There is a buzz at the ACC that hasn’t been there since the last time the Raptors made the playoffs.  There is a lot to be said for that considering the doldrums this franchise has been mired in for the last four years.  I had not heard a truly heartfelt Lets Go Raptors cry in years, and last night, it was ever-present as Lowry walked it up the court in a tie game late in the fourth quarter against the division’s best team.  This was playoff atmosphere as we know it.

The game was full of elements of the Rudy Gay era, both good and bad.   The disjointed isolation-heavy offense that’s become the earmark of late reappeared in full color in the first quarter, and the only thing preventing the Raptors from being down big early were Kyle Lowry and his four massive threes in the quarter.  Games are won in the fourth quarter, but you have to stay in it to win it and Lowry’s threes which came in a stretch where the Raptors were struggling to find any sort of continuity is what kept the Knicks from extending a lead.

Landry Fields got the start to face Carmelo Anthony and the defense that the Knick All-Star saw was varied once again.  In an unused dribble scenario the Raptors played him single coverage, on the first dribble they brought a wing over almost immediately, and in the post they threw different looks at him.  Fields did an admirable job using his length to disrupt Anthony and even Alan Anderson did some measure of good.  The Raptors also used a zone as early as the first quarter, so you can say there was a lot going on if you’re into defensive basketball, even if both teams shot over 55% in the first!

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DeMar DeRozan (6-13 FG, 18 pts, 6 ast) and Rudy Gay (11-24 FG, 32 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast) didn’t have great starts out of the gate for different reasons.  Shumpert and Kidd were taking a page out of Tony Allen’s book and playing their respective covers tight.  Whereas Rudy simply missed his elevated jumpers, DeRozan found it tough to lose Kidd off the bounce because of his slow handles.  The Raptors had nine turnovers at the half in the face of a Knick defense that used half-court traps and challenged Raptor guards to use the dribble.

The Knicks got their points off turnovers (13 off 9) and ‘Melo had 13 in the high-scoring first quarter to get the Knicks going; after that things settled down.   To me the first truly pre-planned and well executed Raptor possession happened in the second quarter when – and you don’t see this much – Gay caught the ball in the post, patiently dribbled, drew the double, and passed it out for an open jumper.  It was a rare case of inside-outside play from the Raptors.  The Raptors did cool down with 10 straight misses, which was countered by an equally inadept Knick stretch where turnovers were the norm.  In short, the benches for both teams failed to provide any sort of edge.  The Raptors had to feel lucky to be only down three since Gay only had 6 points and DeRozan was made to work awfully hard for his 8 (zero in the second quarter).

The sub-plots here were rebounding, which the Knicks held a consistent edge in (42-31), partly because of Johnson coming off the bench, Bargnani netting zero in 13 minutes, the Knick guards being very aggressive, and the Raptors using lineups with only one true big.  Jonas Valanciunas was, to a man, matching Chandler when he was in there (10 rebounds in 21 minutes), Lowry (15 pts, 7 ast) was much better defensively against Felton than in New York, and Anderson was having one of his 1-8 games.

Rudy Gay had 17 points in the third quarter which the Raptors won 31-19 to take a 9-point edge into the fourth.  If I had to ask what was different here, I’d say it was the Raptors being much more patient on offense and guiding Gay’s shot-selection rather than having him go at people from the top.  They worked Gay in the post, off the pick ‘n roll so that the Knicks were switching Shumpert off of him which had Gay matched up against the ilk of Kidd and Felton.  The results were much better as he was able to get cleaner looks near the rim and from mid-range, and once those started falling the jumper came trotting along.  I hate to simplify this to just that but it is what it is.  The offensive momentum, combined with the crowd getting into it, fueled the defense and the Raptors were balling.

As they held a 9-point lead late in the third, I was planning for the fourth quarter.  When Casey called a timeout with 55 seconds left in the third, I thought he was going to take Gay out to get a rest which would be extended because of the quarter break, thus allowing him to come in sooner in the fourth.  He didn’t do any of that which was surprising because he pulled Lowry at 2:21, presumably to do the same.

Of course, the 9-point lead was blown quickly to start the fourth, primarily by a lineup of Anderson, Bargnani, Fields, DeRozan, and Lucas.  Why neither of Lowry and Gay, our two most reliable offensive performers, didn’t start the critical quarter is a mystery.   When you see Anderson trying to go at Anthony and Chandler it should be a sign that things need to be changed.  Lucas, who had had a decent stint in the second, was having a nightmare stretch here.  To be fair to him, the guys he was playing with at the time weren’t exactly having solid games or posing a threat of any kind.    Lowry finally entered the game at the 6:09 mark, which is more than 8 minutes of basketball time plus a quarter break.  By that time, the Knicks had taken a two-point lead.  Oh, did I mention that Valanciunas didn’t play the entire fourth quarter?

By the time Gay returned, the Knicks had made an adjustment which saw them double Gay in any remotely vulnerable situation, forcing him to make a pass across dangerous wing passing lane.  Gay made some good reads, but also kept the Knicks guessing by turning against the double and taking it at the rim where he got fouled for two critical free throws to make it 91-89 Raptors with 3:53 left.  Anthony was doing much the same as the offenses ran entirely through the two main guys for the teams.  With the game tied at 95 with 45 seconds left, Lowry dribbled the ball up the court against zero Knick pressure with the crowd chanting loudly behind him.  There was no movement whatsoever and this was going to be another dreaded one-on-one move, and this time Lowry delivered by driving it at the heart of the Knick defense past Felton and laid it against Chandler.  Big time move – Raptors up 2 with 28 seconds left.  A defensive breakdown followed and Lowry did well to foul Chandler who had a clear dunk.  He missed  a critical free throw and from there on it was foul shots for Gay to ice it.

One key play which you might’ve missed helped decide the outcome of this game.  Late in the game, with 50 seconds left and the score tied, the Raptors defense conceded an Anthony on Lowry mismatch which the Knicks failed to take advantage of because Johnson showed right behind Anthony and recovered well to react to Chandler’s cut.  This prevented the pass from going into the post and the possession ended with Felton missing a three.  That’s two points saved.  Easily.

There needs to be a massive amount of credit given to the defense, which was stretched due to Casey playing a lineup which had Johnson at center and Gay at the four for a big chunk of the fourth quarter.  The perimeter defense was excellent, especially on Felton and J.R Smith, and Amir Johnson’s work was epic in meeting drives and cuts down the lane.  This will not show up in the stat-sheet for him, but it should be recognized.  The rebounding edge the Raptors are conceding is a result of the lineup Casey is choosing to put out (no true center in there).  It makes the defense more mobile and against New York you can get away with it, especially when they don’t play Stoudemire and Chandler together.  That was probably my biggest fear heading down the stretch, and I’m a little surprised Mike Woodson didn’t take full advantage of that.

I’d like to reiterate what Garret said in the Quick Reaction post regarding Andrea Bargnani getting booed:

Was unfairly booed by the home crowd, but his string of woeful performances continued tonight – he looked listless on defense and wasn’t even close on his two shot attempts (to be fair, one was extremely late in the shot clock). That all being said, I felt bad for him after the reaction he was getting from the fans – he’s an emotional guy and it clearly affected him. Fan etiquette rule number 1: If the guy’s on your team and he’s not doing something incredibly stupid, don’t boo him.

I realize he makes a ridiculous amount of money and people pay good money to attend games, but it’s not exactly cool to boo a guy who is clearly struggling but is at least trying to be a functioning member of the team.  Given the lineups that Casey is using, Bargnani’s being called in to provide instant production and I actually am a believer he can do that.  It’s a role that needs some adjustment time, some coaching, and a little bit of patience.  He’s here for the rest of the season at least and no matter what you think of him, I feel that we all should support him.  It obviously affects him negatively (forget the Caliper test) and we should recognize that booing doesn’t do anyone any good.  Boo the team/GM/coach after a listless performance to send a message regarding effort, but don’t single out an individual player. I’ve been a critic of the guy for very good reasons but the booing is idiotic.  And note that given the lack of financial inflexibility on the roster, Bargnani’s improvement and transition to a good bench player is the biggest step this team can make from now till the end of the season.  We talk about Ross and Valanciunas “panning out” as key players, but just as important – especially if he doesn’t have takers – is the team finding a meaningful role for Bargnani.

Here’s Lowry telling us what he thinks of the booing:

The gap is 4 1/2 with Milwaukee hosting Atlanta tonight.  Enjoy the excitement, it’s a rare feeling around these parts.

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  • MJ

    You don’t boo your own player. Period. Not a Bargnani fan in the
    slightest but I was shocked they would boo him like that. He’s not paid
    as a number one option, he doesn’t rebound or play help defense well at
    all, but he can score and play decent man defense. Was one play ran for
    him in the second unit? No. When he starts getting even a few shots down
    with Telfair feeding him instead of Lucas dribbling the ball through
    the floor for 14 seconds of the shot clock, it won’t hurt so much. Is he
    a disappointment? Definitely – as a long-time Raps fan, I know this
    all too well. But he’s on your team right now and could help you get to
    the playoffs. Whether you like it or not, he can score and probably
    should have a few plays run for him with the 2nd unit. Booing him
    accomplishes nothing. Raps fans drive me nuts – always overreacting to
    unrealistic expectations. Support your damn team and maybe they can
    sneak in the 8th seed…

    • Tjellyn1909

       Man if I could “like” this comment a hundred times I would

    • NyAlesund

       Great post.

    • SteveB

      What AB has become is more the medias, bloggers, Raptor’s management, coaches and first of all BC’s fault than Andrea’s. Now the people  attending the games not being real fans (how many of us, real fans can, buy the ticket) just keep adding to the problem. I believe half of those people (kids, women)boo just because it is fun to do it, not really knowing why are they doing it…Back to AB, the guy is totally dis-functional, lost out there. Does anybody know why is he in the game at all. “Spark” from the bench who has no play created for him, getting the ball twice for 14 minutes when other players after endless dribbling don’t know what to do with the it !? To take care of the post? He was not and will never be a post player, great defender or rebounder. In my opinion in case the coach does not know what to do with or for him he should leave him on the bench. Maybe he should not even play at home for a while…Raptors has had so many ridiculously bad players. None of them got booed ever. This has become a mass hysteria here in GT caused by media and Internet. And above all, Mr. Armstrong criticizing the fans, changing the tunes, ignoring the fact how much himself as a commentator added  to the fire. Pure hypocrisy! Guess he got a no-no from BC!

      • ms. raptor love

        You make some pretty offensive and inaccurate generalizations here.

        1. I am a season ticket holder and have been for a number of years and no one would doubt how big a fan I am. My VP and I joke that he hired me based on my Raptors fandom. There are enough ‘real fans’ who I know that have season tickets or go to games once in a while, which is not to say those who don’t dish for games aren’t fans. My girls and I do not miss any games, even if I’ve sold my tickets that game.

        2. At the games I attend, it’s actually grown men who start the booing, or “we want Boozer” chants, with the kids actually knowing better and clearly perturbed. It’s fans like me who retort that it’s unnecessary and ridiculous to be booing.

        3. Did I mention I am a woman? Yup, a real life one with breasts that lactate AND va-jayjay. You don’t think women can understand the sport? Geez, all these years of awesome placement in fantasy leagues? Fluke!

        Buddy, check yourself and your grossly sexist, and sweeping generalizations.

        • Gman

          My basketball loving wife would concur with you Madam.  

        • SteveB

          “At the games I attend, it’s actually grown men who start the booing”
          Question one: If grown MEN start booing who is joining? The not grown up and WOMEN?
          Question two: Where did I say all of those who buy tickets are not Raptor fans ( generalization)?
                                        Are you saying all those people  cheering Jeremy or Kobe when they play here 
                                        are Raptors fan? BTW most of those people from the company I work for   
                                        while attending the game getting free tickets are not regular basket or Raptors 
                                        fan. ..and I was there this time with a freebie I got.
          Question three: Where did I say women do not understand sports? You are generalizing. I
                                          mentioned people at ACC who do not really know why are they booing just 
                                          following the one you mentioned ,”actually grown men who start the booing”.
          When it comes to Sexism ( “prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s gender. Sexism usually refers to discrimination against women, although it can also apply to men.”) you sound to me like one.
          Are you sure I’m not a woman?

          • SteveB

            Sorry for this mess,do not know what happened?

        • boshrawr

          Rap of the day

        • J R Smith

          oh really?

        • Sig

           Marry me?

    • Tee

      i was at the game
      i lost my voice cheering
      i didnt boo AB

      but he makes like 50 000 a game!

      Listen: all u guys can come to my job and boo me if i made 50 000 on a friday night.
      I would clean the ARSENALIST’s toilet  for 10 mill a year & id let him boo me…id be ok with it.

      dont feel bad for AB cause i doubt he feels that bad.

      it was friday night everyone had a lil buzz going on thats why it was so loud. 

      You come toronto & we dont like you;  you get booed, Bayless, Mike James, Bosh, Carter it doesnt matter guys thats the way it works. Its science.

      • j bean

        He makes well over $100,000. a game.  

        • FAQ

          hey, jelly bean …. $10 Million divided by 82 games = $121,951.22 .. and round that up to 25¢ to ensure the contract is not broached by rounding it down to 20¢ …..!!!

          • j bean

            hey, u must be an accountant when you’re not here.

    • Roarque

      I’m thinking there’s a slow reaction here:

      BC has been telling anyone who cares to listen that Bargs is being shopped.
      Bargs is showing good bad good bad since returning
      Fans are convinced he’s gone and steeling themselves for the loss of the “face of the franchise”

      Hold on! Stop the presses! Now Il Mago is staying (until August) so let’s cheer for him!!!

      Give the crowd a chance to get used to the situation – some of us are quicker on the uptake than others.

      GO Bargs GO!

    • Milesboyer

      Being a professional athlete is a ridiculously unusual job.  Getting paid millions of dollars, having crazy amounts of pressure on you at a young age.  On one hand you could make the case that the money makes up for all the pressure and that these guys should just suck it up when it comes to being judged by the fans but on the other hand, they’re human beings at a time in their life when wanting to be accepted is pretty important.  Anybody booing Bargnani at this point, might want to give it a little more thought. Did he ask to be the number one pick in the draft, did he ask to be the best player on the team, did he ask to be a completely different kind of player than he is?  All of this was asked of him and because he can’t deliver it does that make him an asswhole worth booing?  

      • FAQ

        Eye-talian Andrea doesn’t give a sh!t about the fans… bcos he’s laughing all the way to the bank as the t.h.f.’s  boo and bray like animals.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Let you tell it…..smh

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Can’t boo Andrea- let them (fan base) eat cake (Marie Antoinette voice)….

      Bargnani aka King Bargs aka The Pope aka Golden Child aka Spoiled Brat aka Pasta aka No Star aka The Italian LockerRoom Cancer aka Half Ass aka Lazy Mofo’er aka 13 Games aka Just Box Out aka Kid Caliper aka Toronto Bargnanis aka Andrea Raptors 

      Can’t yell at nor push AB too hard it might hurt his feelings- Sam Mitchell

      Rebounding and defense is for peasants- come here Amir, Aaron, Jonas, Quincy. (Bargnani voice)

      We are the worst team in the NBA (Bargnani)

      BC pr spin- He (Bargnani) didn’t say that his words got lost in translation. I didn’t say that. (Bargnani)

      Italian reporter- yes you did it’s all recorded verbatim.


      • FLUXLAND

        I think what’s really killing you is that Andrea is still getting more press while barely playing, yet your boy DeHoudini aka Learning How To Dribble At 23 aka I’m Going To Be 10x The Player That I Am aka ….(f it, this is too easy)  is getting serious burn and hiding under the shadow of Rudy Gay. For calling Hollinger a #clown, I sure hope he’s sending him love tweets for the Rudy “gift”. 

        DD for being as athletic as touted, sure seems to think rebounding is for peasants too.

        And that Italian interview comment was in reference to the record, not an indictment against the individual players on the team or their talents. Unless you speak the language and can translate context, of course.  We know your boy, would have deleted it and pretended nothing happened aka #BullShit. 

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          TRoss is my fav Raptor……I want to trade DD…..and I wouldn’t have signed him to that contract either…make something else up, my deranged buddy…lol

          Btw DD is a SG, AB is a PF…do the rebounding math…

          • FLUXLAND

            Sorry must of had you confused with Destro, I mean Jamshid, I mean what the, I mean…  : )

            Just did the math over here, looks like it’s a team sport, didn’t realize rebounds are delegated by given position and while ignoring skill set.

            TRoss as in We Tanked For TRoss And He’s Shook aka Worst Dunk Contest Of All Time Champ aka I Belong In The DLeague…

            …what are you boys Gary Forbes and  Tony Wroten gonna think about your TRoss fanboy love?  

            (You’re a good sport G2G, just shouldn’t be so blatantly biased, at times) 

    • Yama1

      I always thought he ablosutely positively sucked as a franchise player. It’s not his fault that he was placed on that pedestal. Now he is where he always belonged – on the bench. If anything, boo colangelo.

    • Jamshid

      The same fans cheer for the guy who is responsible for drafting AB, baby sitting him for years and over paying him and …  It amazes me how dumb the herd is here in Toronto.

  • Class President

    Agreed. Hate Bargnani but the booing was pathetic, seems most people around the NBA are in agreement.

    • JerryGarcia

      All  members of the Grateful Dead Nation agree…..booing is bad karma 

      • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

        No, BC + AB =s bad karma especially post Sam & CB……

        AB should be gone from the roster by now but BC is trying to fit him in once again as the 3rd option (still no defense or rebounding)- pissing on the fan base and calling it fresh drinking water, shitting on the fan base and calling it Kobe steak.

        Come hell or highwater- just box out….gtfohasap

        • RapthoseLeafs


    • FAQ

      “Hate” is an evil emotion which is rife in the hearts and mindlets of the t.h.f.’s …. bcos Bargs doesn’t help their orgasmic fantacizing that they are an integral part of the Ratpors since they wear team jerseys… and if you look into the ACC audience you mostly see fat nerds screaming their faces off…!!!!

  • Cottonclub

     players already have a million excuses not to sign here we just gave them another giant one…

    • SteveB


    • Rob aur

      i think most players around the nba say some terrible stuff to bargnani when he’s on the court. don’t fool yourself.

      he never made it in the nba as a big, but his terrible play of late is beyond pathetic.

      if you show fear in front of a bunch of angry people, you’re done, and that’s bargnani for you today.

      he needs to go out and get 5 rebounds off the bench next game, or shoot 3/4. the booing will stop for a guy making 100k a game to have an enpty stat-line the last few nghts.

      if you haven’t noticed, bargnani has done a lot of harm to the team, AND, THAT IS WHY PLAYERS WON’T SIGN HERE, MORE THEN PEOPLE BOOING HIM.

      • trample54

        Shut up.

      • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

        AB sucks Pasta sticks……….

        • FAQ

          #BCbuyoutBargnani’scontract…. lol

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Self pity mofo’er RGay came here and he will attract others if Raptors keep winning games- winning games is the key here.

      AB, BC aren’t  attracting anyone who wants to play with AB and for BC?

    • RapthoseLeafs

       Why Not to Sign with Raptors

      1) It’s a Foreign Country
      2) Money looks funny
      3) Bi-polar Fan base (okay … just referring to those with low IQ’s/Stupid/SecretOpponentFans/F**kedup)
      4) Smells funny here


  • Just saying

    Raptors will end short on PO race and Bargnani will drop +30 points next year back at the ACC with the Lakers.Keep booing folks

    • RaptorFan

      BOOOOOOO … guys just don’t GET IT do you?? They boo Bargnani because they want him GONE! For some 7 years is enough….They don’t care if its

      A) good trade with some value back
      B) addition by subtraction (amnesty, waive, salary dump)
      C) sits on the bench for now

      I can’t say i blame them (they pay their hard earned $$$ to see the Raps play and have the right to boo)….check the fan rules lol

      Im not saying I agree with it….BUT i understand it considering his recent play and his history of effort.

      Personally, I wish we were able to trade him at the deadline. If he doesn’t score he’s pretty useless….You know its bad when JL3 outrebounds him by 2.

      If bargs shows more effort the fans will stop booing him IMO

      • noBooze

        Its idiots like you who start it,,, well not start it, that’s on the REAL idiots in the media like Jeff Blair and that toothless creep guy on the radio McCowan (“Bobcat.” Give. Me. A fucking. Break.),,, but idiots like you, and your obviously not the only one,,, sadly,,, but how do you and your booing friends not understand that booing our OWN PLAYER is SO fucked and WRONG so many ways,,, you don’t know, obviously. Your dumb. Your a follower of those grandstanding media assholes mentioned above,,, and you don’t even realize that even if it WAS ok to boo your own player (ITS NOT!!!) theres no logic behind it. Think about it. He was hurt. He came back. No boos. He got sick with the flu. He came back again while he was still not a hundred percent, which was obvious. And for that, YOU BOOED HIM. Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you understand how dumb and rotten and STUPID it is??? The whole REST OF THE WORLD is starting to think this very thing!! Because its going viral around the world about how mean and dumb and fucked up Toronto fans are that they boo there own!!! Cause NOBODY DOES THAT!!! Except you and your dumb and stupid friends. You should be ashamed. I am. 

        • Guest

          He was actually boo-ed the first time he came back as well (before his bout with the flu).  He didn’t even have time to do anything that deserved booing.

        • voy

          in some regards “the bobcat” is toronto’s sporting world version of limbaugh or ann coulter.  its alot easier to have a show were you just throw out thoughtless, indefensible positions designed to attract/trap listeners with an aversion to critical thought or who dont mind taking strong, inflexible positions on sports they know little about.  but hey, thoughtful, intelligent programming doesn’t sell as well as reactionary mindless diatribes.

          • Gman

            Absolutely…and let’s be serious where do most of the lunkhead fratboy reactionary mentalities lie, sports fans.  He knows his audience.  Stop reading the SUN which is written at a grade nine level and pick up something that doesn’t make you go Boobs good, Government Bad…thumps chest.

        • Lafayette

          McCowan doesn’t like Colby Rasmus and he blew the Escobar incident way out of proportion (he didn’t commit murder) lol.Every single player in sports has faults and so does most everyone it seems lol!Hopefully we stop shooting ourselves in the feet! Go raps !

        • RapthoseLeafs

          Those particular fans are like the Republicans in Congress …….
          F*ck what it does to the country
          F*ck what it does to this team


      • Guest

        Don’t worry, players are paying attention, whether it’s guys on our team (e.g, Lowry) or guys on other teams.  When your own players start speaking up against the booing, you know you have a problem.  We’ll never know if or when it affects a player’s decision to sign/re-sign with Toronto, but hey, we have that covered with our enormous “Americans don’t want to come to Canada” / “Nash turned us down, oww, my butt hurts” inferiority complex so boo away!

        Sad thing is your option B only shows how poorly educated most of our fans are.  Amnestying Bargnani is *not* a good option, since we can’t use his $11 mil next year on a free agent.  Since we already have $61 mil committed to 11 players outside of Bargnani, we NEED guys like Bargnani and Kleiza to show value to fetch value in return.  If the boo-birds were actual Raptors fans who want the best for the team, they would get over their immature, self-serving need for instant gratification and shower Bargnani with support so that A) he has the confidence to contribute and help with our last ditch playoff run, and B)  we can trade him for something useful during the off-season.  Anyone who doesn’t want A and B is a disgrace to Toronto and should be boo-ed out of the building.

        • RapthoseLeafs

          [” … Nash turned us down, oww … “]

          Stevie just can’t win …
          1) Play in front of these kind of idiots
          2) Play with an idiot (DH)


      • NyAlesund

         The fans pay $$$$ to see the game. The fans pay $$$ to see the team win. The fans pay $$$ to see the team go over 50% of wins. The fans pay to see their players doing a great job.

        Everybody has preferences, everybody prefer some players over the others, but if you, as a fan, continuing booing Bargs what kind of goal do you want to achieve?

        What is really impress me is the fact that the organization said nothing about this. This guy is an asset and you has a Raptors’ organizatiuon has to protect this player/investment, so I am expecting some words from Casey, from Colangelo and why not from the teammates.

        It would be terrible for Bargs, for Raptors’ credibility not saying anything.

        • Guest

          It’s one thing for a player to call out the fans, and another for the organization (i.e. BC) to call out customers.  It’s bad form.

          • FLUXLAND


            What Jack did last night was far more shameful and disgusting than any boos.  Andrea’s issues are rooted in what is going on in that locker room and on the floor, nothing at all to do with the fans.  (KL’s comment is self-serving)

            This is now the second or third time that the TO media has attempted to advise the public on how they should comport themselves, while deflecting  and blaming clear as day team chemistry issues onto fans and their support.  Lowest of the low parasites. 

            BC spits on the game of basketball and blames fans and “bloggers” for his bad karma.  It’s more than just bad form.

            • Guest

              I have no idea why you “THIS!!!!”-ed my post about why the organization shouldn’t say anything about it, then tried to connect it with Jack and then TO media.  My issue is with the organization releasing a formal statement against the booing, as NYAlesund seems to desire; Jack can say whatever he wants as long as it’s his opinion.  As for TO media… they’re not employed by the Raptors.

              • FLUXLAND

                Your reply context withstanding, the statement alone is what is happening anyway and what I agree with.  I agree an organization shouldn’t say anything about it (but they have), just as as I agree with NyAlesund that fans have a right to do as they see fit -the reality is in the fact they are booing BC and his handling of AB.

                The media are not employed by the Raptors on a payroll sheet; it’s kind of like saying lawyers are not employed by the courts they work in – they are restricted on how and what to say in order to achieve the ultimate goal of selling newspapers while  maintaining good rapport with the Raptors (judges).

                What Jack should have said was something along the lines of: “A few fans voicing their feelings, but no doubt want to see him back at his best” and play it down (ignore like the organization should).  Instead, he broke out his old soapbox with his Millllaahh in hand and decided to regurgitate the BC garbage from a few days ago about the same topic, enticing the moral fiasco you see today, all the while ignoring the real symptoms of the situation.  

                What we should be talking about is Rudy Gay turning down Rod Black’s THF advances in a “please help us drown the boos and say you will stay in TO, Rudy” attempt. Very bromantic, but a Rudy shutdown.

    • raptogram

      Bargs may sink 30, but the Lakers will lose. Andrea’s a loser.

      • Gman

        You heard it first, right here.  Bargnani will be a Raptor killer.  He will destroy this team when his team plays them.  When he’s motivated and his heads on straight, we all really know what he’s capable of right?  

        So let’s just have a little gentlemen’s bet for next season when he’s back with whoever…

        • j bean

          So not being motivated is the reason for all his problems. You’re probably right. 
          He’s not a self motivator so the Raptors should hire better coaches to work with him, a personal sports psychologist, have his teammates be more understanding and supportive, pay him a few million more and publicly crucify anyone who would  say something not encouraging to his tender psyche.   If this team isn’t prepared to create a more nurturing atmosphere for Andrea to play in they had best be prepared to face the Raptor Killer when he does get “his head on straight”.

          • Gman

            I know you’re being a sarcastic ass, putting words in my mouth and grossly exaggerating my points but let me reposte.  We’ve seen this guy at his best and his worst.  This is his worst.  The booing is effecting him and making him play badly…

            Who do you think wants this team to win more, you or Kyle Lowry?  
            Who do you think know’s more about what it takes to win, you or Kyle Lowry?
            Who has more of a reason to get on Bargs’s ass, you or Kyle Lowry?

            So why is Lowry defending him?  Why is Lowry calling out Raptor fandom on Twitter?  
            It’s because of the answers to those questions.  

            Lowry wants it more than we do, know’s more about what it takes than we do, and will get on Bargs ass in an appropriate way to motivate him to be more than he’s showing right now.  

            Right now Casey and the rest of the team has to baby him because the booking is f*cking him up.  If guys weren’t booing, then they’d have more space to chew his ass out during practice…but you don’t kick a guy when he’s down.  It’s a useless waste of time.  

            Have an ounce of vision…it’s all that is asked of you.

            • j bean

              Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Lowry’s tweet was on the booing of Andrea. My post was in reply to your assertion that Andrea isn’t motivated. Two different subjects.

            •  You need to use a hockey example to make them understand.

          • justafan

            + 1

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          Just like he scored 38 on CB?

          We all know what’s he capable of 20 points on 20 shots with no consistent defense nor rebounding- 13 games…

          • Gman

            Listen I know your pathologically incapable of anything but snarky remarks…I’m just prognosticating that Bargs will come back and hurt this team.  Carter, McGrady and Bosh have all done it and Bargs will be the next one.  

      • Lafayette

        You are the loser!

  • Buschfire

    The things was, and I was at the game, the booing wasn’t just from one small section or something, it was the whole crowd. I was surprised how loud it was… made me feel a little embarrassed as a Toronto fan. Trust me I HATE Bargnani, but what the crowd did tonight was excessive… I hope we amnesty the son of a bitch though. The guy sitting next to me at the game tonight thought we should trade him for a hot dog.

    • Guest

      Amnestying him only helps save MLSE money.  It doesn’t help us fans a lick, so why are you so concerned about MLSE’s bank account?

      • Lafayette

        How does it save mlse money?

        • Guest

          With Bargnani’s contract on the books for next year, we’re at over $72 mil committed to 12 players.  Depending on where the tax level is set next season, and how much we spend on the last 3 spots, we could very easily be in the tax.  Amnestying Bargnani would ensure that MLSE doesn’t become a luxury tax team.

    • Raptogram

      Personally, I wouldn’t boo one of our own players. But I’m glad he got booed. 
      BC is professor Frankenstein, Bargnani is his monster, 7 years of crap is the disaster, and the townspeople are out with their torches and pitchforks trying to run the monster out of town.

      • Gman

        Okay lets extend the metaphor…Frankenstein is a fictional character, but their are people on the front lawn of the ACC with actual pitchforks and torches.  And these damaged sad souls need to go home and get a life.  Seriously.  It’s just a f*cking game…our expectations with Andrea are Colangelo’s fault, not Andrea’s.  

        You want to get real for a second?  Some people are sports fans because of how pathetically lousy their life is.  Point blank.  And these people instead of putting in the time and attention to manifest a better life they invest too much of themselves in to the THEIR team.  And when something doesn’t go exactly their way, they lose perspective, do something stupid and live out their damaged pathology.  The guys first couple of games back he played well off the bench.  Then he got sick  and played like crap for a couple of games…and now obviously the booing has gotten in to his head.  We need this guy to get back on track so that we have a tradable asset in the summer.  So…we can…c’mon…make the team…you can do this…better.
        Nice, I knew you had it in you.  

        • SteveB

          Mass hysteria
          Main article: Mass hysteria
          The term also occurs in the phrase “mass hysteria” to describe mass public near-panic reactions. It is commonly applied to the waves of popular medical problems that “everyone gets” in response to news articles. A similar usage refers to any sort of “public wave” phenomenon, and has been used to describe the periodic widespread reappearance and public interest in UFO reports, crop circles, and similar examples. Hysteria was often associated with events like theSalem witch trials, or slave revolt conspiracies, where it is better understood through the related sociological term of moral panic.

          • RapthoseLeafs

             Vibrators were developed to cure hysteria.

      • NyAlesund

         Great post, really………………………..
        For years we had a bunch of scrubs instead of player as Rudy Gay’s caliber. All of the hopes on the fragile AB’s shoulders. Until the last big trade, this team had no chance to get the po. Bargs was terrible, many times he played awfully, in some cases was great and so close to invited to the All Star Game.

        This guy is a good player with some recognizables issues but he is not the first option. Colangelo coddled him to much, the organization coddled him to much, but this organization made a lot of emistakes. How many players we change/trade in these years? Did we remember any idea of developing? Colangelo made a terrible job and everybody knows.

        Now, Colangelo has one mission, to save his ass and get the new contract even this means to run over Bargs. Yes Bargs the hatest guy in Canada. The italianfu-king player that ruined the Raptors future, who was a disaster, who deserves to be booed from the home crowd, 19800 who spent money to enjoy the game, from booing him and cheers the others.

      • Raptorialis

        I’m guessing you’ve never read Frankenstein. It was the doctor who brought him to life, but the townsfolk who made him into a monster.
        In a sense, your analysis is correct. Ironic to your intent (a redundant statement I grant), but correct. The townsfolk with the pitchforks are guaranteeing a raptor-killer is made.

  • JHP

    I don’t get it. They should boo the opposing team and not AB.  The guilty party is BC.  He signed him (weak draft) and then resigned him to a crazy extension. If it was not for Linas having bad knees (if he was not a multi millionaire it would be a shame) and needing to amnestied him next summer I would think they would use the clause for AB.  I know it does not look good on the franchise but fans have a right to be frustrated with AB.  Been here for 7 years, no hustle and hurt a lot.

    Only Raptor’s fan can find negatives in a win over the Knicks!! 

  • chrischris84

    I’m 6 hours ahead this week and missed the game.  Thanks for the write up Arse!
    Great comments on the Casey’s decision making end of the 3rd/start of the 4th. This has happened before. I wonder if Casey has anyone to point these out to him and help him learn. This needs to be changed before next years hopeful run.

    • CJT

      Well, I don’t really understand the criticism of Casey’s substitution patterns last night to be hontest.  Gay, Lowry etc. need to rest, they can’t go all game especially if you expect a high level effort from them.  So it is unrealistic to think that Casey should have had them in the whole time to protect or grow a lead isn’t it?

  • mike, prague

    Hey Mr.Arsenalist small detail … Lowy fouled  Chandler not Gay…

    • arsenalist

      Thank you.

  • 511

    I’d feel better about that Lowry tweet if the rest of the players – all of them who tweet – retweeted it. None of them have, that I can see, as yet. If they’ve seen it and not bothered to retweet it … wtf does THAT say? A little disturbing. And disappointing. 

    That aside, great game, go Raps. (But get behind your teammate, ffs!) 

    • Guest

      I’m sorry, but that’s silly.  Do the Raptors have a history of retweeting each other?  When Lowry, Gay and DeRozan didn’t retweet Fields’ prayers to the Buss family, does that mean they are all atheists or wish the family ill will?

      • 511

        They don’t retweet everything from each other, no. But they do retweet selected comments. And something like this where a show of solidarity would go a long way to let fans know that they don’t like the booing of one of their own would be a good thing. And the right thing, imo. So, we disagree. 

        • NyAlesund

          No reactions/support from teammates is a bad sign. Really a bad sign. Probably they don’t want him to be part of this team. I hope to be wrong

          • Guest

            Lowry already tweeted about it.  Pray tell what is your arbitrary # of tweets necessary for it not to be a bad sign?  SMH.

            I’m sorry, but Twitter is not the end all be all.

            • NyAlesund

               I knew about Lowry’s tweet…………….I was wondering about the other teammates……………

              • Guest

                And again, I ask what is your arbitrary # of tweets necessary for it to not be a bad sign?  Please let us know so we can apply it to all future tweets and take reading into things to a whole new level.

  • Primo Pasta just has to focus on defense ALONE for the rest of the season.

    That’s all it will take to raise his value and shut up the very CORRECT fans that can’t stand complacency 

    • Copywryter

      If you’re a CORRECT fan you don’t boo, because you understand that every other Raptor hears that booing, and immediately ‘squeezes the stick’ at little bit in response. They wonder who’ll be the next target. It is incredibly destructive behaviour. 

      • Lets all fall into line like a good socialist city, right?

        CORRECT people do as they are told

        HERR DURR

    •  He should practice jumping. Maybe vigorous skip rope? His reaction speed seems fine. He has pretty good hands and a nice dribble for his size/

  • unknown

    “One key play which you might’ve missed helped decide the outcome of this game.  Late in the game, with 50 seconds left and the score tied, the Raptors defense conceded an Anthony on Lowry mismatch which the Knicks failed to take advantage of because Johnson showed right behind Anthony and recovered well to react to Chandler’s cut.  This prevented the pass from going into the post and the possession ended with Felton missing a three.  That’s two points saved.  Easily.”

    Yes sir. Amir is playing extremely well if you consider his past reputation as a foul machine and a liability on offense. Most impressive story of the year so far for the Raps, for me at least, especially if you consider the loss of Jose…he’s playing so well and so hard that I’m scared s***less that he’s going to get hurt.

  • voy

    i wasn’t at the game, but the one thing i am telling myself is “the  dumbest 10% of the public is often the loudest (ie tea party)” so even if it sounded like a majority of the fans were booing AB, i am certainly hoping it wasn’t as large a number as people think.

    booing your own player.  sooooo dumb. so dumb.  you’re not at a wrestling event, einstein.  this is not a monster truck rally (do people boo at moster truck rallies? i dunno but I think you get my point). show a little class.  you think thats what any other player on the raps want to hear, a teammate getting booed?  You think Lowry, DD, Gay or anyone else on the team is going to hear the boos and say “oh hey, thats so cool they’re booing my own teammate on our home court.  i love toronto” or are they more likely to say “what a bunch of dicks.  i thought toronto was supposed to be different than Huntsville, Alabama”.

    either way, i’m guessing most of the fans at the acc want the raps to win as opposed to buying a ticket just to boo a single player.  hopefully, these 10%ers will slowly start understanding that “hey, booing a guy from my own team is not creating a positive home court advantage and is actually becoming more of a detriment to my beloved raps than a benefit (in my warped mind)”.

    • Guest

      I was at the game and believe me, it was almost the entire crowd. Disgusting.

    • cdub

      yep that’s why most fans are displeased, we have a group of ass clowns misrepresenting the majority of the fanbase.  and yes if you boo andrea, your a total assclown.  of course this is nothing new, same losers that boo tracey mcgrady on the pistons.  part of this is caseys fault for not utilizing him at all and just tossing him to the wolves basically while his boy AA gets to jack 10 shots a game.

      • SteveB


    • SteveB

      “what a bunch of dicks.  i thought toronto was supposed to be different than Huntsville, Alabama”.A+

    • sleepz

      not to chase a debate but i’m a big philadelphia eagles fan and they boo players and coaches
      that don’t perform regularly.

      i have no strong opinion of it either way but philly has no issue attracting players or coaches so i don’t
      think that it would necessarily influence players or coaches feeling about the city as they all get paid.

      this is still a business.

      • DumbassKicker

        And that booing has added what to the success of the franchise? How many Super Bowls have they won with all these players and coaches they attract?

        • sleepz

           Chip is in the house.  #1 is on its way.

          NY fans are no different. They’ve won championships.

  • alboy

    “Of course, the 9-point lead was blown quickly to start the fourth,
    primarily by a lineup of Anderson, Bargnani, Fields, DeRozan, and
    Ehm when Bargs left the Raps had a 7 point lead and the lineup featured Lucas-DeRozan-Anderson-Johnson-Bargnani (then Melo came in and DC took off Bargs for Fields).
    Next time better take a look at play-by-play to check if what you remember is what really happened instead of writing things that may be influenced by personal sympathies 🙂

    • Arsenalist

      I did say primarily.

      • alboy

        And you are wrong because as I said the lineup that started the fourth was Lucas-DeRozan-Anderson-Amir-Bargs , so your argument in invalid .

      • NikolaTesla1

        You are such a hypocrite.  Say people shouldn’t be booing Andrea and then throw him under the bus in the same article for something he had no part of. You are part of the problem and don’t even have the integrity or insight to even see it.’

        I don’t mind the criticism when it is deserved but you guys are just making up shit now. Seeing what you want to see rather than what is actually going on.Maybe you can show us some of that great analytical skill you possess and breakdown exactly how Andrea was listless on defence.  I saw him boxing out Chandler and even though he didn’t get a rebound neither did Chandler. On offense he is doing what the coach ask him to do and spread the floor pulling chandler out of the paint. So prey tell, just what was your problem with him last night?

        • arsenalist

          What did I do to you guys?

          I don’t have a problem with Bargnani – I barely even mentioned him in the post other than the booing part.  I just pointed to his stat-line, and that he was part of the unit that lost momentum early in the fourth.

          I’m not going to write out every permutation of the lineup that played the first 8 minutes of the quarter or whatever it was.  Anderson and Lucas are the guys I singled out in the early fourth quarter performance by writing sentences to them, but you guys single out one mention of Bargnani as part of a lineup and harp on that (BTW, I also mentioned DeRozan there, you don’t seem to be to upset about that?) .

          It’s not me who is doing anything here.  It’s you guys who want to believe that this site, and possibly others, are being unfair to him.  I hate to break it to you, but there’s no conspiracy here, no hidden agenda, no unfair treatment.  I know it’s anti-climatic to believe that, but it’s the truth.

          I’m actually one of the ONLY people who still entertains Bargnani as part of the future in a bench role.  I want him to succeed here.  And for the love of the Raptors, can we stop the RIDICULOUS accusations that this writer hates that player, this writer is biased, etc.  It’s just not correct.  Even John Lucas, the guy I actually said I hated in a Quick Reaction line, isn’t hated here.   

          • Raptorialis

            Decent, thoughtfull response, though you are dangerously close to giving the trolls reason to keep trolling. Its take a deft step to walk the lines between engaging with your readers’ comments and fighting back, between ignoring the hate and adding fuel to the fire.
            You do a good job, imo.

          • alboy

            Fair enough . I didn’t say you are a Bargs hater or that there is a conspiracy (now come on , seriously , my post was just about something wrong in your otherwise pretty good article , why do you talk about conspiracy and hidden agenda?)

            I did single out Bargnani because he had nothing to do with the blown lead , maybe I was not clear in my first post (sorry but I’m not so good at English) , the lineup that blew the lead was Lucas-DeRozan-Anderson-Fields-Johnson , that’s why I didn’t point out DeRozan or someone else , because they ACTUALLY were in the lineup that blew the lead .

            That said my comment was just intended as a correction of your article (and Bargs not blowing the lead maybe had to do with Melo being in the bench…)

            • DumbassKicker

              And you were absolutely correct. He wasn’t on the floor during that lead blowing time.

  • alboy

    Can someone explain me how can you boo your own player during a game because “he doesn’t care for the team” and not understand that booing your own player during an important game  means just that you don’t care for the team (and being childish but this is another argument)? During the games the only way to show the caring about the team is by cheering for them , making them feel confident about their game , that’s why other teams’ fans don’t boo their players , don’t think that they love every player in their team , but for their team to succeed they have to hope that everyone involved gonna have the possibility to do the best possible and by booing him you’re making sure this ain’t gonna happen 

  • why

    what is casey’s role in all of this AB situation? It seems to me if you are going to play him it is because of his ability to score however when was out there there were no plays runs for him … so if you don’t do anything to take advantage of his one strength  don’t be surprised he is going to look like shit . if the vast majority of second unit shots are going to go to Anderson or Lucas you might as well play Aaron Gray.

  • RaptorFan

    Stolen from the stop booing forum —

    Rap of the day??

    “The fans have spoken – just as you have your right to free speech, SO DO WE!

    WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY and this is a form of PROTEST. plain and simple.

    Get it now?

    Dont you dare shed a tear for Andrea! He doesn’t give a shit about you! – caliper test”

    • Guest

      It’s funny how often people misunderstand their basic rights.  There is no general right to free speech; the so-called freedom of speech granted to you is a limitation of governmental rights/involvement.

      • Raptorialis

        Nice. Also, fans have the “right” to boo. Just as they have the “right” to do tonnes of other stupid things. No one is contemplating a ban on booing. They are just saying it is stupid. Which it is. Boo if the team lets you down. Boo if a player lets you down. But boo when they do it, not because you think they are going to do it. Have raptors have been terrible for long stretches of time. During that time, no one ever suggested booing the opening tip-off – so why do that to a player?

        • CJT

          And just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  I would like to think what makes us different from the A holes to the south is that way we behave but that line is becoming more and more blurry and its too bad.

    • Copywryter

      Unbridled stupidity. Democracy doesn’t equal free speech, it equals one vote per voting age citizen. A team is not a democracy. Sports are not a democracy.  Your analogy is #fail. 

      Moreover, booing is stupid because it impacts the entire team. Cue what Lowry said. All ‘fans’ should consider this. Nobody is shedding tears for Andrea, we’re saying that booing him accomplishes nothing. It is small and selfish. It makes the rest of the team wonder if they’ll be next. It makes the city a laughing stock.

      If you want to ‘protest’, do so from your double-wide in Oshawa. Remember to recycle those cans of Maximum Ice.

      • RaptorFan

        No need for personal attacks….I live in toronto BTW. Of course your entitled to free speech in our democracy. Calling people stupid who choose to use their right to freedom of expression is petty and childish.

        I guess its okay for you to chastise others for their views….. I think its stupid to equate SOME fans booing as making our city a laughing stock as this happens in EVERY CITY.

        Maybe you live in a bubble…maybe you dont. Regardless, i respect your opinion – i just dont respect your personal attacks on fans that choose to boo a player. You think it accomplishes nothing – I believe their expressing themselves. Agree to disagree?

        • Guest

          Stop using big words you clearly don’t understand.   Refer to my earlier post on your rights.  It’s one thing to say fans have a right to boo, and another to claim freedom of expression.  We’re not talking governmental censorship here.

          Also, if it happens so often in EVERY CITY, then please explain why even opposing players seemed confused by the booing?  Or why even other Raptors are asking for it to stop?  Booing is perfectly acceptable when a player does something stupid or the team isn’t putting in any effort, but the booing of Bargnani just for stepping on the court is counterproductive and any intelligent fan who wants Bargnani gone would understand this.

    • alboy

       No one is saying it should be prohibited booing Bargs or any other player , we are just saying that from a Raps fan perspective it is just stupid because by booing him you hurt your own team just for some personal ego satisfaction (Oh man I’m cool , Casey what are you doing , put Bargs in the bench or I’ll boo him , oh finally … Look he put him back , let’s make it clear to the players that we don’t want him to take the ball , so he can’t make anything because he is just a shooter and without the ball in his hands he can’t do much else so we can complain after the game that he did not even score. Oh look he’s fouled JRSmith Booooo).
      All this looks so childish to me and it does damage the team , that’s why Lowry posted his twitter “I love our fans to death , but booing one of our players isn’t cool and
      it should NOT be done!! Hopefully next game it won’t happen!!”
      And please never mention again this pathetic democracy excuse , you have your right to free speech and so do we , we’re not demanding the booers being put in jail , we’re just saying it is stupid and childish because it hurts the Raptors and their possibility to win games which is the reason why we go to the ACC

      • Raptorialis


      • RaptorFan

        Not sure I agree that it hurts the team as much as you say…BUT I do know that Bargs’ play has hurt this team since the start of the season.

        He lost his starting role because of it. He just doesn’t bring the intangibles we need in a PF. SOME think we’re better off amnestying him rather than waiting on him (as always) to play up to his potential so that we can get some value for him in a trade.

        Players such as

        Elton Brand, Brendan Haywood, Luis Scola, Darko Milicic, Andray Blatche, Chris Anderson

        Were all amnestied last year.

        The fans are entitled to express themselves. GMs do their homework on players and they know a player’s value regardless of what fans think of said player. Sometimes a change in location is all a player needs.

        Your argument is flawed as we’re winning regardless of the boos. Also, i’m sure his own words and actions hurt the team more than SOME fans at a game.

        • trample54

          It does hurt the team. Of course he is not playing good because of his injuries. Yeah fans are supposed to support their team AND players through thick and thin. I couldn’t give a rats ass about “I’m paying money, I do what I want’. No. You don’t do that. Show some Goddamn support. 

        • alboy

           This are all your legitimate opinions , but you’re not the coach . Taking him out of the rotations just because the fans feel frustrated because of the past Raps season is non sense , let Casey do his work without obliging him to take Bargs out of the game for some stupid personal fan convictions .

          Many of us wanted him to start from the bench , he was just doing that (had also a couple of good games) without saying a word . He wasn’t traded (and I’m sure he too wanted to be traded) so he’ll stay here til the end of the season and probably will start from the bench until he gets traded .

          I’ll make you one question : What do you want him to do and what do you expect to achieve by booing him ?
          And please , being in a Raps blog , I beg you please don’t talk about democracy and other stuff because you know that is bull$ , we’re talking about basketball here .

          If you don’t trust me than tell me what do you think of Lowry’s tweet : “I love our fans to death , but booing one of our players isn’t cool and
          it should NOT be done!! Hopefully next game it won’t happen!!”

          “It should NOT be done” what does it mean according to you ? It looks so clear to me that I can’t believe that we’re still discussing about it .

    • Cottonclub

      ….does this mean i have the right to punch you in the face at a raptor game for being a traitor and giving the opposition an advantage by booing one of our own?…..hmmmm………..SLAP

  • Roarque

    Putting Il Mago aside if I may, anyone NOT enjoying Rudy Gay, a super star, in Raptors’ colours? I’ve always admired thie guy from afar but to have him here every game doing the impossible things he does is pretty darned nice.  And to pick him up the way they did is pure genius. Thank you, Brian Colangelo.

    Now, back to Andrea. I think Dwane needs to figure out how to use Bargnani on a team where he’s now the third best offensive weapon.  Run a few plays that put him 15-18 feet from the hoop with the ball in his hands. You might be surprised what he does with it.

  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    No shoutout to the fan that ran on the court?? He got one of the biggest pops of the night, aside from pulling Bargs from the game for Valanciunas, and everything Gay in the 4th. Definitely a game changer as it got the crowd warmed up.

    BTW, I was at the game and shocked at the booing…can’t do that, even if I do want him gone.

    • Bob

      i pay for the tkts and have seen nothing from that limp pasta; therefore, I get to booo that mf. period.  He makes 10 Mill a year; suck it up baby.

      Hope the booing will run him out of town!

      • NyAlesund

         Why don’t you send an e-mail to BC to anmesty him? It is simply.
        This booes are not help this team, are not help the consideration that this city has in the NBA and worse no FA wants to spend their life in Ontario.
        Are you happy?

  • Daniel

    The entire organization has a desperation feel to it. The GM has not had his option picked-up, the coach may be let go by a new GM, Lowry has for the first time the keys to his own team, Gay has been discarded by a very good team and wants to prove himself as number 1 option, Anderson is fighting for a contract, etc. There is a lot of tension around this team and the team plays very tight, considering every game “the last game of their life”. They are winning, even if they are playing ugly, based on will more than skill. In professional sports, this situation may work for a while until all hell breaks loose.
    All this pent-up drama and tension is picked-up by the fanbase. They have been promised play-offs this year, big names were bandied about the Raptors, and they stunk the joint in the beginning. Now a big trade has happened and the fanbase is impatient and wants “a new life” after so many years of misery. Andrea is the proverbial rod for the thunder however all this tension will really explode when the team will break down. There is no way the team can keep winning with perimeter inefficient shooting and heroics in defense.
    If Sacramento can’t keep a basketball franchise in their city, it’s hard to see how Toronto deserves one. After 18 years of professional basketball, the fans still have no clue about the criteria for success in organized basketball.  Instead of booing Tannenbaum and Colangelo with a passion for bringing this misery to the city, they boo a player who’s a by-product of these 2 entities. They cheer for “Rudy” when he’s been the most inefficient player in the League in the last 10 games. The team has won despite him and other players should have been cheered during this stretch, probably nobody more than Amir. What he’s been doing defensively it’s just unbelievable. Anyway, I live in Toronto and I love this city and I’d like to cheer for all the profesional franchises in this city however it’s becoming harder and harder to cheer for the Raptors.

    • j bean

      Go back and read your posts. You are a fan of Calderón and since he has been traded your prediction is doom and gloom for the Raptors. You said the Knicks would be ready for the Raps this time but what happens, the Raptors win again. The acquisition of RG and the starting role for KL just make this a better team than it was before Jose was traded. Amir has stepped up and young JV needs nothing but experience and strength to become a real force. Don’t know why a Raptors fan wouldn’t be optimistic and find it easy to cheer for them. 
      Your assertion that they can’t keep winning just doesn’t have a basis in reality. Why is it I get the feeling you hope they start losing to justify your negative predictions?


      This absolutley spot on and fantastic comment will get drowned out by the BooGate v .AB drama and the moral discussion taking place amongst the life philosophers, psychologists and politicians that occasionally frequent our comments sections.

      Real basketball talk will commence once the front office and it’s shills stop making the constant excuse-fests and if/ maybe/but the story about this team.

      The only thing I disagree on is not deserving a franchise, even from a simple business perspective it’s sad the customer is already here, but you just can’t build it. Sad, I tell ya.  The fan base doesn’t deserve this regime.

      And the Rudy trade has created one big positive for BC – DD has been removed from taking the heat, maybe BC was counting on their new found hate for Hollinger? The Hollinger Brothers? I guess we’ll find out soon enough who the real #clowns are.  

    • Kujo

      Well said.  I was at the game last night, and I didn’t boo AB, but I watched in frustration.  I have no issue with the booing at all.

      I’m happy the Raptors are winning, but I keep waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, and this team start struggling again.  We still have a flawed roster.

      It will take a heroic run to make the playoffs.  The proof will be in the pudding over next 2 Rudy Gay contract years. We don’t have much flexibility to improve the roster.  What will this team be?  We’ll see.

      It’s unfortunate that this trade will likely save BC’s job.

  • RapBastard

    Bargnani is shooting 47% on the road this season, and only a paltry 30% at home.

    You think the booing from the fans is having a negative affect on his game? Regardless of how you feel about a player, if he’s on your team, wouldn’t you rather have the guy making more of his shots during a ‘playoff push’? The booing is not contributing to the team winning in any way, shape, or form. It’s counter productive, utterly stupid, and ignorant.

  • FAQ

    Obviously, Casey has no Bargnani-specific plays… only picks, rebounding and defending.  Bargs is left with garbage points while KL, DDR, RG do their pirouetting like prima donnas.   Hell, even if Casey sets out a play, these guys will bust it and just do their thing extemporaneously …. soooo obvious.   Pray that none of them get injured because that would be the end of the TRats…. believe it.


    Rebounds and PiP should never be sub-plots, they should be cornerstones of winning; but maybe that’s just me. (And Riles and a few others, I guess?)

  • Max Lombardi

    I thought this Site was for RAPTORS FANS. Fans don’t support booing their own team members. Unless they are not really Raptors fans — just bball fans who happen to live in Toronto and are just looking for a bandwagon to jump on and off of.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Fans boo their own all the time- wake up…..and fans don’t all have to think alike nor fit into your definition thereof, buddy….7 years of both AB and BC thus we the fans have a right to boo and do whatever else we like to in relation thereof- recognize game.

      Raptors fans reside both in and outside of  Toronto ie Canada’s teams marketing….

       Critical thinking team support >>>> Blind team support

      Can’t we all just get along (Rodney King voice)

      • You don’t even make sense. WTF is critical thinking team support you fuckhead. Now your just making shit up

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          The Raptors woes have got you calling me names…wow…BC mind control….lmfao

          • What are you talking about? Your stupidity and knowing nothing about basketball gotten me calling you names. You don’t even deserve to watch basketball because your that much of a retard. Like seriously…

  • It seems that if a poll were held, most users of this forum would agree booing him is  ‘the wrong thing to do’ or something like that. I think this is obvious. But, at the same time, one has to sympathize with the less erudite of the fans, which is likely the majority. If I were Casey I’d be begging Andrea to just really try to jump ca little higher top get just a couple more rebounds or blocks in traffic. The thing is, the guy is 7 feet tall, so it just looks silly when he doesn’t even challenge layups or jump to try for rebounds that may or mat not be out of his reach. He deserves it to some extent despite his adequate man defense, proficient ball handling and soft-touch shooting. Maybe he just needs to watch more video of himself. But it is up to him, and to a lesser extent but still considerably so, Casey. I can see why he is being run out of town though. And I like the guy. I hope the Raps solve this problem and keep him. He is a unique asset when he’s playing at or near his best. Unique assets can often win you games. (i.e. Rudy….)

  • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    Solid W!

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Bargnani summary

    Raptor Republic Recap rating = F
    IMO = C- 

    Game Summary (with Andrea)

    12:52 minutes
    No plays run for him.
    One real shot.
    +/-  Stat ….  -2

    Court mates (for the most part):
    Lucas …… -13 …. Zero assists
    Anderson …. -14 … 1-8 …. 2 assists (both to Amir)
    Even Johnson (-9) had to suffer while with these guys.

    [Bargs on Court] Rebound Differetial … New York  +1
    Total Game Rebound Differential …. New York +11

    Chandler Numbers … vs Bargs
    10:51 minutes
    1 missed shot
    2 made Free throws
    1 Offensive Rebound
    3 Fouls


    • Really??

      you sir just delivered

      The most cherry picked, useless fanboy stats EVER

      John Lucas III – 10 points 2 rebounds in 14 mins

      Andrea Bargnani – 0 points 0 rebounds in 13 mins

      REALLY??? Your a MORON!

      • RapthoseLeafs

        [” REALLY??? Your a MORON! “]

        Glad you appreciate my thoughts. Love the moniker.

        The point was – and this is from my visual observation – is that Andrea was NOT a F rating, but more a C-

        Casey playing AB only 12:52 minutes, was a function of:

        1) Some sympathy for Bargs (in not subjecting him further to the wrath of a bunch of idiots).
        2) Andrea’s demeanor, or lack of confidence/down in the dumps mentality, is not conducive to good play. It affected his play, and as such, affects the team.

        Fields played a great defensive game, but his stat line shows …. 6 points, 2 Rebounds in 23+ minutes. In Landry’s case, it wasn’t his stat line that got him a  “B” rating.

        Now get out of your mom’s basement.


      • NyAlesund

        How can he makes points if he didn’t touch the ball?

        Do you know the box out’s concept? Casey is asking to the guards to  grabs rebs when Bargs box out the opponent. Why this? Because Bargs is not exactly able to grab rebs but very good to box out. When you as coach realize this, instead of going to crazy, try to exploit the Bargs’ ability, the boxout.

        If you are a little objective you can notice how Bargs is able to contain the opponents bigs, even Zibo, that is second in the NBA in offensive rebs. Watch the game and you can see when Zibo grabbed his offensive rebs.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      One other Stat for the Boo Birds to mull over, next time they wanna “impact” one of our OWN players … (aka – affect the team).
      Bargs Stat (since his return) …. 7 games (5-2)

      Home games (4)…. efg% — .304
      Road games (3) ….. efg% — .694   [3-0]

      [Shout out to RapBastard for part of this].

  • NyAlesund

    4.5 games behind the Bucks. It is hard very hard to pick the 8th seed but we have some room to try.

    But what is going on with Bargs is not helping.

    What do they really want? Do they want to see the team win and booing Bargs at the same time?

    Do they want to see Bargs playing well, or they want to see him out of the rotations?

    What do they want?  Honestly I can’t imagine how bad it was for him to listen to the booes from 19000 fans. OMG. And this is getting worse.

    Frankly this is terrible. It seems that the Raptors fans are not able to enjoy the wins, but they are so frustrated that even in a good streak of victories they have “pleasure” to destroy the AB’s confidence.

    Are we sure that this erratic behaviour would help the team? I don’t think so.

  • FAQ

    Kyle, DeMar, Lucas, Allan, Rudy… all streetballin’ ball hogs who will only give up the ball to Bargs in the last 5 seconds.

    This team has no plays, they only improvise doing their individual thing for the cheering t.h.f.’s…. soooo obvious.

  • jacobdrichards4

    Bucks lost again, four games out!

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Play-off time 

    Hawks take down Bucks.
    Raptors behind by 4 games.

    One more reason to stop the booing. If AB can help, them Boo-Bird fans need to stfu.

    Washington up next. Time to turn that 2 game winning streak into a L1


  • JHP

    Interesting discussion on what emotional level a fan should interact with their favorite team and players.  Personally think they are very rich individuals who live a pampered life and in most cases have a very limited connection to the city they play/work in.  In their defense they probably spend 3/4 months a year in the city they play for and  spend the majority of the year either on the road or some where else.  Like all the migrant workers toiling in the Albertan tar sands, in for 20 days and home for 20 days.

    Now in some rare cases they do actually take a portion of their wealth and do good deeds. Like build a school or hospital but most of their charitable actions are mandated by the league or individual team. Maybe it’s more driven by TV ratings and attendance figures but the people getting the support probably don’t care. 

    Now do I hate any individual player on the Raptor’s ?  Of course not, since I’ve never meet any of them and probably never will.  Do I think certain players should be traded or not resigned? Yes I do and a winning team is funnier to watch / follow then a losing one.  That being said the angst from watching them tank is somewhat entertaining as well.

    On the subject of hurting the players feelings by booing them I would like to say they all make large sums of money to play in the NBA.  One of the driving reasons the team is in Toronto is the league has run out of places to put teams in North America.  Outside of Seattle, which city would you move a NBA team to? And when people say free agents will not sign here because of the fans you have to be nuts.  No  NBA player would ever turn down a trade to Miami and in most cases would play for less.

    But for the paying fans following this year’s version I can certainly see their frustrations.  Four going on five years of not making the playoffs and paying good money every year to watch a bottom half team.  Even in Toronto it must be annoying to pay the big bucks for a ticket , watch the team struggle (tank) the first third of the year, trade for a savior and then watch them just come up short.  Now it seems this script is unique to this year but I would argue the play running at the Air Canada center looks very similar to the previous  years.  

    So please keep all this in perspective and enjoy the ride.  BC and AB will both retire in TO and the team will continue to win 40 percent of their games.  As fans we just need to relax  
    and accept the play. The next act is tomorrow night and I’ll be following on the internet.

  • grizzly73

    BC is to blame for Bargs. Hung on to him to validate the biggest bad draft decision ever made by a rap gm. A first overall sometimes never even  comes to a franchise. Should have traded him two years ago when he had value. he was definitely a factor in Bosh fleeing town.

  • grizzly73

    Shocked at how many are offended by the booing. My way of thinking is, you pay your money, you can boo whomever you like as long you don’t go nuts on it. Here’s the deal, a fan pays his 100$ or so for ticket, parking etc. to watch a guy make 100 thou for one game and look like he doesn’t give a shit and get outrebounded consistently by both point guards, and he is wrong to boo that? If you can’t boo that including the 7 yrs of mediocrity, when can you boo? It’s also a clear message to management as well as (We’re the worst team in the league) AB.

    I look at it as a motivating factor. AB is clearly not in the shape he was in last year and didn’t rehab after the injury enough. Any athlete with any pride would challenge himself to prove everyone wrong.

    Hook him up with Nash’s trainer in the off season, let him show, then trade.

  • You are doing to wrong AB

    The booing will stop if he contributes to the team.

    If you cant hit your jumpers (which is what he is getting paid for), and he still has not learned anything about rebounding or help defense, then he deserves to get booed. Raptor fans love anyone who busts their hump and plays hard. Guys with blue collar attitude have always been loved in this city, JYD, Reggie Evans, Amir Johnson etc.

    Lets view it from a different perspective, lets say Andrea was not a basketball player, but a server at a restaurant that you attend. If his service is really slow makes you wait 20 minutes before coming over to get your drink order, or your food comes out cold, or your steak is not cooked right, or the wrong entree is served, you would probably let him know that there was a problem. And if it seemed like he was not doing anything about it, rather just say platitudes that dont resolve the issue, I would imagine that you would be pissed enough, to say not giving him a tip (or a bad one), and possibly complain to his Manager.

    As a fan and paying customer, “Booing” is the only way that the fans can let you personally know that you are terrible at your craft. Responsive feedback to say hey buddy the way you are playing is the wrong way to play the game. Oped pieces in media can be representation of a singular person views with possible ulterior motives (anything to sell a story), but when your fans come in and boo you, that is a statement. Especially since Toronto fans normally reserve their boos for their jilted super-stars that left. I cant ever recall any existing player on the Raptors that was booed.

    So this dont boo Andrea campaign does not serve any purpose. He deserves it. And as soon as he starts playing hard/contributes to the team the boos will automatically stop.

    Till then as paying Customers go… its been 7 years Andrea, learn to do something other than shoot the ball.

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