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ESPN Grades Telfair Deal for Raptors: C-


For the Raptors, Telfair is primarily insurance. John Lucas III has played well as Kyle Lowry’s backup since Jose Calderon was traded, but Toronto didn’t have a third point guard or a combo guard capable of swinging to the position. The Raptors could have signed a free agent, but that would have meant waiving Haddadi   …Continue Reading

Welcome to Toronto Sebastian Telfair



ESPN’s Chris Broussard reporting a deal with the Suns to acquire Telfair is done. In return the Raptors ship off Hamed Haddadi to Phoenix. More details to follow.

Trade Deadline Open Thread – Raps Acquire Telfair for Haddadi+2nd



Let’s deal some drugs players.

Raptors Hang With Grizzlies, But Gay and DeRozan’s Performances Too Much to Overcome



This was not pretty for DeRozan and Gay and the Raptors were lucky to be in this one.

Morning Coffee: February 21st Edition


Toronto Raptors 82 vs Memphis Grizzlies 88

Memphis showed up for work last night; still was an ugly…happy to move on.

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