That’s all I can really say at this point. That…and that I’m probably done.

Sorry to scrap the post-game from that awful Washington Wizards game on Sunday, but this is far more important. Without further ado…

Multiple sources are reporting (mostly on Twitter, though sources I have within the Raptors are also “not confirming” with a wink and a nod) that the Toronto Raptors have signed Andrea Bargnani to a three-year, $24M extension that will kick in at the end of his current deal.

The polarizing Bargnani, the 2006 No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, is currently on the shelf for the remainder of the season with elbow troubles. It’s a crazy turn for a franchise that was shopping him just weeks ago, and almost a certain sign that general manager Bryan Colangelo’s option year will be exercised by the club.

Bargnani, of course, draws the ire of Raptor fans for his inconsistent play, though he’s at least been consistently bad in 2012-13. He’s posted near career lows across the board, with a True Shooting Percentage of just 48.3% and an anemic 7.6% Rebound Rate. His defense also failed to improve on its 2011-12 improvement, making him entirely valueless (according to BRef’s Win Shares) or somehow of negative value (according to every person who watched him play this year).

Bargnani is making $10M this season and is scheduled to earn $10.75M and $11.5M the next two seasons. So, yeah, this extension averaging $8M a year is a relative discount, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks he’ll earn this amount, I’m sure. If you think maybe the security will help him settle back in after a few tumultuous seasons, here is a refresher on player’s with his closest similarity score through this point in his career: John Brown, David Benoit, Jeff Cook, Danny Vranes and Rodney Rogers. I doubt very much a declining 27 year old will somehow find a new lease on his basketball life thanks to some financial security.

Like…there aren’t words for this level of stupidity in an organization. How the board could justify this extension, or how Colangelo could sign it, or how the team could walk in the locker room today and not riot, is beyond me. Your core for the next few years is now DeRozan, Gay and Bargnani with Valanciunas fighting for touches. I’m sure an Alan Anderson extension will follow shortly.

This isn’t even securing mediocrity for the short term, this is securing a full walk-out from fans (I hope). I for one, am probably done. Yes, I’ll be called a traitor and a bad fan and blah blah blah…but I can’t support a team that would make a move like this. I’ll cheer for the Seattle Whatevers or just be a general NBA fan.

I’m shocked. Write it down folks. The day the Toronto Raptors died – April…1.

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  • jimmy

    APRIL FOOLS ! nice try

  • Ds

    FU. Had me going until the… end. 🙂

  • Sam Holako

    You’re a sick bastard, Blake…

  • raptorspoo

    and it was so believeable!

  • unknown

    The real joke is that if it would have been true, most fans wouldn’t have been all that surprised.

    • JimmyJamm

      This is true

  • paolo medici

    You got me for 20 sec! nice try..

  • arsenalist

    For about a few seconds there….

  • Red and White

    Nearly vomited.

    Nice one Blake.

  • WorstNBAteam

    Ok this is a good April Fish …. enjoy April fish for a bit Craptors fans
    ‘couse the acquisition of Rudy Gay is deeply true

  • Ioan1491

    brilliant photograph 🙂

  • hateslosing

    Not cool….

  • ShortArmWillis

    My heart stopped beating for a moment.

  • autoperception

    You had me… I’ll admit it. Well done, Sir.


    April FOOLS!

  • Andre

    Bro, i almost cried. YOU CANT DO THIS TO US!!! Raptor fans have fragile hearts… (GOOD one!)

  • TheHouseOfHearts

    This has to be an April Fools joke!!! This Andrea needs to go back to Italy, he just doesn’t have the heart to keep playing with the Raptors and he is dragging us down! BRING BACK JOSE!!!

  • bgaff

    april fools?

  • smh

    You owe me coffee, an almost broken monitor, and $$$ I paid the voodoo lady to make Blake Murphy pincushions.

  • chunky

    jerk….you got me. After all these damn years I finally said to myself “I’m done”. Now I’m mad that I’m not done…

  • thead

    It took me all of three seconds to realize what this was…APRIL FOOLS lol

  • morgan c

    Seriously, is this a joke or what? If you are joking, FUCK YOU RR FOREVER!

  • leezo

    this is april fools, as no other site is reporting this story

  • Roarque

    Well done Blake. And the pic is sooo appropriate since the Knicks could use it for their April Fool’s Day article too.

  • Still a better deal than extending Rudy Gay

    If the Raps extend Gay, I would only go to a game to boo

  • c_bcm

    not funny.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Blake – You could have milked this with some stats to say new analytics suggest Andrea fits with Rudy. BC ready to test hypothesis for next season.

    Or better yet …. “MLSE negotiating with Colangelo for a 2 year extension with team option for a 3rd year – Casey’s extension to follow”

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Oh yeah ….. Nice “drop kick” shot.

      Another one:
      “Bargnani approached by Argo’s. Considering try-out if amnestied”


  • cesco

    RR and Blake are now known in all of Italy . The Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper has commented about the April fool article that made many Toronto fans furious .

  • Bill


  • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go

    BC has now officially fucked up Toronto Raptors basketball even more smh…

    Fuck this team point blank!! Following the Sonics now….

  • worstmayorever

    The real news is that Rob Ford has resigned to take over the GM position. Colangelo is suiting up. PF

  • Dino4life

    My brother told me when i went to pick him up :”Did you hear Colangelo got fired, they didn’t even want to wait till the end of the Season, then he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw how happy i got”

    • smh

      Cruel. Your brother is cruel. And funny.

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