About as easy as a road game gets in the NBA.

The Raptors did their best to gift this one to the listless Washington Wizards, but the team from the boys from D.C. refused to accept the victory.

DeMar DeRozan had a solid night offensively, but it was probably Amir Johnson’s superb interior defense that made the greater overall impact in the victory.

Scratch that, it was John Wall who really made the difference. 1 for 12 from the field with 7 turnovers is not pretty. A great physical talent, but right now is not getting the right coaching or guidance to help his team win games.

Rudy Gay continues to be Rudy Gay. Inefficient offensively, but still coming through for the team when things are getting tight. It’s sacrilege right now to say anything truly negative about the new Raptor golden boy, but here it is. The man has such good speed and dribbles that he gets by pretty much anyone his size if he wants to, and he has been doing that quite frequently as a Raptor, so good on him. But….but, but, but he almost never takes advantage of the other team’s broken down defense by delivering a good pass. It’s the one skill he lacks, which happens to be the same issue that DeRozan has had his whole career and is only now taking steps to rectify. It would really turn him into something truly special, if he learned to make that pass off the bounce. He’s so talented that he’s been able to make really tough shots his whole career, so he’s never felt it necessary to defer in those situations, but the results bear out a string of sub-par shooting performances. That will eventually catch up to him, perhaps not against the Wizards, but against the type of teams that the Raptors have to climb over to challenge for the playoffs.

Make no mistake though. His impact on this team is of ultimate importance, especially the way the NBA is structured. A go-to scorer that has the respect of the officials. The latter part is just as important as any. Case in point, Gay gets fouled on the way up against Nene. The call itself wasn’t blatant, it could have been argued that Gay initiated the contact. But that’s besides the point. Rudy went off on the official, for a while in a very public display of anger. Yes, he did get a technical after a prolonged verbal attack, but the next offensive possession he gets what looks like a borderline call on a post-up. Clearly a make-up call that someone like DeMar DeRozan or any other Raptor would have not have gotten, unless it was a really bad call on home court.

But he could be so much better if he kept his head up while driving, is the point here. Or if the rest of his team actually ran to a spot where they can accept the pass, rather than gaze in awe/admiration.

So the Raptor defense was pretty solid, as much as the Wizards helped in making them look good, but there were stretches when yes, Andrea Bargnani, was in there and it really was painfully obvious how the interior defense suffered when he was on. 26 minutes is too much, even against this team, and that’s all the space and effort that will be expunged on this topic.

About the point guard play. Solid, but not spectacular, although John Lucas has been resembling a backup NBA point right now. Actually he’s morphed into something of an off-guard because the assist totals are down from earlier in the year. This is a Lucas who is in Alan Anderson mode, except the little man can actually shoot. In fact, he’s the best long-range shooter this team now has, although Kyle Lowry would be in the conversation. Why Lowry doesn’t shoot the three more is another issue in itself.

It’s the confidence factor for John. He may be on the wiser side of thirty, but he’s a pup in terms of NBA experience. Small guys in the NBA have all been ultra-confident, and you see that since that watershed game against New Orleans, he’s been looking for his shot. Two notable plays were his stare-down three late in the game from the corner and an acrobatic layup, also in the fourth. Pleasant surprise right now for the Raptors, but they still need another point guard for depth.

So five games in a row, which is great, but the best part about it is that it doesn’t feel like it’s happening with smoke and mirrors. This team now looks talented enough to pull of victories even when it’s not playing it’s “A” game and that’s what helps over the grind of an 82 game schedule.

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  • brother

    Nailed it. Rudy Gay can’t pass. Not only does he not want to, but how many turnovers off bad passes did he throw at a critical time late in the fourth? Was it 3? He has tunnel vision. Good comparison to the Derozan of old; Gay is a black hole.

    • unknown guest

      Seeing RG on a regular basis really makes me see how good/great LBJ is.

      • brother

        HA! No kidding. New game: Try to count how many times Gay “looks off” a wide open Lowry or Derozan and forces a contested shot up by himself.

    • mobchester

      Rudy job here in toronto is not to pass the ball does why we have point guards .

      • brother

        Sounds like you know a lot about basketball. I’ll trust your judgement. It is hereby declared, just like Lebron and Kobe and other scorers of that ilk: mobchester hath spoken. No more passing.

  • Sangaman

    Rudy Gay, Lowry, Anderson, Lucas..all ball hogs.    They are playing for stats and playing to get out of toronto.  Watch the raps against the bigger, stronger, better  Memphis team..they will be beaten like rented mules.  

    • Parkerinodude

      Im pretty sure the Pacers are one of the bigger stronger teams in the NBA, they bodied Miami. You really should check out Memphis’s blog its made for you

  • c_bcm

    ” His impact on this team is of penultimate importance,”

    So what is the factor of ultimate importance?

    • A-Dub

      Corrected, thanks.

    • Guest

      lol.. someone doesn’t know what penultimate means.

  • RudyTheChamp

    RG   8 games with 64-167 and  9-37 from deep.
    And most of the “fans” are blamit Bargs for a couple of (very) bad games this year? Forgotten all hes perfect games last year?
    Sorry, probably you all are getting to hate me but i prefer AB, no doubt. He is the only one (with Calderon) ever played for the team and not for the own stats. Ok, this year startet very badly for him, but its not ok to do with him what BC is doing.
    Worst team in the nba? No i don’t think, but worst GM and probably wort fans.

    • NEW ERA

      6-2 record, 2 game winners.

    • cb


    • truuth

      Too bad you’re not a GM, we could trade bargnani to your team and be rid of the pasta eating italian scum once and for all. 26 mins is too much for the guy, defensive breakdowns occur much more when he is on the court. at 10 million, this makes the stupid italian ridiculously overpaid.   

      Rudy wins us games, and relieves the pressure off the lesser players. Bargnani is a stupid wop.   

      same with kyle lowry, his uptempo play, is better for our personnel, than calderon. The record against better teams is indicative of that.

      • amobogio

        “wop”? really, that’s what you bring?

    • unknown guest

      Huh? What’s BC doing? 
      -You mean drafting AB #1? -Putting a team around him as the #1 option and practically forcing Cb4 out? -Keeping him as the #1 option and as the “franchise” player when no one else in the league thinks otherwise? -Gifting him a huge contract that could be untradeable? -Going out on national TV saying you could be traded, which guarantees you will be lowballed, so now you can’t be traded but there is a built in excuse?

      What do you mean playing for the team?

      -You mean like keeping in top shape during the off season like the elite players in the league so that he will be ready to go during the start of the season?
      -You mean like giving up his body so he can get position to rebound?

      Yup. AndreaTheChamp.

    • Dan

       The shot selection has not been great. He’s missed some easy ones too. He also rebounds and looks like he cares when he is playing so I still value him over Andrea.  I would love to see Andrea care about stats because at least then you would feel like he has some sort of actual interest in the game. Andrea could have been making Rudy Gay money if he wanted to. That’s why he gets a lot of  anger from the “worst” fans.

    • Guest

      Listen, Rudy definitely improves the team but it is obvious that the team chemistry is a little off but in his defense he just got here, and hasn’t had enough practices with the team.  Right now it just looks like its KL to DD or RG as our offense and its starting to get too predictable for the other teams.  I think we’ll look a lot better on offense in March.  Our team D has improved a little with Amir and JV  protecting the paint and our big 3 holding the perimeter.  

      Bargnani wasn’t that bad on D against the Wiz.  He seemed to lack skill, conditioning and intensity but he made up for it with some focus and a decent effort.  His touch on ‘O’ is still there.  I think to make it to the play offs and have a chance while in them our starters are going to need to be playing crisp and we’re going to need Bargnani to be our guy off the bench, making big defensive plays and getting easy baskets.

      We should keep Bargnani until summer and trade him if his stat lines look worse than this:

      MPG: 22, FG-APG: 8, PPG: 10, RBDS: 5, AST: 1, BLK: 1

  • Gman

    Wow, is this a women’s sewing/bitching circle or is this a sports blog.  We are winning right?  Against some of the best teams in the NBA, right?  I agree we can look at the details but if any of you for a second question the absolutely seismic culture change that has happened since Rudy Gay has been here then your head is up a crack where the sun just doesn’t go.  

    Does he need to tweak aspects of his game to optimize his effectiveness with this team?  Yeah.  A team he’s only played eight games with.  They barely know each others names for God sakes.  They’ve had minimal practice sessions which is obvious with some of the simplistic sets they are forced to run on offence.  

    I once read an article that argued that Toronto fans don’t deserve a winning team because of how bitchy they are.  I argued against it of course…but wow, here’s an interesting sample size to validate that guys point.  

    • Nilanka15

      Some Toronto fans aren’t fans of the team, they’re fans of individual players.  There lies the problem…

      • DumbassKicker

        He’s speaking to an atmosphere of a “women’s sewing/bitching circle”, and your response is the “the problem” is fans of individual players? I hate to label anything THE problem, but wouldn’t ANTI-FANS of individual players be far more related to the subject Gman spoke to?

        • FLUXLAND

           No, p00ka, he’s right. Put your fan police badge down.

          BC acquires jack of all trades players that he knows will gain fan support from a certain % of the fans.  It then becomes a bitching circle over how x player is much better than he seems and if only he would get playing time over player y, this would be a much better team.  It divides the fan base and makes for shitty teams, but everyone stays tuned in so they can play the “I told you so” game after every match.  Brilliant stuff by BC, he’s been doing it for years. 

          The ANTI-fans you speak of are people who asses the skill for what they are at, not claim they are All Star material. So, don’t pretend and perpetuate the notion that if the fan base was all in agreement or blindly supported the team without any criticism while constantly looking at everything through pink shaded glasses or comparing the team to other shitty teams (like you do) for the “we’re not so bad” argument, will ACTUALLY affect team performance.

          The only problem are paid shills like you who want to focus on the fans instead of the organization.

          • DumbassKicker

            LOL, it’s joyous that this winning is bothering you so much, and that your spOOkad, but try and stick to the topic and avoid inventing things that I’m saying, yet not saying.

            • FLUXLAND

               Spooked, eh? LOL!  Sound like pooka summer talk to me.  You really are bad at this pretending to be someone else stuff.  Your vocabulary and structure are beyond predictable.

              • DumbassKicker

                You’re time would be better spent fuxing your hand, than playing desperate on-line screen name cop for points.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        I’d be more inclined to think the opposite.

        One can be a fan of individual players, but still be a fan of the team. It’s the fans who boo certain players, that I’d define as not true Toronto fans. Especially when that display affects the player, and in turn, affects our team.

        Case in point – when Andrea was subbed in (for his first game back), fans booed him. Now if he had played terrible, then fans can express their disagreement at the end of the game. But booing prior to ANY playtime, does only one thing – it affects the team. And that to me, is NOT a fan.

        If anything, Raps should just be booing the Opponents. Toronto needs all the help they can get.


        • sleepz

          But if said player, doesn’t work on his game at all, comes back the same player every year, rarely puts much effort into anything other than taking shots and is indifferent passive or not engaged visibly 50% of the time he’s on the court fans should wait until he actually does one of these things before booing.

          Anywhere you post it’s the same stuff on AB. You can’t and don’t define what a fan is even if their behaviour is contrary to what you would expect them to do or say. I would never expect someone to blindly stick-up for a player with all of the above traits but you do so all the time. That doesn’t make you any less of a fan imo, just delusional. 

      • unknown guest

        You don’t say ;p 


      Yeah, except the problem is those are not real wins.  There is no culture change, son. Get your your own head out of your ass – run and gun with freestyling – nothing has changed, at all, in any way.

      And stop blaming the fans for anything that is wrong with the organization. You blind shills make me sick.

      Toronto fans deserve winning teams due to the immense loyalty and financial support they provide to those teams. When they lose and put out a shit product , the fans reserve the right to be as critical as they would like. The fact you can’t see distinguish between real and fake win, is another story, and if you want to believe the franchise has turned the corner go ahead and KO yourself out, but pipe it down with the fan talk – we have one p00ka here already.

      (FFS, Indiana has a far better team than this shitty outfit and they have trouble filling seats. This team puts out garbage and has zero issues in that regard.  Speaks volumes on how basketball ignorant the majority of the fans are around here.)

      • Gman

        I don’t know why I’m spending any time on this idiot response…

        So beating the best teams in the NBA when before we couldn’t offer even meagre resistance to above 500 teams doesn’t denote a culture change?  Really…

        Considering that under Calderon we ran a mostly half court safe offence and now we are running and gunning and finally utilizing the single qualitative advantage this team has…it’s athleticism.  So an entirely new offensive identity doesn’t speak to a change in culture?  

        How about a new found confidence and swagger and grit that is making them dig in and fight for the close wins that they previously let slip through their fingers?  Still nothing…no change.

        How about the fact that NBA for the first time in about five years is actually sitting up and taking notice of this franchise in a positive way?  And how is that effecting the identity of the players?  And how is that potentially effecting the acquisition of other high quality free agents?  Really, nothing, not a damn thing…

        This isn’t a garbage team you douchebag.  For the first time in about five years there is a legitimate team on the court.  For the first time in five years there is a reason to cheer and care about the team that is the Raptors.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Seriously…everything you write has this extreme level of toxicity to it.  

        And just in case you’re wondering…your head is so far up your ass that your bowel can’t tell the difference between your eyeballs and your testicles…


        • FLUXLAND

          Kool Aid intoxication at its finest.

          The Raps beat the best team in the L, every year. And no, it doesn’t mean culture change, at all.
          “Beating” >500 teams has not happened yet, so no it doesn’t mean culture change.

          Right. Because Nellie ball and the run and gun have exactly how much success in the playoffs? It’s great you are being entertained during the regular season, but there is absolute zero positive basketball change going on. Maybe you need to look at how well BC’s run and gun teams have done in the playoffs? 

          New found confidence?  Watching Rudy chuck it and chirp nobodies must be entertaining, but if you think he continues this game winning apparition, you are dreaming.

          No one in the NBA is scared of the Raps.  They have to win something of significance for anyone to actually care, but if you are happy they went from laughing at them to indifferent I guess that’s culture change.

          Legit what? 1st round doormat? That’s culture change? Son, that’s been happening since inception. Seriously, everything you write has this extreme lever of delusion to it. 

          I wasn’t wondering, but your head is so far up your ass and smelll so good to you that you think we should all join you there.  No thanks.

          • Gman

            I appreciate you think you shallowly refuted my points but alas no.  You’re still an idiot.  

            I love the Nellie ball comment, because it again shows your lack of knowledge.  The Raps are playing excellent defence right now.  As you’ve legitimately pointed out the Raps offence is sputtering and challenged because they have a new number one option and basically a new point guard running the show.  Nellies teams won because they would overwhelm their opponents with offence.  Same thing with the seven seconds or less Suns.  Just because we employ a high octane transition offence, like the Miami Heat, or OKC, or any one of the other successful teams that do it…and supplement it with a defensive identity…doesn’t mean we are the same as a Nelly team.And just before you go off your meds and start raving about how I’m comparing us in quality to those teams, I’m not.  We are still obviously a work in progress.  So, thanks for playing but no, we’re winning because of our defence.  A thing Nellie’s teams weren’t particularly good at.  

            I mean you said a lot of other ridiculous things…I just don’t need to bother refuting them because anybody who reads them will see how deluded your rationalizations are.  

            • FLUXLAND

              The difference is those teams can actually play both sides of the ball at the same time.

              The Raptors have to choose every night which one they will focus on, and usually choose the outscore method.

              You keep thinking that offense generated out of defense is what is going on here, dreamer; you will always have “work in progress” and “development” as a crutch in your arguments.

              Going from atrocious defense to giving a shit is not culture change.


              • Gman

                And you keep pathologically focusing on the negative to the point where you have to invent to justify.  

                Just remember to leave a note so that the people that love you will know why.

                • DumbassKicker

                  LOL, This might be serious competition for Rap Of The Day

      • sleepz

        And the longer they don’t demand better from managemnt and players, the longer we will have to watch and “support” teams that aren’t good and have limited ceiling for improvement.

        The fans of this team deserve far better.

        • FLUXLAND

          Classic BC – setting the bar so low that when the team has a shot at anything between 30 and 40 wins, it’s considered “coming of age” and “culture change”. 

        • Gman

          You don’t have to.  Go away.  Take up bowling.  If you really find this whole process to be absurdly masochistic then leave.

          • DumbassKicker

            Unhappy people need to try and drag happy people down to their level to feel better about themselves.

            • sleepz

              Unhappy off of basketball?

              Please. You shouldn’t make assumptions on anyone based on a basketball blog.

              • DumbassKicker

                Not assuming a thing, but drawing conclusions/opinions about what you offer to the blog.

                • sleepz

                  My criticisms of management and ownership indicates a link to unhappiness in my life?

                  That doesn’t make any sense hombre.

                • DumbassKicker

                  It seems you wish to force this into a discussion about happiness of life in general, but that was never the point. You wrongly assumed that I was assuming anything other than what your incessant whiny bitch persona represents here.

          • sleepz

            The ever popular response to a dissenting opinion.

            If you don’t want to sit here and clap like me, go elsewhere, take up another sport. LOL

            I love basketball. I love my city. It’s a match made in heaven. If you don’t like my opinions on this board then maybe you should bounce. 

            • DumbassKicker

              The ever popular “dissenting opinion” response.

              I believe Gman was responding to “the longer we will have to watch and “support” teams”, not some dissenting opinion.

              “have to”? Whose forcing you? Seriously, for amateurs and fans, sport is generally a FUN thing. If daily bitching and complaining, even after wins, is FUN for you, that’s your choice, but nobody’s forcing you to “have to watch….”. 

              • sleepz

                where did I say “have to”?

                not sure what you are referring to?

                • DumbassKicker

                  Well, sorry I can’t point a finger for you, but if you take your ADHD meds and look up just a little, within this thread, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate (I’ll give you the bigger phrase again I guess) “the longer we will have to watch and “support” teams”

          • morons

            I think dumb fuck retards like sleepz, theswirsky etc. get paid to be full-time bitches on this site. at least I hope they are.

            • sleepz

              Yes morons!

              Good to see you back buddy.

              Your opinions are vital to any intelligent conversation.

      • Dan

        So because we support the team weather they win or lose we are ignorant fans? You ever think we follow this team despite it’s crappy management. Management, cioaches and Players will change but as long as we keep watching and supporting the team and a sport we love we will continue to have it. You can’t control who runs your team but if you grew up in the gta area you still feel an attachment to this team. Most true die hards fans would rather have a shitty team to support then no team at all. Go ask the true Vancouver fans how often they get to watch the Memhis grizzlies on tv or how often they get to go to memphis to see games in person. 
        If you honestly think we are all just a bunch of dumb sheep who believe everything BC tells us then your ignorant towards the basketball fans on this site and ignorant to what a fan is in general. If you want to go on the bryan colangelo republic and call out fans of that site I fully support you. Your on a raptor site with other raptor fans. Your no different. Your views of the team are just less optimistic then some others.

        The nba does not track fake wins or undeserved wins so despite your opinion the FACT is they are real wins and will forever be reflected that way in the record books.  Maybe one day the rest of us will be lucky enough to comprehend basketball the way you do and then we too can watch nothing but Heat and Thunder games on league pass.

    • sleepz

      “seismic culture change”? where? cause they have won a few games recently?

      I like Rudy but the Raps have employed better #1 options in our history (Carter, Bosh) and still didn’t achieve any measure of success.

      It’s good to see they are having some recent success but the BC era has shown me repeatedly that at some point the smoke and mirrors clear up and we see what’s really good.

      You can’t keep running iso’s every other play to a sub 40% shooter and think there is going to be some long-term success here.

      • Gman

        It’s how they’ve won the games…See the response above to FLuxlands ridiculous post.  I quantified more specifically what the culture change is.  

        And yeah, as I pointed out, the offence is absurdly simplistic.  What else is it supposed to be when you’re trying to instantly acclimate a new number one option?  After losing the point guard that ran the team for two months?  And then going from a half court grind to a full court high velocity offence?  Perhaps a little patience might be in order.

        Did you expect him to instantly be in the know of every offensive set they run?  Good…then maybe you should curb the extremity of your opinions until he gets fully acclimated.  

        • sleepz

          Not at all, but I also don’t think any type of ‘acclimation’ raises the bar for this team. 8 to 10 seed is what I see at best.

          This team changes its complexion every year.

          BC doesn’t like what is being said about him and the team so he changes the story (Gay trade) and all the fans are talking about something else.

          I care about the longterm goals of this franchise and trying to build a contender we can appreciate for years to come.

          I just don’t see a positive future, especially with this type of team building on the fly. It doesn’t work.

      • DumbassKicker

        And you can’t expect much variety in the offense when the #1 option is with the team for 6 games (prior to last night), and a few practices, more than half way through the season. It’s called keep it simple, stupid, until you’ve had some time to work with this new flavour.

  • Daniel

    The other teams are not taking the Raptors seriously and they are paying the price. The other teams’ stars are trying to do too much because they are expecting the Raps to fold however the Raps are not folding. They scrap and claw on the trail of a “great player” just acquired in a trade. When the opposition will take us seriously the reality of an inefficient team will re-assert itself. We are playing the ugliest basketball I can remember. Everything is on the perimeter with no PnR and no inside presence. All the players are ball stoppers and poor ball handlers. The defense is solid even if it doesn’t do anything special: the opposition does its best to beat itself up by playing stupid expecting to win by default. The next 3 games are so-called “revenge games” in which we can’t surprise the opposition.

    • truuth

      why the fuck wouldn’t washington take us seriously, we are in the middle of fighting for that last playoff spot with them. All this post shows is how biased you are towards white players like bargnani and calderon. 

      • Daniel

        Say what?

    • DumbassKicker

      lmao,,,, the 15-37 Wizards “are not taking the Raptors seriously” and “expecting to win by default”? Brilliant deduction, Holmes!!!

    • j bean

      Still upset about the Raps moving Calderón? It’s hard to believe you can’t see the obvious that the team is better now. You keep predicting doom and gloom and losing for them but for 8 games since trading Jose they have been in every game. They won’t go undefeated the rest of the way so I guess we can expect you to come on here if they lose a couple in a row with your “see I told you so”. Btw you said you’d rather be Detroit with Calderón than Toronto with Lowry and Gay. I watched the Pistons yesterday. It wasn’t pretty if you were a Pistons fan. Jose got sat down in the 4th with his team down 26. Memphis has a championship quality front court which the Raptors won’t have an answer for but I doubt they get blown out like the Pistons.

      • Daniel

        I am here now when we have won 5 in a row, the same as in December. I am expecting a lot of losses going forward when I’ll leave the current “optimists” to pull out their hair.
        I’m not watching the Pistons because they are not an exciting team. Jose is making them better however it doesn’t mean much. As I said, I’d definitely be Pistons now with Monroe, Drummond and $25M in cap space than Toronto with Derozan, Gay and capped-out (actually “luxuried-out”). I am disgusted by Colangelo and until he leaves I expect nothing good for this team.

        • Gman

          Except the teams we beat in December were all sub 500 teams.  There’s no legitimate comparison here.

          • Daniel

            This arguments kills me. We beat the teams on the schedule. We lost to the same teams before. It doesn’t matter that Houston was and still is above 0.500. You need a much bigger sample size in order to draw any valid conclusions. Bad teams go on mini-winning streaks all the time in NBA.

            • Dan

              So your saying you agree that this team was just as bad when Jose was running the team and they went on that 5 game mini streak?

    • EmarErozan

      I remember 4-19 reasons why playing “team ball” (or whatever we played with Jose) is not better than what we have now.  I was a fan of Jose and was sorry to see him go but there’s simply no argument that the Raptors were a better TEAM with Jose and Ed Davis than they are now with Rudy Gay.


      No inside presence, but the “pressing need” is a back up PG!   This is the culmination of Suns North, there’s clearly no masking it now.  Real ball in not important around here – what matter is who had the greatest dunk of all time every night.  Entertainment first, everything else..meeeh.

      • Gman

        We need both a post presence and a back up PG.  Everybody knows that whether they say it or not.  Don’t invent arguments.  

        • FLUXLAND

          Yes, but somehow the fans base is led to believe that the PG is the bigger issue while senior citizens like David West and KG are going retro night on us.  Or am I inventing that too?

          • Gman

            And that’s why we’re trying to trade Bargnani for Boozer.  Or Jefferson…or Millsap…or Josh Smith.  Everything that everybody is talking about is supplementing the Raps with a Big…so like most of the things you say…

            You’re totally inventing it.  

            • FLUXLAND

              Trying and doing are different things.  Let me guess, you’re a multiple participation ribbon participant?

              And this all if you are actually under the impression BC is trying to trade him – again, delusion of the highest order.

            • sleepz

              Most recent reports I’ve read is that they are going to wait to explore trades with him in the offseason as they aren’t getting good offers.

              Shocking to me considering BC has always maintained he gets offers for AB regularly.

      • Dan

         Sadly that is the way the NBA looks at it also. This is a business and and it is  in the entertainment business. Money trumps everything. I’ve thought BC should have been fired years ago but I like all the other fans have no control over it. I am a fan of the Raptors and am sick of all the losing so seeing them win regardless is always something I am going to be happy about. I get excited for each game and hope they win each one. I would love if they had a better gm and we were one of the teams that is considered a contender. It’s not happening. It won’t take away my enjoyment of the current games because I know they won’t win it all this year. Why are you even on this website then. Why is the daniel guy on this website. Go on the Heat or thunder websites and post comments there. Daniel can go to the pistons websites or Jose calderon website and post comments there.  I get Bryan sucks but since your on this site your clearly raptor fans despite what you try to say other wise. Not everyone can win the 50 million but winning something is still better then always getting nothing. For people that work 9 to 5 jobs the regular season is still something to look forward too.

  • WowWowWow

    Yes I posted it in Morning coffee too, but deserves to be repeated…..

    Just in case you think Washington was a pushover they had won 8 of 9 at
    home including vs. Bucks, Clips, Knicks, Nets, Bulls, OKC &
    Hawks……  Not a pretty game, but a win is a win…….

    Also forget trades unless they make the team better……. And please don’t say addition by subtraction……  Second unit in the second quarter still stagnant.

  • 511

    I agree with the analysis on Rudy Gay … “But he could be so much better …”. 

    The one thing we’re not seeing much of anymore, now that Rudy’s here, is the elevated offensive team-play and extra passing that was becoming a steady element of Raptors games for a while there. It’s been nice to be winning the games we’ve been winning, for sure … but other than the Indiana game a couple weeks ago, I find I’m missing some of that clever teamwork they really seemed to be getting better at all the time … back then, up to a few weeks ago. 

    I read somewhere recently (can’t find it now) about how the all-time best of NBA stars had a knack of distributing the ball, feeding their teammates during the earlier parts of a game, but when crunch-time came, those players would take over to win the games. By feeding and distributing throughout the game, it kept their teammates well-involved and generally made the game more entertaining. When it was time to wrap it up and take the W, they’d do what they’d do. Which is the part that Rudy already has down.

    So it’s clear that he COULD be one of those guys; a ‘great’. He’s not that far off now. He’s got the clutch-gene, no doubt. So … if he’d study up, maybe, the way the greats do (always) and learn about how he could get himself to the next (very gettable) level and think about what-else he can do with the ball on occasion in those first few quarters instead of flinging up *quite* so many shots … we might really have something even more extraordinary than what we do. 

  • 511

    I don’t so much mind dumb-as-shit comments that we see around here at times … but I really dislike the bigotry and blatant racism that seems to be tolerated more and more, of late. I really fucking hate it. 

    • Bendit

      Dont understand why RR does not put a monitor on those dumb posts and delete them.


    Amazing!  The pre and post game offerings do not include the word rebound or rebounding, at all.  A sad reflection of the resident “experts” and fan base in general.  In fact, for all the fancy stat analysis and permutation breakdowns that go on around here, it’s funny how the one stat that doesn’t lie gets completely ignored by those subscribing to the gospel of mathematical logic.

    The last 3 games the Raps have been out-rebounded and won the games; anyone who thinks this “streak” will hold up, knows f all about ball.  Very shortly the “Rudy Gay has made us a contender talk” will seize and some “fans”  will “rebound” back to reality.

    Like Daniel said a few days ago, something is protecting BC’s shitty trade by yielding these fake wins.

    • DumbassKicker

      Is it that painful for you that the Raptors are winning?

      The Raptors won by 8, but being out-rebounded by 2 should be a big topic, in one of “these fake wins”. Brilliant analysis!!! Felling better now that you have that senseless babble off your chest?

      For the record, in these last 7 games (5-2), the raptors have out-rebounded the opposition 4 times, been out-rebounded 3 times, all wins, yet they out-rebounded the opposition in both losses, but the relevant topic that you feel needs to be discussed is rebounding issues? Perhaps you might get a friendlier response if you stick to discussing this with your 7 foot imaginary rabbit friend.

      • FLUXLAND

        Nice cherry picking. Take a closer look and look at those “wins”. I don’t think you can wearing those Kool Aid shades.

        Out-rebouded by2 ? They were getting smashed 9 – 2 rebounding wise in that 1st q vs the Wiz.  If the Wiz don’t commit all those turnovers in the 1st (almost half of the total) this is not the story today. And that point differential from the 1st they could never surmount, as the the rest of the game was far closer. I wonder, if the Raps are  so superior to the Wiz, how come the trend didn’t continue.  How come the Raps were barely hanging on against the “worst” team in the L? Ohh nevermind; look! look! JV just dunked!  Woooooohooo!!  HOFer, baby!

        My senseless babbble, eh? Good thing we have many games left to see if my rebounding issues are irrelevant.

        The Raps are not winning, they are getting lucky.

        • DumbassKicker

          LOL, you’re getting more pathetic by the post.

          “Cherry picking”?

          I’d say you’re the master at that, considering your rant about rebounds, in a game thread where they only lost the rebounding battle by 2, yet won by 8.

          “I don’t think you can wearing those Kool Aid shades”

          No idea what you’re trying to say. Drinking so early in the day?

          “Out-rebouded by2 ? They were getting smashed 9 – 2 rebounding wise in that 1st q vs the Wiz.”

          Oh, so now you want to cherry pick the first quarter rebounding? Fn laughable.

          “If the Wiz don’t …….”

          LOL, so now it’s not a “real win” unless the opponent doesn’t make mistakes? If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, wouldn’t it be a Merry Christmas?

          “How come the Raps were barely hanging on against the “worst” team in the L?”

          Worst team? For the record, going into last night’s game, the Wiz were 10-8 (that’s above .500) since Wall’s return, had won 4 of last 5 games, and are 8th in the league in defensive efficiency. Regardless of your opinion of them being “worst”, they’re an NBA team, and never mind made it interesting, but have beat Miami twice, have also beaten OKC, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, LAC, NYK, Brooklyn. Those teams “faked” a loss to the worst team in the “L”, aye.

          Damn, it’s sweet to see you in pain over Raptor wins!

          • Dan

             And he gives no credit to the defense which caused all those turnovers that help negate the rebounding battle. Rebounds win games and rebounds only. miami is actually not the best team in the east because they have the fewest total rebounds on the season. Hopefully for heats sake the nba doesn’t figures this out. we cant have team with the most wins in the playoffs if they don’t have the most rebounds.

        • Dan

          I’m pretty sure you can just write wins instead of “wins”. Since the Raptors actually won the game.  I’ll give you an example. Despite loosing the rebound battle the Raptors WIN the game.
          Fluxland got a picture of kate upton and cut out a hole where her vagina would be and placed his penis inside so he could have “sex” with kate upton. See you don’t need quotation marks when describing the raptors win cause they actually won. 

        • Dan

           You do realize turnovers are part of the game too right? They are actually kept track on the same stat sheet as rebounds. I haven’t found the one that has fake wins yet but i’ll keep you posted when I find it.

    • Arsenalist

      Rebounding differentials and results for the last 10 games:

      16 – W
      8 – W
      4 – L
      2 – L
      4 – W
      6 – W
      -7 – W
      -17 – W
      -2 – W

      I guess the only thing that stands out is the -17 against the Knicks, which I suppose could be attributed to the Knicks collecting a lot of offensive rebounds and missing close-range shots.  Other than that, I’m not sure that -2 and -7 are significant differentials.

      And in the -7 game against Denver, they were only -3 on the offensive glass.  I’m not sure what your point is, actually.  Is getting killed on the boards sustainable? No.  Are we getting killed on the boards consistently? Not really.

      • FLUXLAND

        I thought you watched enough NBA ball to know that even when the differential is close at the end, it typically isn’t as such during the majority of the game when a team is clearly getting outrebounded and a result of garbage time, etc.

        “Are we getting killed on the boards consistently? Not really”   What does that mean?  We are most of the time, or some of the time?  Are you saying rebounding is inconsequential, overall? 

        Are we a top rebounding team? No.
        Are we focusing on that as a key in element towards winning? No.
        Is it being discussed as a crucial and most critical part of the game? No.  True shooting% and mid range shots are the holy grail it seems.
        Is the system geared towards defense (rebounding) or offense and outscoring?

        I do get your point, but end of game stats do lie, I am noticing a far more alarming trend.  We could also get into what players the opponents actually had on the court and what the Raps got away with because of that.

        Again, we’ll know soon if this rebounding thing is a non issue.

        • Gman

          Really?  You know what the Raptors are focusing on do you?  Micah Nori…is that you?

          • Nilanka15

            Sigh….if only Micah Nori knew what was going on.  

            I swear he’s a gloried clipboard holder, who is occasionally asked to count Amir’s fouls.

          • DumbassKicker

            Fuxhand is one of those guys that can look in a coach’s eyes for 5 seconds on the bench in a game, while watching on TV, and tell you what the focus was in practice 3 weeks ago. I don’t know how he doesn’t have a job in the NBA yet. His Lakers could sure use his brilliance.

        • arsenalist

          So we’re now debating what the rebounding differential was in a particular period of a game?

          I don’t see how we’re “not focusing on a key element towards winning”. It’s not like Casey’s saying, “Hey guys, fuck rebounding, just go get some points”.  

          The Raptors are 20th in DRB%.  That’s not great, but given the pretty significant shift in personnel from Davis to Gay, the injury to Valanciunas, and the upcoming trade deadline, it seems premature to harp on rebounding, especially if we’re actually negating the adverse effects by playing much better half-court defense.

    • Dan

       Miami heat and spurs are both in the bottom half of the nba for rebounding%.  Yet both lead the east and west in wins. The nba has many different variables that go towards winning.  They are playing better d which is causing more missed shots and more rebounds. Would you rather the Raps allow the wiz to shoot over 50% and win the rebound battle. Would that then be considered a real win if they win that way. Your fake wins is a horrible argument. A win is a win. You don’t make the playoffs of moral victories or victories validated by fans in comment sections on the internet. I’ll take a team that can win when the stat sheet says they played like shit, over a team that wins only when everything goes right. 

      Please please define a fake win for us all who are not lucky enough to understand basketball like you do. Explain at the end of the year how these fake wins make a difference in the standings and why you keep talking about them.

  • Ion66

    In addition to the “sewing circle” comment, I loved this one as well “Rudy Gay, Lowry, Anderson, Lucas..all ball hogs. They are playing for stats and playing to get out of Toronto. ” I am always amazed to read stuff like this. There’s so many facts that I’ve learned since finding “fan” page.
    “A player who is playing well, is playing to get out of Toronto.”
    “A player who posts good stats, only did it to get good stats.”
    “A Toronto win against a weak opponent doesn’t count….Not like it does when a good team has a 20-7 record anyhow.”
    “Toronto players are all mediocre or worse, and maybe not even D league material, by virtue of being here.”
    “For a player other than Vince and maybe Bosh to be considered truly good or great, they must first be good or great someplace other than Toronto first.”
    “The Raps should trade everyone (except my 2-3 fave players) for prospects and pieces because you have to take huge risks to get the huge rewards.” (This one get filed along with: “I took my last 20 paychecks to the casino and for some reason, I’m still living in my parents basement.”)
    “A prospect is always a better bet than a good player.” (see above)
    “A prospect who doesn’t have an outstanding first year, or become a starter in week 2 is a bust, and should be shipped out for 2nd round prospects. Some outstanding players have come from the 2nd round. You have to take the big risks.”
    “We need to trade all of our under-performing/injured/low talent players for one really good player.” (This one gets filed along with: I’m going to trade my 10 crt monitors for my friends 24″ LCD screen. I don’t know why he keeps saying no. If you add up the prices, it’s about the same amount of money. Why does he keep saying. “I have a 24″ led, why do I want or need a pile of junk??.”)
    “Look at me….I’m ranting.”


      Very close, but you are misinterpreting.

      “A player who is playing well, is getting his, regardless of W or L or any team concept as this will ensure a positive image in the L” (Chris Bosh, Jose..etc.)

      “A player caring about his stats is putting his contract first, not the team, who cares if those stats are not contributing to wins, he got his, right?”

      “A Toronto win against a weak opponent should be expected, but when it happens, it’s time to gear up the parade. And when it happens vs a good team that’s missing several key players, again, gear up the parade.”

      “100 percent correct. This is the new gulag of the NBA –  KL, Houston doesn’t want you? Come on down!! Rudy Gay, Memphis doesn’t want you?  Come on down!!  MP, can’t find a team? Come on down!!”  TRoss, no one would draft you @ 8? Come on down!!  Ed Davis, your draft stock is plummeting? Come on down!! etc etc etc”
      “For a player to be considered good or great, he has to actually exhibit traits as such, not be sold with potential that never realizes or get shut down by scrubs; well except here where they are The Greatest Of All Time”

      “The Raps are a farm team and in a perpetual treadmill status, any and all trades have resulted in much of the same, so there is no huge risks”

      “Potential and “youth” sell over actual skill, if it doesn’t work out, we’re in the lottery next year anyway.”

      “Most players are who they are within the first two years of being in the L, but in Toronto this can always be sold as  potential and development without any time limits. Outstanding players from the 2nd round are drafted by outstanding organizations. You have to know what you are doing, not throw darts at a world map and pick players from a country.”

      “Fire up the trade machine and make the #s work, who cares if the opposing team wouldn’t touch our players if THEY were getting paid to take them”

      “Look at me, I know how to criticize the fans, but spend zero time being truthful about the organization and its players or talk about ball, why can’t everyone just understand that if everyone was supportive it would yield a championship”


      • Gman

        See bitchy old woman.  Told ya…

    • Gman

      Brilliantly done.  My vote for Rap of the Week, right here.  

      • DumbassKicker


  • Statement

    I think this is important to point out.

    Since the trade, the Raptors offensive rating has averaged 109.3, above their 106.6 season average.

    Importantly, they have been doing this offensive work against teams whose average defensive rating rank is 11th in the league.

    The implication is that the Raptors have been producing better offense as a whole than their season average and have done it against almost top-10 defenses. 

    Also, their defensive rating has averaged 103.8, better than their season average of 107.8. 

    • Statement

      So thus far, despite being ugly, the offense has been just fine or even better without Jose Calderon and Ed Davis.  Which frankly is shocking to me.

      That the defense improved is not shocking.

    • DumbassKicker

      but, but, but, if, if, if…………………………can you hear that fuxhand coming, rolling down…..

  • Lowry and Gay are both quite good at forcing turnovers. The Raptors are quite good at taking care of the ball. Thus forcing games into an up-tempo style favours the Raptors over the course of a long game. And, as someone pointed out, it allows the Raps to capitalize on their athleticism advantage. This doesn’t mean Calderon wasn’t a great point guard; it just means Calderon didn’t fit so well any longer. His effect on the game did not play to the Raptor’s advantages.