After an excessively long hibernation, the crew deployed at the RR home office in Athabasca, Alberta, have checked in with a fresh installment of the list, as they decipher the Top Ten Reasons Matt Devlin is Solid on TNT but Terrible When Calling the Raptors

  1. Doesn’t have to constantly remind TNT’s replay team that a replay needs to be shown
  2. Higher quality of opposition prevents need for hyperbole
  3. Cheque for TNT broadcasts cut by Turner, not MLSE
  4. The excitement of knowing that highlights will be shown on Sportcenter, not Sportscentre
  5. Feels relieved for not having to promote silly nicknames and phrases (ahem, “vintage Ross”)
  6. Keen eye on Mike Breen’s job keeps motivation levels high
  7. The Czar doesn’t tolerate Bonjovi and beer references, making for more professional broadcast
  8. Zero chance of Indiana holding a “Punjabi night” at Conseco Fieldhouse
  9. Newton’s Fifth Law: A man’s intelligence is directly proportional to the distance between said man and Leo Rautins

…and the #1 reason Matt Devlin is solid on TNT but terrible when calling the Raptors…drum roll….

  1. Unlike the Raptors, TNT contract has no clause about sucking up to a GM

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  • kaiokev

    Devlin media personnel and works for either Sportsnet or TSN and therefore the cheque is cut by Rogers (owner of Sportnet) and Bell (owner of CTV and in turn owns TSN). The only people MLSE pays is the players and team management.

    • nate

      Given that Bell/Rogers jointly own 75% of MLSE, is your distinction here that meaningful?

  • Adriiian

    “Zero chance of Indiana holding a “Punjabi night” at Conseco Fieldhouse”

  • Axl T

    You forgot, he’s out from under the shadow of Chuck Swirsky!

  • raptorspoo

    You think that might have been the real reason Chuck Swirsky left?

    You think he might of been like, “Dang~ I gotta lie through my teeth and act all excited about this dumba$$ team that BC put together”…??

    • DDayLewis

      Chuck left to be with his family in his hometown of Chicago, and I don’t think Chuck had ANY qualms about sucking up to the team. He’s basically the biggest homer on earth.

  • sleepz

    We don’t have to hear “contact no, call” on TNT broadcasts as there is no rooting interest for him when he’s on these broadcasts.

  • hateslosing

    Awesome….he really is a solid broadcaster when not with the Raptors.

  • DumbassKicker

    *yawn*,,,, he’s not a homer when calling games outside his home team responsibilities, like every other announcer in the league,,,,,,,,, big revelation! *yawn*

  • Andre

    Wow! number one is true. but devlin still sucks!

  • DryDry

    Devlin is horrible wherever he is.

  • Bong2

    Devlin’s a solid broadcaster and a great ambassador to the Raptors and the City of Toronto! He loves the fans and is passionate about the team… isn’t that what this whole website is all about?

  • robertparrish00

    Meh…I don’t mind Devlin. He is a homer paid to hype the home team. Leo on the other is awful and lends nothing to the broadcast. Jack is fantastic.

    • Milesboyer

      Jack is fantastic, definitely and Leo is terrible – paired with Devlin, they’re like a couple of nerds with way too much banter between them and way too much propping up of Leo’s ego. After watching Mark Jones call a game I hoped ESPN would have to cut salary and he would be one of the cuts and therefore have to call Raptor games to earn a living. That would sooo much better than Devlin – one can only dream.

  • Dude

    Newton’s fifth law… lol

  • ckh26

    Real entertainment would be to have both Sam Mitchell and Jack on the broadcast… and not making them drink the MLSE kool-aid as they analyse the almost ready for playoff Dino’s…

    • DDayLewis

      Jack “fuck analytics” Armstrong uncuffed? Get ready to vacate his lawn, everybody.

  • Guy

    Negative things are referenced on this site so often you’d think there is some sort of reward, so is it any surprise Devlin gets ripped because he’s a homer?

  • Confused

    Why such a racist comment re punjabi night?

  • Sig

    Ho-lee shit. I just realized that SportCenter and SportsCentre are two different things.

  • Iswhatitis

    Punjabi Night… Bahahahahahahahahaha! Kinda racist, but effin hilarious!

  • Devlin Blows

    You guys are all nuts. All three are terrible. Matt doesn’t know enough about the game to sound credible (this is not a matter of opinion, he constantly makes obvious mistakes) I also find it irritating that he calls all the players by their first name, it’s ok to call Jordan, Michael, but Amir.. I love the guy but comon. Jack and Leo know what they are talking about but I find them really annoying… “get that gabage outta he!” (after every block), “Hello!” (wtf are you talking about), “Bacadi!”. I have resorted to watching the games on mute, much nicer experience.

  • Devlin Blows

    Also his delivery sounds like one of those text to speech algorithms. The emphasis is always on odd slylables which leads to not knowing when one sentence is done and the next starts, so his factoids just sound irrelevant and incomprehensible.

  • ahole

    devlin is a moron, this guy has no clue,just listen to him , he just states the obvious. a total joke. how this guy has a job is beyond me, prob sucks dick, and his cringe worthy voice, I swear him and bud black are Siamese twins.

  • jabbadahutt

    devlin’s a buffoon, he has no clue, just listen to him speak, he just states the obvious. what a joke, how this goof is employed is beyond me, and his cringe worthy voice. I swear devlin and rod black are Siamese twins. Replace him with Eric Smith, this guy knows basketball. Oh wait this is Canada, home of the lame.

  • vish

    Matt Devlin all day this is a horrible article lol.. He is versatile too.. his MLB play by play is spot on..