a place on this team. 
      Will he revert to being disengaged on D? 
      Time will tell but I believe his role has been clearly defined and is one where he can make a valuable contribution. As far as the Boozer trade goes he plays like Amir when Amir has it going. That is a good thing but it looks to me like Amir is making the most of his opportunity and is playing at a different level since the trade of ED. That to me says the extended range of Andrea plus 4 years younger and a better contract makes him a better fit than Boozer. 
      There is a push to trade Andrea because of the past but the present is where the decision has to be made.

      • Hound

        I concur. For everyone who hates Bargs defense, watch Boozer’s. It will make you puke. He will shoot the mid range and get a few more boards, but he is terrible defensively (actually worse than bargs) and his contract would cripple us.

        Remember, there is a reason Chicago wants to get rid of him! They play better with Taj Gibson at that spot. They could bring Bargs off the bench for scoring with Bellinelli. They get younger, have a better team and save money.

        Also, Chicago will likely amnesty Boozer in the summer. If we trade for him, we can’t amnesty him. We are stuck with him. This would be disaster!

        • DumbassKicker

          So many people have been all wound up about that Boozer “speculation”, even though that’s all it was,,,, but get this…. it came after the only facts in the story are that Chicago prodded BC, and BC DISMISSED it!! Hold tight BC,,,, if you’re going to trade AB, it has to be for a better deal than taking the Bulls big problem off their hands.

          • CJT

            and it was a few weeks ago and there are currently no talks being held nor have there been since that call.  etc. etc. etc.  Gotta love the Republic.

  • Juanmo1985


  • DanPerco

    Anyone interested in the Raps looking into Evan Turner as a starting PG? I know he’s a 6-7 wing man, but he’s played the point plenty, and the Sixers are looking to move him. Just wanted to throw his name out there, as I’ve always like his game and would like to see a team give him a chance to be a full time point guard.

    • Turner sucks, he can’t even shoot. I saw him play in Toronto and stunk it up. He looks fat even for a 6-7 guy. 

  • gradgrind101

    I agree with j bean… Gay deserves an A+.

    The dude played great last night. You can’t rate him based on on stat lines. If Rudy is a B+ then the rest of the team is a B or less. In the 2 previous games George shuts down our SF and overall he averages 17 points 13 boards against us in 3 games. George is a beast and Gay found a way to put his team on his back and beat the beast in his own yard with what seemed to be the pacers own travelling refs. If you can’t give a deserved A+ for last night then how much hate are you going to give him when he finally has an off game.

    • DumbassKicker

      hey, he got it together and did what the team got him for in the 4th and OT, but make no mistake about it:  the team was only in that position due to the play of many others for 3 quarters, despite Rudy and Lowry.

  • cesco

    Another reason Andrea may be better of the bench is that he can be more aggressive on defense  and not be afraid to get fouls . He could become an average defender .

    • Statement

      Why are you back?  You do not care about the Raps, only Bargnani.

      When Bargs was gone we saw hide nor hair of you.

    • Statement

      Actually, my apologies for that comment.  This forum is as much yours as it is mine. 

      Comment away.

  • Where the hell has Fields been? I need someone to take Andersen’s minutes

  • ByeByeBargs

    Maybe former Pacers shouldn’t ref Pacer games (Haywood Workman)