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  • FAQ

    10-15 lbs of muscle in the upper body??!!! How can that happen in 60 days?

    • tross_31

      Maybe Rudy found a lump and Casey thinks it’s muscle?

    • Van Grungy

      It can happen instantly because he never bothered before. His body has been begging for a workout.

    • Puffer

      You can’t. Even with Steroids. Or bodybuilders would weigh 400 pounds. But at the end of the season, all the players are probably 5 or more pounds underweight, just from the work of 3.5 games a week as well as practices. So he probably gained that back. Also may have put on 5 pounds of muscle, but that rate of muscle gain normally can not be sustained without steroids.

      However, all these guys are obviously genetic freaks or they wouldn’t be among the top 5-600 best basketball players out of a total world population of 7,124,000,000.They are also young, testosterone laden men so what do I know. Obviously muscle gain at that rate can’t be sustained for the whole off season, or Amir would weigh 275.

      • Jamshid

        You can totally gain 10-15 lb of muscle with Steroids over the 60 days period with proper diet and workout. I know no one likes to admit doing Steroids in their life but I did in my early 20s and have a first hand experience about it. It is totally doable.

        Now can it be done naturally ? I am not sure but I do not have a Professional Basketball player body, 6’9″ inch frame and resources available to a NBA professional player.

    • Marz

      He gained 10-15 pounds. Some of it is muscle, some of it is fat, and most of it is water. It would be more interesting for us to know how much strength he’s gained.

  • guest

    you new starting power forward is

  • Brandon

    Even the most genetically gifted mesomorph can’t gain more than about 5 pounds of newly built lean muscle per year. You can regain previously existing muscle that you have lost (because of a hospital stay for example) in a very short time given exactly the right diet and exercise regime. I don’t think that’s the case here. Most of this weight is going to be water and fat.

    • WhiteVegas

      5 lbs a year is extremely low. You can easily gain a pound or two a month of muscle, more if you have a larger frame (Rudy is pretty damn big). I don’t think Rudy has gained what they said, but 5 lbs a year as the human limit is just wrong.

  • ben

    You can gain 10-15 lbs in 60 days with creatine.However after the initial weight gain your “weight gain rate” goes back to normal.

    • WhiteVegas

      This is true, but its mostly water weight. Casey specified muscle in the interview, which is the impossible part (unless he’s on some roids). You could also gain 10-15lbs pretty quickly by eating McDonalds all day every day, but again, that is not muscle mass which is what Casey said.

  • I have several thoughts on this.

    – I’ve heard this many times before about player A gaining so many pounds of muscle and more often than not it’s a big exaggeration.

    – As has been mentioned, this amount so quickly is pretty much impossible.

    – Why on earth does it matter? Gay’s problem has never been he’s not strong enough. It’s that he gives an inconsistent effort, settles for bad shots and makes bad decisions on the court. Extra muscle isn’t going to help any of this.

    • Marz

      It matters because it shows he’s working hard. I’m not sure what his off-season regimen was like with the Grizzlies, but I don’t remember many stories about his strong work ethic. If he keeps this up, it could be a turning point regarding his maturity and how he approaches his next NBA season, which hopefully results in him being a better player on the court.

      • I’ve read far, far too many of these types of stories about players before over the years. I’ve learned to believe it when I see, especially for guys like Gay who have shown very little improvement over so many years in the NBA. It’s all talk, at this point.

        And, again, working out with weights does not lead to better basketball skills, consistency and decision-making. Hopefully stories like this will raise his trade value, though.

        • EmarErozan

          I disagree, Godfather Tim. Rudy has so much natural ability that a boost of strength could be very helpful and incrementally improve his finishing and rebounding and mental outlook. If he is more confident, perhaps he is more effective and doesn’t float as much.

      • Bendit

        Putting on weight especially by the “skilled” players is oft times detrimental. Carrying too much weight or muscled in the wrong places diminishes the very skills they were noted for (lateral movement, hang-time, fast breaking/stamina). It all depends. Gay seemed fine to me re weight…he is not expected to rebound much, plays inside enough…his issues were efficient scoring incl. the 3 pt. and defending possibly. His physical problems may relate more to cardio than strength.

    • WhiteVegas

      I think it’s just a ploy to increase Rudy’s trade value and to make it seem like we really want to keep him so we have more leverage when discussions start. I agree with you that there is no way Rudy added 10-15lbs of muscle, and also that it wouldn’t drastically help his style of game either, unless he starts to do a hell of a lot more posting up.
      I think it’s just so Cleveland fans start salivating over obtaining the new hulk-sized Rudy Gay, and gladly parting with their #1 pick for him.

  • Muti

    A great trade for the Raptors. 2e second round pick from Portland trail blazer in exchange for Linas Kleiza. This would give the Portland a good scorer for their second unit and a person that can stretch the floor and score. On the other side the Raptors would win in cap space, and get rid of somebody they don’t want. It would be a shame to amnesty Linas kleiza because I believe he still has value. Team like Denver Nuggets, Chicago bull Atlanta hawks etc could use his asset but I really believe you shouldn’t let him go for nothing. Raptors will also get some good asset from the draft. In this draft I predict that there going to be a lot of solid role player. They have players they can chooses from like Riky Ledo. Who I believe has good potential, he shoot well and make plays which would really help the second unit on the offensive side. He would be a great replacement for Alan Anderson if he leaves. Their other option to choose from. Kenny Kadji and Erik murphy to replace Andrea Bargnani has a stretch four. Honorable mention Raptors can use: Seth curry he may not be Stephen is older brother but he can really help us out with the 3s.Myck kabongo is not going to have an impact right away but he is a sleeper and he would help the organization sell more tickets.
    Cj leslie He has good size a 6’9 . he can jump he can learn a lot from Rudy gay at SF position. He can also play power forward a bit skinny but quickness would be hard to stop at the 4 position. We can play it safe and take Mike muscala for a backup center for Jonas V. One more thing that I think the raptors should look at his is a trade for andrea Bargnani. it would be a big risk but I would propose Andrea Bargnani for cody Zeller. Phily were interested in primo pasta king lol so it shouldn’t be hard to swallow. That’s only if Phily are ready to make a playoff push. Bargnani would be good to stretch the floor for Bynum if he return. Has for Raps they would get a talented big that is not going to be a constant double double guy but he would have a good presence on defense.I think of it like the cheaper version of Paul gasol.

  • wiley

    It won’t help his overall game but incase no one noticed Rudy is prone to getting the ball stripped from his hands while driving to the basket which results in a lot of turnovers. Hopefully more strength will help.