After an excessively long hibernation, the crew deployed at the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta, have checked in with a fresh installment of the list, as they decipher the Top Ten Reasons Matt Devlin is Solid on TNT but Terrible When Calling the Raptors

  1. Doesn’t have to constantly remind TNT’s replay team that a replay needs to be shown
  2. Higher quality of opposition prevents need for hyperbole
  3. Cheque for TNT broadcasts cut by Turner, not MLSE
  4. The excitement of knowing that highlights will be shown on Sportcenter, not Sportscentre
  5. Feels relieved for not having to promote silly nicknames and phrases (ahem, “vintage Ross”)
  6. Keen eye on Mike Breen’s job keeps motivation levels high
  7. The Czar doesn’t tolerate Bonjovi and beer references, making for more professional broadcast
  8. Zero chance of Indiana holding a “Punjabi night” at Conseco Fieldhouse
  9. Newton’s Fifth Law: A man’s intelligence is directly proportional to the distance between said man and Leo Rautins

…and the #1 reason Matt Devlin is solid on TNT but terrible when calling the Raptors…drum roll….

  1. Unlike the Raptors, TNT contract has no clause about sucking up to a GM

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