The DEEP 20-team RR fantasy league wrapped up this week, with “Swirsky” defeating yours truly 5-4 in the finals. Coming in third was Doc Naismith, forum boss, while “canadafubuki” finished fourth.

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  • Jack Hodgins

    and I finish 10th ;/ cool league though cheers guy you really had to be on the lookout on the waiver wire

    • Slapping pandas

      finished 9th……the worst spot to place LOL

  • Nils L.

    Cheers fellas for a great season. And thanks Blake for organizing it. Till next year. 🙂

  • theswirsky

    Thanks for setting up the league Blake.

    I used a simple philosophy towards my team. What wouldn’t Bryan Colangelo do?

    So I went with PGs who can defend, bigs who play in the paint, wings who can shoot 3s and versatile players.

    Colangelo has taught me much.

    • smh

      hear, hear! Great philosophy!