• Holycraptors.com

    “Timofey Mozgov” is Russian for “Shawn Bradley”.

  • KJ-B


    • daoceanphantom

      Jack Armstrong is that you?

  • jacobdrichards4

    The headline could be a little bit of an exageration.

    • Copywryter

      Agreed. Nasty dunk. Not the nastiest. 

    • TOraps

      Pretty sure that was the point…

  • hateslosing

    With no regard for human life!

    Seriously Mozgov, when will you learn….

  • big red

    I wish I had a recording of the Fan590 announcers during this. Much better reaction. 

  • Dankadank

    awesome, maybe derozans best dunk ever, but not even top 20 all time

  • Dankadank

    better dunks off the the top of my head
    -baron davis vs jazz in playoffs, kirilenko smh
    -carter on alonzo “to cool to be a raptor” mourning
    -mcgrady on shawn bradley
    -carter over weiss, best dunk ever
    -kobe on howard
    -kobe on nash
    -ricky davis on nash
    -jordan on ewing

    … looking on youtube for more …
    -kevin johnson on olajuwon
    -carter on mutumbo #2
    -starks on horace grant
    -pippen on ewing
    -kemp tomahawk  on golden state, with the pointing after
    -dominique wilkins on 3 heat defenders
    -nique on bird, poor bastard
    -derrick rose on dragic, one of my faves of all time
    -mcgrady backboard dunk vs raps
    -wade on okafor
    -wade spin n 2handed on perkins okc
    -wade on varejao, just mean
    -tom chambers on NY