Quotes: Terrence Ross on the Dunk Contest

On the dunk contest:

“It’s crazy. People were giving like unrealistic things to do,” Ross said. “You can’t always do it. It’s hard. It’s tricky. It’s tricky. “Somebody asked me to like tap both sides of the backboard and do a 360 [degree] windmill … like NBA Jam-type things you’d never be able to do.”

On the first time he ever dunked:

“First time I ever dunked … it was a middle-school AAU practice and I got there and I was telling everybody I could dunk it. Nobody would believe me. I went in and I dunked and they were like, ‘No, that rim is a little low,’ so I went to the other end and I dunked on that one and then everyone was like, ‘Okay, you can dunk now.’”

On his first in-game dunk:

“Eighth grade, [I] got a steal. I don’t remember the dunk, but the first time I went up I just closed my eyes and hoped it went in. After that I swear I thought I was a dunker. I was trying to jump off two [feet], I was embarrassing myself.”


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