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With Oliver and I providing our arguments for and against keeping Bryan Colangelo around last week, the Colangelo debate dominates this week’s edition of RaptorBlog Radio. Of course, Drew, Oliver and I also touched on the Friday night collapse in L.A., Dwane Casey’s lack of late game faith in Jonas Valanciunas and the comeback win over the Cavs on Sunday.

Brian Colangelo Is To Blame For The Toronto Raptors Woes | Rant Sports

So in terms of Colangelo’s fate some fans might say that the trade was a good one. In my opinion, it was a good trade but it occurred way too late. Gay has been on the trade block since last summer after the new owners of the Grizzlies stated a desire to shed salary. Colangelo first discussed trade deals involving Gay in December. The Grizzlies didn’t want any part of Gay. It was up to the Raptors and Colangelo to make all the moves but they didn’t. Gay has done his part. He has become the closer that the team has needed for two years. Too bad Colangelo didn’t close the deal earlier.

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3 Responses to “Morning Coffee: March 12th Edition”

  1. vino

    Mr. Khan presents a lot of personal opinions without any backing… and his two
    points – trading for Gay earlier and getting rid of Bargnani are nothing more
    than a wish of an upset fan; something along the lines of a kid, who’s upset
    with his older brother for not taking him to the zoo…  How does he know Gay was available last summer
    for the same price we paid to get him now? I’d argue that the Griz wanted more back
    then… and since no one has bitten, they’ve reduced the price tag and BC got him
    at a discount (relatively speaking). So, kudos for Brian for making this deal!

    As for trading “the enigma” – I wanted
    him gone since day 2, but… how many fans would get absolutely mad seeing him
    gone for say… a mid-second rounder? The point here is that I’d rather have #7
    on the bench (for now) and let him out for 10 min a night shooting a few open
    jumpers than settle for nothing (or close to it) in return. Many fans have
    expressed their view on trading #7 – the best I’ve heard was acquiring someone
    like Josh Smith from the Hawks at this past trade deadline, knowing he might
    bolt in the summer, effectively amnestying Bargs (with a slim chance of
    extending Smith at a reasonable price. Whether Smith fits here is a totally
    different argument). I heard it in one of the podcasts – really good point;
    this would have been the best case scenario. But, again, losing #7 for nothing
    is a tough pill for any Raptor fan, and a really bad PR trying to convince
    people buying season tickets. Imagine any GM standing there telling ppl the
    organization drafted a #1, then threw him away for nothing… Personally, I’d
    still amnesty his ass this summer (may be Kleiza receives an offer back home
    and does not pick up his option….) – we’d free up significant cash to “regain
    our flexibility” – so many fans here are upset with BC for “sacrificing” it in
    the Gay trade. By the way this virtual “flexibility”, as are PTEs… are nothing
    more than a myth taking into consideration ownership desire to spend. We, as
    Raps fans, should be ecstatic the old teachers’ plan has sold the team and we
    have new ownership, which is willing to spend. If they let BC tap into a luxury
    tax and he manages to sign up some one like Millsap long term, keeping the
    existing team (reducing Gay while giving Lowry a slight raise). Then extending
    Val and Ross… all while keeping other pieces… we’d have a solid team for years.
    Will this be enough to contend? Only the development of our rookies will tell,
    but then with the new CBA, it will be more difficult to build another
    super-three teams, ala Heat, so the competition is going to be weaker. I’d be
    more than happy to see a top 4 team here in Toronto!

    Finally, my take on BC – he’s not
    perfect, but he’s the best GM we’ve ever had! Do I have confidence in him
    leading this franchise to become a contender? Probably not; he’s too impatient
    for my liking… but this team, as it is assembled now, is a playoff team. Maybe
    not top 4, but certainly in the 5-8 category in the East. People should be
    judged based on expectations. Next season, unlike this past summer (I did not
    see the Raps making the playoffs this year), pretty much every one will expect
    playoffs. Fire BC if the team does not make it. Simple as that. Everyone just
    needs to chill out and enjoy the games for now. It’s been a while since Raps
    games were watchable…

  2. tmk

    Those Acy highlights are interesting. The first two positions he hits a turn around fadeway and the next he leads the fastbreak crossing over a guy and dropping a dime.

    Ya, I don’t know if I should put too much value in them. But at least he’s getting playing time.


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