Throughout the NBA playoffs, where we Raptor fans are left to wallow, Raptors Republic brings you the 100 Words Series. Calling on RR writers and other Raptor scribes from around the internet and MSM, we’ll provide the Republic with 100-word takes on players, coaches, management and announcers. Look for these two or three times a week, continuing today with Aaron Gray. The mission I charged the contributors with was simple: you have 100 words (prose, poetry, song, whatever) to discuss said player.

Arsenalist, Raptors Republic
I like Aaron Gray and think he should return as a third-string center (not second, as he was at times last year). He plays defense, is surprisingly productive on offense at times, and is a matchup-player that any team needs when going up against the bigger bigs of the league. At the same time, nobody’s exactly banging on his agent’s door. Let that not stop Colangelo from keeping a $2.6M player option on his deal. I love this guy.

Blake Murphy, Raptors Republic
The amount of time I spent defending my jokes about Aaron Gray to people probably exceeds the amount of time opposing teams thought about the guy this year. For some reason, some people freakin’ love him. To me, he’s an end of the bench big being paid like a back-up, which isn’t really a backbreaker for the franchise. He’s also goofy and good for a laugh, plus he looks like Garrett, so all in all he’s worth the money.

Garrett Hinchey, Raptors Republic
He goes by many names: AIRon Gray, the White Panther, a Garrett Hinchey doppleganger – but none of these really do justice to my favourite third center in the Association. Sure, he’s a punchline more often than not around these parts, and he leads the team in turnovers more than any backup forward should, but what he really is is the Raptors’ lunchpail guy, a man who accepts his role without hesitation, and one of the few good-value contracts in the organization right now. Oh, and he’s my younger brother’s favourite player in the league, inexplicably. Well, maybe semi-explicably…

Tim W., Raptors Republic
Aaron Gray is the greatest 270 pound, lumbering white center with a beard in the NBA today. And it’s not even close.

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  • Jerry Garcia

    Always enjoy seeing Aaron check into the game…. apparently I am not alone, When we make the playoffs next year I think he will prove to be a great asset

  • robertparrish00

    I know I am in the minority but I think if he had some regular minutes he could have been a dependable 2nd line centre. But we will never know as he was riding the pine most the season.

    Definitely the best dressed at the red party.

  • Tee

    Very positive things about Gray compared to demar

    It’s interesting considering their salaries were similar this year.

    • MoHammy

      Well obviously much more is expected of DeMar..

  • c_bcm

    I like the demeanor of Gray, which is enough to keep him around IMO. I’m not sure there is another player in the league like him, making him a rare commodity. Needs to be kept, but certainly NOT at all costs.

  • EmarErozan

    Marc Gasol and Andrew Bogut are gazelles.

    • robertparrish00

      White Panthers Eat Gazelles.

  • Statement

    Awesome photo.
    I was at the Raptos intra-squad scrimmage that they had at Casino Rama before the season started. We had front row seats and I remember yelled “Aaron, you’re the man” (not very original, but whatever) and he looked over with a goofy, quizzical look on his face like he’d never heard that before.
    Ah, memories.

  • Statement

    Where is Paul Pepelico,
    You should have got him for some comments.

    • ppellico

      thank you…got it.

  • ppellico

    Arsenalist…not only are you wrong about Gray…you are wrong on his playing time as he not only isn’t a 3rd center…not only did he play 2rnd…he actually started for the raps. And your remark about his playing surprisingly well is surprising to only you and others who don’t actually have a history watching him play and perform solidly for year.
    And your remark about no calls coming to his agent once again prove simply guess work on your part and in fact you have no such information.
    I think a telling point about Gray is the interview given by Acy…a direct competitor of Gray’s for playing time on the team. Not only is Gray a solid player, he is the most team guy on the team. As Acy tells continually in his interview…it was Gray who shows up every day early to work with him. He gave many props to the big fellow.
    This whole thing reminds me of the auto “enthusiast” on the auto sites. They bast anything that isn;t a BMW or so called performance car but these are not the real cars that perform for everybody every day…and are the cars the world buys.
    Gray is the Ford of NBA players. A good deal and gets the job done without all the glitter and posse shit.

    • Jerry Garcia

      Nice…..the bottom line …You are loved Aaron. Love is a powerful commodity and it will serve you well next year !

      • ppellico

        ya…almost a blnd love, right?
        Just not THAT into Gray…or pro sports any more. But I always seem to root for guys given little props for all the dirty work they do yet the cry babies and glitter get praise.
        Its like we talk defense, yet have shit stats for it. The offensive stars still get the headlines and the ink (and the money) from all these so called experts. They praise defense yet constantly go to facts and stats that show limited defense data and just the O data.
        I know these writers do like Gray…its just they still insist they know his game and they really do not. Not their fault…they can only watch so much ball. I was just able to follow Gray and so I know how he plays every night.